Bruins-Blackhawks 3 up 3 down


1. David Krejci. Another great two-way game for Krejci. As I have noted before, Krejci is starting to come around looking better and better every game. Scored two goals by going to the net, which is something the other Bruin forwards have to learn to do.

2. Vladimir Sobotka. Sobotka is clearly a much better player when he is at center. Despite playing only 10 minutes tonight, this was one of his best games of the season. He used his body well and was relentless on the forecheck.  If Sobotka wasn’t on the fourth line he probably could have generated a goal.

3. Johnny Boychuk. Boychuk continues to impress and scored another big goal tonight. Not only contributing offensively but also on the defensive side of the puck.  He looks strong and comfortable out there and certainly has played himself into the lineup even when the Bruins are fully healthy.

Bergeron had another great game as well. Love his game when he’s playing physical. Call me crazy but I think the Bruins need to put two of the three centers on the same line. 


1. Steve Begin. Despite having 4 shots and 2 hits, Begin’s presence is almost invisible.  He was brought here to be an agitator and energy forward, but is often caught not skating hard and giving it a full effort.

2. Marc Savard. Not only did the top line lack any type of chemistry, Savard played a brutal game. He shied away from contact and did not play the way we’re use to seeing him play.  Savard looked unmotivated all night long, lets just hope it is not an injury.

3. Andrew Ference. Golden opportunities to end the game in overtime but came up short. Was also on the ice for three of the goals allowed and often caught running around in his own zone. The rebound goal by Sharp was a result of Ference leaving his lane and as a result not being there for the rebound, thus, leaving his man with a wide open net.


33 Responses to Bruins-Blackhawks 3 up 3 down

  1. willisss says:

    the bruins are playing a game..its called lets get our moneys worth of tim thomas, and lose every game trying. dude, i would trade him for a bag of hockey pucks and a coors light.

    ” oh willisss your such a bandwagon fan”

    try again, theres a reason why that flopping fish out of water old loser lets by goals. did he play well against the flyers? sure..he did ok…the shots were not all that hard, and yes i watched it, i was there. the point is, we did not win.

    play tuukka…get a win. plain and simple. the big heads want to cement thomas’s place as the number one goalie for the bruins, and its going to cost them SHIT load of games. i dont care about the vezina. it cleary does not mean anything to win it anymore, might as well give it to vesa toskala.

    and thomas lovers? come on. give it up. it was a great story for the true american fighting his way through the AHL, but enough already.

    and dont take your anger out on me, im sure there will be a select class of thomas disciples that will do everything they can to rip me apart, but i did not cause this.

    i want to start the Tuukka 10′ campaign….anyone aboard?

    • Bruins says:

      wins are so overrated for a goalie. i mean, how can thomas control how the guys in front of him play? he has been the bruins best player since the lockout outside of maybe chara. and you know he’s good when a down year (so far) for him is a .913 save percentage (with injuries, and sporadic starts). im not taking anything away from tuukka as hes been the better goalie so far this season, but that doesnt take away from thomas being the starter. im going with a goalie who’s been exceptional for the last 4 years over a guy with a handful of games of experience.
      i can understand why thomas might make you nervous with his style of play, but i thought you would have got used to the fact that it works pretty damn well over the past 4 years.

  2. jmoney says:

    You are an idiot. You have obviously never played goalie before and don’t understand the game. I have never read a more stupid post on any forum or blog in all my life. I can’t even begin to describe how wrong you are. Going into why Thomas can tend and why Tuukka will also do well is a waste of time. Do yourself a favor and go back and watch hockey (bruins) games for the last 15 years and then come back and post here. Heck you don’t even have to have an arguement about the Bruins. Go watch highlights of Hasek. Yeah that’s right. HIGHLIGHTS and you will understand the position of goaltending. Thomas is the main guy who will get you the wins as he has the last three years. Stupid Stupid Stupid post.

  3. willisss says:

    “You have obviously never played goalie before ”

    i guess if you count 4th grade through highschool as “never” then you are correct. and you want to talk positioning? not to mention your comparing tim thomas with hasek…a goalie whos style i dont agree with, but was way better.

    bruins your right about the fact that he cant control the guys in front of him, but i like to think that scoring 4 goals should be enough to win. and i give you credit toward you and your reply for not making yourself sound like a moron like other people…

    • TheBellEnd says:

      you’re a fucking douche idiot fuck…stop whinning, you fucking bitch….the guy has an above average save % and you want to trade him for a bag of pucks cuz he lets in 2 weak shootout goals to the best team in the league…I love Rask as much as the next guy…but give your head a shake…fucking idiot

