Bruins-Lightning 3 up 3 down


1. Marco Sturm.  Sturm was motivated and determined all night long and by far the Bruins best overall player.  Sturm added his team leading 12th goal and nearly tied the game but rang it off the post instead. It’s a little unfortunate Sturm wasn’t out there for more than the 16:44 he skated.

2. Patrice Bergeron. Another dominate faceoff game for Bergeron. Won 18 of 24 faceoffs (75%) and lead the Bruins forwards in ice time.

3. Daniel Paille. The speedy forward continues to play well and is great on the PK. If his hands weren’t as bad as P.J. Axelsson’s he could have ten goals already this season.


1. Steve Begin. What has this guy done this season to be promoted to the first line? Another invisible game from Begin despite skating nearly 15 minutes worth of ice time. The Begin era on the first line is almost as bad as the Bitz experiment. It needs to end.

2. Byron Bitz. Another ineffective game from the fourth line winger. Despite recording a “fight” he finished the night with zero shots and only one hit.  Hopefully once Lucic comes back, Bitz or Begin(very unlikely) are scratched and Sobotka remains in the lineup.

3. Claude Julien.  One minute to go in the game and Recchi is on the ice for the 6 on 4. Sturm and Krejci, arguably the best two players on the ice last night, were on the bench.  The team has grown boring to watch and the players have almost no emotion.  Playing the same strategy and lines shift after shift, game after game may be a result of that play. Switching up the lines on occasion may help keep things fresh.


52 Responses to Bruins-Lightning 3 up 3 down

  1. Birdman2403 says:

    I agree on the Julien point. He seems to be out to lunch right now. You have a hot goalie in Rask, that is cooling off quick sitting on the bench. You have Begin on the first line…enough said ! And you have Wideman playing half the game when he struggles to stand up !
    I understand being loyal to the vets, but this team isn’t headed in the right direction right now. Sit Ryder…call up Hamill….sit Wideman….insert McQuaid. If anything these guys will bring life to a dead team !

  2. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i have to agree with many of the points made. wideman is frustrating the hell out me. why cant he keep the puck in the zone. I would rather see sobotka on the first line rather than begin. recchi is frustrating as well. so many giveaways and yes why is he on the ice in the last minute. what a stupid penalty to take in the last minute. give me a break.

  3. jimmy50 says:

    Sturm Savard Bergeron
    Wheeler Krejci Ryder
    Recchi Sobotka Paille
    Thornton Begin Bitz

    Until Lucic comes back

  4. spencer70390 says:

    agreed jimmy50, also reports today on says thats lucic will likely miss the classic, a huge blow considering how physical the flyers are.

  5. jmed says:

    They will not break up the bergeron line …no matter what ..its never gonna happen

  6. Richardo says:

    Looks like mostly rain on Friday… That sucks!!!

  7. Bruins46 says:

    I know we’re boring lately, however…


    1. The refs

    2. The fucking refs

    3. The cock sucking shit bum refs

    I mean, Faahhhhkkkk!

  8. psands says:

    for a long time i have been against the idea of bringing in kovalchuk, but i think it is clear that now we need him, and i might get killed for making this proposal, i think it could be exactly what we need. tell me what you think

    Boston gets Kovalchuk,Armstrong

    Atlanta gets Krejci,Ryder,Bos 1st,Hamill,Tampa 2nd.

    atlanta gets krejci, ryder who can still help score some goals, and help for their playoff push, by taking him they are showing their fans they are still trying to win now. he is a good secondary scorer. and then the picks and prospects have good value.

    obviously the big player that they get is krejci, and it kills me to include him, but the way i think about it is we have toronto’s pick, and if it is good enough to get us tyler seguin, or close enough so we can move up to get him, then he can replace krejci almost immediately for a lot cheaper on the third line.

    we would have to re-sign both players for the deal to work.

    tell me what you think, im not even sure if i would do it, i really like krejci, and might be in more favor of moving picks and prospects and guys like sturm and ryder before we start moving the young core guys like krejci. but kovalchuk is so tempting.

    • Gcole says:

      sounds alright, on the same page that krejci is one of the few actually playing good. but if we sign kovy to a giant ass amount per year which he will require, theres now ay we can keep bergeron, and from there who knows who else. RIGHT NOW if you were to say that, id say fuck it, what do we have to lose, not playing good anyways!
      i have an idea as well… considering how terrible carolina is, maybe they would consider a big trade. how about ryder, sturm andsome of the fifty thousand picks we have for eric staal and aaron ward

  9. backbruin says:

    NO CHANCE I GIVE KREJCI UP….wheeler and two first rounders this year and next sure!!!and hamill of course but no chance i give krejci!shit i’ll give 3 first rounders wheeler and hamill!!!atlanta wont get better !!!

