Player of the game

Who is your vote for player of the game? My vote goes to David Krejci, who continues to dominate and look more like the player of last season.  If the Bruins can get Krejci going consistently they could start to turn the corner. Hopefully, getting him going will also get his linemates going. Look back at last season, the Bruins were most dominant when Krejci was producing on a nightly basis. We all know Savard will put up points but success comes from secondary scoring.  As for the other options, Mark Recchi continues to play solid two-way hockey and contributed with another goal.  Others feel Shawn Thornton deserves the honor since he answered the bell for Chara. Isn’t that Thornton’s job and something we haven’t seen any of in the past 10-15 games?  With a fully healthy lineup although I feel Bitz should be slotted to the bench, Thornton and Begin are not too far behind. There is simply no grit or energy from either of those players in recent play.


32 Responses to Player of the game

  1. Richardo says:

    Hopefully this sparks a Wheeler streak.. That’ll be sweet..

    Oh and those penalty boxes in Ottawa are the size of the team benches… Insane!!!

  2. North B says:

    Okay, Bergeron out for 2 weeks.. Guess who could be leading the team in points? Yes, Recchi after 20 years in the league.. Puck to the net, go to the net and bang it home.. Thank you Recchi for playing old time hockey.

  3. mook says:

    how long is ference hurt for?

    is everyone still on the “ference sucks” bandwagon from last year? i think he’s playing pretty good…

  4. Bill says:

    Recchi gets my vote, the veteran still knows how to get to the net to make opportunities.

  5. Haus says:

    I agree Krech was 1st star. Although he hasnt been the pest I had hoped, I think Begin played well last night. It is possible he is playing to keep his job. With Bitz on a one-way contract, you cant send him to Providence without clearing waivers, and no way he doesnt get picked up with youth and a good contract being attractive. Im afraid Begin would be waived when everyone is back.


    I have always liked ferrance he plays solid defense the reason people dislike him is size and offensive prouduction.

  7. Kurt says:

    Who the hell would pick up Bitz…… Let’s see he is a big goof that is easily knocked off the puck and barely hits anyone and has no skills. Yup they will be coming out of the woodwork for him.

  8. bruins4eva says:

    ference is out 6 EFFIN weeks what the hell else could go wrong…

  9. Gcole says:

    how the hell did he hurt his groin, i thought it smashed his head/neck area.. guess i was a little bit off

  10. Haus says:

    In Bitz another team would get a player with upside risk-free for nothing. No other teams would have to bang down any doors, he would already be outside if the Bruins tried to send him to P-Bruins.

  11. bruinswin says:

    Does anyone know when Stuart will be back? Its been 4 weeks now!

  12. bigbadbruins1 says:

    fucken injury bug go to the bitch ass leafs the three good guys that they have

  13. zvic says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to single out Bitz, Thornton, or begin considering Savard’s play of late has been average and Ryder and $4 million has been a bust this year. Krejci has been a huge flop and Wheeler is hot for now. Like i said you can’t single out those guys they are playing fine they are not in Boston to produce big numbers you are picking on the wrong guys, we need to call out our top 2 lines. Thank God for Rechi and Bergeron this year!

    • Bruins says:

      outside of the slow start (which is understandable given the type of injury he had), krejci has looked just fine

  14. Cebbie says:

    At first I thought the Morris signing was not a good one but in hind sight he has been a very good player for the bruins. Dump Chara and his 7.5 mill for Kovelchuck. I think with the great play of Boychuk – package up Wideman , Chara , Ryder and send them all packing..

    • Bruins says:

      yeah for sure, morris has been great. i wasnt too happy when he was signed, but he should definitely be resigned

    • Pearson says:

      Did you really just say trade chara?


      So we could gain some scoring but lose defense and let the wild-man thomas, and young goalie deal with it.

      Im all about kovalchuck, but atl is gonna want young stars that can play now, as they are still hunting the playoffs. I think krecji or wheeler is gonna get moved

      • Cebbie says:

        If you think for a minute that Chara is playing worth 7.5 a year you are crazy – he looks horrible this year – you could get three good players for this kind of money – christ, I would be happy to see Ward come back

    • psands says:

      im not sold on morris, he has been solid, but i think his numbers are partially because he is playing with Chara.

      that is why i like wideman so much, he put up moster numbers playing with ference the last two years. he has been painful to watch, but he will come around, i know it.

      as far as kovalchuk, i would rather try to trade for a respectable lesser scorer for this season at this point, and then focus on doing whatever it takes to turn the leafs pick into the #1 overall at the draft, or atleast the #2 overall.

      as far as trading Chara……not gonna happen. i bet he will sign back with the bruins at a big discount like savard when his contract is up.

  15. Vince_M says:

    Why do I keep hearing from different sites that the Bruins are considered front runners for Kovelchuck. You know the old saying “Where there is smoke there is fire”. You never know, we might be able to get him. PC is shrewd and might be able to work things out so we can get him and re-sign him.

    That would be sweet!!

  16. backbruin says:

    we are sitting in the best possible spot as far as draft picks then any other team to make that deal….If they trade Kovalchuk they are going to want a tonne of draft picks which we have. They are certainly not trading him to make a rum at the playofss think about it….They will want a couple serviceable players and a slew of picks….

    stay tuned…never say never!!

  17. backbruin says:

    Isn’t this a Rumors site??? where are the rumors? If you find this info can you please copy and paste so we can all see!!!just a thought here on the bruins rumor and news site?!~?!?!?!!doyoyoy

  18. Suzie81 says:

    Kessel has one goal in the last 10 games and today his coach calls him out in practice.

    Well, welcome to world of Kessel Mr. Wilson. The Bruin fans have known about this for the last 2 years. He has spurts of being somewhat effective and then tanks it for 3 weeks. He may then score 4 or 5 in a week and once again goes away for a while. Such is the life of Kessel.

    He was a square peg in a round hole in Boston and his true nature is only now beginning to appear in TO. Thanks for the draft picks. Although we are sorrily missing his goals right now, we are rid of his ‘all-me’ attitude and will be better off without him in the long run.

  19. Habhater says:

    I wonder what Bruin team will show up tonight.

    If it is the team that played the NYR the other night, we will be crucified by the Hawks. On the other hand, if the team that played the Sens appear, then we have a chance to take a point. Mind you , if the real Bruin team shows up, we will win.

    That team plays on the edge, has emotion, swagger and an-all-for-one demeanor. It has rarely shown up so far this year – now is the time to start with a statement game against what I believe is the best team in the league – Chicago.

  20. backbruin says:

    They said hawks bruins cup final and the first one was a doosy when we lost 5-4 in a so….let’s return the favour b’s!!!



  22. ELWOPPO says:

    BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG trouble my fellow B’s fan’s! That ass whooping was the LEAST of our worries! Savard is a HUGE loss!

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