Breaking down deals of Kovalchuk proportions

People want to guesstimate what it will take to acquire Ilya Kovalchuk, with proposals ranging from Andrew Ference and Steve Begin to Zdeno Chara and Marc Savard if you get what I mean.  Let’s break down the deals that sent top tier talent from one team to another.

Jaromir Jagr and Frantisek Kucera traded to the Capitals by the Penguins for Kris Beech, Michal Sivek, Ross Lupaschuk and future considerations. Jagr was only 28 and coming off a 121 point season, but there was some issues with the Penguins.  Beech was the 7th overall pick from the year before, and was the centerpiece of the deal.  Beech never did much with the Penguins and the other players never even played a full season in the NHL.  Bad return

Jagr traded to the Rangers by the Capitals for Anson Carter. Carter wasn’t anything special, and this was a pure salary dump.  Bad return

Joe Thornton traded to the Sharks by the Bruins for Brad Stuart, Wayne Primeau and Marco Sturm. Thornton was 26 and hitting his prime and under contract for three years.  Stuart and Sturm were solid players, but nothing special and Primeau was just a grinder.  Overall, not an impressive return for the league MVP.  Bad return

Roberto Luongo, Lukas Krajicek and a 6th round pick traded to the Canucks by the Panthers for Alex Auld, Todd Bertuzzi and Bryan Allen. Luongo was 26 and hitting his prime, but Florida was concerned with the lack of a contract Luongo had.  Luongo was a top 5 goalie in the league at the time was only getting better.  Auld was a decent goalie but nothing special. Bertuzzi was over the hill and ended up doing nothing for Florida.  Allen was a slightly above average defenseman.  Once again, not an impressive return.  Bad return

Dany Heatley and Greg de Vries traded to the Thrashers by the Senators for Marian Hossa. Heatley was the better player in the deal and younger, but Hossa was entering his prime and both guys signed new deals.  Atlanta had to deal Heatley because of the Snyder crash.  Overall, it was a fair return for Heatley.  Fair return

Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis traded to the Penguins by the Thrashers for Erik Christensen, Colby Armstrong, Angelo Esposito and a 1st round pick. Christensen was a stiff, Armstrong was decent but nothing special, Esposito was a talented but raw prospect who got derailed by injuries and the pick was a late 1st rounder.  Not a great return for the best rental on the market.  Bad return

Dany Heatley and a 5th round pick traded to the Sharks by the Senators for Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo and a 2nd round pick. Heatley requested a trade, and had 5 years left on his megadeal.  Michalek was a solid young winger with 30 goal potential.  Cheechoo was continuing to suck since his 50 goal year many seasons ago, and the 2nd rounder is what it is.  A good, but not great return for a top 5 sniper in the league.  Decent return

Brad Richards and a Johan Holmqvist traded to the Stars by the Lightning for Mike Smith, Jeff Halpern, Jussi Jokinen and a 4th round pick. The Bolts needed to trade Richards in order to re-sign Boyle, and the Stars came calling.  Smith a good young goalie, but hasn’t panned out.  Halpern was a solid 3rd line/2nd liner.  Jokinen sucked and was waived.  For a 90 point guy, not a good return.  Bad return

Dan Boyle and Brad Lukowich traded to the Sharks by the Lightning for Ty Wishart, Matt Carle, a 1st and 4th round pick. Boyle was the Sharks best dman and a great offensive guy.  Carle was a decent offensive defenseman who was young, but had been regressing.  He sucked in Tampa and was traded, Wishart has been a bust and the picks are just picks.  Bad return

Brian Campbell traded to the Sharks by the Sabres for Steve Bernier and a 1st round pick. Campbell was a trade deadline prize and went for a late first and decent young guy…who was traded the subsequent offseason for a 2nd and 3rd round pick.  Overall, not the best reward for a top defenseman.  Bad return

Overall, when looking at these megadeals, majority of the time, the prospects never pan out, and the team who got the best player wins.  These trades are also 20 cents on the dollar.  So for the Bruins to acquire Kovalchuk, and impending UFA, you are looking along the lines of Mark Stuart, Vladimir Sobotka, 1st round pick and Hamill/Colbourne.  If people want to include Blake Wheeler, I suppose, but he has proven a lot more than any of these young forwards had when they were traded in the above deals.

