Lucic to miss 4 weeks

In a press conference held today, GM Peter Chiarelli announced that Milan Lucic could miss up to four weeks with a high ankle sprain.

Yet another injury to the Bruins, as this is Lucic’s second time getting bit by the injury bug. Expect Vladimir Sobotka to be inserted into the lineup in Lucic’s absence.


29 Responses to Lucic to miss 4 weeks

  1. Mook says:

    ah well…i was looking forward to him playing in montreal on dec4 cause i’ll be at that game!


    toronto is in boston dec 5, and it’s been a while since komisarek got a beating.

  2. Birdman2403 says:

    That sucks ! I was at the game and as soon as I saw it I thought knee. I guess it could have been worse ( ACL / MCL) He will be missed but better now then April !!

    A while ago I posted that Rask needed a shot to play a few in a row. Well…..WOW ! We have the best duo in the NHL ! ( Thanks Toronto…..again !)

    Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends !

    B’s 4 N.J. 2

  3. Bruins says:

    just brutal…oh well, we have savvy back now, just couldve used looch who we were 4-0 with

  4. Mook says:

    Bitz has certainly stepped-up. See the moves he’s pulling?

  5. Jefe77 says:

    Right as they turn the corner. Bitz will need to continue hitting and shooting to fill the void.

  6. Gcole says:

    whats the deal with chara? playing like a wimp! no fights, only one fucking goal, bad game today.. whats his deal?! he should be fucking everyone up

  7. Mook says:

    chara fighting means he’s 5mins in the box. the other team sends-off some goon for 5mins. not a good tradeoff.

  8. Mook says:

    at least lucic will be back for the winter classic…

    relax with the violence, boys. personally i hope carey price plays every game for the rest of the season, he sucks nuts! well, that’s what halak’s agent says anyways.

  9. da wreck says:

    The Bruins are going to set a record for most overtime/shoot out games this year.

  10. da wreck says:

    Chuck Kobasew scored a Hat trick today. Nice work.

  11. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    this is a hockey forum, comments like that last one are brutal, i wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  12. psands says:

    johnny boychuk

  13. psands says:

    btw, can’t help but laugh at some of these goals kessel is scoring, again i love the trade, but some of the goals he has been scoring have been sick.

    btw, nathan horton has been looking very, very good lately. big strong and fast, with huge upside and really does not want to play in florida anymore. without hesitation i would give up our own first pick plus a couple of good prospects for him.

    if he really is on the block as reported, and pc does not make a serious offer for him, i would be confused, he seems to be the type of player pc has dreamed of.

  14. Latrappe says:

    Sick or not, Kessel wanted out and there’s nothing the Bruins could have done to change his mind. The leafs are a better team with Kessel but the overall reault is not very good. The Bruins will be fine and the picks they got could help them to land an important to their lineup: scoring winger or a legit #2-3 D-man… By the way, Rask look damn good for the Bruins and it’s my understanding that Thomas’s contract will haunt the team down the road. How painful is that NMC…

  15. willisss says:

    wow cole…tell us how you really feel.

    ill take one point after a 4 game winning streak. HUUGE game tonight. one thing this season has been bothering me more then others. and thats david krejci. he looks so good on the ice, but cant burry anything. his puck movement is unreal, his skating ability is amazing, how is he not scoring? im not unhappy with his playing, just the luck i guess.

    i love how tuukka has been playing. im not a bandwagon tuukaa fan, ive liked him since day 1. i can tell you honestly ( and im not trying to get anyone all fired up, relax, its just my opinion) that this is the goalie i want dressed in the playoffs. i also dont think we need thomas. deal him out, free up some cap, sign a free agent veteran to a 1yr next to nothing contract, and watch it play out. i understand the importants of depth, and incase of any injuryies its good to have 2 number ones, but tuukka is young, he can take a few hits. again…that my OPINION. im sure that wont stop some people from screaming at me via blog.

    • Latrappe says:

      There’s a lot of people who like the sound positionning and rebound control of Rask. When a goaltender make a tough save look easy it’s because his positionning is very good. His calm and poise, between the pipes, will be an asset in the regular and in the playoffs…

    • psands says:

      i actually agree with you williss, but we still need thomas to play this year, and play extremely well for us to be able to move him at season’s end.

      i am a huge thomas fan, but we could use the cap space and rask as shown he can do the job. if we sign a veteran back up like auld for next to nothing, we can hand the keys to rask.

      but for this season, it needs to be timmy, because if he is not playing, or not playing well, we night be stuck with him. i’m really hoping he gets the start for team usa and impresses there.

  16. da wreck says:

    I love Carey Price. Michael Ryder ate him alive last year.

  17. backbruin says:

    Who i have a problem with right now is wideman. Does he hahe a hole in the middle of his stick. I have never seen a guy fan on shots or clearouts in my life. Has anuyone else noticed this guy. He has a ton of talent but needs to switch up his sticks or something!

  18. backbruin says:

    As far as rask goes you need to realize he plays a completely different style then thomas(well i guess everyone does) it’s all based on positioning and he relies more on his glove as he plays much farther in his net. Once again when the leafs chose to keep justin pogge and give us rask i was elated.

    We are starting to look like last years team but the line i loved last game and would like to see tonight is wheeler,savard,and bitz…i love that line together. And can Marco Sturm get his hands back soon because if i see that guy wide open in front and either not get a shot off or miss the net i will come to boston myself and kick his ass.

  19. MurNL says:

    Dude i hate Carey Price but come on thats brutal! Stuff like that should have people like you banned from here. On to more important things……B’s take the game tonight 4-1. My predictions are:


    Cheechoo for the Sens.

    Go B’s!

    • backbruin says:

      The bruins played well last night and like i said are coming around. They dominated most of that game and are showing that they can make a long run in the playoffs. Like we all know scoring will be the biggest obstacle, so if we can land an impact player and not like a recchi but a top 30 impact scorer we may see something special!

    • Gcole says:

      yea MurNL, it makes me look like an asshole, but the comment i replied to was deleted that read from a habs fan “i hope bergeron gets another concussion”

  20. ccm08 says:

    krecji is on fire tonight.


    i almost won 20 bucks tonight at the game i bet someone that wideman would miss the net on the first 5 shots he missed on his first 4 then he finally hits the goalie on his 5 shot then he scores on his sixth shot. : [

  22. willisss says:

    i would have loved to see the sens get nothing out of that game but ill take a win. nice to see krej doing work. such a weak goal that was let up for the tie.

  23. backbruin says:

    Krejci was the best player on the ice, and i still love wheels,savy,bitz. Bergeron scared the poop out of me when he blocked that shot. Thomas looked lost and for a team who prides them selves on there defence, they sure enjoy giving the other team a chance in the last minute of every game they play.

    Marco Sturm will you please stay after practice and instead of skating which we all know you can do, will you please get a puck and stick handle with it.

  24. G cole says:

    This is completely random but is it possible to use your goalie as a shooter in a shootout? Lol

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