Issues with this Team

This Bruins team is nowhere near the team they were last season, and not just because their only 30 goal scorer is gone, but more.  Many people compare Chicago to Boston this year, except that Chicago has 3 franchise forwards in Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa, guy who can put the puck in the back of the net.

The Bruins issue is that there too deep up the middle with Savard, Krejci and Bergeron and NO ONE can score.  Blake Wheeler has been turning it around as of late, but no can really score.  Ryder has been awful this year, Sturm has been good but not great.  Recchi has been as expected, a chipper and Thornton, Bitz, Begin, Sobotka, and Paille aren’t really goal scorers.  Satan is a good addition as he can actually score a little, as witnessed tonight, but this team has no one who can score.

The defense has been bad as well offensively, with Chara and Wideman doing nothing, Hunwick has regressed this year.  There has way too much dump and run, and in this league, goals are scored on transition and skill players.

This team has also been plagued with injuries, with Ference, Stuart, Bergeron, Lucic and now Savard being hurt.  If this team wants to make any sort of run, and if Savard is out for a while, they need to make a move.  This team will continue to falter until they get a consistent goal scorer.

Take a team like San Jose.  They have been the most aggressive and proactive team when it comes to making moves.  They acquired Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle and Dany Heatley as core players.  They also acquired Bill Guerin and Brian Campbell as deadline moves.  Sure they have choked in the playoffs, but look at their regular seasons over the past few years.

I won’t say the Bruins have no shot at the cup, as anything can happen and Pittsburgh won after we thought they could miss the playoffs, but they also had Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby.

Sniper wanted.


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  1. jimmy50 says:

    With 1.45 million in cap space please let me know what sniper we could get? This team prides it self on depth and unfortunately our depth is injured. No need to jeopardize the future of this franchise.

    Don’t forget we just played the best team, healthy and playing well, in the NHL without Savard, Bergeron, Stuart, and Ference. We might win that game 1 out of 10 times.

    All we can do is get healthy, hope we are still in the playoff race come the olympic break, then bounce back.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      have to agree witth you. Injuries played a big part so far this season. Hopefully Savard isnt hurt that bad and they all get better sooner than later! With a healthy team i feel the team could b top 3 in the east! WHEN HEALTHY THOUGH!

  2. mook says:

    chicago is the hottest team right now.

    if the bruins shit the bed on saturday, i bet we’ll see something happen by chia’s hand.


  3. Pearson says:

    I want a kovalchuck. However in watching tonights game i think we need more than just a goal scorer: we need a couple.

    Id agree with mook here, a change is coming real soon, but i dont think the big nessesary move will come till after the olympics

  4. psands says:

    wow can’t believe people are getting mad about tonight’s loss. it is pretty simple, we have a ton of core injuries, AND THE BLACKHAWKS ARE JUST BETTER THAN US.

    its as simple as that, they will blow up there team after this year, but this year they are going all in, and they have a great shot. i can only hope that patrick sharp might be available this off season, he would look great in a bruins uniform.

    but we still need to make a move for a scorer this season, who do you guys think? someone reasonable on a bad team that is looking to rebuild.

    Dustin Penner…..?

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    I’m sick of talking about this every third game.

    Get rid of Ryder and Wideman….end of story ! However, going to be hard to do making the $ they do !

    • zvic says:

      I agree with the Ryder part but not wideman! scoring is the problem not defence wideman is playing well and he is still young

  6. goosegoose35 says:

    we will be fine. this is one season you CAN blame on injuries. Chara has had his fingers taped since before the classic, so he must be battling something. We have not had our full team for all season. It’s bad luck and sure a few moves would not hurt but IT IS NOT THE TIME TO PANIC. look at carolina and toronto. that should make us all feel better.

    • zvic says:

      it’s not injuries! the healthy guys arn’t scoring either. what’s ryders excuse? what about kreijci? wheeler?