  10. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    From the current bruins roster the only players I would give up are Bitz, begin, thornton, ryder, sturm, recchi, wheeler, and maybe wideman. the danger of course is if you package a couple of those players you need to find suitable replacements. something has to be done though there are way to many games where there seem to play with a lack of emotion. How is it some players show up everynight and others don’t?

    • pearson says:

      but who wants those players? if you want something big you have to give up something big. teams looking to unload a star want to get younger. so bitz, begin, thornton, ryder, sturm, wideman, and especially recchi are of no use to any team in the long run.

  11. pearson says:

    i tend to think that if atlanta doesnt sign kovy soon then they wont be able to demand all too much. i sorta think they could get away with krejci, hamill and the toronto first.

    hate to see krejci gone, but i hate even more to see this team without the STAR it needs to make a serious cup run.

    i do, however, like the idea of staal

  12. willisss says:

    thats a tall order for 2 players. reasons why it wouldnt work:

    1. hamill is untested, unproven, as far as nhl teams are concerned, hes just a 50/50 prospect.

    2. the teams in slumps arnt looking for draft picks, they dont come close to the value as say, the NFL. although the leafs number 1 would sweeten any deal.

    3. nhl teams that are looking for a player such as ryder, ( skill and age) do not exist.

    now i love the idea of getting kovi. what would atlanta be more interested in? proven young skaters. a trade that i HATE but would hate LESS would include the leafs first rounder/wheeler, sobotka/wheeler, sturm for kovi alone. realistic? maybe. if you want to throw in a prospect then give them shit head brad marchand.

    i would give NO MORE then what i threw on the table. iv been a huge sobotka fan since his provi days and i love the fire in sturm, also i would love to resign wheeler. would i give it all up for kovi? at this point i would flip a coin.

    • pearson says:

      i just watched “top 10 kovalchuck goals” on youtube.
      he’s pretty good.
      i want him on my team.

      im not really worried about what it takes to get him, more so just can we afford to keep him?

  13. mook says:

    schneider on waivers

  14. psands says:

    the reason i am hesitant to give up wheeler is because he is one of our few young wingers with potential, but we have 3 good centers and many center prospects in our system which makes the trade including krejci a little easier to make.

    ryder is a good winger on a team where he is not the go to guy. last year he had a respectable year, but he was not the main scoring threat last year, kessel was. ryder is an ideal secondary scorer, he is a little overpaid, but he brings more to the table then people give credit for, and he would bring a guy who can help your team right away in any trade.

    i would rather wait though, and try to get a stud in the draft like hall, seguin or kabonov.

    but if pc is gonna try to build a team using depth and grittiness, he needs to start getting in guys who provide the depth and grittiness. paille has been good, but he should not be a third line player on a team where you want three scoring lines.

    pc is going to have to make some trades, and try hard to move some contracts of guys who are not getting it done, and don’t fit the identity of this team.

    i’m talking about ryder and sturm, and honestly im not a fan of morris at all. yes sturm plays hard, and he has been here for a long time, but he has been almost invisible out there, even in games where he scores.

    either way, it’s time for pc to man up and do something to help this team.

  15. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    there is no way the bruins can afford Kovalchuk therefore giving up krejci and a others for him in my mind is ridiculous. i love the way krejci and bergeron are playing and think they are a large part of this teams future.

  16. vince_m says:

    I too believe that we cannot afford Kovalchuk (but I like to dream). But PC has to do something to get this offense rolling. Not sure what he can do or who he can trade or trade for, but something has to be done. You can’t always win games when you score 1 goal. As much as I dislike Kessel, he did put the puck in the net. That is something we can’t do this year.

    Here’s hoping that Bergy and Savard are on the Canada Olympic team. And watching Hall tonight in the WJC thinking he would look great in a Bruins jersey.

  17. willisss says:

    ps..santa got me a winter classic jersey. cant wait to rock it friday. rain or shine!

    Hall is going number one. and with the canes running on like their 39th goalie, it looks at though they may be the front runners. not saying the bruins wont get a hell of a pick. i would use it as trade bait for a guy we can afford. but who? whos out there that we can steal? im not sold on horton.

  18. pearson says:

    edmonton is slipping out… you think penner might be available?