      • willisss says:

        how smart do you think you sound when you post that comment? i want to trade thomas because skill for skill, i belive rask is better. having the cap room that timmy takes up would be nice. if im wrong and thomas takes us to the cup and wins it, then awesome. i would love that. but i dont see it happening.

        dont blame me for your buddy playing like shit

      • TheBellEnd says:

        skill for skill….and I assume you already know how Rasks career will pan out…how many games has he played, 20-30…and he’s better than Thomas….

        again…give your head a shake

  4. Bandit says:

    The Bruins will be better served if they can rid themselves of both Wideman & Ferrence. A total of $5M for these players is absolutely insane for what they bring to the game. Wozniewski did not look out of place tonight and I hear that McQuaid is the real deal. Both of these players will contribute far more than Wideman & Ferrence do and will not be a liability. The trading of Wideman & Ferrence will benefit the Bruins in the long run and free up cap space to acquire a consistent 30+ goal scorer.

  5. jmoney says:

    Bandit I couldn’t agree more. Something that makes sense. Although it is more than 5m. But the idea is right on.

    Yup and I am the moron. The vezina doesn’t mean anything and taking a team out of the basement to 8th place for a playoffs spot and then following it up with a first place finish but yeah Thomas is terrible and so isn’t Brodeur because he plays a different style too. Let’s call up Thomas and Moss and say they don’t know what they are doing because they are having a few tough weeks.

  6. willisss says:

    anyone else you want to compare thomas to? why not Roy next? and if you remember, thomas’s vezina eligibility was questioned with the amount of games manny played. to say thomas single handedly got us from the basment to 8th place leads me to think that you either didnt watch ANY of last season, or you just love to argue for no reason.

  7. ELWOPPO says:

    Relax everyone! Thomas is waaaaaay to competitive to NOT bounce back! In a couple of weeks all you guys we be eating your words! He’s struggling now but that will all change when he finds his groove! And when he does he’s one of the leagues best!

  8. jmoney says:

    wasn’t talking about last season when we got the 8th seed but I can see you hockey knowledge only applies to the last 40 games. I think we should just throw out all goalies who don’t play the perfect butterfly. I can see it now…. Hey Thomas you don’t look cool out there so your not good.

    And I am not angry, I just hate it when people run around when someone is playing medicore and quit on them when the player who they complain about has done alot for the club. I mean who do want back? dafoe, casey, ranford, raycroft….. i mean should I keep going.

    Thomas is doing fine. You don’t need the best goalie in the league to win. Ask the Canucks how that is working out for them.

  9. jshuk says:

    tuukka 10′

    taking your side

  10. Birdman2403 says:

    Thomas made 40 saves against arguably one of the best teams in the league and we are debating this ??

    How about some of the other guys show up ??

    Wideman, did us a favour and was out. Ference, don’t even get me started !

    Ryder and Sturm…..we might get more offence if we traded for Orr and Parros !

    And finally…..Savard ! Shoot the fucking puck! Is there a clause in the new contract that states you can only pass ?

  11. BosBrn77 says:

    Willisss, normally I agree with you. But I have to say you are off base on this one. Granted, Thomas is not playing great, but he IS doing what it takes to win! The problem lacks in scoring. So last night we scored 4 goals. That was against the top team in the league, and one to be reckoned with for years to come. It is about time! Look at how many losses the Bruins have this year with Thomas in net, where they scored 1 goal…. or LESS! There are 10 games that they lost with Thomas in net, because we could not score more then a goal!

    Thomas is one of the top goalies in the league. I would take him over almost any other tender right now. He is playing his ass off night in and night out. So he lets in a fluke goal here and there…. every goaltender does.

    Bruins have the fourth fewest goals for in the East, and fifth fewest in the league. If the season were to end today, Boston would be in the playoffs, none of the other four would. Granted, it is still early, but the problem is NOT in net…. it IS scoring.

    Bruins need to package something up and get a goal scorer in here. But honestly, we will not see that happen until near the deadline. So for now, I say you call up Marchand, Lehtonen, and Hamill and sit some veterans. Marchand can play Begin’s game, Lehtonen can give Ryder a rest, and Hamill can light a spark under any of the other players you rest. Now granted, don’t call them all up at once. But maybe Marchand and sit Begin, or better yet, Lehtonen or Hamill and sit Ryder. A wake up call is what this team needs.

    Savard doesn’t want to shoot, Wheeler holds on too long looking for the perfect shot, and Sturm looks like he is lost right now!

    Time to shake some things up! But the only solid we have right now… is goal tending! And if we trade Thomas, it better be for a proven scorer and picks…. not just pucks!

