Julien calls out team (Chara?)

CSN’s Joe Haggerty had a quote from Claude Julien following Monday’s embarrassing performance to the New York Rangers. 

“You have to go in there and [take care of things]. I know there have been times in the past when [the players] had their dressing room under control,” said Julien, who rightfully believes the B’s locker room isn’t under control this season. “Right now you have to coach; you have to be a cheerleader; you’ve got to wake them up. You’ve got to do too many things as a coach that you shouldn’t have to do at this level.

“These are professionals. They have to take ownership of their dressing room at some point.”

The quote is basically calling out the leadership on this team. To me Chara’s on ice play does not seem to be on the same level as the previous two seasons. He’s lacking that edge and intensity that made him so difficult to play against, which  makes me believe he must be battling an injury. However, his on ice performances should not carry over to his leadership off the ice. Additionally, while blame needs to be put on the players for not playing consistently on a daily basis, the coaching staff deserves a lot of blame as well.  The system itself, which does have a great defensive structure, seriously lacks creativity and any type of offensive game plan.  If Julien wants to call out his players he should be calling out himself and his staff for being complacent with the third worst goal total in the league.


7 Responses to Julien calls out team (Chara?)

  1. G cole says:

    I think we are learning just how valuable lucic is to the teams attitude. When he is playing and playing tough it seems to make everyone around him better as well. Everyone was so used to getting a spark of energy from
    a big hit or fight by him, now it’s not happening and they’re playing weak

  2. Andy says:

    This makes me puke – for christ sakes they are professional atheletes who make rediculous money for playing a game – If I cryed for leadership every week at my job my ass would be out the door in a minute.
    How hard is it to go out for a few days a week and try to make an effort. Poor bastards should get a job in the real world like the rest of us and get thier butts kicked everyday to produce. The players and coaches get no sympathy from me, if they cant get thier asses motivated they should seek differant employment –

  3. Big Z says:

    I hate the people who cry “you get paid to play a game, try getting a real job”. You sound like a jealous jerkoff.

  4. Fluto Shinzawa says:

    Bergy out up to 6 wks, gotta feel bad for the kid. Zach Hamill anyone?

  5. Vince_M says:

    Big Z, to tell you the truth I am jealous. I would love to play hockey for a living.

  6. psands says:

    yea hamill is really good….

    i feal terrible for bergeron, this year has been one giant mess, and for some strange reason, we are still right in the middle of the playoff hunt.

    i think you are right with claude’s system not allowing much creativity, but at the same time we don’t have many creative players.

    it is interesting that we have a good amount of third period come backs, maybe claude lets them open it up more in the third because they have not scored any goals?

    he should let them do it more often.

  7. Pearson says:

    Is there a rule that states you have to have captains for each game? Personally i wouls strip him of the captaincy and let him earn it back.

    In an odd way, losing bergeron might help the rest of rhis team realize that they have to play harder and as a team.

    Also, how hard is it to go out there and hit and hit after the whistle and stick up for your goalie? Last night no one prolly saw avery skating with tuuka back to his net after a tv timeout…. Who on any team lets that happen? You know avery wasnt comending rask on his good year? And it was right after lundquist got jabbed by savard and the rangers went after him. Patheti

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