  7. pearson says:

    injuries or not, you cannot win with excuses. yea it sucks, but it happens and true winning teams will battle through it.

    i think penner is a great idea. edmonton is slipping very hard and may be looking to dump some contracts and gain some picks.

  8. Birdman2403 says:

    We pay 4 Mil for Ryder… i’d go for dumping him and taking Penner !

  9. BosBrn77 says:

    Injuries sure have been beating them lately. But like it was said, good teams do not make excuses, they bring up young talent and run with it. One of the reasons I miss Martin St Pierre. I wish they would have resigned him last year along with Boychuk. Regardless, something needs to be done.

    I’ve never been sold on Penner, but maybe that is because I have not seen him play enough in Edmonton. After looking at his stats, and his contract, why not?!

    I think it would take a decent package to get him from Edmonton. Wideman, a prospect and a pick?

    Selanne has been rumored to come here as well. But what about Tkachuk? St. Louis is faltering bad, and I think his toughness and veteran leadership may not be a bad thing on this team! Put him on a line with Savard and let Lucic play with Bergeron or Krejci. Just a thought!

    This team needs to start playing with pride. They seem slack out there from time to time. Get gritty, bang players into the boards, and make people think twice about crashing the net or running our players. If we can not win with fast pace and high scoring, then beat the other teams up. Not literally (well sometimes), but pound them every time they come into our zone.

  10. MC Puck says:

    Lets not be blinded by the Bruins recent success… the Ownership has never shown that it was commited with dollars to winning. I think Chia has done an admirable job with what must be a very short leash, and I think ‘the move’ you’re all hoping for won’t come, at least not this year.

    That being said, I still have faith that they can pick it back up and guys like Ryder and Wheeler and Sturm can carry the weight we were hoping they would.

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    I watched the Jets for years and hated Tkachuk then because he was lazy ! Now he’s old and lazy….no thanks !

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I’d take a “so-called” lazy guy who has averaged almost a point per game his entire career over Ryder, Begin, Bitz and Paille any day of the week… twice on Sundays!

  12. Birdman2403 says:

    Whitfield recalled…..another grinder ! Why not give Arneil or Hamill a shot ??

  13. mook says:

    Savard is slated for an MRI on his right knee Friday, the Boston Herald reports.

  14. Vince_M says:

    I totally agree Birdman2403!! Hated watching him in the Barn. If they want to go after old Jets how about Doan?

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Doan, horton, penner, sharp, boyes? Any of these guys would help considerably. I still like the idea of moving bergeron to the top line wing when savard is healthy.

      lucic – savard – bergeron
      wheeler – krecji – ryder
      paille – sobotoka – recchi
      bitz – begin – thorton
      The Devil

      Pretty devastating.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Yeah, those Jets teams were powerhouses!! I commend you guys for watching that team period!

  15. willisss says:

    EVERYONE RELAX! we have the true goal scorer that is trent whitfield getting called up….oh man this is going to suck

    boychuck with a one punch knock out was the reason to watch that game

  16. bigbadbruins1 says:

    bunch of bums all of them

  17. jmoney says:

    you guys need to use your heads. The Bruins are going to do the same as last year. They will get into the playoffs and make a small run at it. Their dumb decisions have cost them constantly. Alexi Zhamnov, murray, fernandez, ryder, wideman….. the lists goes on forever. The bruins are not going anywhere until they realize you cannot plug holes in a hockey lineup. Having depth is nice but it doesn’t cut it. Everyone is just going to have to be patient. Chicago was terrible for the longest time and got kane and toews into their franchise and are now building on it. The bruins had their time to build like that when we had thornton. They didn’t have the balls, cash, wisdom whatever you want to call it to build on thornton. They just sat back and did nothing. So bottom line is we are going to have to struggle until that momentum comes our way again or we make a move. We are getting better for very few pieces we have but it won’t be an overnight fix.

    • Jefe77 says:

      jmoney, your talking like a Bruins fan from 3-4 seasons ago.

