Bruins-Islanders 3 up 3 down


1. David Krejci. Best Bruin on the ice tonight. Picked up a goal and an assist and finished +2 on the night. Krejci is starting to round into form after struggling early in the season after hip surgery. As the season has progressed it is apparent he has been gaining his strength back.

2. Michael Ryder. His play continues to improve as Krejci’s play picks up.  The streaky winger has 5 points in his last 5 games, so hopefully a hot span of games is on the horizon.

3. Patrice Bergeron. Seeing Bergeron play live the last two games, it’s apparent he is at (or atleast very close) to being 100% out there.  He also threw a few nice hits which is always encouraging.


1. The Nassau Coliseum. I went to the game on Saturday and this place is a dump. It reminded me of a really crappy college arena. Although the official stats say there were over 13,000 people at the game, I’d say it was probably around 10,000 with probably 1/4 of them being Bruins fan. Pretty hard to attract fans with a combination of such a bad arena and a struggling team (last few years). 

2. Steve Begin. Where did Begin disappear to after having such a successful first quarter to the season? His play has dropped off dramatically and the fourth line hasn’t been as effective since Bitz has been moved up.  Begin only won 4 of 12 faceoffs  but did have 4 hits at the end of the night. Begin needs to be more consistent and bring a physical presence every game.

3. Thomas/Ference/Wideman’s OT shift. Just a bad play from all three. While Thomas may have come too far out to challenge, the play was a result of Wideman and Ference leaving Thomas out to dry.  Even with Thomas’ sub par game, goaltending will still be this team’s strength and the Bruins have two number 1’s with Thomas and Rask.


51 Responses to Bruins-Islanders 3 up 3 down

  1. da wreck says:

    UP 3.5

    Got my Savvy winter classic jersey. Looks Amazing. My dad also got a Chara. They’re just awesome. I’m Jacked.

  2. Birdman2403 says:

    Seriously….Wideman needs to sit and get back to the way he was. Boychuk is more then capable of playing everyday ! Insert Hunwick and give Wideman a chance to sit back and start fresh !

  3. NJBruin says:

    I agree. Wideman has such difficulty getting the puck out of our own zone, especially against the boards. His shot has been off most of the year. I would give Boychuk more of look as well.

  4. Andy says:

    It is easy to see – Bitz should be back on the fourth line – it was thier best line early in the season. They have to make some sort of trade to get a ligitimate shooter for Savard on the first line – Savard – Lucic – Kov – I still think they need to make this trade or some in the same caliber as Kov

    • ELWOPPO says:

      The Bruins are not getting Kovalchuk! Get it out of ur head! U would have to give the team and the future plus his salary would be rid. Chiarelli is not about to change his whole team for 1 guy! But i def. agree with a legit 30 goal sniper for Savard! We will see at the trade dead lin!

  5. Bill says:

    Wideman has to go. Ference too.

  6. Andy says:

    I know its not likely but only to dream what this team would be like in the playoffs with a line like that.

    • psands says:

      this team would look completely different. i really dont think you understand that to get this guy, we would have to give up a lot of guys, and future peices. and not the guys you would want to give up, guys that are part of the core.

      if we could move sturm and ryder in the off season though, and he is a ufa, then i’d say go for it.

  7. Andy says:

    I have to say Boychuk is looking pretty good – he has layed out players with great open hits. I think he is a keeper. Ference and Wideman are definate expendable peices. Ryder is playing better last few games – I would not dump him yet, not that any other team would take him for 4m a year – I would like to see him with play with Savard for a few games – he does have an amazing shot – his last goal was great

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Keep ryder with krejci, those two have some magic between them and it’s starting to show. Wait for Lucic to come back then asses what needs to be done.

