Holiday Season is Here!

The Holiday Season is here!  Help us out and buy some T-shirts.  The make a good gift for any B’s fan!

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29 Responses to Holiday Season is Here!

  1. Bruins says:

    hahahah funniest game ive ever witnessed. when savvy potted his hattrick right after the bruins got their 6th goal, i was laughing my head off. sucks that rask had to raise his GAA though. leafs are the best team i have EVER seen when down by 7 goals.

    savvy is averaging .57 goals per game this year. kessel is at .625…interesting.

    soooo sweet that kessel was the worst player on the ice tonight. its just so fitting. johnny B gets his first, bergeron again our best player out there…perfect game.

    bergeron pass to recchi the highlight of the season so far?

  2. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    anyone else think the “messiah” was close to crying tonight. wow he was horrible. loved every minute of that game. just wish Tukka had gotten the shut out. One thing I would love to see is some more freakin hitting. they g ot to respond when guys get clobbered like that. begerons pass to recchi was sweet but not as sweet as when he undressed mrs komisarek at the blue line. wow what a sweet move.

  3. Bruins says:

    yeah i was talking about the whole play in general.

    i think someone made a little bit of a mistake this offseason *cough*kessel*cough

    you couldnt pay me to have that greedy bitch back on the bruins

  4. Kessel's- bro says:

    HA HA HA u dum bruins fans dont realize that kessel has more goals than ur WHOLE FUCEN TEAM. And he played half the games! He cant have a bad game?????????????????????????? Look at krejci last year 70 points this year fuck all! Shame on him! Not to mention your captain! How many goals does he have? he’s on pace to score 6 goals! Ha Ha! Big Goof! How about Wideman? 50 points last year/this year 15 if hes lucky! Thanks for Kessel btw a 22 year old sniper who’s gonna score 40 goals every year! You guys always trade your best players.Bunch of fucken idiots the BRUINS are!

    • JoeCote says:

      Have you been watching your “team” at all this year? You can have your one guy who can score, and i’ll be happy with my full team where the talent is spread. This is largely due to the fact that , um, we actually win games. You’re almost the worst team in the entire league man… It’s laughable , really. I almost feel bad.. How badly do we have to beat you for you to admit that your team sucks?

      By the way. Take a look at the standings tomorrow morning 🙂

      • bruins4eva says:

        you know what sucks is kessel might score 40 goals…but the leafs will finish dead last and boston will get a top 5 pick maybe for the next 2 yrs….KEEP ON PLAYING UR HORRIBLE DEFENSE KESSEL

  5. psands says:

    very sad to say i missed the game, i had an away game myself,mand was stuck in a bus.

    great to see the box score though, Johnny Boychuk baby. i know he scored but besides that how did he look??? you all know i love the size and physicality he brings back there, while being able to bring some point production.

    savard with the hatty. sturm has started to score. what a difference from yesterday to today.

  6. psands says:

    Kessel’s Bro, why dont you suck kessels dick a little harder.

    can’t wait to see the complete players, who can also score 40 goals we get with all your draft picks.


  7. Bruins says:

    who comes on to chirp after their team just got blown out 7-2 (and it wasnt even as close as a 7-2 game should be)?

  8. willisss says:

    tuukka rask had more points tonight then douche bag kessel….love it…your right kessel-bro…we are all ” fucen dum” i thought hab fans were retarded but you sir take the prize. have fun in last place you fucking tool

    • Bruins says:

      haha yeah forget about rask stoning all of the leafs (he would have stoned kessel too if he could have remotely generated any form of offense at all), i just want to compare rask’s offensive production to kessel’s. i think he has a good shot of outscoring him in the season series, even if he plays half of the games.

  9. Bruins says:

    bergeron for the olympic team? i highly doubt he’ll make it, but he’s certainly making a case for it. he hasnt only been playing out of his mind for the bruins, he’s one of the most complete players in the league.
    canada could use him as the 13th forward: can play any position, awesome defensively, great passing and vision, great shot, arguably the best faceoff man in the league, best PK forward for one of the best PK teams, good on the PP,can play the point on the PP, great in shootouts, clutch, selfless, great intangibles, leadership, international experience (WJC MVP on the best WJC team ever and held his own at the world championships as an 18 year old), excelled checker role and the willingness to fight (and fight well), excelled as a number 1 center…its unbelievable how much he brings to the table.

    i just cant describe how happy i am to see my favourite player of all time not only back to where he was pre-jones cheapshot, but better than ever

  10. Kessel's- bro says:

    bla bla bla! You can have ur stupid 7-2 win! Didnt the Leafs beat the shit out of the Bruins 10-2 a couple of years ago????? So what you make the play-offs this year( MAYBE) are you dummies actually gonna win some rounds this year??? No cuz YOU GUYS CHOKE every year in the play offs! Especially this year, Who’s gonna lead your team in goals Sturm? Weeler? OH maybe Ryder? They all stink! You guys dont even have 1 player in double didgets in goals! The leafs have 2! Hagman-14 and Phil the Thrill 10! FYI you bruin fans dont fool anyone saying you hate Kessel cuz we all know its killing you watching him score goal after goal! We clearly took your best player admit it! The rest of your team doesnt compare! You can shove those draft picks up your asses! Well worth it! Your bald GM fucked up- dont ya wish you guys took the kaberle/kessel swap? Now you got nothing!!! HAHAHA I LOVE IT!

    • Nik says:

      You know whats hilarious, you guys hold on to that 10-2 win like its god or something. Funny how we have beaten your asses 2 series in a row 😉

      Another thing i would like to point out, unlike some teams (leafs) we actually make the playoffs.

