Savard signs seven year extension

TSN is reporting that the Bruins and Marc Savard have reached a seven-year contract extension worth a reported $29.4 million for a cap hit of $4.2 million per season.  

Excellent signing by the Bruins and GM Peter Chiarelli.  The contract is expected to be front loaded with the majority of the money in the first 4-5 years of the deal.  Having lower salaries in the last two years of the deal, when Savard will be 38 and 39 years old respectively, will allow the Bruins to buyout Savard at a low cap hit.

UPDATE 10:15 PM: The Globe is reporting Savard’s deal is a seven year deal worth $28.05 million, making his annual cap hit $4.007 million. Here is a breakdown of the yearly salaries :

The deal’s annual payouts: $7 million, $7 million, $6.5 million, $5 million, $1.5 million, $525,000, and $525,000. Total: $28.05 million.

Viewed as a four-year deal, Savard will earn $25.5 million, for an average $6.375 million, with the Bruins assessed only $4.007 million on the cap.


117 Responses to Savard signs seven year extension

  1. Vince_M says:

    Beautiful!! Great signing!!

  2. Mook says:

    so…savard at 4.2 or kessel at 5.2? you choose…

    now everyone can fuckoff with all this “i miss kessel” shit. watch the leaf game last night? invisible. that’s how he plays for half the games in a season, and also the same reason why everyone was calling for him to be traded (remember the kessel-for-hossa talk?).

    now savard can set-up the 1st round picks in 2010 and 2011 for 40 goals per season too…

  3. Mook says:

    this is also 800k less cap hit than he is now…which means we’ll see someone back. wheeler, sobotka and stuart are RFAs so we’ll get something if we can’t resign…but i dont see a problem now.

  4. Latrappe says:

    Will have to see the breakout and if there’s a NTC or not. If so, for how many years this NTC will be in duration.

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    GREAT SIGNING by P.C. ! SAVARD shows his class and desire to win, not just make money !

    It will be interesting to see Kessel back on Saturday. I hope Chara drills him when he comes in with his 1 AND ONLY MOVE !

  6. backbruin says:

    Wow, good for are beloved B’s. This is a wonderful move on first and foremost Savard and secondly Chiarelli. Savard is showing he wants a cup taking 4.2, not only does he set his teammates up on the ice but off two. This will allow us to pick up that big scorer we need and shows the true commitment of Savy.

    This is welcome news and i can’t wait to see who we get!!


  7. cebbie says:

    Now if we can get Chara to resign a new contract for money he is worth – 4.5 mill – that would free up another 3 mill. Kovalchuck could be a reality. Seeing him in black and gold playing with Savard again would be sick.

  8. Latrappe says:

    You guys should drop that Kovalchuk nonsense. He will re-sign with Atlanta and quite frankly, the team have no choice. No Kovalchuk = the franchise die…

  9. Mook says:

    exactly. not sure if anyone noticed, but atlanta is doing quite well…and they’re loaded with russians. kovalchuk isn’t going anywhere…especially since atlanta can seriously make the playoffs.

  10. murnl says:

    I see Aaron Ward is on the block…would be aweful nice to see him back in black.

  11. cebbie says:

    I am not that sure – If he wanted to resign with Atlanta the deal would already be done – Think about it – who the hell wants to play in Atlanta – I would bet your left nut he would take a discount in order to play for an original six team. Boston winning the cup is much less of a pipe dream than Atlanta.

  12. Bruins says:

    this deal is almost too good to be true. 1.2 million less than kessel!!!

    i cant even say enough about savard. underappreciated his entire career, yet he’s willing to sign for nearly 3 million under what he could get on the open market? he wants to win, unlike that greedy little pimple-faced fuck. i cant wait to see what chara will do to him. its a shame that lucic wont be ther to do it.

    • Nik says:

      oh that made me laugh so hard, dam right bruins.

      That moron was a straight up rat who wanted nothing more then the desire to play with the blue and white vomit. He can kiss his Stanley cup chances goodbye. Frigging kessel, waste of talent.

