Midseason Grades : Forwards


Patrice Bergeron – A : Bergeron has been the Bruins most consistent forward in all three zones this season. He is dominate in the faceoff circle and leads the team in points. It unfortunate Bergeron went down with an injury.

Mark Recchi – B: Recchi finishes second to Bergeron as being the most consistent forward. The 42-year-old is out there giving it his all every single shift.  He’s come up with big goals all season long, notably the game tying in the Winter Classic.

Marco Sturm – B: Despite starting slow, Sturm has picked up his production as of late.  He’s on pace for nearly 30 goals but it will be interesting to see if he brings it every night especially with Savard down.

Marc Savard- B-: Savard’s point per game production is down slightly this season.  Savard will always be pretty consistent even when he’s playing with grinders like Steve Begin and Byron Bitz.

David Krejci- B-: Krejci probably returned sooner than he should have from hip surgery and his numbers reflect that. He has gotten better each game and those low numbers could also be a reflection of the ineffectiveness and inconsistency of his linemates.  Krejci has been solid for the majority of the season and every shift he’s making plays out there. He’s a master of possession and hopefully if Wheeler gets going the points start to pile up for his line.

Blake Wheeler – C+: Wheeler has the abilities to be a 25 goal scorer in this league but it’s his consistency that’s lacking.  The sophomore slump has affected Wheeler this season but his recent play can be encouraging, lets hope he can build on it.

Daille Paille – C+: Paille was brought in to help the penalty kill and that’s exactly what he has done. He has surprisingly good speed and offensive instincts. It’s unfortunate his hands are worse than P.J. Axelsson’s because he could be leading this team in goals right now. 

Vladimir Sobotka- C: Sobotka was elevated to the second line once Marc Savard went down with an injury. However, Sobotka was nearly invisible when put in an offensive role.  I love his as the fourth line center but anything more is probably asking too much from him. When the team is fully healthy he deserves that spot over Steve Begin.

Shawn Thornton – C: Thornton does his job when need be, but he disappeared from the fight log for over 10 consecutive games this season. Can someone tell me why Thornton and his one goal still logs over 10 minutes a night?

Steve Begin – C-: Begin is a solid penalty kill guy but brings nothing else to this team.  Did not deserve to skate on the first line but got top minutes for at least 5 games.  The grinder, energy forward was brought here to agitate the opponent but thats something we haven’t seen since the first 10 games in the season. My least favorite Bruin.

Byron Bitz – C-: Bitz was clearly miscast on the top line but he is effective along the boards with a fourth line.  Although he is battling an injury now, he should remain on the bench especially with the addition of Satan and Whitfield being used as a fourth line center.

Michael Ryder- D: Does Michael Ryder think it is 2007-2008 all over again? This guy hasn’t done anything all season long. 10 goals and only 17 points is inexcusable for a $4 million top six player.

Whitfield, Lucic, and Satan are incomplete.


22 Responses to Midseason Grades : Forwards

  1. Peter says:

    I agree with your grade assessments with the bruins forwards as noted above. This team is does not compete hard every night and are seriously challenged with regards to scoring all season long. I believe the G.M. and the coaching staff with the departure of Kessel were hoping this team would score by committee to keep them in the playoff hunt. I further feel management at the trade deadline with their planning would pick up a rental or two to take them into a serious playoff run especially with all the trade assets they have with future draft picks. Unfortunately the situation now with all these injuries to their top players a playoff spot maybe in jeopardy. I feel Charelli is feeling pressured to make a move now but I hope he takes his time to make the right one or we will miss the playoffs as there is no need to panic in my view. There’s an old saying “He who hesitates is lost” well in this situation I think “He who hesitates is probably right.” Time will tell. I think this team can be good with a couple of right moves one being a true sniper(Kovalchuk) time will tell. thanks Peter

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    Rask, Bergeron, Sobotka, Sturm, and Morris all get A’s in my book! The rest have been a TOTAL FUCKEN DISAPOINTMENT! End of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mook says:

    i’m sure you guys have seen this already, but just in case…from spector’s hockey:

    BOSTON.COM: Kevin Paul Dupont reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli said trade talks around the league have picked up around. He’d like to have a healthier lineup to better assess his roster needs but doesn’t have that luxury. The club’s lack of scoring is their main issue which Dupont attributes to the lack of mobility and puck movement from the defense corps.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise talk has picked up of late, since the Olympic trade freeze is only five weeks away and there’s only a three day window following the end of the freeze to the March 3rd trade deadline. The Bruins will probably be active leading up to the freeze and up to the deadline. Lots of speculation linking them to Ilya Kovalchuk but Dupont’s comments suggest Chiarelli might be more interested in an experienced two-way defenseman as well as a scoring forward, which would push them out of any potential pitch for Kovalchuk.