  12. Gcole says:

    what will it take for the bruins to PLAY AS A GOD DAM TEAM. like they did last year…

  13. goosegoose35 says:

    I dunno I would play the hotter goalie. How do you think Thomas won the job from Raycroft and Fernandez. (of course Fernandez was injured). Thomas was never an established #1 goalie until last year. Rask should be playing more games period. Thomas does not have many good years left. I love Thomas but just because he has a nice big contract should not make him our number one goalie. Not even counting wins look at GAA and save %. Rask has played a better in all of his games than Thomas has. Now I would not trade Thomas unless its for some guy down south who shall remain nameless because its not happening.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I’m not saying to NOT play Rask! You always play the hot goalie! But look at the scores, Thomas has not played bad! He has just lacked support in front of him. I liked the way goalies were used in the past (Well, ones not named Richter, Roy, and Broduer). Play until they lose, then put in the other. Rask has played great all year, especially against Toronto, so you know he goes in tonight. Maybe that is why CJ played Thomas last night?

      I would definitely play Rask if he is the hotter of the two goalies. I’m just saying, the problem is not Thomas… it is scoring, and we should not trade him for his lack of support!

      And I agree with GCOLE! It is about time this team plays… TOGETHER!! Last night, the Bruins were flying around. All in all it was an entertaining game against an elite team from the Western Conference. Boston showed they can hang with the big boys! Add that decent finisher… and it is on!

  14. Speedy says:

    Rask or no Rask – its makes no diff tonight. Bruins lose tonight – PERIOD. The Leafs will romp to victory – 6-2. Monster vs. Rask!!. Rask loses no matter what. My buds will come out flying tonight and dictate the flow with our speed, determination and overall superior physicality. The Bruins are tired – having arrived late from Chicago. It’s easy pickins’ tonight. Kessel will dominate!!

    • Gcole says:

      ohh okay, and were they ‘tired’ in the first match when they played montreal the night before?! no sir i believe they came out and started the game and it rose to a SEVEN TO NOTHING lead. we’ll see. im actually pissed off though theres a snow storm here in CT, and i have to fucking work, i cant watch the game! 😦

    • Bruins46 says:

      Love how this clown speedy basically just said that if there was ever a chance that Toronto could ever beat us, we would have to be tired from travel. Think before you type broseph!

  15. Speedy says:

    Another Bruins defenseman will not play – Morris is out!! The B’s are scared shitless to play us tonight at the ACC. Hey Gcole & Bruins46, make that 7-1 TO tonight. Kessel 3, Stalberg 2, Hagman 1 and just to rub it in – Komisarek with the winner. Ripe for the taking tonight boys – I say 7-1 TO but I’m feeling more like 10-2!! Remember Sittler B-fans, 6 goals, 4 assists. I not saying it will happen as I have to give the B’s some credit. 7-1 is enough credit. The B’s and especially that freak of nature you call Chara will have their lunch handed to them tonight. 4-1 TO after 1.

    • Speedy says:

      Hey – as I recall you guys had some kid by the name of Orr who was pretty good. We also have a guy named Orr. Our Orr will destroy Chara & Thornton tonight. Too bad Lucic also is a chicken shit or Orr would have the hat trick of fights won.

      • Gcole says:

        LOL you dare to mention bobby orr, fool. and yea how did you know lucic was scared to play against the leafs? dam.. was hoping nobody would figure that out. dont tell anyone alright?

      • Bruins46 says:

        hahahaha why don’t you check up on your boy komisarek and watch how he suddenly grows a set when #17 for us isn’t in the lineup….that guy literally has a pussy

    • vince_m says:

      Ohhh my God. These Leaf fans are delirious and only fooling themselves. Too bad the Orr that you have was discarded by the Bruins.

      Hey Speedy – How’s Kessel tonight? I really don’t see him do too much. Good 5 million a year and all those picks you spent.

  16. vince_m says:

    Kinda surprised that them ole Leaf fans are not on here boasting that they won.

    I am kinda worried about our goal production though. I didn’t think it was as bad as I thought. 26 out of 30 teams on goals for. We do need a guy who can put the puck in the net. We keep it out just fine but can’t put that damn puck in the net!

    • Bruins says:

      yeah, savvy has looked pretty bad coming back after the injury. but i guess it doesnt help when guys like ryder and sturm are playing like the worst playerson the team

  17. Bruins says:

    well that was some of the worst reffing ive ever seen. the refs have to get back at the bruins for boychuk’s clean hit because wilson bitched at them? ridiculous.

    ryder sturm, and now savard look lost. bergeron once again was exceptional. if yzerman doesnt take him on team canada ill be really pissed. and i LOVE boychuk. man, that guy is just a great d-man. even though we basically iced the providence bruins roster tonight, its still really disappointing we couldnt get the win against a team like the leafs.