  19. psands says:

    we could afford kovalchuk if we moved thomas, but than it gets to complicated, and we are moving to many core guys in my opinion.

    i dont think i would make the trade either, i proposed it because i think the value is there though, and we would get that elite goal scorer.

    i still wouldn’t be surprised if carolina started playing better, they have a true #1 goalie in cam ward, something that the oilers and leafs dont have, two other bottom teams. now that ward is back, if he can steal some games, maybe he pushes the leafs up the standings a little.

    what about bobby ryan willisss, i guess him and the ducks had early contract talks and were far apart, maybe another kessel situation. but the problem is it probably wouldn’t happen until the off season.

  20. G cole says:

    JUST A THOUGHT, imagine if we were to give up a bunch of players for kovy, sign him and make him happy, obviously keep the core of Thomas rask lucic savard krejci bergeron chara, but then use our picks and fill in the gaps with the picks or the guys picked in the last few years. Don’t know any number figures but that sounds good to me

  21. Froggy says:

    Can’t see Kovalchuk being a Bruin- do the math. From what i hear he wants the league max. The last I looked that was close to or a little over $11M per year. Where will the $’s come from? Recchi’s contract is up this year so that frees up $1M. Murray’s cap hit of $1.375M also comes up the table along with Begin’s $.8M, Ferrence’s $1.4M, Wheeler’s $.875M, Morris’ $3.3M and Thornton’s $.517M. That totals $9.267M. We would have to dump Ryder($4M), Sturm ($3.5M)and picks to acquire Kovalchuk, but where would that leave us player-wise. The expiring contracts would have to be replaced with quality players and I believe the Kovalchuk contract would financially cripple us for the future. It’s a nice dream to see Kovalchuk playing with Savard however as the B’s desparately are in need of a goal scorer. I suspect PC will take the conservative approach and obtain a cheap SOB with a moderate scoring touch to appease the fans and Jacobs. That philosophy has always been the trait of the B’s management. No guts- no glory.

  22. guest says:

    If we whole sale all of our top prospect and wheeler, Rask ext…. Kovalchuk wont want to play in Boston. it will be just like his team in Atlanta just much colder outside.

    The with the defensive style this bruins team is built around, one person doesn’t make the team, PC has to find a way to fit him in the team with removing one key person from the active roster and giving away as many draft pics as he wants, but then he has the money issue.

    lets see how desperate Atlanta gets when no one else can sign him because of the cap space…its our only hope.

  23. Bruins46 says:

    If Krejci gets traded from this team, I may never watch the B’s ever again. NO NO NO!!!!! I wouldn’t be happy giving up Wheeler either but I could stomach that eventually. Krejci I would never be able to understand.

  24. Vince_M says:

    Bergeron made the Canadaian Olympic team! Right On! Great choice. Savard should be there as well.

  25. Birdman2403 says:

    BERGERON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait until February ! If Savard wasn’t hurt he would have had a chance. The difference is that Bergeron is an awesome role player, play all positions, great on face-offs and can kill penalties. Savard is more of a play maker and they have a ton of those on team Canada.

    Too bad Lucic was hurt as well. I think he would have made it as an energy guy, being on NHL size ice !

  26. psands says:

    pumped for bergeron, good for him, he deserves it and he has come a long way since his injury.

    it pisses me off as a USA fan that i will have to cheer for kessel and komisarek. but i will be cheering for bergeron though.

    btw, i don’t even want to do the trade i proposed krejci for kovalchuk, but if we got rid of thomas and replaced him with a a cheap vet like biron or auld we could fit him in.

    marchand- -Armstrong



    that would leave us a little over 9 million in space believe it or not. i think i was even generous with a lot of the players salaries i estimated for them.

    hopefully seguin fills that third line role cheaply. then that leaves a little over 8 million to find another defense man and another hopefully scoring winger.

    im just saying it could work

  27. Bruins says:


    there was never a doubt in my mind that bergeron should be there. its great to see yzerman recognize how useful of a player bergeron is. and with his chemistry with crosby and them apparently being like best friends, there’s a very good chance we could see him with crosby on the first line

    morrow-m. richards-iginla



  28. willisss says:

    go finland! hyvaa iltaa!!!!!!

  29. Froggy says:

    I’m happy for Krecji & Chara and overjoyed to hear that Bergie made the national team. But back to the present – if the B’s don’t score more than at least 3 tonight – they are toast. That is an extremely tall order for a goal-starved Bruins team. Not exactly feeling confident about tonights outcome as the B’s have not given me the swagger and confidence (S & C) to say so. As I see it, the S & C will only return via a trade.

