How Satan Fits?

With the signing of Miroslav Satan, how does that change the current makeup of the team? Which one of the current 12 forwards gets sent to the bench? Is this move an indication that Milan Lucic is further away from returning then we all expect?

Well those answers will all come in the next few days.  Adding Satan will give the Bruins a potential goal scorer but where and how does he fit on this team? To me, Satan is Mark Recchi part two, basically the same player with the same role. Satan is going to be a powerplay specialist who isn’t exactly the swiftest skater anymore so don’t expect his defensive presence to be to Claude Julien’s liking.  That likely means Julien won’t play him with Bergeron on the checking line or on Krejci’s line because of the chemistry there. So that likely puts him with Savard, for now.  However, once Lucic comes back where does he slot in?  I guess it’s a good problem to have and for the league minimum the potential of Satan is a good move.  Hey, I would rather give Satan a shot on the top line rather than Begin or Bitz.

Potential lineup without Lucic





Potential Lineup with Lucic





34 Responses to How Satan Fits?

  1. patrick says:

    good win today. glad they finally pulled it out in the end. i may be the only person here who is absolutely infatuated with everything Dropkick Murphys, i realize today was all about the bruins, but man that coverage today of the band was atrocious by nbc. didnt help the two songs they played were bandwagon songs. they could have at least played one of their hockey songs. time to go is one of my favorite hockey songs of all time. yes its about the Bruins.

  2. vince_m says:

    Couldn’t believe the announcers on NBC when they were announcing the Bruin Hall of Famers named Espo #77. Where the hell did they get their info from?

    I loved the game today, you could tell the puck was bouncing all over the place. Thomas played great (except for the play that led to a the goal. I really wish I was there, it looked like everyone had a great time.

  3. psands says:

    i was at the game, pretty good seats bit couldn’t see it all, but it was amazing just being there.

    good win, but i was ready to rip the whole team, if it was not for the comeback, the bruins would have thrown up one of the biggest stinkers of all time, while everyone was watching.

    one thing i want to say, tim thomas did lose his cool when he retaliated on hartnell, which cause their goal, but it is pretty sad that nobody came in and stood up for thomas, i know last year hnidy, ward or even montador would have been right in there, which is part of what made that team so great, the chemistry.

    but tim thomas had to be the one to address it, and not only that, but nobody took a run at him at any other part of the game.

    and god i hate carcillo, i was pumped when thornton fought him because 9 out of 10 time i guarantee you thornton pounds carcillo. carcillo got in one good punch and thornton lost his balance.

  4. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    its a good point psands, what we need is another game like last years dallas game. get the team really playing together. Too often other players are taking liberties with the bruins and there is no retaliation. I friggin cant stand hartnell. Cant wait till Lucic is back.

  5. mook says:

    i was watching the cbc broadcast. don cherry absolutely ripped carcillo, calling him the biggest jerk of all time for the hand signals he was doing while in the box. good for cherry!

    unrelated story, the oilers skipped on their bill at some restaurant in calgary!

  6. psands says:

    good for don cherry, he always calls players out when they do that stupid shit, and carcillo was showing up thornton in a way, which is dumb if you look at both their fight cards, thornton is in a higher wieght class, and carcillo got lucky.

    but i have been thinking, does anybody else think this possible satan signing might be a precursor to a bigger move? i doubt pc is using up cap space on satan to be the forward we get to try to get us score.

    maybe ryder and picks and prospects for somebody?

    just a thought, i feel pc has more up his sleeve, he hinted towards that in his pre-game talks with the boston radio stations.

  7. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i unfortunately didnt hear his pregame comments. It does seem a bit of a strange move although maybe he is trying to see how this works before the trade deadline. not sure.

  8. ManInBlack says:

    I certainly hope this is a precursor to something else. Satan is NOT the answer to our goal scoring woes. As I recall he was good in his day when the league itself was offensive-minded. He is, was and forever will be a lazy player who thinks he is bigger than the sum of the parts. He will not fit into the B’s system of defense first and the team mentality. The B’s need a scorer but not this one.

  9. North B says:

    Great game, The bruins are crashing the net and good things are happening..

    Leafs christmas party..

  10. BosBrn77 says:

    Psands, I am with you on all counts.

    The team needs players holding other teams responsible. Hartnell should have been hammered if not when Thomas reacted, or some time later. Where was Thornton, Begin, or Bitz? That needs to be addressed, because you know Neely was losing his mind on that one!

    If Satan was signed, I was thinking the same thing. He is not the player he used to be, or he would be in the NHL already. He is a borderline 3rd liner, but we will most likely see him on the 1st line like pekese is saying. And maybe Savard can feed him the puck. But he never did well last year with Crosby!

    I think he might be the beginning to a bigger move. Hopefully PC is preparing for the chance at Kovalchuk. I know many have said they would not do it, but one post said it best. We have been waiting for 38 years for Lord Stanley!

    I will say this… again…. please PC… sign Boychuk to a long term deal! This kid can play!

  11. BosBrn77 says:

    North B, that was AWESOME!! I can not stop laughing!!

  12. willisss says:

    my head…kills

    • Jefe77 says:

      Williss, I was wondering how buzzed you got at the game. I was looking for your comments last night….hope you gave those Philly fans something to remember.

  13. Habhater says:

    This had better be a precursor. ManInBlack is absolutely correct – Satan is not the solution. If this is PC’s solution to the goal scoring problem, then God help us.

    Such a solution speaks volumes to a much deeper problem – lack of balls and initiative by Jacobs to achieve a champion. If such is indeed the case, then Stanley won’t be coming home while Jacobs is at the helm.

    The Bruins’ hierarchy has to wake up and realize that we have the core parts to be a champion NOW and to act upon that. In my humble opinion, acting upon that does not equate to signing Satan, even if he does come dirt cheap. You reap what you sow and you get what you pay for.

