Wideman questionable for Thursday

Dennis Wideman, who has missed the last two practices because of injury, is “questionable” for tomorrow’s game against Toronto.  If Wideman is unable to suit up expect to see both Matt Hunwick and Johnny Boychuk in the lineup.  It is unlikely a defenseman will be recalled from Providence since Wideman’s injury appears to be a minor one.


68 Responses to Wideman questionable for Thursday

  1. Andy says:

    Who is going to fill the roll for the drunken fall down defenceman – it was the highlight of my night watching him end up on his ass for no reason

  2. mook says:

    if the highlight of your life is watching a man take one on his ass, then you must be a leaf fan.


    Yay dreams do come true

  4. B'S=CUP says:

    I have an idea, since we all know how bad the leafs are let’s not comment on any idiot leaf fan that leaves a message. I live in Ontario and like to get away from the stupid leaf fans by coming to this site and reading descent bruins fans comments,ideas or just overall opion’s. Whwn a Leaf moron post’s trying to get a reaction, the worst thing we can do is to respond. Let’s not even respond because it make’s you look as bad as they do!

  5. leafsnation says:

    Hey Bruins fan’s…..See my Leafs already leading 2-0 againts the Islanders! Rack up another win boys! Thats how confidant I am! Our offence is EXPLOSIVE baby! look at our goals for! WAAAAY better than the Bruins! You can 4get about those draft picks Bruins fans cuz i got news for ya, THE LEAFS ARE MAKING THE PLAYOFFS! Those picks arnt gonna b worth shit! FYI Thanks again for the Thrill!!! Ha HA HA YOUR GM IS A RETARD !! See you tomorrow night at the Gaaaden! Bet you 50 dollars u fags dont win 7-2!!!

    • Gcole says:

      you obviously have nothing better to do than go on opposing teams news sites and talk like your team is actually good. look at the standings you stupid fuck, then come back and tell me how great they are. exactly. shut up. 29th in the nhl is NOTHING to be cocky about.

      • Bruins says:

        hey man thats not really fair. if i was a leafs fan id be ecstatic about not quite being last place in the nhl

  6. leafsnation says:

    Hey Retards were only 8 points behind you idiots! And when the Leafs beat Boston tomorrrow it will only b six! What are you guys talking about? Did you look at the standings? We are creeping up kids! Watch out were comming for u Boston! HA HA HA

    • Richardo says:

      Another night of Chara shutting down the only talent you guys got!! Should be fun watching Kessel get only 2 shots on net again if he’s…

  7. Andy says:

    Never Mook – Unfortunatly I live close to Toronto but I would rather pull my fingernails out one by one than to cheer for the leafs. I am true black and gold. Watching Wideman is always an adventure – rarely do you see a player which can play amazing one game and useless the next. As for all the leaf and Montreal fans who frequent this site you can all blow me.

  8. mook says:

    haqhahaha i take it back, andy.

  9. Whopperfoo says:

    My buddies have 2 $100 tickets to tonights game for sale at $85 dollars a piece! post a reply if your interested.

    loge 15
    row 17
    seats 7/8

  10. Bruins says:

    if none of bergeron, savard, or lucic make team canada, i will lose all respect for yzerman.

    other than that we wont have many olympic guys, which should help us out at the end of the season. thomas and wheeler for usa, with an outside shot to stuart. rask will end up being the third goalie for finland probably (should be no. 1 how he’s playing though). chara for slovakia. sobotka for czech republic maybe. sturm for germany. thats it

  11. backbruin says:

    1-0 hey where’s leafnation of shame..1-0 na na na nanana. i don’t hear him..where are you leaf nation???

  12. da wreck says:

    Come on guys, let leafsnation talk tough if he wants. He cheers for the leafs. It’s talk and that’s all he’s got.

    By the way, even if the leafs don’t finish in the bottom 10 teams, there have been many mid 1st round draft picks that have turned out amazing.

