First line switch

Well just when I was calling for a center to be put on Savard’s wing, Claude Julien followed through on my request. However, it is Steve Begin, a career fourth liner, being promoted to skate on the top unit. First Byron Bitz now Begin? The Bruins should be moving away from the roll four line mentality and giving more minutes to the skill players instead of the grinders.


48 Responses to First line switch

  1. goosegoose35 says:

    I think these lines would rock

    Sturm Savard Wheeler
    Bergeron Krejci Ryder
    Recchi Begin Bitz
    Thornton Sobotka Pallie

    note 3rd and 4th lines interchangeable

  2. Andy says:

    I think the new line up will work – Bitz belongs on the fourth line – I predict a goal from Sob and one from Bitz – Ryder Wheeler and Krejci always play well together – Maybe Begin can lay out Sturm in the corner once to wake him up – Sturm looks totally lost last few games. I think this will be a winning combo.

  3. mook says:

    we need lucic on the first line. period.

  4. G cole says:

    I think Claude Jilin putting these fourth liners on the top line is a message to the other guys that they suck and need to play better and a until they do, they’re going to trust the fourth line guys before them… A little motivation maybe? Cuz Christ knows they need some dam inspiration

  5. Jefe77 says:

    I agree, it is a message that people are continuing to underachieve. But I say keep Ryder, Wheeler and Krejci together,

    as of now, i would do this, just for the fuck of it to try bergie and savvy together.

    Sturm, Savard, Bergeron
    Wheeler, Krejci, Ryder
    Recchi Sobotka Bitz
    Thornton Begin Paille

  6. Birdman2403 says:

    Paille has great speed and is gritty. Put hime with Savy over Begin. I’m sorry…..but I feel another loss tonight and it kills me to say it. This team is just dead right now ! Can’t wait for Lucic to be back. Come on B’s….prove me wrong and pull out a W tonight !

  7. jmed says:

    Bergeron – Recchi – Pallie need to stay together. They play the most under rated role on the team, every night they match up with the opponents 1st line. While doing that Bergeron and Recchi have two of the best plus minus on the team.

    So there is no chance Claude will mix up that 3rd line.

    Sturm, Savard , Bitz / Lucic
    Wheeler, Krejci ,ryder
    Recchi, Bergeron , Paille,
    Thornton, Sobotka, Begin

  8. Birdman2403 says:

    Bitz is not a 1st liner….plain and simple ! We have seen that experiment and he just can’t pull the trigger when set up. I guess we suffer until Looch is back !

  9. jmed says:

    savy needs the big body on his line with him

  10. Birdman2403 says:

    Savard looks like he needs to sharpen his skates ! Timmy the best on the ice so far !

  11. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    quick hits for the game:
    Timmy played his best game of the year. Boychuck is coming on nicely, playing smart and tough. Thought Mcquaid looked pretty good as well and Chara is back to his old self.
    Forwards, Bergeron and Krejci what can you say they are consistent. Bitz, Sobotka played tough. Savard seemed to have more jump and so did Sturm. Overall it was one of their better complete game showings. Next lets take two points from Atlanta.

  12. ELWOPPO says:

    still not satisfyed. Our PP needs to improve and our snipers need to start FUCKING scoring! 1 ten goal scorer through the first three months of hockey is unexeptable! On a good note our PK,faceoffs,and GAA is among the league’s best! Also glad Thomas got the SO. He’s now tied for 1st in that dept! Lets follow it up with another win on Wed. Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mat Allen says:

    Go B’s!

  14. wayne says:

    Im liking what I see in Boychuck and McQuaid…A real improvement over Ference and Wideman….Who gets cut when all are healthy..Boychuck can shoot hit and has quick moves…both Johnny Boy and McQuaid bring that needed size…also McQuaid appears to have some fight in him…I would keep Chara Morris Stuart Boychuck Hunwick and McQuaid and deal Wideman and Ference for a decent winger but dream on!

  15. jdog71 says:

    I counted at least 4 mistakes by Wideman last night, luckily none resulting in a goal. Just stupid, childish mistakes like missing a perfectly passed puck during the PP or just falling on your ass in the defense zone for no apparent reason. The guy’s a head case and needs to be sat down for an extended period. He’s falling all over himself out there.

  16. BACKBRUIN says:

    Wideman,Ference,Ryder, and are first round pick for Horton and weiss!!!we keep Toronto’s 1st round pick dump are retards and a some real speed and punch!!