  14. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i really think jacobs role in this whole process is minimal. yes in the past that might have been the case, but in the salary cap era the bruins have spent to the cap. what more can jacobs do at this point. I also believe this management team has done a pretty good job of putting this team together in the short time they have been in place. Yes there have been some questionnable decisions but as arm chair GMs we all have the opportunity to sit on the sidelines and second guess every move they make. I am pretty confident that the Bs will make some quality moves before the playoffs.

  15. Jefe77 says:

    Same thing here, I am thinking this is a precursor myself.

    We’ll see what PC does.

  16. patrick says:

    that phil kessel part of the video was so friggin funny. good post bro.

  17. goosegoose35 says:

    this is also by the person who did the other video on this thread

  18. jimmy50 says:

    I disagree with the line combination’s above with Lucic in the line-up.

    Sturm and Bergeron have better chemistry together and with Recchi style of play and surprising ability to sustain this work load I believe he is Kobasew’s replacement on the “3rd line”. Keeping the Krecji line together and waiting for their last season’s chemistry to re-emerge (hopefully March-Playoffs), that leaves Lucic with Savard and who ever we decide to get as a first line scoring winger.

    I am not sold on Begin finishing this season either. I like Sobotka’s play of late and the other night Brick nailed saying Bitz belongs on the 4th line with Thornton.

  19. psands says:

    when healthy?:

    it is hard to leave paille out of the lineup, same goes for bitz. we have to many fourth line players.

    there has to be something else about to happen.

  20. jimmy50 says:

    Also you heard it from Savard the other night after the Winter Classic: He can’t wait for Lucic to come back because he opens space up for Marc.

    Not to get a ahead of ourselves but with at least a point in the next game at NYR we will be at the half way point with 50 or 51 points and on pace to be a 100 point team and I think most can agree our best hockey is ahead of us, barring any more serious injuries.

  21. psands says:

    btw, paille has looked ok lately, but he has no hands, and i am not convinced that he is the one who has turned around the pk, we have a lot of great penalty killers.

    if he is on the fourth line then fine, but i would rather have sobtoka or bitz in there, i don’t see how you can sit sobtoka after the way he has been playing, he has been the pest on the fourth line that begin was supposed to be.

  22. Habhater says:

    TSN is reporting that Satan has signed a 1 year deal (remainder of this year) with the B’s for $700,000 and a no-movement clause.

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Why dont all you guys fucken relax and cut Satan some slack? He scored 17 goals in 65 games last year and 35 goals in 2006. How many goals does our first line LW have? I dont think Begin scored 17 goals in his WHOLE career!! Anybody is better than Begin on our first line………..No? Especially for 700k ,its a no brainer! FYI Satan potted 37 goals in 2002 and 40 goals in 99. I think the guy knows how to put the puck in the net,……… Any Questions??

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I think the person who needs to relax… is you ELWOPPO! Only thing that is being said here, is Satan is NOT the answer! Recchi scored 22 goals in 2002, Sturm had 21 goals in 2002… WTF does that have to do with 2009-2010?

      Can Savard feed him the puck enough to have him score again? Yes! But on the same token, he did not play too special with Sid last year! Will Satan work in CJ’s system? Lets hope so! He played well in the playoffs last year, but again…. that is LAST year!

      I like the signing. I think they need a veteran to take Kobasew’s spot. Could they have brought up a player from Providence? Yes! And that may still happen. Because the bottom line is… if you think this is the Bruins’ savoir, then you might as well cancel Center Ice right now!

      We have a glaring need for help in scoring, and on the power play. Can Satan help? Of course, but not enough to put them over the hump to hoist the Cup! There has to be more coming!

      Any Questions??!!

  24. Habhater says:

    Agreed – Satan is not the answer to the B’s scoring woes and certainly not the goal scoring messiah we desperately need to bring Stanley home. Sure he will be a threat, but there has to be more than this than meets the eye. PC must have something else cooking or else we are screwed.

  25. mook says:

    satan signing is confirmed.

    no movement clause…?

  26. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    satan apparently was on the ice with a couple of players from the bruins today. espn story.

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    Off course he is not the ANSWER! All im saying is cut the poor bastered some slack! He came cheep and is a proven goal scorer! Everybody should wait and see how he pans out! And PC will move those picks at the dead line for a sniper! (Hopefully) In the mean time enjoy the signing and stop shitting on him! He made the Czeck Olympic team, thats gotta tell you something……….

    • BosBrn77 says:

      We are only stating the obvious, EL! He would have been signed already if he was “proven goal scorer”…. still! He has not done much in the last few seasons.

      But honestly, I hope it works out. I think if he comes to play… and not float like his reputation shows… then this could be a nice addition. He is friends with Chara, so we know Big Z is not going to let him slide. If they put him on a line with Savard, we could see a turn around for him… and the club.

      PC has quite a few deals that most of us question. Signing Begin and Ryder, trading away Boyes and Versteeg (Although none of us expected Versteeg to flourish like that!), trading away Ward only to wave Eaves, and a few more.

      I think most of us just hope that this signing does not go on that list. It was a nice cheap signing, so all is not lost there. And who knows, he could turn it around and re-sign with us for next year.

      But without sounding like a jerk…. as for him making the Olympic team…. how many players have you heard of on the Slovakian team? 12 of the 23 play in the NHL!

  28. Froggy says:

    Question – Are Lucic & Stuart both on LTIR providing cap relief? I believe Lucic is but Stuart is not. Why not Stuart?

  29. Kurt says:

    While Satan is far from being a two way player I think he has far more talent than some of the people playing on the upper lines, i.e. Bitz and Begin. I think for the money it’s a no brainer.

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