  8. Gcole says:

    HURRICANES PUT AARON WARD ON WAIVERS! say bye bye to ference and get aaron ward back!!! that would be kickass

    • Andy says:

      I had no problem with Ward – he is a tough player – great shot blocker. Time to package up some players and draft picks and get a shooter for Savard

  9. ManInBlack says:

    I hear that Thomas is in goal again tonight. He has to play better than he did Saturday in order to regain his #1 status. He looked out of place & ordinary against the NYI and did not instil the confidence he usually does. Maybe its the layoff – I dunno – but right now Rask is #1 in my books.

  10. Bruins46 says:

    Great I’m glad they just called off that goal that was clearly FUCKING in before the net moved AND before the whistle blew

  11. hahaha says:

    no kidding, waht are these refs doing? what did chara get called for roughing?omg that’s horrible. And what the fk did they blow the whistle for on that delayed penalty when the bruins had the puck….oh ya the fix is in 5-3 just called…my god we have no chance the these refs blow!

  12. G cole says:

    These refs are fucking rediculous, this game seems like it’s one new cheap shop from hartnel away from blowing up

  13. Mook says:

    are the refs philly fans or what?!?!?


  14. G cole says:

    WTF is this officiating!!!!!!!!! Are they fucking blind!!??!

  15. Birdman2403 says:

    The Bruins D are fucking awful the last 2 games ! Nice dump in Morris with guys 50 feet offside so Philly can get possession and the empty netter !

    GET BITZ OFF THE 1ST LINE ! I love Bitz but he is a 4th liner ! Someone ounch Ryder and wake the guy up…..the list goes on. It could be ugly against chicago if this keeps up !

  16. Birdman2403 says:


  17. mattg says:

    Wow, just wow, some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen.

  18. Birdman2403 says:

    The P.P. is not a threat anyway ! Yes, clearly some missed calls. But no life on this team right now at all ! The worst part….Toronto not far behind and a huge game there Saturday !

  19. jdog71 says:

    Officials stole a tie from the B’s tonight. Unreal.

  20. ELWOPPO says:

    Fuckn bullshit! Poor Thomas never gets any goal support! You guys cant put more than 1 goal past Boucher? Give me a break! We better get our shit together this weekend! Thats all im gonna say!

  21. psands says:

    time to make a trade for a fucken 1st line goal scorer, and move one defenseman for a guy who will play tougher back there, who isn’t 3ft tall.

    we need the sheriff, boychuk always looks so shaky with the puck. at least hnidy kept it simple and did his job, while being physical.

  22. Bruins says:

    yeah, once again thomas gets absolutely no support from the team. its ridiculous that he has a losing record this year. offense is definitely needed. horton had a hattrick tonight. seems like a no-brainer.

  23. da wreck says:

    Nathan Horton is having a great season so far. What makes you guys think that he’s just out there to grab? Its absolutely insane to think that you can trade your unwanted guys for players that are playing great. Remember the Jay Bouwmeester drama last year? They waited 3 days before July 1 to deal him. Get with it guys. Seriously.

  24. Bruins says:

    horton is rumoured to be unhappy in FLA, and on the trading block. the bruins have alot to offer. horton does have a 4 mil cap hit though

  25. psands says:

    i really want nathan horton, the only way we get him though is at the trade deadline, which i am happy with. it was rumored he is unhappy in florida, and the fact that the panthers are playing terrible right now does not help.

    i think he is the perfect fit for us, and we are the perfect fit for him, he is the guy i have wanted the bruins to make a serious offer for, for a long time.

    i would be willing to give up a lot. which is what it would take for us to get a guy like horton.

    bos 1st, bos 2nd, brad marchand, mikko lethonenen, andrew ference (salary dump) and possibly even more. it might take more to prey him loose, again it would have to be over payment, but i would love these lines come playoff time.


    then in the offseason we would have to make some moves, but that’s how it goes every off season in the salary cap era.

