Satan Poll

Satan is not expected to be ready for game time action for atleast 7-10 days, so Julien should have plenty of time to go through his options regarding where to play him and who to take out of the lineup.

UPDATE 1/4/10 6:12 AM: This morning’s Globe has a piece from Kevin Paul Dupont who states the only available players who can be sent to Providence are Vladimir Sobotka, Adam McQuaid, and Tuukka Rask.  This isn’t exactly good news for Sobotka who will most likely be the odd man out due to player limitations on the current roster.  With Mark Stuart out of the lineup but currently not on LTI, McQuaid will most likely remain with the club as a seventh defenseman.


30 Responses to Satan Poll

  1. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    I find it absolutely hilarious that Satan is wearing #81.

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    i guess Thornton or Bitz has to be the odd man to sit! Just wanna add that i like this signing alot! He’s closing in on 400 carrer goals and still only 35 years old. Eh if Recchi can still be affective at 42 im sure Satan can at 7 years younger! Best part of the signing is that he’s with us for the remaining of the season, costing the Bruins only $350,000 against the salary cap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jmed says:

    Does anyone else feel that the only reason we signed Satan is so we had more Russians on the team to attract Kovalchuk. Think PC is thinking outside the box on this one

  4. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i am liking this signing as well. Really don’t have a lot to lose and it can only be an upgrade. Savard can use some experience and creativity on his wing. Cant wait for satan and lucic to get back in the lineup and see what we have.

  5. Jefe77 says:

    Jmed,…no shame in that mistake, Miroslav is a common russian, german, croatian, slovakian and czech, etc, etc, etc…name.

  6. nick1819 says:

    Just to throw it out there…another guy is going to have to sit when lucic comes back. There could also be a trade coming,but i say bitz sits for satan. Who is going to sit when lucic is back, it will probably be sobotka but he deserves to be playing.

  7. wayne says:

    Bitz Begin Thornton and Recchi should get the hook before Subotka IMO

  8. Gcole says:

    begin and bitz can go. sobotka has been too good to axe him.

  9. pearson says:

    does anyone see sobotka getting traded? i have been very impressed and entertained with his play, but i sometimes feel like hes being showcased….

  10. North B says:

    To suggest sitting Recchi is laughable, he is 3rd on the team in points, he scores important goals (Winter Classic), goes to the net and remains there taking the punishment. Yes he is 42 years old, but the man can still play.. By comparison, Wheeler is -9 which leads the team, does not use his size, has the weakest shot I have ever seen for a pro.. My vote is Wheeler sits upstairs to watch and learn from old man Recchi.

  11. Andy says:

    Sitting SOB would be stupid – he has been one of the best players past month – I would like to see SOB on a line with Savard and Satan – Ryder and Wheeler have been the worst players this year – Ryder needs to be traded and Wheeler sent to the P bruins

  12. Kurt says:

    Bitz Sitz!

  13. mook says:

    how are only 3 or 4 guys eligible for demotions to provi? explain. the whole team doesn’t have no-movement…and if bitz or begin or thornton get taken on waivers…who gives a shit. well, bitz would hurt a bit…

    • Pearson says:

      Its called two way contract.

      Bitz or begin on the waiver wire wont change much… But i dont kbow how you can say that thornton is expendable. We dont have any muscle from anyone but thornton

    • psands says:

      you need guys like thornton, begin and bitz, on a team. we already get pushed around without lucic in the lineup, we need thornton, he is one of the most popular guys in the locker room, and is a perfect fourth liner. you can’t have four soft lines, the fourth line plays great together.

      you cant have four soft lines.

  14. mook says:

    just saying thornton is nothing special and can be easily replaced…same with begin. remember jeremy reich? colton orr? andrei nazarov? whatever…

    yeah and a two-way contract helps our cause. it’s just that anyone else sent has to clear waivers. send down sobotka and put wheeler in the pressbox, just like the article says. i say risk sending thornton…he JUST fights. in fact, i’d say sobotka has more hits so keep him. begin was a free agent anyways…and makes 300k more than thorts…so maybe send him. either way, i’d keep sobotka.

    don’t get me wrong, i like thorts, but he’s not winning us games (and his fights are boring like ufc wrestling matches). if thorts goes, bitz will drop the gloves more…trust me.

    • Andy says:

      I dont think Bitz has won a fight yet –
      watching him get beat up does count for entertainment though – Chara needs to step it up and get in some fights not many would go against him and if he gets hurt no big deal the way he is playing this year

      • mook says:

        Bitz doesn’t have a fight because he thinks he’s friggen yarri kurri.

      • psands says:

        but bitz fights some very tough guys, i have to give him some credit for that.

        either way i really dont see thornton or begin leaving

  15. monty says:

    i think that this was a great move. i dont think there is a way it can be percieved as a bad one. for seven hundred thousand dollars, he is supposed to be nothing more than an upgrade to our depth and fourth line. but we got a bonus! he has a big upside, there is an off chance playing with chara and savard would net him some goals, if by chance hes only one year older, and he plays like he did last year he would be on pace for 10 to 15 goals in the next 40 games. has it ever occurred to anyone that the only reason satan hadnt been signed was because he didnt want to play on a shitty team or try and play a whole season and get hurt or benched halfway through? begin is ok, and barely ok in my books. bitz has been invisible, and when you can see him its only because hes making an idiot out of himself. i would tear wheeler a new asshole too but i dont want to jump the gun on a player as talented as hes shown he can be.

    it comes down to this, this deal made the bruins a much better team. i think the bruins are already cup worthy i dont know why everyone hopped off the bandwagon so quick. im not saying theyll win the cup but i am saying
    timmy will step up
    z will step up
    bergy will step up
    kreicji will step up
    savard will step up
    stuart will step up
    rask will step up
    sturm will step up,
    and i think our players will play up to their expectations when theyre playing games that ACTUALLY MATTER! 82 games of preseason for crying out loud! you want our team to play now?? i dont want z to burn out 50 games before the playoffs start!

    and thats all folks

  16. psands says:

    why can’t paille go? save me all the crap about how he has turned our ok around, one guy does not do that by himself, the team finally woke up in that area of the game, paille helped, but not as much as he is credited for.

    he has good speed, but no hands, and should not be on the third line, and he does not fit in with our fourth line imo. i would rather have thornton bitz begin or sobtoka playing. paille really does not do anything for me.

    i might be the only one who thinks this, but w,e

  17. Froggy says:

    The Bruins really need to get to Lundqvist tonight. For too long now he has been the difference maker for the NYR in games the Bruins deserved to win. An early couple of goals should do the trick & I fully expect the Bruins to dictate the tempo and not play passive or let Gaborik run amok.

  18. mook says:

    sobotka just punched his ticket back to provi.

  19. Froggy says:

    The Bruins are extremely frustrating to watch this year. Yet another performance with no intensity and a lot of play on the fringe. No net presence or drive – make no wonder we can’t score on Lundqvist this year.

  20. Froggy says:

    Game set & match!! 2-0 NYR after 2. The B’s are skating around feeling sorry for themselves that Bergie may be lost. No pushback, no effort and certainly no intensity or desire to get involved. Totally unacceptable effort. God help us if Bergie is out for any length of time. The present squad is completely dysfunctional, yet again.

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