  13. Jefe77 says:

    Jefe’s favorite player is back!!! For seven years, now I can finally invest in my long awaited Savard jersey.

    Damn, I knew he would take a paycut to stay, didnt think he would be that generous but the guy wants to win. In Boston. Sweetness all around.

  14. haus says:

    I think you people are missing the details here. Savvy will probably receive about 7 mil next season. The 4.2 number is his cap number, which is determined by dividing the total price of the contract with the number of years. So no, he didnt take a ‘hometown discount’, PC and Savvy’s agent just exploited a loop in the salary cap by tacking on more years at the end of the contract at close to the league minimum salary. Hence, if Savvy is still here 6 years from now and is making 1 mil a year, his cap number will still be 4.2 mil. I like the deal, but it will be interesting if Savvy is still highly productive 4-5 years from now, chances are he will definitely want to re-negotiate.

  15. Whopperfoo says:

    If this means we have savard over the next 3-4 years at only 4.2 million, I’ll take it.

  16. Gcole says:

    FINALLY! what the hell took so long?!

  17. fed up b's fan says:

    What F’n moron would take less than a 5M average? Chara gets over a 7M average and is 1/2 the player Savard is. Good luck to Savard in the CH uniform. As long as neely(no capitals on purpose) and Chi are the leaders along with the Jacobs family, we will NEVER compete for the right to even play for the cup. Are you all idiots? We are not close. BRUINS hockey is dead and pathetic. Wake up and be real to the what’s going on. I would love to smack Neely in the face( an yes Bozo, I can) along with Chi. They are sucking the fans into a no win situation for their own $$$$$$. Kessel already has more goals than our entire team despite missing a month.

  18. Mook says:

    re-sign ward? maybe don sweeney, glen wesley and glen featherstone are still available…

  19. Gcole says:

    CHECK THIS OUT. article about savards signing.
    “Expect the Bruins to be linked to Savard’s former teammate, Thrashers sniper and impending free agent Ilya Kovalchuk. Sources tell though that he is very close to signing a mega nine- to 10-year deal that could pay him upwards of $9 million per season.”

  20. Vince_M says:

    Gcole, you forgot to include the rest of the part regarding Kovalchuk.

    “Expect the Bruins to be linked to Savard’s former teammate, Thrashers sniper and impending free agent Ilya Kovalchuk. Sources tell though that he is very close to signing a mega nine- to 10-year deal that could pay him upwards of $9 million per season.

    If the Bruins are to keep Chara and Bergeron after next season, then it’s highly unlikely they can commit that term and salary to any player. But that doesn’t mean Kovalchuk or another scorer can’t be brought in as a rental at the trade deadline.”

    • Gcole says:

      lol yea my bad i got excited.. but dont you think it would be worth losing bergeron to get kovy??? and i dont see chara staying at 7.5M… maybe 6?

      • mike says:

        yea lose Bergeron’s overall game for kovy’s one dimensional style sounds awesome…not. Bergeron has been the Bruins best player since the beginning of the season.


    not everyone takes a pay cut mook look at chara . He went to the highest bidder. I give kessel props credit he is in his prime. Savard took a pay cut which I love. Fed did you check the standings we are in first they can still win a cup even without kessel.

    • Bruins says:

      LA was offering more to chara. i think they were almost offering 8 a year for a similar term. i think others were higher too

      • Mook says:

        LA was also offering a NTC, if memory serves.

        Savard did not take a pay cut…he’s still making big bucks with bonus.


    We are not getting kovlchuck thrashers are sick right now

  23. Jefe77 says:

    Kovalchuck is not coming here, unfortunately. As Latrappe pointed out, Atlanta has no team without him.

    Huas, of COURSE the contract is frontloaded. Yes, you can call it exploitation, but as you mentioned, its a 4.2 mill annual cap hit. Savvy in the end could have garnished a larger contract for more dollars per, and you seem to be forgetting that a contract, is a contract. Re-negotiating a contract is in the power of the franchise, who and when are willing to give a player what he deserves mostly in light of what he hasn’t earned for past contributions. That is not the case with Savvy, and its HIGHLY unlikely that after showing class he would actually hold out and pull and Alexei Yashin.

