Two Recalled; Lucic to IR

The Bruins have announced that Adam McQuaid and Andy Wozniewski have been recalled from Providence on an emergency basis.  With the recall of two defensemen it is likely that Dennis Wideman, who missed the entire third period, will not be available for at least Friday’s game. There is also speculation that Mark Stuart was injured in Monday’s game, meaning the iron man may possibly be unavailable. In addition, Milan Lucic has been placed on LTIR. Placing Lucic on LTIR, has no impact on his status. It is simply a cap procedure allowing them to carry two additional players.  With the two additional players, the Bruins would have a total of 24 players on their roster, exceeding the 23 player cap limit. However, placing Lucic on LTIR means he must miss a minimum of ten games and 24 calendar days (retroactive to the last game played), meaning he is still available to come back and play in the Winter Classic.


13 Responses to Two Recalled; Lucic to IR

  1. G cole says:

    Lucic better be able to play in the classic! It would be so shitty if he couldn’t

  2. Bruins says:

    i thought they moved him fro LTIR to IR?

  3. Bruins says:

    congrats to jordan caron on making the canadian world junior team. sucks that colborne didnt even get invited to camp, but caron is good representation

  4. Richardo says:

    On, Bucci theorizes about a Bruins’ trade for I.K…

    1) Rask, Wheeler, & Toronto’s 2010 1st rounder
    2) Sturm, Wheeler, & Toronto’s 2010 1st rounder

    I dont see Rask going anywhere and the Sturm deal is a little far fetched… Dont ya think???

  5. 8mook8 says:

    how about savard, krejci, rask, thomas, neely, the boston garden, david ortiz, naoko funayama, sturm, kessel’s old locker, mike milbury and future considerations for Ilya Kovalchuk?

    Why don’t we just trade the whole fucken team for ilya? honestly…screw him and the horse he rides on.

  6. Bruins says:

    kovalchuk will take an unbelievable amount to get. youre going to have to throw in a lot of picks and prospects. id guess something like:

    toronto’s 1st, wheeler, colborne, and a 2nd. no way we give up rask

  7. willisss says:

    i like the naoko trade

  8. Richardo says:

    Stuart is out 4 to 6 weeks with a broken sternum… An OUCH for him… and the team especially if Wideman is out too…

  9. jdog71 says:

    Ouch is right…so this is why they called up 2 D-men. After seeing Wozniewski and McQuaid play in Providence several times this season, I’d say McQuaid will be getting the nod for Friday..just a hunch.

  10. psands says:

    that really sucks for stuart, but im really excited to see mcquaid play, i have been waiting a long time to see him play for the big club.

    as far as the kovalchuk trades, fuck that.

  11. Kurt says:

    I know I continue to ask the question but why the F#%K
    is Bitz playing on the first line when he is barely a fourth liner. This guy doesn’t do anything very well. he barely hits and for someone his size that’s embarassing. I just don’t get it. he must have the proverbial pictures of Chia with farm animals. As far as the speculation on trading for K-chuck we missed that chance when Bone head O’connel traded Thorton for nothing when he should have traded him for K-chuk. Any of the aforementioned trades is too much.

  12. Froggy says:

    Is Lucic on IR or LTIR retroactive to Nov 25?

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