      Anyone who is STILL hung up on not building around Joe is killin me. Its over, done, he is GONE. Get over it, the Bruins are bigger than any one player, especially one who loses heart come playoff time.

      The Bruins have franchise players, a deep system, new found interest by UFA’s league wide. The team has improved consistently, until this season where injuries, and new faces took away from the chemistry of last season.

      What the Bruins did last year, was NOT and accident. While maybe a slight over achievement, it is a reflection of good things coming together. Sure everyone wants a Cup, the Bruins to be the best team but in hockey, dont get too high, and dont get too low.

      Be grateful we have a GM who has completely, rerversed the ASS reputation that kept top talent from coming here.

      • jmoney says:

        well history is everything kid. your only killing yourself over it. You don’t trade away a number one pick for nothing. If you can’t face the fact that the bruins could be winning alot more than they are then your just in denial. Your talking like a NEW bruins fan. My point is this will take awhile. All you did was repeat what I said with your whining involved about not accepting the fact that we are they way we are because of bad decisions. Just like we were told several years ago we had millions to spend because we didn’t use up all our money before the lockout. So yeah yeah thornton didn’t happen, crap signings didn’t happen, injuries are happening, we can’t score goals. When you see a championship team you will know it.

      • Jefe77 says:

        You got me bro. I’ve been watching this team long enough since the early 80’s to see a clear and distinct difference between the Sinden O’Connell regime to Chiarelli.

        Not sure how I am repeating you, as i have been a voice of patient building on this blog for quite a while, and not sure how you feel i am whining when its YOU who is whining about the hole that O’Connell and Sinden created. I can understand your grief along with any other Bruins that endured their lack of foresight and balls to pull a big trade to win a Cup for Ray in Boston.

        As I said before, get over Joe T, and pining over history. Its time to move forward and keep building. Sure PC made a mistake with Fernandez, Thomas wasnt proven. The Wideman trade is questionable, but the Bruins needed defense, and I still believe in the guy. Chiarelli makes more calculated decisions, signs manageable contracts while showing players there is a reward system in place. Also, without bringing Chara and Savard to Boston, the Bruins would be fucked.

        So relax “kid”.

  18. Birdman2403 says:

    TSN has Savard 2-3 weeks


    well we would have a decent goal scorer if we had versteeg who was trader for a bag of pucks or we could have kept kessel but we over pay for guys like ryder and wideman they are complete garbage.

    • MC Puck says:

      I agree with you on Ryder and Wideman. I tried to be excited when we got Ryder… We’d be pretty formidable on offense with Versteeg, Boyes and Kessel, but I suppose we’ll never know hahah. And before anyone does the ” In PC We trust ” thats fine, it’s your prerogative, but it wouldn’t be fair to us Bruins fans to not wonder what if. After all, I still bleed Black n Gold.

    • Whopperfoo says:

      you really want kessel? A one way player who the locker room disliked? You should be GM.

  20. psands says:

    wideman is having a terrible year, don’t get me wrong. but have people forgot about how he played last year, and the numbers he put up? and he did it all while playing with ference, not chara.

    i still have not given up on wideman and i would be very mad if pc traded him now. i would like to see these pairings on D when everyone is healthy:


    Chara had his best year all time while playing with ward, a shutdown, defensive player. and i think wideman and morris would be interesting to try, but could be bad in our own d-zone. just a thought.


      He got most his points on the power play. To be honest if you get paid 4 mil you should know how to skate backwards .

