Bruins-Thrashers 3 up 3 down

1. The four centers. All four continue to play extremely well. Vladimir Sobotka continues to impress with his physical and well-rounded game. He definitely deserves a spot on this team when everyone is fully healthy. Marc Savard added another great game, probably one of his best since returning from injury.

2. Tuukka Rask. “Two U’s, two K’s, two points”.  Not going to lie, I kind of liked that from Jack Edwards. While he does say some strange stuff, this one wasn’t bad. Rask continues to play well despite not receiving constant playing time. While the Bruins want Thomas to get going, Rask is the hot hand and he should be seeing more playing time then he receives.

3.  Ilya Kovalchuk.  Despite being down 4-0 and being the lone man defending two 2 on 1s, Kovalchuk made two real nice defensive plays.  He looked dangerous to start the game but as the game progressed and the Bruins extended their lead, Kovalchuk slowly disappeared.  He gets an up because of those defensive plays. By the way, I’ll take him on my team any day.


1. Blake Wheeler. The sophomore slump continues for Wheeler. Is it just me or does Wheeler look either lost or disinterested out there? At one point in the game he laid a real nice check. However, that check was in the neutral zone on linemate David Krejci, taking both players out of the play.

2. Daniel Paille. Could have had a hat trick tonight. Despite having great speed and playing a sound overall game, he needs to work on his shooting accuracy.

3. Ondrej Pavelec. 6 goals allowed on only 18 shots in the previous two games against the Bruins.

7 Responses to Bruins-Thrashers 3 up 3 down

  1. Birdman2403 says:

    If Paille could put all his chances that he gets in the net….he would be a 40 goal guy ! Can’t complain, the guy gives 100% every night !

  2. Habhater says:

    Yes you are dead-on with your analysis of Wheeler. He does indeed seem lost at times. This is especially prevalent when handling the puck. It just seems that he stickhandles himself into trouble more times than not and does not take the time to try to find an open man. It appears to me that he trys to do too much too quick. He does have more time than he thinks he does and he must learn that aspect to advance to the next level. At present, everything he does is rushed. Only #4 could play at that ‘rush’level consistently and effectively find the open man. Patience is a virtue to be learned by all players.

    He can learn a little from Sobotka. Vladdy plays within himself and only does what he knows works well for at the time. He does not try to overplay the situation and as a result is in control of the situation.

  3. vince_m says:

    Possibly some time down with Providence would help Wheeler. I like Wheeler and would love to keep him with the Bruins long term, but possibly put him down for a couple of games to get some confidence and learn how to make the best of the time he is on the ice.

  4. Kurt says:

    It’s funny how Wheeler seems to be the guy that everyone wants to send down to Prov. This incudes last years playoffs when he had 21 goals last year and the brain trust elected to play Bitz over him. That worked out so well. There is no one more lost and who has done nothing for this team more than Bitz.

  5. Gcole says:

    this is pretty random but holy shit does dave lewis look like hitler, i never really thought about it but if you put their pictures next to each other its crazy.

  6. Kurt says:

    Furthermore I would rather have Patrick Eaves whom we are currently paying to play for the Red Wings and who has 1 more point than Bitz.

  7. Kurt says:

    Funny on the Dave Lewis third reich reference.

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