      Oh man it was amazing seeing kessel turn that puck over and over, thats what the child is known for doing.. and oh wait a second i believe he was in the minus’ last night. Fantastic =) A nice punch in his already ugly face would of made my night, but eh destroying the leafs was even better.

      Come on first round pick! whoot whoot!

    • Gcole says:

      Wow thats pathetic to think you are still thinking back to a win a COUPLE OF YEARS AGO!!! dam dude that must suck to have one win every few years to be proud of.. and good for kessel he started hot, wait till that pussy gets hurt and sick again, not to mention when he goes through his rough spots, then your ‘team’ is truely fucked!! oh and one stat that i think is HILARIOUS…. Phil Kessel had less offensive production than OUR GOALIE, TUUKKA RASK!! lmao. lets hope thursday is the day the bruins decide to smash his zit face into the glass, as well as chara beat the shit out of komisarek… only cuz lucic isnt around to to that this time. Hopefully Carolina gets their shit together so you dumbasses can finish last and we get the first overall pick

  11. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    kessels bro your out to lunch. I was going to use bigger words but realized you wouldn’t understand. just as a correction though kessel did get a point tonight, when he set up chara in the second period. pretty pass even with his tail between his legs. There is no doubt kessel can score, unfortunately he can’t do much of the other important aspects needed to be a franchise player: led, defend, hit etc. I think you also remember the Bruins did win a round last year @$#%&&%, but again you probably missed that cause you were out watching the leafs play golf. and just clarify why you call yourself Kessels bro, thats pretty lame. come out of the closet man and come up with something a little more original.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I was praying the announcer would have said…. “Goal scored by Zdeno Chara…. his 2nd of the season. Assisted by number 81 Phil Kessel…… oops… my bad!!”

  12. patrick says:

    guys please ignore the retards. you only give them more ammo by replying to them. we have four now. penpal,et le but,habman,and kessel’s-bro. i could be wrong but i thought i remembered reading when the new site went up we could block these people. dont get me wrong i love reading all the colorful responses. on a side note it will be interesting to see how toronto responds next thursday. im sure our boys wont score seven again. also watch out for buffalo. yeah we are leading now but they have three games in hand and one point behind now. they are playing really well right now too.

  13. willisss says:

    i find it rather entertaining. et le but called us out but at least his team won, and penpal also has reasons to talk, not saying its not anoying but once again, there teams backed it up. this kessel clown has absolutly nothing on us. hes team is 2nd to last in the LEAGUE. our goalie had more offence then the leafs “star” player. kessel can score all the goals he wants but the leafs will never be a force in the nhl. if the bruins were 8-13-7 i wouldnt be saying a word. so i say let him. his life sucks enough as it is.

  14. Mook says:

    Hey Kessel’s Bro…want to talk about a one-sided beating from a few years back?
    Remember a couple of years ago when we traded you Andrew Raycroft for Tuukka Rask?
    Since Raycroft is still on your books this season for $700k you should, biatch!

  15. Kessel's bro says:

    u guys are stupid! Who the Fuck said that Kessel is an all around player???? I simply said that you dummies gave us a 22 year old sniper that will score at least 40 goals a year for us! Who cares if he cant play “D” we have other guys who do that! At the End of the day we took your BEST player and you guys know it! Your not fooling anyone!Last year you guys preeched on this kid….Phil this….Phil that, now he’s no good? Why cuz the leafs got him? You Bruin fans are a bunch of hypocrits! How do you face yourselves in the mirror? And another thing what fucken difference does it make that you guys make the playoffs and we dont? U guys do fuck all every year! Do you guys what respect for getting knocked out by the Canes in the second round? They suck! Give yourselves a pat on the back bruin fans you guys beat the shitty habs last year…..what an accomplishment! at the end of the day you still go golfing early! Ur no better than the leafs nobody cares about the reg. season its the Playoffs that count you fucken morons! And just like us you guys havnt done anything latley in the Post season!!! So Thier!!!

    • Bruins says:

      hey, you know who else has 40 goal potential? taylor hall. tyler seguin. you know what else they do? actually backcheck and play defense. pass the puck without shooting whenever they get it. you know, those kinds of things.
      and knowing how dominant the bruins are in the second round (bergeron, lucic,krejci, etc.) that pick will probably turn out better than kessel. oh yeah we also have the 1st overall in 2011 too.

      again though, thanks for rask. you got to keep world junior phenom pogge though so everyone is a winner

    • Jefe77 says:

      Oh my fuckin God. Do they teach “school” where your from? School for retards maybe….

      1967, wasnt that the last time those dumbfucks made the finals?

      Isn’t that like, 42 years ago? 42 years,….no Cups, no finals, no respectable memorable teams except that fluke year (93) where they accidentally made it to the Conf finals, of course getting completely embarrassed by Wayne! You hold on to that 7 game fuckup by the Leafs, I know I will! LOL!!!!!

      Damn, the Leafs really suck.

    • Gcole says:

      how can you say score ‘atleast 40 goals a year’ when he has NEVER DONE THAT ONE TIME YET… how can you be so sure? and if he does good for him your defence is still about as effective as a condom with holes in it

  16. Nik says:

    ha! you know why the bruins don’t care that hes gone, because on the leafs style of play and set ups he is nothing. Oh yeah 40 goals right buddy please thats like saying “leafs win Stanley cup in 2010”
    What a joke xD

    Eh tell your “bro” to start cleaning his golf clubs the season is almost over for the leafs.

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