  21. Bruins says:

    everyone relax. i realize that good teams dont make excuses, but when you go through what the bruins are going through this year, its kind of hard not to. we’re a playoff team despite all of these injuries. hopefully savard isnt gone too long.

    also remember that the bruins have the best one-two punch in net. thomas having a slump this year is still better than most of the goalies out there. rask is just a ridiculous goalie as well. satan has looked awesome so far. we have proven to be very deep on the backend and have found a great player in boychuk this year.

    the only real “baggage” we have right now is ryder. im still going to give wideman the benefit of the doubt based on his last two seasons, but if he doesnt get going soon, he might be going into that same category.

    and how is that kessel trade looking now? who would have thought that kessel would start out hot and then disappear completely for a long stretch? that doesnt sound familiar at all…

    ron wilson is now calling him out, and i dont think kessel has what it takes to deal with the toronto media. and this is the guy that chia got two firsts and a second for. its looking like we’ll get one of hall, seguin, or fowler out of this trade, and if we do, that’s all ready an instant slam dunk.

    we’ll be fine now, and are going to be unbelievable in the future

  22. bruins4eva says:

    heres just an interesting note….think of all the bruins that P.C. has re-signed…savy thomas krejchi lucic and everyone of them has been hurt this year….or under achieving this year.. mostly thomas…even tho his numbers are still good…the goals that he gives up are just dumb…all dating back to that pittsburgh game…from lastnights game against chicago it just looks like there is no PASSION in this team…which is something that the bruins had 2yrs ago when they just sneaked into the playoffs the hitting was there i see nothing of that

    • bruins4eva says:

      if i were julien i would bench chara bench thomas all the leaders on this team and send a message…put them up in the sky box for a game or 2 let them know that this team is not playing well

  23. jimmy50 says:

    I say Chiarelli tries to lock up Bergeron and Chara to 3 year extensions at a hometown discount and free up cap space for a teams missing piece to hopefully bring a championship team to Boston.

    Chara 5.0 Million Per
    Bergeron 4.5 Million Per

    Cut for Chara but same for Bergeron as he probably would get more else where come free agency.

  24. Cebbie says:

    We need to wait a little longer before hang the hole team – They are in the middle of the pack for a playoff seed and only 10 points from top of the pack. We should be somewhat happy they are still in it after playing like crap for the majority of the games this season. Once they are out of playoff contention then is the time to dump the dead weight – doing it now will end up as the same situation when Joe was traded – An attempt on a quick fix – This team is not much differant than last year – they have the players to get it done they just need a shot in the ass.

  25. Mat Allen says:

    my 2 cents…?

    I think we miss Aaron Ward a lot more than anybody imagined. He provided leadership to this team and as was mentioned earlier, opened up some room for Chara to be able to do his thing. The season before we got Ward, Chara was playing in his first season with the Bruins and the same kind of pressure was put on him then as now. Ward comes in and he helps to turn around this team. We change Ward for Morris… We had 2 decent puck moving defencemen at the time, why did we need to pick up Morris? Sure he has performed somewhat amicably, but did it shake up the chemistry a bit too much, I don’t know. 2 Puck moving d-men on the same line sounds great, but it doesn’t always work… But we’re beyond that point now, either way we didn’t…
    And in all fairness I think the team is still doing relatively well… And at least our fall from grace doesn’t appear as bad as that of the Red Wings…

    • Mat Allen says:

      “But we’re beyond that point now, either way we didn’t…” I meant to say, we had a chance to pick up Ward off waivers, too.

      And that no matter what, none of this would change the fact the injuries we’ve had to deal with, but I think we have an opportunity to see what our team is capable of without arguably its 2 best players in Savard and Bergeron. I think we’re going to see more players picking up the slack, and hopefully the drive will come back.

  26. Mat Allen says:

    nevermind, the red wings are in better shape than I thought… but still not a dominant force as they had been…

  27. Gcole says:

    whats the point in having secondary scorers and all of this ‘depth’ when they dont produce? if there was a main go to guy as a scorer, then the depth is exactly what you want, but WE DONT HAVE THOSE GUYS/GUY

  28. psands says:

    i agree mat allen, i hate how there is always talk about getting ANOTHER puck moving d-man. we have guys who can move the puck, we need them to start doing it.

    if i have to hear about kpd in the globe talk about getting a puck moving d-man i am going to puke.

    when you have Zdeno Chara on your blue line, it is hard to get another guy that is an elite puck mover, because they both have high salaries. our defense is fine, we have the right guys and a great blue line.

    i am more concerned about our defense keeping pucks out of the net, our forwards need to score goals and create chances.

    and most d-men with big point totals get most of their points on the power play, wardoftherings.

