Ference being shopped?

According to the Boston Globe, Andrew Ference’s name is being rumored around the league. Ference is in the last year of his contract and is not expected to be resigned by the Bruins following the completion of this season. 

While Ference had his struggles early in the season, his play has improved as the season has progressed.  If Ference is indeed moved, it probably will be to a contender who is looking to add depth for a playoff push.  The Bruins would then try and acquire a higher priced defenseman who is in the last year of a deal. That way the daily cap hit will allow them to fit that player in under the current salary cap. If the Bruins have no plans to add depth on the blueline, a Ference deal is highly unlikely especially with the recent struggles of Matt Huwick and the inexperience of Johnny Boychuk.


62 Responses to Ference being shopped?

  1. Mook says:

    Spector says: Ference’s name has been in the rumor mill for some time but apparently there isn’t much interest in him.

    Mook says: Andrew Ference is not that “missing piece” that pushes a team over the top. Let’s package him with Marco Sturm, Alexander Fallstrom and Craig Weller and trade them for Joe Thornton. Done.

  2. Mat Allen says:

    I say send a similar package for Shane Doan. Sure he’s Phoenix’s best player and they’re playing really well right now and I have no idea what his cap hit is… but he scores an average of between 20 and 30 goals per season not to mention he’s a tough player…

  3. psands says:

    as much as i bag ference, he has been a lot better lately. i think if he is traded, it will be for a cheaper d-man, a #6/7 guy that can get the job done, for a little less money. shane hnidy anyone?

    it would clear a little bit of space, and let us give boychuk even more playing time.


    they cant be trading my boy 21!

  5. vince_m says:

    Whoo!! Just picked up my Winter Classic jersey. Really enjoyed watching the B’s pummel the Leafs last night. It was sweet to see Kessel’s look when the B’s pounded his mighty Leafs. Do you think he is having second thoughts?

  6. Jim says:

    Trade him and paile for someone that can score consistently and give Boycuck a chance

  7. Goosegoose says:

    why on god’s green earth would we get rid of Paile. we went from 23rd on the PK to 1st in like a month after getting him. He is basally PJ. we do not need scoring from our 3rd and 4th line. we have 4 solid lines. Trade Wideman with all his giveaways that lead to goals.

    • Bruins says:

      agreed, paille and bergeron are unstoppable on the PK. come on though, we cant trade wideman. he’s looked alot better lately and he was our second best d-man the two previous years. i say package ference and a pick or two for a scorer (RW)

  8. Mook says:

    no trading ference…he’s a good player.

  9. jmed says:


  10. Bruins46 says:

    vince to answer your question I don’t think Phil cares either way…he’s just a money hungry douche who tries to bag as many puck sluts as humanly possible. And if there would be any way to grab Hnidy again I would do it in a second…loved watching that guy fuck people up on the reg…and if anyone saw the interview with him and Naoko when we played Minny he kept mentioning last year when he was in Boston, he misses the B’s.

  11. willisss says:

    i miss shane hnidy…i saw a dude with a hindy jersey on at the game saturday…almost bought him a beer. also saw a curtis joseph jersey, which was awesome. and for some reason a SHIT load of whalers jerseys…not sure why, but new england maybe? whatever, it made more sence then the 2 douche bags wearing hurricane jerseys…who does that?

    ” bro i scored scored tix to the b’s leafs game…fuckinnnn HURRICANE UP KID!”

    anyways it sucked so bad not seeing Hunwick. granted he suckeddddddd real bad the other night, but hes solid. play him up front as a winger. the guy can score. im a huge fan of sobotka, but have him sit for hunwick just for 1 game, let boychuck play D…just see what happens.

    cant wait to go back thursday for yet another leafs blow out….

  12. Leaf-nation09 says:

    its funny how you guys keep bashing kessel? but last year you guys loved him! He came to TO where he is apprieciated and paid properly! You Bruin fans are fucking hipocrites! Last year he was the best , now he sucks???? We will see if you can keep him off the score sheet again on Thursday night! Go Leafs Go!!

    • Bruins says:

      i never was a kessel fan. then he decided that he thought he was better than the team and put a stranglehold on chiarelli to trade him to the highest bidder, and chia still somehow rapes burke on that deal. public enemy number one…as is ribeiro…as is walker…as is komisarek, etc. etc.