  26. Andy says:

    Another stupid loss – a couple more and they will be sitting out of the playoffs. They have to get someone for Savard – Bitz is a grinder – he belongs of the fourth line. Wheeler looks lost again and Sturm is out trying to find him. Hope the return of Looch will spark this team. If not trades must be made or some call ups from Providence – Team needs a shakeup

  27. kessel's-bro says:

    Hey bozos havng a little trouble latlely? Were comming for you! When the leafs beat Phonex on Wednesday we will only be 5 points behind!Than we eat Buffalo on Fri. Than we beat you idiots on Sat. Than guess what? Were only 1 point behind you! Watch out Bruins fans the Leafs are comming!

    • Andy says:

      Won a couple of games – you should start selling tickets for the stanley cup parade – you will be booking tee off times again in January. Leaf fans are idiots

    • Richardo says:

      Dude! Are you and “Leafs Nation” the same guy? Must be. You two sound exactly alike. Get a grip dude!! Beat us on saturday?? hahaha It’s so funny seeing Kessel when he meets up with Chara face to face.

      You guys are are sounding more and more like Hab fans…

    • Jefe77 says:

      Where did you disappear to after we embarrassed your silly team?

      Your team has sucked since 1968.

      And you know what?? Your retarded ownership group will NEVER ever, ice a winning team. They never will have to because of fools like you, and in the end people pull for Ottawa and Montreal.

      Good job, you fucksticks.

  28. mcpuck says:

    Does anyone else think that with Morris playing with Chara, Wideman has been exposed as the shaky skater with poor decision making that got him run out of St. Louis? Either some of the pieces (Wheeler, Recchi, Ryder, Krecji, even Savard to an extent) have to play at a higher level in more than two or three game stretches. It doesn’t help that Ference looks lost since he came back from the injury last post season.

    I think Charelli has some work to do to make these guys a legit contender. That being said, I full well believe that a move or two would do it.

    PS. Kovy would be a great fit, but the fact remains that if Atlanta is willing to trade him, there’s no way in hell the Bruins would be able to contend with the offers they’ll surely get. Horton wouldn’t be a bad fit, but I think it’s more realistic to see them look at a guy on the Frolov level?

  29. psands says:

    if one more person says that chara played with wideman last year im going to fucken lose it!!!! chara played with ward.

    pay attention.

    wideman played a handful of games with chara last year, and as i remember, it did not work out that well.

  30. Gcole says:

    doesnt it sounds dumb to anyone else that chicago can sign TOEWS, KANE, MARIAN HOSSA all to LONG TERM HUGE DEALS, but the bruins cant even fucking sign KESSEL?! and the bruins were complaining about money, come on.. how many streaky scorers can you have that dont actually fucking score… through THIRTY TWO GAMES, our leading scorer has NINE goals, whats the fucking big deal if we trade all these idiots for someone that actually can score goals!? as far as im concerned you need to keep savard, lucic, krejci, bergeron, paille, thornton. begin, wheeler, bitz, sturm, ryder in my view can be replaced by kovalchuk, and whoever else in providence can step up. thank god we have two great goalies….

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Um where have you been Gcole? The bruin’s could have signed kessel but he didn’t want to play here and the bruins were ok with that (especially at $5m/yr.) It has also been confirmed that the team didn’t like him that much either, and he didn’t fit in the system anyway. So please don’t use the kessel situation in your arguments like that any more, it makes you look like you don’t know what you are talking about.

      After 32 games, the Bruins are middle of the road in goals scored and that’s with 2/3rds of their top line (savard/lucic) missing huge amounts of time. If anything, I’d say balanced scoring is a huge plus because say we do trade for kovy, what happens if he gets injured and we traded away all our “streaky” goal scorers?

      PS – your second to last sentence makes no sense.

  31. Bruins46 says:

    Kessel really turns it on when he’s not playing against the B’s huh? Maybe Kessel’s bro should run to the store for him and grab him a douche so he can clean his vagina before Saturday’s game. You’re a clown bro.

    psands good call I would take Hnidy back anyday. At least he’ll throw his weight around.

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Agree – I did like hnidy, but I wouldn’t give up boychuck for him. The kid has only played a couple of games and was the highest scoring D in the AHL last year? The looking shaky should wear off over time.