    Zach Parise – 17th
    Ryan Getzlaf 19th
    Anze Kopitar – 11th
    Ales Hemsky 13th

    Thanks for taking the cancer outta the Bruins locker room, and the picks Burke.

  13. Richardo says:


    Kesssssssssel who?????

  14. pearson says:

    unfortunatley the crowd doesnt seem to get the opportunity to boo kess that much. he gets the puck and aimlessly whips a shot at the net within .3 seconds

    also, nhl 10 has him listed as a sniper. lolz.

  15. Bruins46 says:

    Morris’ goal was NHL 10 style…I don’t know about you guys, but the slappers that you can rip from the point in that game are used frequently by me

  16. goosegoose says:

    hahahaha leafsnation GFY and suck my cock hahahaha keeeesle keeeeeeesle.

  17. vince_m says:

    The only time I know when Kessel (who?) is playing is when the crowd is jeering him. Too bad he seems to be invisible whenever they play the Bruins. What’s the matter? Pussy!!

  18. goosegoose says:

    yes that shot is money sometimes…espcially aginast the fags who just hit hit hit. I play my cousin and he just hits me so i dump the puck, pass to the point and rip a slapper top shelf, worst case a rebound and a scoring chace

  19. Bruins says:

    when any player folds when theres too much attention on him it should be called a kessel

  20. Bruins46 says:

    Oh I hear that…if anyone uses the classic controls option, you know that one-timers are IMPOSSIBLE as your player poke checks instead of shooting and gets a tripping penalty. Awesome.

  21. leafsnation says:

    ok,ok! You guys did a great job in shutting down Kessel! You played well! Hats off to the Bruins! Ill shut my mouth now! But you guys were getting a little nervous when it was 3-2 …………..No? Admit it!

  22. Jefe77 says:

    Are you serious? Talk about taking the high road. Leafs nation, after all that talk, and you pull that. I can only imagine that crap you would have spewed here; if say we did live in some alternate universe and the Leafs won.

    I will be preparing a special Christmas poem, just for you and Kessel’s Bro. I suggest you drink some whiskey, and check back in after a couple hours.

  23. psands says:

    i’m never nervous, we have this thing called good goaltending, the leafs should look into that.

    if only you guys ever had a guy like rask……..

  24. vince_m says:

    My god! I don’t believe it. A leaf fan actually congratulating the Bruins. Please hold me up before I faint. I will remember this date Dec 10.09.

  25. Bruins says:

    lol it wasnt really congratulating the bruins; he had to try to slip in something negative at the end. agreed with psands. im never nervous with our goaltending and defense. it also helps when youre playing the leafs

  26. Bruins says:

    how about this for team canada:


    maybe even reunite bergeron with crosby and perry.

    if i had my dream lineup:


  27. willisss says:

    so there i was. walking into the garden not knowing where my seats were as me and my ol man held onto out printable tickets. turns outtttt premium seating was our final resting place. not bad for an improv drunk buy.
    i grab my 2 bud heavys and make my way to section 109…what do i find? i fucking HORD of leaf fans. i take it for what its worth and think ” hey..the leafs suck…how bad can they be?”

    on my 8th beer, i got sick of them real quick. and the 2 goals they scored didnt help.

    i was never worried, i knew we were going to win, and when we locked it up, i felt great, however the leafs fans kept running their mouth. so, me being drunk, had some words to say.

    right before i was at the peak of my anger i herd one thing…. 1 name…..1 single name that turned my anger into pure laughter…that name….was felix potvin.

    we all sharded a laugh. then i admitted to them ” hey…you guys were shitty…and annoying..but not nealry as bad as habs fans” thats when assholes turned to allies. leafs fans HATE the habs…and if you hate the habs, its hard for me to hate you. we shared a 15 minute talk about how bad the habs suck….turns out, they even hate komidouchebackserik.

    overall a solid game. real quick, what happened to bitz? and please for gods effing sake…KEEP TUUKKA IN THE NET!