  29. guest says:

    We stole this trade..

    Coach Ron Wilson singled out Phil Kessel and ripped him for his recent struggles. Wilson told the Toronto Star, “I’m pissed off. … You do need a kick in the rump once in a while and we’ll see how people respond.”

    Kessel didn’t seem to be in the mood to respond, while his friend Jason Blake told reporters that Kessel is trying his hardest and he’s feeling the pressure.

  30. gibbz says:

    what about vinny lecavlier? what happened to the rumors about him leaving tampa? you could play him or begeron on the first line with savard…vinny has proven to put up points

  31. mook says:

    if the bruins win the next 3 games, the tone will change. until then, let the ridiculous suggestions continue.

    sometimes teams shit the bed in the regular season. there is no doubt that the bruins will make the playoffs. remember carolina last year? not the hottest regular season but they were in the final 4.

    just relax. if injuries didn’t haunt this team, maybe they could get a few practises in as a full team, create some synnergy (like they had last year) and pot some goals.

    fuck kessel, he’s not doing shit these days and the toronto media is eating him. forget about kovalchuck…adding him won’t win the cup. chemistry will. let’s just hope that the olympic break lets all the bruins get healthy, and they come back ready to smash some faces.

    and if i may make a suggestion…sit thornton. i love fights and everything else, but i never see him getting into “passionate” or “spontaneous” fights, only the “staged” fights. those don’t help the team, or swing momentum.


    if wideman bobbles another bouncing puck, someone better remind him he can use his hands to sit the puck down (chara does all the time, and he’s a foot further away from his feet).

    • psands says:

      agreed, but you have to admit one more goal scorer would be nice, and we have never had the pieces we have this year to make it happen.

      your right on thornton, he does not have to be an everyday player, dress him against the flyers, habs, leafs and whatever teams we want to intimidate, or need a fighter for, but against high skilled teams, a fourth line of begin-sobtoka-bitz works for me.

      i still can’t wait to see mcquaid fight though, i heard he is a potential true heavyweight.

      • mook says:

        i think satan is that scorer. not putting him up there with kovalchuck, but for 11mil (which is what he wants) kovalchuck better score 100 goals in a season. chicago beat us because we couldn’t clear our zone properly, which is a common issue this year (i think). that’s why we got rid of ward and brought-in morris. personally, i like morris! i’ve seen him do that slap-pass or the intentional wide shot with much success…and noone else is doing it on the team. wideman was good at it last year, but he’s gripping the stick pretty tight this year.

        today’s afternoon game should be a good one!

        but yeah psands, someone with some finish would be nice! we shoulda pressed for heatley last year! i’m sure we could have come-up with something better than michalek, cheechoo and whatshisface…

  32. Birdman2403 says:

    Savard 3-4 weeks. No surgery needed !

  33. bruins4eva says:

    with savy out 3 to 4 weeks wit a partially torn MCL and it doesnt need surgery why isnt Zach Hamil up here and why is trent whitfield this GUY SUCKS

  34. mook says:

    rene rancourt pumps me up with his rendition of the us anthem (and i’m canadian)!!

    a shame they got that drunk to do the anthm at the classic…i wanted to shoot myself after that.

  35. da wreck says:

    Screw it. I’m sick of all the whining. Bruins win 6-2 today. King Henrik gets chased out half way through the second, after a Trent Whitfield natural hatty.

    Hey, someone’s gotta be positive here.

  36. backbruin says:

    Great play Chara wtf was he doing???? And Thomas considering every goal you let in is between your fkn legs can you try closing the grand canyon up!!!