    It’s highly unlikely the Bruins would feel they have to re-negotiate, unless of course he scores some Cup winning goals, hoists the Conne Smythe, etc, and they want to send him off into the sunset one of the richest Bruins to ever live.

  24. murnl says:

    I can go on all day with the former Bruins dmen if you want, the point i was trying to make was that Ward was a huge guy in the locker room and very dependable in his own end,a guy who should have been kept around.

  25. murnl says:

    And on top of all that , i never said anything about re-signing Ward i said he was on the trade block.


    murni is right on with ward he basically was the captain when he was here and he worked great with Chara.

  27. Mook says:

    Chara didn’t take a discount because he 1. was coming to a shit team that missed the playoffs and had scraps after the Thornton trade and 2. he was younger (i think). Savard must plan on retiring before his contract is very front-loaded. Plus he has a bonus structure in place that could net him big bucks.

    the “fed up b’s fan” is obviously bitter because the Habs were about to sign plekanec for around 6mil per season! Now they’ll offer him $4.19, and he’ll end-up on the leafs for $8mil per.

    It’s going to be nice watching Savard set-up our 1st rounders in 2010 and 2011 for about 30 goals per season…

  28. fed up b's fan says:

    HA HA HA! U Bruins fans are smarter than you look! It was indeed a trick by a beloved Canadians fan! We will see you friday at the Bell Centre! Go Habs GO!
    FYI good signing today Savard is truelly amazing!

  29. Bruins46 says:

    Nice job fed up…you can’t spell “truly” or even “Canadiens” (with an A refers to the people, an E refers to the team) correctly. You must be a Habs fan.


  30. Mook says:

    i’ll be at that game in montreal…4th row beside the habs’ net. i’m gonna get a beating wearing my bruins jersey!

  31. Jefe77 says:

    Be sure to wear a poncho Mook!

  32. da wreck says:

    Awesome. I wanted to order savard winter classic jersey, now I can wear it for a quite a few years.

  33. psands says:

    yea mook, a rain coat or something that is liquid (beer) proof, because i’m sure you will get something dumped on you by those trolls.

    im trying to figure out what bruins player i want on my winter classic jersey, i already have the white jersey with lucic on it. maybe a savard one or a rask one? savard is a safe bet now with the extension.

  34. Bruins says:

    wow with these new contract details this is basically a zero risk deal.

    to buyout the last year: .175 million cap hit in each of two years
    last two years: .175 mil 4 years
    last 3 years: .283 mil 6 years
    last 4 years: .629 mil 8 years

    the last 3 and 4 years will never happen, and if we do have to buyout the last two (which i doubt anyways) its basically nothing.

    we just locked up a superstar for 4 million a year.that would put him 117th in total cap hit with players this year

    • Bruins says:

      actuall i think it might be the cap number they take for buyouts, which would make it a 1.336 cap hit a year for 2, 4, 6…years

  35. ELWOPPO says:

    I Guess Weeler is next? How much is this guy worth? Should be on pace to score 20 goals for the second straight year! And dont forget he’s still fairly young at 22! What do you guys think? 3.5 mil?

  36. Bruins says:

    i dunno about wheeler. i like him but i just dont see him as that integral if he wants something like 3.5. id say take him at like 2.5? krejci got 3.75 for half a point a game(like wheeler’s rookie year), and then a 70+ point season, so unless wheeler can do something like that, we shouldnt let him demand that kind of money, which i wouldnt be surprised if he did, as he showed to kind of screw over the coyotes to come here. its not too big of an issue as he’s a RFA though. i think id like to see stuart back more anyways; good, under the radar defenseman

  37. backbruin says:

    behind bergeron wheeler has been the best player on the ice. We need to keep wheeler and 3.5 is a little high don’t ya think. I say 2.5 over 2-3 years would be fair. You would rather keep Stuart then Wheeler? explain how that makes any sense. We have good d-men in the minors and wouldn’t you rather have a little offense??? Keeping Stuart over Wheeler is ludicrous for a team who needs goal scorers?!?!?!?!?