  28. Richardo says:

    Like I said before leafs can’t win their div games which means no post season for them… TUUUUUK !!!!

  29. Bruins says:

    rask needs a nickname….but im not feeling very creative right now

  30. Kessel’s Bro says:

    I wasnt gonna come on here but i have to give credit where its due! Good job B’s fans we got out classed again! Being outscored 12-4 in two games is quite impressive! Fuck,We havnt beaten the Bruins in a season series in a looooooooong time! I dont know why we have trouble againts you fuckers? Also i think thats 7 straight loses againts you guys! Anyway we will regroup from these stupid loses and see you guys next Sat. at the ACC! Maybe Kessel will wake up by than !!!!!!!

  31. KesselMania09 says:

    U Gotta be fuckn kiddin me! Im starting to get really sick and tired of these DAM BRUINS! FUCK!!!!!!!

  32. willisss says:

    i realized if you play on any boston team, and there is a ” U ” Sound in any part of your name, fans will go to town with it. yooooooooooooooooooouk! looooooooooooooooooooooch! tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!

    oh mannn i feel like ASSSS this morning

  33. Bs says:

    I’m starting to love willisss’s drunk bruins recap

  34. Andy says:

    Kinda missed seeing wideman not falling on his ass – but did get the pleasure of seeing him not being able to hit the net again. Maybe next game he gets it all together.
    The game should have been 8 – 0 never seen so many missed empty nets since Axe was around.

    • Jefe77 says:

      If he doesn’t hit the net, it’s off the post or in the glove,…but we have to be more patient with defensemen. He has to me been the biggest underachiever all season, but he has gotten better along with the rest of the team. Andy, what I want to know is; do you still want to “drive Bergeron to the airport”? I couldn’t believe you said that; the guy is captain material, and was the kind of player PC wants and was happy to have when he got here. It struck me odd, as since his rookie season everything about him has impressed me.

  35. goosegoose35 says:

    All I can say was…What a great goal by Krejci…like seriously…he made vessa shit his pants

  36. backbruin says:

    Well i wil be at the game next saturday night sporting my new Bruins winter classic jersey, and it’s fkn awesome. 17 lucic on the back i will walk in to the lion’s den…..oh wait i believe the last time i was there i saw more Orr/Neely Jersey’s alone, then leafs jersey’s. I went to gretzky’s around 1pm and enjoyed a ton of drinks and food and even ran into Walter Gretzky at the urinal. HE CAME AND TALKED TO US AT HIS TABLE AND SHARED SOME GREAT CONVERSATION. oops sorry for the caps, i’m to lazy to type it over. i PREDICTED 5-2 LASTNIGHT AND WILL SAY 4-1 NEXT SATURDAY!! BOOK IT BITCHES!oops caps again.

  37. Latrappe says:

    Rask’s play is impressive… The Bruins should ride him a little bit; the guy is clearly in a zone right now..

  38. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    anyone check out juliens comment in the herald today lol i loved it.

    “When Phil doesn’t have much room, that’s normally what happens, whether it was with them or us,” said B’s coach Claude Julien. “He didn’t battle through too much and we didn’t give him much room, but he’s a great skater and a pure goalscorer and he’s got that quick release.

    Now I may be wrong but I think this is Claude stating kessel can’t handle the traffic, which we all know is the truth.

  39. ELWOPPO says:

    I guess these fucken Buffalo Sabres dont lose games anymore? That prick Miller wasnt even playing last night and they STILL beat Chicago! I can see these faggots being a problem this year! What do you guys think?

  40. patrick says:

    i said that earlier in the week about buffalo. my bro is a hawks fan and went to that game last night.

  41. da wreck says:

    I had the “pleasure” of watching that last game on LeafsTV. Even better was listening to their play by play guy Joe Bowen. Say what you want about Jack Edwards, yeah he’s a homer and get’s a little obnoxious at times, but he’s a homer for my team, and it evens out. This Bowen guy takes the cake. Mike Komisarek is a great defenceman in his eyes. Reality check Bowen. Komisarek’s brutal. He gets beat and takes penalties cause he’s a step behind.

