Practice lines from today





PP1: Ryder-Savard-Sturm-Chara-Morris

PP2: Wheeler-Krejci-Recchi-Bergeron-Wideman

These were the lines from this morning’s practice. Marc Savard continues to skate and is expected to play Monday night. While I feel Byron Bitz has played some of his best hockey in the past few games, I do not agree with him being a first line winger.  Right now the Bruins do not have many other options.  Maybe putting Marco Sturm on a line with Savard will get him going and hopefully contributing on a more consistent basis.  As it stands now, it also looks like Sobotka will be the odd man out once again.

Now to the powerplay. Bergeron on the point really is always a risky move.  I like the traditional two defensemen playing the points because of the threat of a shorthanded break against a forward. Matt Hunwick has started to preform like he had last season so I would have liked to see Hunwick kept at the point with Bergeron still up front.

31 Responses to Practice lines from today

  1. psands says:

    haha, i kinda like the idea of bitz on the top line, mine as well give it a shot, no sense in splitting up krejci-wheeler-ryder line. if it is working, dont try to move them.

    but bitz can not be the first line right winger full time, unless he really steps it up, this just reinforces the fact that we do need a trade at some point for a goal scorer.

  2. psands says:


    i would LOVE these lines if we could swing a deal for a rw goal scorer.

    plug in whoever you think we could get in the top rw spot.

  3. B's on MV says:

    Bitz and Looch were great looked great together on Friday night. Put Bergy or Savvy between them. Leave Sturm and Recchi together, until a better RW comes along.

    As for the PP, if Bergy is with Wideman he’s being set up to fail. While Wideman had a good game on Thursday, he sucked again on Friday and doesn’t deserve PP time at all. Bring in Boychuk, Ference sucks too!

  4. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    I am not too crazy about sturm savard and bitz.I like Bitz with Thornton and Begin. These changes involve moving a bunch of players around just as the team was jelling. I think savard, lucic, and paille together for now, and leave the rest of the lines together. I would prefer Bergie down low on the PP rather than the point. I think between morris, chara, wideman and hunwick we have some offensive minded dmen, although wideman makes me nervous so far.

  5. Mook says:

    agreed. wideman is hot and cold…

  6. Jefe77 says:

    As of now, if he keeps it up Wideman is clearly the odd-mam out on D if you ask me. He is probably underachieving worse than any Bruin all season thus far. He has made ass decisions with the puck, and has missed more scoring chances than anyone.

  7. Mook says:

    hunwick is playing more like a forward…a little scary on the back-end too.

  8. G cole says:

    Wideman, Ryder and a 1st rounder for kovalchuk?

  9. G cole says:

    I know it’s early but I can’t wait to see the back to back games with Toronto, especially if the bruins are starting to get it back together, by then they should be back to ass kicking and hopefully devastate toronto (especially kessel, would like to see him get hit through the glass by lucic!)

  10. willisss says:

    tuukka first off the ice…another start?

  11. Mook says:

    the bruins will not chase kovalchuck…and atlanta isnt interested in trading him, given the season they are having. playoffs maybe…

  12. Latrappe says:

    It will be interesting to see Bergeron with Looch. Looch will create space for him and i’d like too see Bergy using that space to be creative and shoot more often. The PP? If Wideman can find a way to shoot the puck more then 1% of the time on the net, we should be fineé By the way, Wideman is bad, very bad since the beginning of the season. We got the St-Louis version of Wideman this year…

  13. Richardo says:

    That lucic hit on jackman was sweet!!!

  14. Bruins46 says:

    Savvy did NOT look good tonight…missing passes, making bad passes. Hopefully he just needs to get back into the swing of things. Bergy is on fire though…I think the Fu Manchu has him back to his old form.

  15. Bruins says:

    you have to cut savard some slack. it was his first game back. bergie…what can you say really. he’s basically put this team on his back this year and is looking better than ever.

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    Great win 2nite! Savard looked like a clumsy goof out thier! By far the worst game he’s played! But im gonna cut him some slack cuz he missed 4 weeks! Bergy’s awsome, but id like him to shoot more! Dont 4get he was the youngest Bruin to score 30 goals in franchise history !!! All in all im happy with our play just those fucken Sen’s dont wanna lose!!

