Thomas has broken hand

According to TSN, Tim Thomas, who has been battling a “minor” injury, actually has a broken hand. The Bruins are saying the injury is not considered serious and his status is day-to-day.


24 Responses to Thomas has broken hand

  1. Gcole says:

    WTf how did he break his hand? was he trying to stop a chara slapshot in practice???

  2. psands says:

    oh god……..lucic

  3. Bruins46 says:

    not good at all…he went down so awkwardly

  4. mattg says:

    B’s go from 11th to 3rd in less than 2 weeks!

  5. Jefe77 says:

    Looch, please be OK!!!!

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    Well B’s fans,We moved to 3rd in conference after 2nites horrible win! Did not deserve to win! All Rask 2nite,first star 4sure! He was spectacular! Poor Poor Looch!! You can expect 4 weeks out at the VERY LEAST! Something defenatly broke or snapped on that freak accident!!! FOR FUCK SAKES! Just once i would like us to go 3 weeks with no injuries! IS THAT MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING POSSIBLE????? Somebody alllllllllllllllllllllllways gets hurt on this fucken team! And its always a key guy! Did you ever notice that? Never a Begin,or a Thornton, or a Stuart!

  7. psands says:

    for the love of god, why can’t it be recchi or ference who get injured. i dont wish an injury on anybody, because this is their career and all that shit…but ELWOPPO is right, it is always a key guy, and it is pissing me off. im starting to go nuts, it is pissing me off so much.

    ference who gets injured all the time, no longer gets injured. i am tired of watching our smurf of a fucking defense out there. we have the smallest defense in the league by far, and it will be exploited by the better teams.

    if they dont think boychuk is good enough to step in, then find someone else!!!

    i wish Lucic good health, and i know we are playing much better, and this all should make me happy, but with all these stupid injuries, and how terrible the bruins played tonight, i am in a shitty mood, and pissed off in general.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Dont worry, id rather play poor and win than play great and lose! Its all about the 2 points! I just hope that our offence starts clicking soon! Im sick of having heart attacks every game! Cant they win like 5-1 or something? Does the goalie have to stand on his head all the time?? LOOCH WE ALL HOPE FOR THE BEST!! IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER
      NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pearson says:

      jesus relax. cant just freak out everytime we run into a team that plays well. sometimes the other team plays very well.

      we have a 4 game ROAD winning streak, and theyve played solid.


    another game where Dennis Wideman blows.

  9. psands says:

    bob mackenzie tweeted that lucic injury is not serious, and he may not even miss a game.

    lets hope this is true, because that is great fucking news. puts me in a great mood for my turkey day!!!

    wideman has looked bad, but i dont think they can trade him. to much upside, and i believe he will come around. now as far as ference goes…

    it’s not even that i dont like ference, or that he is playing that bad, but for a guy who does not move the puck that well, does not play a shutdown role or play overly physical, and on a defense where we have four guys 6’0 or smaller, why do we need him? he is just a small body back there.

    we can easily find a veteran defense man out there who can do what he does, at the same cost, but who adds some size and some more toughness.

    off the top of my head nick boynton…i know i know, but he would be a good fit.

  10. pearson says:

    where is all the defense-hate coming from? check the numbers boys. our defense is pretty fuckin good.

    seems like if the guy doesnt wear 33 he gets bashed on.

    think outside of boston guys. everyone keeps saying “trade ference”, or “trade wideman, he plays like shit.” well you tell me: if you think he really is playing like shit…… WHOS GONNA WANT HIM? oh, well he has future “upside” well then why dont we keep him?

    i just wanna see boychuck. godamnn

  11. Jefe77 says:

    Elwoppo….wtf, you remind me of my Burmese buddy on cocaine. Calm the fuck down….

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Here we go, Another computer tuff guy! Do yourself a favour and keep ur mouth closed kid! Adults are talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Vince_M says:

        Wow!! Elowoppo, chill out man. Too much coffee or just on one hell of a sugar rush man? Did you hurt yourself jumping on the wagon and just want to lash out at somebody? The Bruins are doing OK right now. Every team can play really well some nights and we happen to run into the Wild playing well. Loooch will be back, I hear it’s not serious (I hope). Rask is doing great.

        Chill out man.

      • Jefe77 says:

        Elwoppo, you are ridiculous. Your grammar reflects that of a child, your “assessments” of the Bruins comes straight from popular opinion, and if I had a dime for every capitalized word, or exclamation point you use, I could quit my job in California and come home to Boston with season seats.

        So, sorry about your sensitivity level, but your desire TO SCREAM AT PEOPLE BY USING CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS MAKES YOU LOOK DUMB.

        “Adults are talking”…You are the BIGGEST nerd for writing that! Thanks for cracking me up….and try not to cry.

  12. B's on MV says:

    Okay all you B’s fans out there, if you’re like me you check out a few sites on the B’s. What happened to Haggs at WEEI? I noticed he had a column or game summary for a couple of weeks, and now his name has been removed from the columnists list.
    Don’t get me wrong Matt, I follow your sites, but I’m guessing you can’t spout off as freely on ESPN.

  13. Mook says:

    trade wideman? you want stuart to get injured?

    you’re an idiot…and talk about the pot calling the kettle black with the “computer toughguy” comments.

    if i may, i will give you my analysis:
    -hunwick was invisible and made some defensive errors
    -recchi played a good game grinding in the corners and making good passes (for once)
    -chara played like shit
    -morris was our best defensemen at both ends
    -bitz is playing like lucic did last year.
    -savard is rounding into form, you can see it.

    now before you start rattling-off the same old shit you read in the herald last week about stuart and wideman please–at least–watch the game without bias. you sound like a habs fan.

    • Jefe77 says:

      Couldn’t agree more Mook! I tell him to calm down from his frantic capitalized exclamations, and he gets his feathers ruffled because he cant understand why “another” internet tuff-guy is making him sweat.

      Elwoppo, try thinking for yourself. It goes a long, long way.

  14. Gcole says:

    i think i had a heart attack when there was less than a minute to go and tuukka runs up and kicks the fucking puck to the players!! if he missed that and it scored i would have probably lost my fucking mind and jumped out the window

  15. Bruins says:

    brutal win but a win’s a win. i am REALLY liking rask in net. once timmy is back, we’ll have 2 goalies that will routinely steal games.

    offense was non-existent but the defense played pretty well and the PK was great.

    and if you think about it, its probably preferable to give up a point ot the wild as theyll be competing against the leafs for the worst record in the league.

    i hope lucic is ok though!

  16. Vince_M says:

    is there any update on Lucic? I know on TSN Lucic says he is fine, but you know.

  17. GO HABS says:

    bruins suck

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