  38. Bruins says:

    id rather keep stuart for the price he’ll come at. wheeler will be more expensive.

    our defense actually isnt all too deep. who knows if morris is coming back? our depth will be: chara, wideman, hunwick, boychuk as ference probably wont be back. we need stuart back there. we’ll probably get a rookie goal scorer like hall or seguin anyways, dont worry

  39. backbruin says:

    Well we can agree to disagree. We can’t start throwing away are young offensive talent because we think they are getting to expensive? Kessel this year, wheeler next year. You can always sign a vet or rental ie; Hnidy to fill minutes back there but you can’t replace a young guy like a wheeeler so easily. I’m tired of this kind of attitude as it only brings us a step back and not forward as we should be. The 4 d-men you mentioned is a fine base to start with so signing stuart to me is last on my list for the 28Th ranked offense in the NHL. I think you need to think or reconsider what you are saying my freind.

    • Bruins says:

      lucic and savard are huge for our offense and theyve been out alot. we were second in offense last year with kessel there, sturm out, and bergeron miles away from what he’s doing now. the offense will be fine, especially with us probably taking an offensive player high in the draft this year.

      dont get me wrong, id love to have wheeler back, but i dont see him as an absolute must sign depending on who we can get in the draft

  40. Bruins46 says:

    Gotta keep Wheeler…the kid is nasty. So pumped that Savard just loves playing in Boston, and he showed that by taking what he did to stay here when, let’s be honest, he could have pulled in plenty more elsewhere as a FA. I’ll be at the game tonight…hopefully this signing will be some motivation to start racking up some more wins…Go B’s!

  41. psands says:

    they are going to keep both wheeler and stuart, wheeler im guessing at 2.75, and stuart at 2.25.

    both these kids are young, and both of them are important and need to be back. they will move cap space to keep them, im not even worried about that.

    this savard deal really puts us in a good position cap wise, and if we can get a top four pick, and have that young pick playing for us next year at their low cap hit, we will be in an even better position.

  42. ELWOPPO says:

    Weeler’s cap hit is at 2.8!Why the hell would he stay for lower? Think about it !

  43. Mook says:

    wheeler is an rfa…we have some options but it may be wise to sign him early. his cap hit is only 875k, there’s 1.95mil in bonuses.

    dont expect him to get more than 2.5mil. krejci is worth a lot more, and it goes beyond production on the scoresheet. we’re just starting to see krejci hit his stride…hip surgeries can be nasty (according to don cherry) so he hasn’t been himself.

    wheels is developing a great shot though…

    i dunno

  44. Bruins says:

    what the hell is up with colborne getting snubbed from the 36 man camp for canada? they even have caron in there over him. thats just mental. and they have 17 year old mcfarland in there who’s been less productive offensively in a more offensive league. savard, aliison, colborne…im starting to think theres a hockey canada bias against boston forwards

  45. BIGBADBRUINS says:

    savard what can i say hes a stand up guy not like that little pimple face bitch kessel fuck the leafs go mighty bruins

  46. Haus says:

    Jefe, I was only correcting the morons on here that keep saying its a ‘hometown discount’ or that he could make more on the open market. In fact, he would probably get 3 years at 6.5mil per. And dont get me wrong, Im happy they exploited the loophole. Lets get a big win tonight, with Savvy playing out of his head!

  47. Mook says:

    wideman playing a solid game. hunwick shaky again…

  48. willisss says:

    boychuck to provi…such a raw deal

  49. Jefe77 says:

    You nailed it Haus, Savvy was playing out of his head and the hockey should get better and better. Sturm scoring tonight was huge, if he can get it going along with Ryder and Wheels, this team will be rolling.

    Big weekend!!

    Go Bruins

  50. psands says:

    huniwick needs to start playing better, he has the talent, he needs to find his game.

    does our small defense bother anyone else?