    Chara looked like a 90 year old women on that

  37. backbruin says:

    Thomas has had all my patience and hasn’t played horrible, but i’m wanting them to play Rask. I’m tired of Thomas letting in the soft one’s. Not saying the first Ranger’s goal was his fault, but that’s a save last year!!!

    changing of the guard, it’s time!!

    Chara makes me want to bury my head in the snow….embarrassing….time to play like a man not a feeble old lady…enough is enough i’m pissed

  38. gibbz says:


  39. da wreck says:

    Changing of the guard? haha – good luck with that one. Thomas is making 5 million a year for the next 4. Do you honestly think they’ll let that money just sit on the bench? I know JS Giguere sat last year in Anaheim in favor of Jonas Hiller, but Chiarelli’s not gonna let it happen.

  40. backbruin says:

    ok then using that philosophy Rask will be a back up for the next 4 years???? hahahahahaha your right that is funny!! I’ll tell ya right now if they keep playing Thomas night in and night out we may have a problem getting to the playoffs…we are so severly banged up that any weak goal Thomas let’s in will hurt us ten fold. Look at us in that first period. we carried the play as we do 75% of the time and we CAN’T SCORE!!!!Sturm is garbage and should wera a blindfold as that’s what it looked like i=on that penalty shot….comes down makes a move and shoots it right at his pad…..was he going between the legs? or was he going 7 hole…who knows because it was a disgusting shot….i’m pissed at this team from top to bottom right now…ya were in 5th we have been hurt blah blah blah… knows what we need we know what we need the whole world knows what we need….SO FKN GET WHAT WE NEED NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  41. Habhater says:

    The Bruins need to play with more emotion and physicality. Where has all the hard-nosed in-your-face hitting gone? No one, except for Lucic is hitting. Play with an edge, some emotion, and for God’s sake, play so like it appears that your trying. Right now, the B’s are too soft, too often. Chara, particularly is playing like a pussy.

  42. backbruin says:

    yup another fkn weak bullshit bounce deflection hop turn over goal……fkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so sick!

    I want to keep losing!!!i hope we lose 10 in a row so i can see how fkn retat=rded are management really is!!!

  43. backbruin says:

    hey da wreck, maybe if we lose 10 in a row your haha comment will turn to who gives a fk what were paying thomas???

    i’m 35 and have been a fan since i was 4 and i want to see us make a big move because i’m at 31 years and have yet to see it!!!

    sorry i’m getting very bitter, the glass is half empty

  44. Habhater says:

    2-0 NYR after 2!! Whaddya expect? I come to expect a piss poor effort by a piss poor team. Sure we have injuries, but the other players have to play with at least some emotion besides feeling sorry for themselves. I never thought i would say this after last year’s effort, but the Bruins lack character. I woudn’t be surprised in the least if they lost 10 in a row. That being the case, I hope they don’t ax Julien. He is not the cause, but the solution. Players have to show up and put forth an effort. This present bunch has no energy and it baffes me why they do not play for one another. Ryder, Sturm, Wideman and perhaps even Thomas should be considered by PC as trade bait. I don’t care what we get in return if the effort, compete level and a gutsy performance is the result. I can take a loss if the effort is there. There is no excuse for a loss without an effort.

    • gibbz says:

      sturm has a no trade clause in his contract, thomas is the reining vezina trophy winner, and wideman is a puck moving d that we can’t afford to lose. and ryder is just a dumbass

  45. da wreck says:

    First of all, If you’ve been a fan for that long you’ve surely heard about a former Bruins player, who has had his number retired with the team, and is an NHL hall of famer – Cam Neely. I’m sure you have right? Big move? Maybe the biggest move the Bruins have made in whatever years you’ve cheered for the team.

    Second of all, If the Bruins lose 10 in a row, do you really think you’re going to be able to dump it all on the team’s goaltending, the way the whole team’s been playing?

