Updated Standings

1. Washington 26 15 5 6 36 91 76
2. Pittsburgh 27 18 9 0 36 87 75
3. Boston 26 13 8 5 31 64 64
4. New Jersey 24 17 6 1 35 69 51
5. Buffalo 23 14 7 2 30 63 55
6. Ottawa 24 13 7 4 30 72 70
7. Atlanta 23 13 7 3 29 80 65
8. Tampa Bay 24 10 6 8 28 67 72
1. Washington 26 15 5 6 36 91 76
2. Pittsburgh 27 18 9 0 36 87 75
3. Boston 26 13 8 5 31 64 64
4. New Jersey 24 17 6 1 35 69 51
5. Buffalo 23 14 7 2 30 63 55
6. Ottawa 24 13 7 4 30 72 70
7. Atlanta 23 13 7 3 29 80 65
8. Tampa Bay 24 10 6 8 28 67 72

Bruins Rankings Goals Scored: 24th

 Goals Allowed: tied 6th lowest

Penalty Kill: 2nd

Powerplay: 26th

Here is an updated playoff standings list for the Eastern Conference. The Bruins obvious struggles have come in the goal scoring department this season. However, their strength is now their penalty kill where they rank second in the league.  With Savard back the powerplay is actually starting to produce, which is the reason the Bruins won last night’s game.  Although the Bruins may not be clicking on all cylinders, the way their starting to win these games has to be encouraging.  Yeah, they’re not always pretty but sound defense and goaltending is the way the Bruins plan on playing this season, until the trade deadline at least. If they can stick to that plan and then add a legit first or second line winger they have a chance to go deep in the playoffs.


14 Responses to Updated Standings

  1. Gcole says:

    what i dont get is with all the people saying we cant get kovalchuk.. we have two 1st round picks this year, two 1st’s next year, few 2nd rounders each year too. we hae recchi retiring (+1M) and we have ference, sturm, wideman, and whoever else that might be on the chopping block. thats plenty of shit to sacrifice for a goal scorer. we have plenty of capable people to take their places. (boychuk, sobotka, marchand). i think it can happen..
    oh and btw, where the FUCK did joe colbourne, and zach hamill go?!

  2. bruins4eva says:

    colbourne is still in college…and hamill…well they dont wanna bring him up yet

  3. RD says:

    Sens should have 30 not 39 I think we can get Kovalchuk if he’s available, but i’m not convinced that Atlanta won’t sign him.

  4. jimmy50 says:

    I think fans are not seeing what the Bruins have been developing as an organization. The Bruins pride themselves in rolling 4 lines all game. The team will be unable to do this if they are top heavy in salary towards the top two lines. Instead the B’s have multiple players making 2-5 million. In addition the B’s have kept, and are drafting “Bruins type players” that can play in all 3 zones. This includes all 20 roster spots, Providence Bruins, and all other prospects and future picks.

    That being said the Bruins will not jeopardize the system they are developing by trading prospects and picks for a rental player like Kovalchuck. PLUS CAP SPACE WON’T ALLOW IT!!!!


    agree with jimmy. i still believe we might trade for someone at trade deadline but it wont be a blockbuster maybe we trade for a foward at the deadline but it wont be for kovalchuck type player.

  6. G cole says:

    How about vinny lecavalier? There were plenty of rumors last year, doesn’t his contract end this year or next year? That’d be awesome

  7. psands says:

    no, not lecavalier, his contract increases after this year.

    i dont think we will trade for a elite player like that either, instead i think we will try to draft one with toronto’s pick.

    there are a couple names out there i would not mind seeing pc make a move for, they are good players, but not like kovalchuk or lecavalier.

  8. JoeCote says:

    lecavlier signed an 11-year contract extension..

    but i sure wish he was a Bruin still!

  9. JoeCote says:

    also, any more word on a possible trade for nathan horton or were those rumors strictly rumors?

  10. psands says:

    the nathan horton talk mostly came from me. there were rumors he might be available, and i said if true then i would be pissed if the bruins did not make a serious offer because he is a “bruin type” player.

    but there was never a official rumor that the bruins were interested. but the ottawa sun and other sites did report he may be on the trading block.

  11. pearson says:

    glad the b’s arent playing tonight… alot of weird injuries happening tonight……….


    yeah the panthers goalie got rocked by his own teammate. I like AO but the dude pulls some dirty hits glad to see him get hurt maybe he will learn not to lead with knee he should have been suspended anyways for the boarding penalty he got two games ago.

  13. ELWOPPO says:

    im not sure if you guys can read this writing(as im told it appears all misspelled) not quite sure? Maybe it has something to do with my PS3 considering i visit this site through it! Any way Saavy is extreamly close to resigning! 7 years just under 5mil a season! As per Boston Globe. Stay tuned B’s fans!

  14. willisss says:

    I cant belive that shit head who nailed his own goalie by mistake. thats crazy

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