  51. Mook says:

    kinda bugs me, but i find these guys can move the puck pretty well, and out forwards collapse almost below the circles so forechecking is not much of an issue. now that i think about it, i can’t remember any team having their way with the bruins on the forecheck. sounds like good coaching to me…

  52. willisss says:

    Hunwick will be fine. our defense is not an issue at all. we have the lowest GA in the nhl. we need to startr scoring more, and last night was the first signs of a clicking offence. we have not had a real comfortable lead since the hurricanes. you can argue dallas was with 3-0 but we got an emtpy netter. lets start scoring like we did last night and our D will keep dominating

  53. backbruin says:

    Julien likes to cycle the puck behind the net multiple times until they get there best look to breakout. If you noticed they do it quite well, and that’s why they went a little smaller at the back end. Obviously Morris was picked up to move the puck to our forwards which he does well. Chara and Stuart being bigger in size normally like too fire the puck off the glass, but since they have done this for so long have become comfortable with this patient breakout style.

    Ference is still shaky and gets us into trouble sometimes.

  54. HabMan says:

    Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of Les Canadiens.

    Question: What team does they beat the mosts time in there 100 year history?

    Answer: The Bruins! lol! More of the sames tomorrows!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    • Bruins says:

      Oh man! I thought we just overcame the embarassment of the habs racking up wins on us in the friggen 40’s. How wrong was I?!

      How are your canadiens looking now, you know, on this side of the millennium?

    • JoeCote says:

      Hey HabMan, how about them Habs last night against Buffalo?! You guys looked like you forgot how to play hockey! But hey, gotta love them Canadiens from the 40’s eh?

  55. Bruins says:

    what an awesome game yesterday. bergie is clearly playing the best he’s ever played, and thats saying something. all facets of the game, hes been exceptional. i mean something like him going 14/19 on faceoffs will get overlooked most of the time.

    and how awesome is it that we now have thomas and rask to turn to? thomas is 8th in GAA, 10th in save percentage, 1st in shutouts, and rask is 2nd in GAA, 3rd in save percentage, and 11th in shutouts.

    perfect weekend coming up: thomas always tears apart the habs, and rask will tear apart his former team (again). we can separate ourselves even further from the pack.

  56. willisss says:

    question: who country does do not know hows type and make looks like moron?

    for real dude, if your going to shit on the bruins at least try to not make yourself sound like a 5 year old…or lol cat for that matter.

    habman can has a cheeseburger

    hey i would be pissed too if my hometown team got in the playoffs by the skin on their asses only to get SWEPT by their rivals…and i would also be pissed if my hometown team was filled with talentless pussies who dont know how to skate, score, fight, stop pucks, and fight. ( and yes…fight is on there twice) all you little french boys run around starting a mess that only big boy laraque can clean up. your. team. is. pathetic. the only thing more pathetic then the actual hockey team are the wannabe eurotrash singing morons that cheer for them.

    the habs dynasty has fallen. get over it and move on to something else….wait my bad, there isnt anything left up there to move on to sooooo have fun being disappointed for the rest of your life

  57. Quartier4 says:

    Willisss i’m a french Canadien from New-Brunswick and i’m a big bruins fan i know how Canadien fan’s are beacause they live here hahaha 😉 all i want to say is, it’s only a blog it’s normal some canadien fan’s are so angry about us it’s beacause they will probably miss the playoff this yeah hahahah ! There’s moron all over the world yeah even bruins fan but just a few if we compare with canadien fan LOL… we can’t do anything for that… just ignor it and laugh at those who didn’t make playoff 😉

    the only reason i hope the canadien didn’t finish last… it beacause of the toronto’s pick 😉

    And from Canada ! GO BRUINS GO !

  58. Bruins46 says:

    I was at the game yesterday, so pumped to see savard, sturm, and bergy all doing work. Hahaha nice williss…not sure why HabFag feels the need to pluralize every word? It’s probably carey price in disguise hittin’ up the blog.