    • Andy says:

      Ya – I am sure teams will be lined up to pick up those three – there is around 10 million tied up in thier salaries. Why not throw in Jack Edwards and Kathryn Tappen and a box of hammer handles.

      • G cole says:

        Yes please get rid of Jack Edwards, I’m finding myself unable to stand the dumb crap he always says

  17. backbruin says:

    Well mr. sarcastic if they can’t sign Horton they will want to get something. They would be getting a first round pick, and Wideman and Ryder do have potential and Ference is a min eating d man. The only problem with that deal is that Flippin Florida keeps winning! And i would throw my hammer handle in tappen!

    • Andy says:

      I agree with Tappen and the handle. She could use some more slutty clothes for christmas. Maybe we should start some kind of fund.
      The way Wideman has played this year you would be lucky to get a 3 round pick. I think Ryder will come around, Keep him with Krejci for a few games and they will get thier touch back. Wheeler I am not so sure – he looked great two weeks ago but has been in outer space with Sturm. Wheeler could be worth something to trade but Sturm – Ryder – WIdeman – Ference – no one would touch them with a ten foot pole the way they have been playing.

  18. willisss says:

    whats with all the Horton talk? the guy sucks

    • psands says:

      are you serious???

      he has more goals than anyone on our team, he is big and plays with a little bit of an edge(he should play with more of an edge) but he can skate and has a great shot.

      he is also doing this on the florida panthers.

      horton would be an ideal BRUIN.

  19. Richardo says:

    Tappen should show us her giant rack!!

  20. ELWOPPO says:

    Agreed, this guy makes mistake after mistake and looks like he’s drunk out thier! I dont know WTF happened to Wideman this year? He was awsome last year! Anyway hope he snaps out of it, If not trade the poor basterrd!!!!!!!!


    those fucking ghost keep tripping wideman and stealing the poor bastards stick.

  22. psands says:

    i still like wideman, and i think we should move ference before we move him.

    When Healthy:

    i think the bottom three are all interchangeable, and depending on who we play, we would put either boychuk/mcquaid/hunwick in.

    but most importantly, this team needs a first line right winger for savard!

  23. Richardo says:

    Thomas tonight!!! Time to get hot before the 1st boys…

  24. willisss says:

    why all the jack edwards hate?

    im a huge fan

  25. B's on MV says:

    What was that between Bergy and Savvy at the end of the game tonight? Looked like Savvy was pissed Bergeron didn’t pass him the puck for the empty net goal. Any thoughts?

  26. ELWOPPO says:

    If Atlanta gets a goalie and a couple decent defenceman, thier legitimate cup contenders! What an offence, WOW!!! KOV. is a machine! Anyway big win for the B’s! Exciting game but some week goals by Thomas! Hopefully Morris will return on Sunday to secure are defence! BTW GO LEAFS GO! HA HA LOST AGAIN!!!

  27. patrick says:

    you know what B’s on MV i thought the same thing. i didnt want to think it was because berg didnt pass. i for sure saw some sparks tho. maybe he just wanted to get to the locker room and not celebrate much. who knows. great ugly win. if they can pull off wins thru the new year i think they will be ok since lucic will be back soonish.

  28. G cole says:

    Once again though the third period defense allows a couple goals, wtf.

  29. Gcole says:

    unrelated.. but did anze kopitar die or something?! he must have fallen off the face of the earth, have not heard anything about him.

  30. backbruin says:

    yes he did and i’m happy because a guy in my fantasy pool offered me thornton for him..bahahahha…There was something between bergy and savy at the end of the game, but they will forgive and forget..hey the more chances we have for an empty net goal the more wins we are getting, who cares who puts it in. I liked bergy putting it in the netwith authority, we all know what can happen if they get to fancy ie; Edmonton last year or the year before. Bury it and go home!!

  31. mook says:

    the only thing i agree with is the idea of tappen showing us those righteous bombs. forget about horton, he’s an expensive wheeler.

    merry xmas from toronto!

  32. patrick says:

    her outfits need to be way more slutty.

  33. Birdman2403 says:

    Winnipeg Bruins fans say….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  34. backbruin says:

    horton wheeler dude really????your way off!!!

  35. Jefe77 says:

    Merry Christmas!!!

  36. vince_m says:

    From the Peg, everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  37. psands says:

    merry christmas,and a happy new year.

    horton is much, much better than wheeler btw, watch him closely sunday, you will be surprised, he has been great this year.

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