  30. backbruin says:

    For anyone that wouldn’t want kovalchuk on our team you are simply dumb!!Are you kidding me, this guy is a goal scoring machine which we have all complained about wanting. You dont’ get a player like that without paying. We have lot’s of young talent and a plethera of 1st and 2nd rounders. Some of you are sounding like you won’t give this guy or you won’t give that guy, give me a break!! If P.C has a slight chance in getting Kovalchuck then he needs to go after it hard!!It could be the difference from us celebrating a cup or talking over the n3ext few years on how we need a goal scorer….sound familiar!!

    give your heads a shake!!

  31. Froggy says:

    Begin on 1st line again tonight with Savvy & Sturm. Excuse me, but I don’t get it. The B’s are goal-starved- not dumb. This is a nonsensical move to me. It did not work earlier and it will not work now. Move Bergie to the top line and drop Begin to the 4th line with Thornton & Bitz. The 2nd line s/b Krecji, Ryder & Wheeler and the 3rd line s/b Paille, Sobotka & Recchi. As it stands right now – Begin is on the 1st and Sobotka plays on the 4th. No offensive threat here. The B’s will be hard pressed to score more than 3 tonight and certainly cannot win with this combination.

  32. backbruin says:

    well froggy that diagnosis couldn’t be more wrong..hahahaha bo b’s go look begin chipped in…with lucic close to coming back you don’t decide now to throw bergy on the 1st line?.?.? bergy made team Canada because of his two way play and faceoff ability. iF we need to put bergeron and savy on the same line we might aswell look to next year!

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      Anyone would want kovalchuk but at what cost. I wouldn’t want to sell the farm to bring him in for a run at the cup. anyone who would want to do that should shake their head. one injury to kovalchuk in that scenario and you’ve sold your future. i really dont think they can afford him next year which would make him a very expensive rental, not smart business by any means.

  33. Birdman2403 says:

    Sabotka was awesome tonight ! Rask….nothing fancy just stops the puck ! Maybe play him more Julien ??

  34. psands says:

    why can’t they play like that every night??? that is how they should play, if they play like that they don’t need kovalchuk.

    the way they looked tonight reminded me of last years team.

    i still think they need another goal scorer and my opinion on that wont change, but maybe it wont have to be a huge move like i thought to make this team a true contender.

  35. willisss says:

    best game iv seen since the 2nd game in the season.

    if you hate jack edwards…then i hate you. the shit that guy comes up with is EPIC

    ” 2 u’s, 2 k’s, 2 points”

    come on, the guy spits out gold

    sobotka played out of his mind tonight, it was awesome. paillie was nasty ( however the guy is horrible stick handler) patrice per usual. rask, however not THAT tested, shows why he should be number one and why thomas should be cap space. i swear to god, watching this game through the 1st, someone could have thought it was bruins in 2 from last week.

    3 up 3 down

    jack edwards

    andre pavalec
    curtis painter
    the show ” perfect strangers”

  36. backbruin says:

    i think williss has some sexual fantasies with Balkie…bruinsfan up north aren’t you sick of talking about the future…i’m now 35 and i have been talking about the future for 30 some odd years….I want to win now but of course we dont sell the farm but if we can get him to sign then i’m willing to give alot!!!and the whole what if he gets injured comment was really stupid!!!what if bahahahahahahaha

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      yeah thats what pittsburgh was saying when they sold the farm for hossa and then he got hurt. wasn’t so friggin stupid then. if anything is stupid, its selling the future for something that still might not work. anyone who knows hockey knows one player dont make a team. but then your a whole 35 bahhhahahahahahah.

  37. G cole says:

    Who you think going to start for the classic, Thomas ha been nothing special lately, and rask is consistently great

    • willisss says:

      thomas will start. 100%. i dont agree but he could have a gaa of 72 and the bruins would still not take this away from him.

    • Habhater says:

      I also think that Thomas will start. However being such a unique event, I also think that CJ should split the game and allow Rask to play as well – unless Thomas is playing out of his mind. I personally feel more confident with Rask playing and knowing that he will enter the game at some point, whether we are ahead, tied or behind by a goal or two, I think we can win. Thomas does not exude the same level of confidence.

  38. mook says:

    i find it interesting how noone is talking about kessel ever since he disappeared. miss him now?

    i guess defensemen have caught-on to the toe-drag move…they’ve only seen him do it 100 times.

  39. Birdman2403 says:

    I think Thomas will start as well. Julien will start him as he has ” Paid his dues”. I would also like Rask to start, as he is clearly playing better then Thomas. I was just thinking about Kessel too….he scored last night but has certainly cooled off ! I watch Leaf highlights and predict that same move mentioned every time. Carolina will pick it up with Staal and Ward back now so I see Toronto still maybe finishing last !

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