Satan to play tonight

With the injury to Patrice Bergeron, Miroslav Satan will suit up for tonight’s game according to John Bishop.  The expected lineup is :





UPDATE: Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe has the lines as the following:





Hopefully this is just speculation because that third line makes no sense whatsoever.  Playing Ryder with less offensive players will make him even less motivated to break out of his slump.

11 Responses to Satan to play tonight

  1. Pearson says:

    Maybethat 4th lines reunion will step it up. Satan will score just watch

  2. Andy says:

    Glad to see the fourth line back together – I can see a goal or two from them. First line should be interesting – I think it will need some grit in the long run – all three are pretty soft players. I bet Wideman trips over the goal line at least once tonight and shoots wide 5 times.

  3. psands says:

    fluto sucks!

    i don’t know why i hate him so much, but i just do.

    i’d go with the first set of lines.

    is there any news on how long bergeron is out?

    • pekese says:

      Psands, I’m with you there on Fluto. Not a big fan, at all. As for Bergeron, Kevin Paul Dupont is stating it is a thumb injury and not a wrist injury, which is better news. Either way he’s going to miss significant time (4-6 weeks possibly) and it may still affect him once he comes back (faceoffs, shooting).

  4. Habhater says:

    The Bruins never cease to amaze me this year.

    Some nights (occasionally) they are full of vim, vigor, energy, intensity, piss & vinegar. Other nights they are full of themselves and seem to put off what needs to be done and hope their teammate does it for them. Most nights however, the only thing they are full of is shit.

    What a pathetic performance for a so called ‘professional’ team. Piss poor effort, no desire and absolutely no pushback.

    Last year every man on this team stood up for everyone else. There is not even a shred of that this year.

    I have watched every game this year and I also watch a lot of the Leafs & Canadiens games. Sad to say, but if the Bruins put forth at least half the effort and desire of those teams, they would be at least 10 more points to the good.

    Perhaps there is something wrong within the dressing room, I dunno. What I do know however is what I stated on here at the start of the season. At that time I stated that the Bruins would only get 97 points. I specifically remember some of you ridiculing me at the thought of only 97 points.

    I stand by my prediction and if Bergie is gone for any length of time and we keep playing the way we are, we will earn a high draft pick on our own without the help of the Leafs.

    The Bruin schedule gets tougher over the next week or so and I only hope that Jullien can keep his job. He is not the problem – the players must put forth a 60 minute game and not just talk a 60 minute game.

  5. Kurt says:

    I hope the Devil brings his a game tonight!


    It’s called leadership and we have none right now with b out the leader of the defense was ward. He was a great linesman for chara now chara has Morris and wiednan yuck!

  7. Kurt says:

    If the Bruins don’t re-sign Begin,Morris,Recci,Sabourin,Lefabre,Weller that will give them 7.5 million in cap space to sign a certain guy who currently resides in Atlanta.You are probably asking who the last three are. Guys that are a cap hit who are not on the roster and account for 1.7 mil.

  8. mook says:

    bob mckenzie of tsn is twittering the injury is not serious.

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