  18. Habhater says:

    I have sat back all year, read all the postings and rerserved judjment on the Bruins in the hope that their play would improve. However as we near the half-way mark, I have to say that I am totally disgusted by the so-called ‘team’ concept of the Bruins. Apart from maybe 3 or 4 players, the rest of the team plays with no grit, emotion and are content to play out the string. What happened to the passion of last year’s team? It is extremely disappointing when it appears that some players play for themselves, do not stand up for one another to the extent they did last year and do not put forth the effort required to compete at this level.

    I’ve had it with the Bruins being outworked so matter-of-factly by not pushing back – there is absolutely no excuse for that. I’m not saying that we cannot turn it around. But we need a much better effort and more determination by ALL players, not just a select few. Of course, a goal or two at the appropriate time would be appreciated as well. We play great defensively, but what good is it when you cannot score?

    The Bruins play on the fringe, there is no one in front the majority of the time, i.e., there is no net presence. Hell, I could maybe play well in goal and look good when playing the Bruins. They make it much too easy for the opposition.

    The goal scoring is a laugh. There is none. No one has stepped up to compensate for the loss of Kessel. Ghost Ryder shows up every 2 out of 10 games, Sturm is invisible, Wheeler can carry the puck but does not know what to do with it, Bitz is not a 1st line player, but a 4th line, and Savard needs to be more selfish and shoot more. At least we may get a dirty goal on a rebound or scramble.

    The only players who contribute each and every night are Rask, Chara, Boychuk, Stuart, Krecji and Bergeron. Thomas is being hung out to dry.

    Apart from being more selfish, Savard needs help. He is an exceptional playmaker, however it must be disheartening to him when the plays he makes cannot be occasionaly finished at least. Ferrence, Wideman, Sturm and Ryder are great disappointments. To a lesser extent so is Thornton and Begin. Not much is expected from #22 and #27, but an occasional shot in the arm and push back would be appreciated.

    I know we have had our share of injuries, but that aside, we need scoring help. Ferrence & Wideman just have to go – we can play better without them playing the keystone cop role every game. Boychuck & McQuaid are ready. I also think it is time for Sturm & Ryder to show up every game and if they don’t, then bye bye to them as well. I would much rather lose with players competing every night then just mailing it in and tip-toeing through the tulips night after night like they do.

    Unless the players buckle down or PC gets busy, it is going to be a long 2nd half of the season with disappointing results. Makes you wonder if last year was just a fluke.

  19. Spencer says:

    I agree with Habhater, and I think it comes down to accountability. The bruins last year played passionately through the whole first half of the year because they had something to prove. For example, in the preseason games and first few weeks begin played his heart out because he had to prove himself, and now he has fallen off, although i disagree with the 3 up 3 down, i think he still has his heart in it.

    I also believe this lack of accountability and standing up for teammates is due to three factors. First off, i think PC underestimated the loss of Ward. He didn’t wear the C, but in the locker room he was that guy, as well as a physical presence and also a guy who made everyone accountable. Secondly, Lucic being on the shelf all year has a tremendous impact. He is a guy that not only energizes the crowd, but energizes the team and is a major part of what is missing. Lastly, Chara is a godsend on the defensive end, and a norris trophy winner, but to take his game to the next level he needs to drop the gloves once in a while and intimidate people or especially STAND UP FOR TEAMMATES. I understand the devils advocate is that him in the box for 5 mins isnt worth it, but id disagree saying there are many times where the score isnt as close, or it is early in the game and he can do that. I also love shawn, but thornton has not stepped up this year for teammates like last year.

    The problem with this years bruins is obviously scoring, but it is also that we arent the BIG BAD bruins of last year. we are only a couple players away, but i agree, not only have sturm, ryder and others not scored, but they dont contribute to the energy or physical aspects of the game. I love boychuks play, but the problem with these skilled forwards who dont score is that they cant score and dont hit or play with passion.

    I’d recommend giving some other guys shots, maybe a bigger AHL player or call up a guy who can scrap, not lefebvre cause he looked lost. I also would try and make that deal for a scorer, but hopefully one who is a bigger body. also try and make a deal for a grinding forward who can score for sturm or ryder. Thomas is the #1 and will be, come late-season and playoff time he will be at his vezina form.

  20. Spencer says:

    AND mcquaid may have potential and wozniewski may not be a bad defenseman but they have not helped so far. Although wideman and ference have looked terrible this year, our defense isnt giving up goals. I dont think our focus should be on getting a new defenseman as of right now

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