    Sorry. The Maple Leafs drive me insane. Apparently their play by play guy does too.

  42. Birdman2403 says:

    I have trouble watching Wideman. He was the worst player on the ice in the 1st tonight vs. NYI, and he led the B’s in ice time ?? What happened to this guy ? He falls 20 times a period and can’t hit the net if his life depended on it. Mr. Wideman meet the press box and get focused !

  43. Birdman2403 says:

    It’s official…. I FUCKING HATE WIDEMAN !

    Soft game by the B’s….no grit ! Thomas has no confidence right now, thankfully Rask is playing great !

  44. Gcole says:

    yea theres two things i know about wideman this year. 1: if he shoots it, it will miss the net 99% of the time, and the 1% it hits the post or is saved. 2: he will make atleast 2 bad passes per game

  45. Bruins says:

    crazy that we lost with how that 3rd went. thomas needs to play more than once every week to get himself going. its tough as rask has been lights out, but imagine if we had both of them going…

    krejci is back. 5 points in his last 3, 12 in his last 13. with bergie going, and savard doing his usual thing, that gives us unmatched depth up the middle, all who are very defensively responsible, we have the potential to be better than last year.

  46. Bruins says:

    who wants to make a bet that leafsnation will be in here chirping because they scored 6 times on neuvirth or whatever the hell his name is?

  47. Leafsnation says:

    whats up B’s fan’s? Having a little trrouble againts the Islanders? HA HA HA! Next Sat. Boys were gonna get ya! GO LEAFS GO!

    • Gcole says:

      shouldnt you be on a leafs fans site talking about how great the leafs are? what makes you come to a bruins site to talk crap even when they arent playing each other?? lol but it is fun to laugh at you, so keep talking

  48. willisss says:

    solid win! way to go TUUUUKKKKAAAA!!!!!!!

    oh wait…thomas started…and we lost

    but i guess it makes sense. 16 shots IS way to much for him to handle.

    face it guys, rask is better, always will be

    • Bruins says:

      give him some time to warm up. this is the reigning vezina winner who has more or less carried this team the past two seasons, and made them somewhat respectable the two seasons before that.

  49. willisss says:

    oh and leafsnation…your team sucks balls. your in 2nd to last place…in the nhl. you talking shit would be like a detroit lion fan talking shit. you setting yourself up for failure and you will just end up being ashamed. its not us bruin fans fault that your leafs suck the big one, i was say thanks for the top 5 pick, but ill just go ahead at say thanks for the top 3 instead.

    wait no, fuck that…leafsnation thank you for the 1st overall. enjoy not making the playoffs, yet again

  50. Bruins46 says:

    If leafsnation has a wife, I’ll put cash money down that she has hairy armpits. You know, a real canadian woodsy-type.

  51. hahaha says:

    Speaking of Woodsy types, what do you call all the american girls banging Tiger CLASSY? i’ll take a outdoor “woodsy” type over the giant holed sluts you herd down there anytime..bahahahahahaha

    What’s your golden boy at now 12. The american’s golden child setting a great example for there young children. oh by the way go bruins go!

    and oh Canada

  52. willisss says:

    what the hell does that post have to do with anything?

  53. psands says:

    i’ve thought tiger woods was a prick long before any of this shit came out.

    and America’s golden boy is Tom Brady

  54. vince_m says:

    Sorry everyone, I happen to be a fan of Phil (being a left handed golfer). I bet Phil is at home laughing his head off.

    Anyway back to the Bruins. I didn’t get a chance to see the game last night, how was the offence? Did we get many good scoring opportunities? How was the defence overall last night?

  55. Mook says:

    read tsn. watch highlights.

    the only hairy-armpit girls we have in canada come from quebec.

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