    • pearson says:

      kessel is good… but hes not a team player.

      know who is? savard. thats why he’ll be around, and be loved by the city.

      some guys want the money, some want the cup.

    • Mook says:

      we tried to run him out of town on many occasions…remember he was being rumoured in a trade for 2 years…

    • JoeCote says:

      hey stupid, how did you feel about phil kessel last year? idiot.

  13. bruins4eva says:

    this is what i dont get…if ur gonna pay a guy like RYDER 4 million…why the hell wwouldnt you pay kessel…5 million….I hate ryder i think he is dog shit….an extra million to keep kessel


    don’t forget that Ryder was benched in the playoffs with Montreal and we signed him to 4 mil that signing didn’t make sense to me but whatever. When has wideman started playing good i haven’t seen it. I wish the bruins had signed kessel but we got a good deal from Toronto it worked for both teams. and Never Paille to PJ at least Paille has the potential to score Pj was just god awful i was glad when we didn’t resign him.

    • Jefe77 says:

      I’d have to say, Paille is a good PK, but he has choked on scoring chances worse than PJ did last year. Paille could have maybe 5 more goals if he could finish…

      • Goosegoose says:

        Paille was not brought here to score. When he has had chances he was playing against tremendous goalies. If it was Bergeorn, Savard, or Wheeler I would say yea he has been choking but come one, no one is expecting Pallie to score any more than 8-12 goals

    • Jefe77 says:

      Goose, I was speaking on terms of comparison to PJ. Everyone complained to no end last season that PJ could not finish; was that PJ’s job to finish? No, which made no sense to me that people would actually get upset about it, and its not Paille’s job to finish either. He clearly contributes to the teams success, but a scoring chance is a scoring chance, and Paille has blown a few gaping nets.

      So, while its not his job to finish, he has shown with a 20 goal season he knows HOW to score. Also, it would be nice if he could finish maybe 1 out 5 breakaways that he works so hard to get. At least PJ would score in the shootout.

  15. G cole says:

    Kinda unrelated but it seems to me that no one else but me seems to notice how well Morris is playing, idk what he has for points but I would definately try and resign him. Also idk what we should do with wheeler, his effort is A but he’s not really scoring… Which we need… Sign wheeler or trade???

  16. willisss says:

    sign wheeler…all day long

  17. psands says:

    sign wheeler.

    morris has looked good, but i honestly am starting to get the vibe that if you play with chara, he is going to make you look a lot better.

    just look at ward this year. he has been god awful. last year he was a very effective defense man with chara. if morris comes at the right price i do it, if not, then try something else.

  18. backbruin says:

    sign wheeler, ridiculous to even ask in my opinion. Next to bergy he’s been great with CHEECH and savy out. He will start lighting the lamp if he continues to play with savy.

  19. Murnl says:

    I hear the Bluejackets are looking for a solid dman, i don’t want to see Ference go maybe a winger like Raffi Torres(9 goals)and a UFA to be could be a possibility, considering Ference probably walks in the summer. And he has that gritty edge that would fit our style pretty nice.

  20. JRy says:

    packages all we got for ilya kovalchuck…the bruins are really close i feel like all they need is a proven goal scorer and ilya is exactly that.

    • Bruins says:

      if we were to go after kovalchuk it could potentially set us back for a while. theres no way we’d be able to sign him at the end of the season as he could get up to 8.5-9 million on the open market. he would probably go for colborne, the leafs first, a good young player like bitz, and maybe a few other picks/prospects (high ones). i dont think id want to part with that much for 20 or 30 games of kovalchuk.
      we do have a shit-ton (thats my new saying ive decided) of picks, but you have to really wonder if the thrashers would trade kovalchuk with the way theyre playing.

  21. willisss says:

    i wouldnt mind a mid range guy like scottie upshall

  22. Elgin says:

    Ferrence & a pick or two for Armstrong & Valabik.

  23. bostonpup says:

    Ference, a prospect, & a 2nd round pick to Phoenix for Shane Doan. Of all the players previously mentioned not one would play and look better in a bruins sweater than Doan. I believe he makes 5-6 million and he wants out of Phoenix.

  24. willisss says:

    what prospect? marchand? i would be totalllly cool with that

  25. vince_m says:

    What about Ryan Malone? he makes 4.5 a year. He would look good in a Bruin jersey.