  59. Quartier4 says:

    LOL good one Bruins46 3-0 Buffalo over montréal only 10 min in the first haha

  60. backbruin says:

    There are probably more bruin fans in ontario then there are in the U.S..hahahah. We are strong up here and as passionate if not more then you fans in the states. I haven’t missed a televised game in 3 years(get a life)i know. Believe me all the habs fans have is what they have done in the past. So let them shit talk all they want. We will have a cup soon and that’s all that matters.


    wow gomez is doing awesome….. 12 points and he gets paid how much again $8,000,000 $7,357,000 nice trade HABS!

  62. murnl says:

    I hope Boston plays the same way they did when they spoiled Patrick Roy’s retirement night….those days are long gone Habs fans, no more signing kids in minor hockey like you did back in the day.

  63. Richardo says:

    Thomas starting tonight… GO B’s..

  64. psands says:

    sill can’t get over how great of a contract that is that savard signed. makes me so happy he will be here, filling that #1 center spot.

    i am so pumped for these next couple games.

    Here We Go Bruins!!!

    • Bruins says:

      its just nuts. he’ll be earning the same money as jason blake, vesa toskala, and andrej mezaros, right at 117th in the league for cap hit.
      and even if you want to compare it to those “retirement contracts”, he’s basically got the same cap hit as franzen, pronger’s is a million more despite him being 2 years older, lecavalier’s is almost double, and staal’s is more than double his.

      • Bruins says:

        zetterberg’s is over 2 mil more, hossa’s over a mil more, dipietro’s 500k more…i could go all day lol

  65. willisss says:

    hahahaha vesa toskala….you dont even need to say anything else

  66. vince_m says:

    I might be crucified here for saying this but, I watched the 100th celebration before the Bruins ruin the party. I have to really say although I bleed black and gold I was touched by the ceremony. To see some of the sports great players that I have only heard of from the 40’s and 50’s was touching. When the one Hab player (# 3) gave up his jersey and number and gave it over was a great show of respect. I really like it when the players of today show respect for the players that built the sport.

    With all of that being said I still think the Bruins will ruin the party.

  67. Bruins says:

    we definitely outplayed them in the first. what is up with ryder though? he looks awful out there. on a positive note, how unbelievable is savard? the plays he was making out there were incredible. i just hope the refs dont hand it to the habs because of the occasion

  68. vince_m says:

    Sturm should have had that. Damn!!

    It will come.

  69. Bruins says:

    fuck!! this is just one of those nights where nothing is going right


    this game blows


    hunwick looks awful

  72. willisss says:

    sorry for ever bashing tim thomas…you guys were right, hes way better then rask

  73. jdog71 says:

    Rask needs to start tomorrow. 5-0? Thomas is miserable. There is nothing worse than watching these douchebags beat the Bruins.

  74. Quartier4 says:

    The bruins have one bad game in 10 games…. and the canadien have 1 good game in 10 games…

  75. Et Le But says:

    Ole, Ole Ole, Ole, Ole!! 5-0 pour les Habs!! More to come Bruin fans, more to come. 8-0 easily tonight!! The 2nd century begins tonight and we feast on bear!! Nothing can stop us now, Stanley is ours once again and he will be back in Habtown where he belongs. The fire & the passion is back and the bruins are pathetic. Face it – you cannot compete with a far quicker and superior opponent. Ole, Ole Ole, Ole, Ole.

  76. Quartier4 says:

    Farme donc ta yeul and look at the standing…

  77. jdog71 says:

    Et Le But, I have some butt for you to eat right here. Looking forward to sweeping your frog asses in the playoffs again.

  78. Bruins says:

    lol ive never seen such a small amount of “power” go to someones head. its pretty telling how bad the canadiens are when they have something to chirp about once every couple years.
    rask was going to get the start tomorrow anyways. in all fairness to timmy, he made some great saves in the first and alot of goals werent his fault. the team itself didnt play too badly until after the third goal.
    i say just unleash thornton and chara this period.