  4. psands says:

    when kevin paul dupont brought up getting another puck moving defense man as a need for the bruins on the winter classic pregame show on WEEI (i think it was, or 98.5) he disagreed right away.

    pc said he is pretty comfortable with our defense as is, and he likes boychuk and mcquaid when they have played as well.

    pc said he believes this teams need is another goal scorer, and i think we all agree.

    rumor on nesn says bruins looking at hurricanes and oilers as trade partners. penner…….?

  5. psands says:

    that being said, lets just say next year we are lucky enough to get the #2 pick, which is where i think we will end up, hopefully.

    in that position we get to chose between seguin and fowler, who do you chose?

    the young franchise d-man, or the potential young goal scorer we are looking for.

    obviously we would all be happy with either one, but if you had to chose, which one would you pick?

  6. willisss says:

    shea weber would rule

  7. bigbadbruins1 says:

    F except bergeron rask lucic and savard cause of injuries the rest are a bunch of hobos

  8. Haus says:

    The Herald put out their mid-season grades today and I thought the comments on management were interesting. They alluded to keeping all 9 of the round 1 and 2 picks over the next 2 years and building this team into a year in year out cup contender. Im starting to believe with all the injuries this year that may be the way to go. This team as its currently constituted is a playoff team. Maybe we make the playoffs for nothing more than the experience for the younger guys, keep the picks, and build this team a la Pittsburgh. Dont get me wrong, every year I want the cup but with all the key roster guys in and out and others (Chara,Krech) obviously battling serious dings we may need to look long-term. What do you think?

  9. Haus says:

    Also, If anyone else on here says Chara sucks I think I might puke. There isnt any other player in the entire league that can take 2 forecheckers on his back and give them a ride, then calmly transition the puck. Its obvious as well he is playing hurt. Without Chara, this team is down the standings with Toronto. End of story.

  10. Bruins says:

    lol people are actually bashing chara? easily a top 5 d-man, and he has my vote for best in the league. so what if he’s not going to throw up 19 this year; no one can shut down players like he can

  11. Haus says:

    Cebbie, your boyfriend Markov couldnt carry Chara’s jock. No playoffs this year for Montreal. Have a nice spring. Habs suck!

    • Cebbie says:

      Sorry but I hate the Habs – I am a life time black and gold die hard fan. I have missed watching about 5 game in the last 20 years. I have seen great things and sad times – this is one of the bad times – we are lucky to be our position today – that could change very quickley with 5 or 6 losses. Comparing Chara this season to last – sorry to break it to you – he is playing like shit – No way his is a 7.5 mill defenceman – I hope he is playing hurt beacuse if this is what we have to look forward to until the end of his contract I will be the one puking

  12. Dolo says:

    I don’t know what games people are watching, but Chara is maybe the best Dman in the league. I guess some people just need to complain about something.

  13. Haus says:

    Cebbie is just one of those Habs fan trolls trying to stir it up over here.

  14. G cole says:

    If we didn’t have chara on defense all year we would be basement dwellers with Toronto, sure he could have more goals like last year but NO ONE is scoring like last year, give him a fucking break! Don’t even consider trading him, would you ever want him playing against us?! I know I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  15. Cebbie says:

    I have no idea what games you guys are watching – Chara – Wideman and Ryder are the most pathetic players this year –

  16. Faggot says:

    Let’s give Chara a break. He isn’t playing as well this year as last, but he still shuts the players down.

    Anyway, psands, I’d easily choose the young franchise d-man. I don’t know why, I think it might have something to do with the B’s history of amazing d-men. We’ll need someone to take the torch from Chara.

  17. Jefe77 says:

    Chara is underachieving this season. To say otherwise is ridiculous.

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