      Now if it were ference for hnidy, thats something to talk about.

  32. Jefe77 says:

    Gcole, its about a team, not a player. Kessel is not about team, and made that clear. Marc Savard, is all about team, and made that clear as well.

    Lets bury it NOW; Kessel has speed on the wing, with a great shot. He can be shut down, and he doesn’t have a complete set of offensive tools to deal with over focused pressure and matched speed by the defense and forwards through the neutral zone.

    He goes down easy, and yes, he can pass good as well better than any center thay have…Toronto itself has no centers who are as good as Bergie, Savvy or Krejci.

    Kessel is streaky, he seems to find reasons to shut it down, and Toronto will be VERY confused the first time this happens to Phil there. The faithful (the blind) will reign down there boos upon him, he will become increasingly frustrated with them, and the Leafs absolutely retarded moves, and could find himself playing for the Wild in a couple failed expectation seasons.

    You see, Toronto has dug the ultimate hole with Phil. Its a wonder that they did, at least the Bruins had an excuse for trying to build around Joe. Phil will fold like a paper airplane, and is more likely to succeed in a hockey market such as Florida, Phoenix, or Nashville. Where there is no pressure, whatsoever.

    It will be fun taking him out of the play over and over again once more this Saturday.

    • Andy says:

      You nailed in on your post – He will end up playing wing for Joe Thornton – another player who will never get done when the pressure is on. They can rush to get beat out in the playoffs early so they can smoke joints and go surfing.

  33. Richardo says:

    Take a look at all of the players Toronto has to sign after this season… Over half of their active roster is a free agent… Let’s see who Burke overpays for next summer…

  34. Froggy says:

    Just heard Julien’s post-game presser. ‘Right now we need someone who can play with Savvy’. Pretty telling stuff if you ask me. Seems that Julien is just about had it and is exasperated as to the state of the Bruins play lately. Can’t really blame him as this year’s team is really offsides compared to last year. Perhaps a shake-up is in order. I’m not talking major like Kovalchuk, just a minor tweak or two. All we really need is to score more. One or 2 goals a game is not going to cut it. It puts too much pressure on Thomas & Rask to be perfect. Our goaltending tandem is one of the best in the league and if we can just average 1 goal per period per game, we will win the majority of those games as Timmy & Tuukka rarely surrender 3 or more unless the team as whole packs it in. We are so close to once again being an elite team like last year, yet so far away. I understand where Julien is coming from – it is extremely frustrating to watch and there are too many games where the B’s are only ordinary and are just simply being outworked. There is a dysfunctionality about this team and the chemistry just does not appear to be right. Perhaps it is time PC before it is too late.

  35. hahaha says:

    Hold on here everyone we can’t start screaming bloody murder because we have had a couple so-so games..First of all i would say we outplayed philly for 50 minutes of last night’s game. We had the better scoring chances and the same goes with the game against the islanders. I mean come on we are always in games and very rarely come down to the final minute down more then a goal. We have had some big injuries this year that has hurt and we are still right there. We are staring to sound like Leafs fans on here saying how good we are when we win and bad we are when we lose, please let’s not go down that road.

    We are getting great chances and are passing looks just as good as last year so stop freaking out. Chiarelli knows we need a touch of scoring but i am completely against selling the farm for a huge name. Some of you really need to look at the big picture here. WE ARE 16-10-6 and only 8 points out of first overall. Yes that’s 8 points away from the presidents trophy and you guys are acting like we are way worse then last year. I don’t see that at all, a matter of fact i think we have more confidence this year and things will be just fine!

  36. da wreck says:

    For the love of god, no more Kessel talk. He’s gone. No more woulda, coulda, shoulda’s. He plays for another team. I’m worried about the now, not who used to play for the B’s.

  37. mook says:

    what does it mean now that lucic is on the ir? placed on the ir from the ltir? is this good news or bad?

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