  79. Et Le But says:

    Bring it on jdog71, bring it on. The season turns in our favour tonight. The Habs of past saw to that and the future habs will bear the torch once again and light your asses on fire. 8-0 tonight!! no problem. Can’t wait to whip your ass in the playoffs – if you in fact make it. The way your shit bag team is playing tonight they may not even make it. Too bad – I am so looking forward to whiiping your butt in the playoffs. C ya later douche bag, I have to go watch the obliteration of the Bruins. 8-0!!!

  80. jdog71 says:

    Yeah, unleash the hounds! Rask starts the third..not sure if thats a good thing.

  81. jdog71 says:

    Wow whats with all the histrionics, Et Le Brut? At least I keep my insults short and to the point, without getting all biblical. “Bear the torch ones again”? Hardly. Eat a bag of frozen dicks, shitstain.


    god Thomas has a bad game and some one jumps on him lol

    • willisss says:

      not sooo fast ward. everyone on this blog knows me for my displeasure for thomas. i actually caught my fair share of shit for it too.

      worst game i have ever watched in my life. buttt ill be the game tomorrow…and thurs…and next monday…sooo should be some fun

  83. Quartier4 says:

    We will probably not kick you ass in the playoff because you will probably miss it… 5-1

  84. pearson says:

    the habs play like pussies when you knock em around and drop the gloves. WHERE WAS THE INTENSITY!?!

    if they play like this against kessel and the leafs tomorow night, i might not celebrate christmas this year… go on a month long bender instead.

    • Bruins says:

      yeah there wasnt any. it was going to be tough with that atmosphere, but that was pathetic.

      i thought that for the first period, we outplayed them. lots of good chances, and some big saves for timmy.

      but after that miserable 5 on 3 for us (even before the habs scored) i knew that nothing was in the bruins tonight and there wasnt going to be anything going our way. they showed a little fight up until it was 3-0 and then they played dead.

  85. habfag says:

    ole ole ole! we beat the bruins! and since there is no way my team is going to make the playoffs, this is our cup victory!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i can sing and dance and act like a total shit headed douche bag with my flamboyant hab fan boyfriends!!!!!!!! what a great night!

  86. willisss says:

    bruins power play = 2 minutes of guaranteed none scoring

  87. psands says:

    just fucking brutal, how can this team throw up a stinker like that, after the way they played against tampa. i’m starting to wonder if it is a lack of character. no way that should happen.

    williss, im with you on thomas, i love the guy, but remember we still need him to play very good this year and be the number one. because if we can some how trade this guy, it would help our cap space so much, we could have an unbelievable team with a few moves and signings for next year.

    btw our defense is to small, i dont care what anybody says about it being more mobile, they can’t intimidate shit, they are soft back there. and usually it is one of our goalies, imo, who is helping them look good back there.

    and for all you who say thomas wont waive his nmc, thomas is a competitive guy, and if you simply tell him in the off season rask is going to be our #1, but we have a deal to move you to whomever where you will be their #1, i think he will waive his nmc.

    • Bruins says:

      the defense is fine. theyve been the best defensive team in the league for a long time now, and as for offense out of the defense, they were the highest scoring defense last year. i really dont think anything on the backend needs to be changed (well outside of the obvious ference for boychuk switch but thats never gonna happen). its just unfortunate that everyone has to be slumping at the same time, including the forwards (minus bergie and savard)

  88. Bruins says:

    alright all this thomas bashing and talk about trading him is unfair. rask has played 11 games. sure, he’s looked great, but you cant go off that to trade a vezina winner who has been lights out his entire career.
    and was thomas really that bad tonight? you cant look at the save % and GAA. he made some pretty spectacular saves in the first when it was still a game, and alot of those goals cant be blamed on him. was it a good night? absolutely not, but it wasnt awful.
    theres no arguing he’s been one of the best goalies in the league the last 4 years. and he really isnt any different this year. save for an average first couple games, a bad last two seconds + OT vs. the pens and tonights not great game, hes been nothing short of his usual spectacular self. $5 million for this guy is a bargain.

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