  17. willisss says:

    this is getting better

  18. psands says:

    good stuff, savard is going to need another game or two to get back to himself. he was falling all over the place tonight.

    impressive win all around, they looked very good, tukka yet again was very good.

    i got to ask it though, when are we going to see boychuk again? i know we are playing good on defense, but why not let this kid get a start. it has been so long.
    i thought he looked so good when he played. what’s going on?

    it almost makes me think they are trying to showcase a d-man that they want to move….? or maybe they just dont like boychuk.

  19. cebbie says:

    with everyone back now I think this team should easily get into the playoffs – Then it would be cheap to get some rental players or even a block buster like Kovelchuk with a player and picks. Right now trading Wideman would not be smart – he is playing better and getting some points – once the trade deadline comes around teams will be looking for defense men – move him then – I think boychuk will be a good player – it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt on the current line up. Stand pat now – things will look much differant in a month or two.

  20. Mook says:

    i was at the islanders game in toronto last night…leafs are dreadful. expect a top 5 pick next draft!

  21. psands says:

    what’s with this trade wideman crap???

    the guy is having a bad start, but have people forgot about his last two seasons? he is our best puck moving defense man, he is still young, he is going to play better.

    if we traded wideman i would hope it would be for a young stud d-man, but i wouldnt see the point still in trading him.

    he is a key part of the defense, wideman, chara and stuart are the core back there.

    i would not mind seeing a change on the back end with ference leaving, but i hope wideman is here for the long haul.

  22. Jefe77 says:

    So, where is this ‘Andy’ poster, who only a few posts ago explained how Bergeron should be driven to the airport?? Let me guess Andy, after last nights 4 point night (could have had 5 or 6), would you go pick him back up?

    Bergeron is captain material, a natural leader, and has the heart of a true Bruin. If you don’t see that, if you have missed that, you have NOT been watching Bruins hockey for very long.

  23. cebbie says:

    I agree – I would take a healthy Bergeron over any other player on the team. He is true class as a hockey player and as a Bruin – He should be the captain. I hope i get to see him lift the cup in a Bruins jersey before his playing days are over.

  24. pearson says:

    theres an article over on yahoo about the ducks possibly be trying to trade bobby ryan. would this be a possibility?

  25. jdog71 says:

    Anyone still think we’re over paying Lucic? Didn’t think so.


    wideman had a great start the season before but faded at the end of the season and was awful in the playoffs. He has been coughing the puck up looks terrible on the defense of side and he can’t even hit the net when he shoots the puck plus he is overpaid I say if PC has the chance to move him he should.


    oh yeah and bergeron is amazing!!!

  28. Birdman2403 says:

    I love Bitz…..but not first line ! Savard-Sturm-Lucic should be first line. Bitz is so good on the 4th line, very effective.

    Things are shaping up now that everyone is back.

    Wideman has looked awful but don’t trade him, he will get better.

    Going to Minnesota for the game tomorrow. Wheeler 2 G in front of home town !

  29. ELWOPPO says:

    What do you guys think about this article i found on the Bruins!

    The Bruins sit in the No. 6 slot in the East, only six points behind the Penguins for the top spot and ready to continue climbing the conference ladder.Last season, the Bruins went 11-2 in November and had a playoff berth all but locked up by the end of the month. This season, December could be the month they make their run. They’ve already begun their ascent.When Thomas returns, don’t worry about any goalie controversy in Boston.The Bruins are only going to get better. Thomas might have an unorthodox style — and he might get criticized more than any Vezina winner in the history of the NHL — but it’s neither an accident nor a coincidence that he’s in contention to be the starting goaltender for the United States in the Olympics. He’s that good. And if Thomas is good enough to help the red, white and blue win gold, he should be plenty good enough to help the Black and Gold shoot for a Cup. All the haters need to quit giving him the Rodney Dangerfield treatment and start showing him a little respect and appreciation. The Bruins are lucky to have him and Rask. Julien can’t go wrong with either of them.Thomas is making the big bucks, so he will remain the No. 1, but Rask is No. 1A. Just as the Red Sox have a pair of aces in their rotation with Jon Lester and Josh Beckett, the Bruins have a dynamic duo to protect the net.Having two trusted goaltenders isn’t a bad thing. Some teams don’t even have one.

  30. Mook says:

    broken hand for thomas.

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