    Thirdly, I’m convinced the problem with the team has directly nothing to do with scoring, but more with the fact they have absolutely no grit and nobody that makes the opposition think twice about going to the boards for the puck. Lucic is back, yes – but he’s definitely not enough. The team needs guys who will bang and brawl for pucks. They need guys who will play the fore-check hard and pound defensemen in the corners when they’re battling for the puck. Forget a sniper. Get a few guys that can pound the body while putting in a few goals. I’m convinced with more space – the ‘skill’ players on the Bruins will produce more.

    • backbruin says:

      your talking about 1987………………1987….23 years ago….you know are avg life expectancy is like 75….so your saying 1 3rd of my life ago we did something….bravo

  46. mattg says:

    If only they could play 60 minutes with the heart of the last 5.

  47. Birdman2403 says:

    THOMAS BLOWS ! I said it 2 months ago. Play Rask….WHAT THE FUCK ! All 3 goals shit….where’s Timmy….rolling around on the ice !!

    He won his Vezina, got his money…now sit down so Rask can make some saves ! This could be 5 losses in a row with the West trip coming. Make a fucking trade and shake this sinking ship up !

  48. Kurt says:

    I have always been a Thomas guy however it is Tukka time. Thomas cap space could be freed up to go to get Kovulchuk.I just think because of the length of the contract they will have a tough time moving him. I hate to sound like a broken record but why is Bitz on this team? Wheeler has taken more heat from the public and he has actually done something for this team in the present and past.
    Chara makes too much money for what he does. 7.5mil on this team should be the best player without an argument. I don’t think he has ever been the best player on this team. He Makes twice as much as Krejchi and Krejchi is a better player.

  49. psands says:

    time to move timmy to whoever will take him. i love the guy but we can not afford to have a 5 million dollar goalie, who is not as good as our cheap backup.

    i would move him to the flyers at this point, they need a goalie. sit him on the bench until he wants to waive his ntc.

    i love you timmy, but at the end of the day, its just business.

    • pearson says:

      carter has been rumored to be on the block. i know he isnt having the same kind of year he did last year, but neither is timmy… they both make the same amount of money, and both have tremendous upside if they can turn it around.

  50. bigbadbruins1 says:

    scum bags all of them

  51. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    pierre lebrun on the hot stove league says holmgren has stated none of his big name players are going anywhere.

  52. bigbadbruins1 says:

    backbruin i agree with u 100000000% everyone talking about injuries does it hurt of course it hurts but u look at the lines there still alot of talent put the FUCKEN PUCK IN THE NET!!!!!! widemen ryder got to go thomas bench him put rask in playing amazing he has one bad game and they dont play for alot of games after but all in all i bleed black and gold and that will never change

  53. Froggy says:

    Well Mr. Julien, what next? It HAS to be Tuukka time now!! I agree that to a certain extent we owe allegiance to Timmy for all that he has done. But that is in the past. Hockey is a business and the motto is ‘what have you done for me lately’? Lately Thomas has been back to his former floundering self. Tuukka on the other hand has been stellar when called upon. Sure he is a rookie and has to earn his way, but what more do you want? He deserves a chance, much the same way the B’s gave Thomas a chance when he first started. With all the injuries and lack of scoring power we have, the stretch of games before we begin to get players healthy again is crucial to this teams psyche. The team as a whole, plays a lot better with Tuukka in net and he exudes confidence in them. Thomas on the other hand cannot be relied upon like last year to make the timely save when required. We are extremely thin in goal scoring and I firmly believe that Tuukka offers us the best chance to at least give us a chance. I do not feel the same way with Timmy in the net and I believe that the team feels the same too. It’s Tuukka time and time for this team to stop feeling sorry for itself and play Bruin hockey and not Leaf hockey.

    • Whopperfoo says:

      I remember Thomas letting in 2 goals (some times 3) or less in most of his contests over the past few weeks. The Defence from both D and wings is usually the issue on most goals that do get past him. He’s putting them in a position to win the game and they just can’t get it in the net.

  54. PhilTheThrill says:

    Problem solved. Trade Thomas & a 2nd round pick for Kessel & Kaberle.

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