  26. Gcole says:

    what about eric (i think) staal in carolina, they are complete garbage this year, think theyd be looking to change things? he would be nice to have

  27. bostonpup says:

    either player would suffice, (stall or malone) i just happen to be a huge fan of Doan. Staal and malone are near the beginning of contracts, Doan has one year left. Although Carolina and T.B. are horrible those teams have more of an upside than Phoenix. Doan has expressed interest in leaving. Phoenix only ever had two things to offer, Gretzky as a coach and the weather. I dont think a year round tan is gonna keep Doan in town now that Gretzky is gone.

  28. Bruins says:

    staal and malone would be the worst ideas ever. in my opinion staal is the most overrated player in the league. he also has the worst contract in the league. 8.25 a year until hes like 40 or something. malone is similar, although 4.5 isnt too bad for him. bruins are tied up for cap space as it is

  29. Leaf-nation09 says:

    what do you guys think of my leafs 2nite? 5-2 drubing of the thrashers! we are comming 4 U bruins! and we WILL make playoffs this year! Only 5 points behind! So you can kiss those draft picks goodbye! Ur not getting no top 5 pick thats 4 sure! FYI THANKS FOR KESSEL, ur GM is a real dumb ass!!!!!!!! HA HA HA

    • pearson says:

      your right, if you could have scored 5 goals against the bruins the other night you guys would have…….. still… lost.

      ps. that was our “#2” goalie the other night

    • Jefe77 says:

      The Leafs have sucked for so long, that its now considered a fact in Encyclopedia Britannica. If you read the entry, there is something in there about fans who don’t stop pouring money into the pockets of the Leaf ownership, which will never motivate them to do anything. Except of course to continue to lose, and throw away their future for pimple faced one dimensional players who could give a rats ass about the Cup. But, then again, to be a Leafs fan you need to also not give a rats ass about the Cup.

      Man it must be weird to be a Leafs fan! I watch sports to see my team win. Not fuckin suck for 42 years straight! No Cups, no finals, no character…tsk tsk,

  30. Bruins says:

    why are leafs fans posting on here? they arent good enough to have an actual rivalry with

  31. willisss says:

    pearson i like to think of him as our #1

    staal being overated? not sure about that man. i think hes the real deal. not to say i would be willing to make room for him because of our cap situation but as much as i hate the canes, i like staal.

  32. Bruins says:

    im not saying he’s not a good player; he is. its just that everyone was saying he single-handedly got the canes to the conference finals, and that he’s an elite player. the guy hasnt had an elite season since 05/06. he does nothing too special defensively. he’s a guy that can give you 40 goals, which is great, but he’s just not elite. the 8.25 cap hit doesnt help

  33. Richardo says:

    The leafs have the worst record within the division against division opponents… 1/4 of the sched. is against div. opps… Maybe if your boyz win a couple div. games here or there but until then, looks like some April golfin for the blue and white!!!

  34. Mook says:

    so much for the flyers being a threat…trade ference and wideman for pronger. i wish!

  35. ELWOPPO says:

    does anyone know when Looch will be back? Is Sat Dec19th againts the Leafss a possibility?

  36. Bruins46 says:

    Just wanna say great job with the blog guys…if you’re attracting all these clowns rooting for the habs and leafs…you’re doing something right

    oh yea and of course leaf-nation….suck one

  37. Kurt says:

    Hunwick should be moved to wing.

  38. Bruno says:

    I read that Ward is on the block from the Canes. We could trade Ferrence for Ward and maybe pry Cole and Brind’Amour also. We could get better very quickly.

  39. Haus says:

    All you will get for Ference is maybe 3rd round pick tops. I say deal Ference to the Islanders for a 4th and an AHL level dependable D-man. This will give the B’s flexibility on 4 fronts. It allows you to give Boychuk minutes, gives cover in Providence for the call-up of a temp no.7 D, gives cap flexibility for next year, and allows us to get another D-man with size at or before the deadline. Anybody agree?

  40. Richardo says:

    Well the cap space is already there for next year… Ference is an UFA after this season… I like how the lineup was on Saturday alot.. with Boychuk in for Hundwick… Hundwick gets paid more than Ference right now and you cant tell me Hundwick is a better Dman than him… Maybe at moving the puck but not back in their zone…


    well wideman gets paid 4 mil and he is full of suck.

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