Lineup when fully healthy

With the recent return of Milan Lucic and Marc Savard expected back Monday night, it will be interesting to see what Claude Julien’s lineup will look like. Will Wheeler be moved from the left side and moved up to the top line with Savard? I’m not sure that would be a smart decision, based on how well Wheeler-Krejci-Ryder have been playing together. It is also very apparent Wheeler plays his best hockey on the left wing.  Assuming that line stays intact that leaves Recchi, Lucic, and Sturm as potential forwards to skate on the top line.  As we have seen, Sturm on the right wing just hasn’t worked, which means Recchi will most likely be the top line right wing.  That now either leaves Lucic or Sturm to play the left side with Savard and the other to play on the third with Bergeron.  Now where does that leave Daniel Paille, Byron Bitz, Vladimir Sobotka and Shawn Thornton? Since Paille can only play the left side, he may now be moved to the fourth line and Sobotka’s inconsistent play may push him to the bench. So, going by Claude Julien’s thinking this is how the lineup will look:





Now my question is why not give Bergeron a look on Savard’s wing? Recchi obviously isn’t a first line winger and Bergeron has been the Bruins best forward all season long. I know most of you will say, Bergeron has the best faceoff percentage on the team. Well Bergeron often takes faceoffs for other lines then gets off the ice anyway so nothing would change there. Looking back over the past five games, Sobotka, the current third line center, has averaged only 5.8 faceoffs taken per game.  6 faceoffs per game really will not make much of a difference and now with Savard back the Bruins could even throw him out there for the faceoffs then take him off just like they do with Bergeron.  Here is a look at what the lineup could look like





I know it is wishful thinking and will never happen but it might be worth a shot. I really have no confidence in Recchi playing on a top line and really do not think Julien should break up Krejci’s line, which has looked great lately. The top line could also be used to match up against opponents top lines.  Hey if Recchi and Axelsson can get looks on the first line, why not Bergeron?


17 Responses to Lineup when fully healthy

  1. psands says:

    recchi needs to do the bruins a big favor, realize he no longer has it, and step aside so we can go out and get a real winger to play in that top line role with lucic and savard.

    i think recchi can help a team in a different situation, like a team who already has the pieces to be considered a cup contender, recchi is not the guy who is going to put us over the top, but i think he can help a team like the sharks significantly.

    we move ference and boychuk to clear space for another goal scorer, and i think we are a dangerous team.

    it all comes down to if pc will have the balls to tell a veteran, hof’er like recchi that he needs to be moved SO WE CAN WIN NOW!

    • Bruins says:

      agreed. whenver im thinking howthe bruins lineup could best work,recchi is ALWAYS the player that never fits.

      the bergeron on the top line idea is interesting, but id have to say know. he can play any position, but he is just so effective on defense at the center position.


  2. Gcole says:

    how about keeping lucic and bitz together for a game? they were pretty dam effective last night. if lucic hit it right he would have had another goal. maybe something like


    with wheeler showing alot of effort, having savard there to feed him pucks could spark him and make him awesome like last year.

  3. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    I don’t think we change too much right now. krejci line is playing great now so why mess with it. i say sit recchi and move sobotka with bergeron.

  4. jimmy50 says:

    I 1000% agree with having Bergeron on the top line. Though it weakens our depth chart down the lines, I can remember Bergeron being dominate playing RW with big Joe.

  5. vince_m says:

    I hear Dion Phaneuf could be on his way out of Calgary. How would he look in a Bruin jersey?

    • Bruins says:

      i dont think so. he’s basically a poor man’s zdeno chara(the big shots and big hits aspect). still great, but it would kind of be redundant

  6. First off I live in Calgary and Deon isn’t going anywhere. I think some of you guys pay too much attention to Hockey Buzz. Getting back to the Bruins I am very surprised CJ has not sat Ricchi and Wideman for their poor play on the ice but you can’t do that if you don’t have the players. Boychuk should be used more often or be sent down to get ice time, it’s a waste not having him play.
    The Bruins have a problem on their first line because they don’t have a go to guy or scorer with speed to play with Savy. The idea of Bergie on that wing is not bad but creates problems for the other lines.
    The Bruins need a scorer and Sharp of the Hawks is on the block to make room for Hossa coming back this week. The Hawks can’t afford salary so picks and propects could proably get him and one of our firsts,Sabotka, and 2nd could give us our scorer and help Savy on the first line and give Sabotka A chance somewhere else. Sharp has it all and has Bruin written all over him but PC has to make the pitch.
    The only way the Bruins go far in the playoffs is to get that scorer, I’m sorry to report the PBruins have none so trade is our only hope.
    Savy is a great player but he needs help ASAP.

  7. Froggy says:


  8. ManInBlack says:

    While sharpe would be a good addition, he comes with a cap hit of $3.9M This would put Chia right up against the cap unless someone else besides Sobotka is moved. I cannot see pc doing this – it will erode our current cap cushion and will virtually tie PC’s hands at the trade deadline. No wiggle room!!

  9. psands says:

    if we can get patrick sharp who cares about wiggle room. he is that top notch scorer we need for the first line.

    recchi and ference would have to be moved, or rechhi can retire, bring up mcquaid, and thats a very dangerous team.

    just one more goal scorer on this team turns it all around.

  10. bruins4eva says:

    alright first things first….you cant put bergie on a wing he has been dominate on faceoffs and is starting to get his great play back so dont change that …second why not try paille up there his got speed…give him that chance

  11. Mook says:

    i’d play recchi before thornton. i know, i know…but shawn only fights. he doesn’t strike fear in people like looch does…or have the skill of bitz.

    bench thorts. play rechtum on pp2.

  12. Froggy says:

    By acquiring Sharp for Sobotka & a pick, we would still have plenty of wiggle room. Taking into account the cap space saved by the LTIR of Looch & Savvy, the trade of Kobasew, the acquisition of Paille and the call-ups and demotions to Providence, I calculate that we have approximately $3.7M to play with. Sobotka’s cap hit per day is $3,238 and Sharp’s is $20,207. There are 140 cap days left till season end, so our cap will decrease by a net of $16,969 per day for 140 days, or $2,375M. That leaves PC with about $1.325M to play with at the deadline. If we can unload Ferrence & Recchi, all the better.

  13. RD says:

    I was thinking the same thing.Sharp would be a good fit. Though i heard the hawks only need to free up about 2.5. I wonder if Bitz (who i do like) and the 2nd from tampa gets it done. It would free up enough space for them and also take i believe a mil off of our cap space(be in for Sharp at about 2.9) Sobotka or Paille could then skate on the 4th line with Begin & Thorton. This would leave some wiggle room for a depth move at the deadline. I also think PC Has thought of this but is wondering if he would have a shot at landing Kovalchuk at the deadline. If he can get Sharp for either Sobotka or Bitz he should do it. Worse case if Sharp does’nt pan out and Kov’s available he can always include him in the deal at the deadline.

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