At the end of the day, this is why you make the deal for Kovalchuk.  Chances are whatever you give up is easily replaceable, while a player like Kovalchuk doesn’t come around very often, especially in his prime.


70 Responses to Breaking down deals of Kovalchuk proportions

  1. psands says:

    i don’t make the deal.

    the guy want’s way to much money to resign, and he is not worth it for a rental.

    we still are not favorites if we get him.

  2. Bruins says:

    yeah hold out on kovalchuk. obviously its ridiculously tempting to go after a player of his calibre, but just think about the team we could have next year, all while staying ship and being good this year once healthy.

    toronto has definitely reached a new low. i live right outside toronto, and all leafs fans are just completely dejected. the media is calling out kessel, the fans are calling out kessel, wilson is calling out kessel…youve really gotta feel sorry for the guy…hahahahahaha ummm no.

    oh well at least burke will still probably tell you he’s the second coming of christ.

    one of the funniest things though is that theres no way wilson will be fired (which is often a trigger to turn it around – firing a coach) because burke and wilson have to work together at the olympics.

  3. Bruins says:

    i think the best comparison would be hossa (except kovalchuk would fetch even more on top of that). at the time that was considered a huge amount to give up for a rental. armstrong had recently had a near point per game season, christensen was thought to have potential as he was stuck behind those pittsburgh centers, esposito had been pegged as a possible first overall before slipping (like kessel, except he slipped further), and a first rounder on top of that. thats a pretty steep price. the equivalent to the bruins would be too much to pay in my opinion

  4. willisss says:

    matt, that was an awesome post. solid points.
    speaking of jager, wont he be able to return to the nhl after this season? thinking alittle far ahead but i would love to see that guy in a bruins jersey…mullet re grown of course.

  5. bigbadbruins1 says:

    are u guys fucked trade the whole fucken team for kovy these pics will never be a kovy u can get rid of these bums ryder widemen ference stuart draft pics we have 9 for fuck sakes whatever u guys smoking pass that shit that would be a wicked pickup but dont worry wont happen pc is a fucken retard

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    If the B’S move Ryder and Wideman that frees up approximately 7.8 mill off the cap.To go along with the 1.8 mil the team still has that should be enuff to sign ILYA NO? Remember Morris 4mill Murrary’s 1.3 mil and Recchi’s 1 mil will all come back to us at seasons end! Im SURE the Bruins can work something out !!!!

  7. OhNiner says:

    Oh Hell ya bring on Kovy that kid has mad skill

  8. julle says:

    Selective list. Yashin to Islanders, Forsberg to Thrashers, Fleury to Avs and so on?

    And you can argue that in Hossa deal Thrashers got a good return for a player that wasn’t going to sign with them. Same goes with Sabres and Campbell. Something is better than nothing. Hossa didn’t sign with penguins nor did Campbell with Sharks.

    You can’t say that team that gets best player automatically wins the trade, because there is so many examples that show contrary.

  9. G cole says:

    ryder and sturm bye bye


  10. Whopperfoo says:

    If kovy could be had for 8 million/year I’d do it, but any more than that and you’re locking up way to much $ in one player. What happens if he gets injured long term with an $11 million/yr contract?

    Front loading a contract could solve this problem however, anyone want to crunch some numbers?

  11. Whopperfoo says:

    Another interesting point tho is could we use our draft picks in a three way deal, perhaps with chicago and ATL? Barker and Sharp to Boston, Kovy to Chicago, Picks and a prospect to ATL?

  12. mook says:

    Gretzky, McSorley and Krushelnyski to the Los Angeles Kings for Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, $15 million in cash, and the Kings’ first-round draft picks in 1989 (later traded to the New Jersey Devils—New Jersey selected Jason Miller), 1991 (Martin Ručínský), and 1993 (Nick Stajduhar).

    This opened-up hockey to the South, and led to the creation of such teams as the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, San Jose Sharks, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, etc etc. Also, Gary Bettman was hired to lead the US invasion…and we all know how this worked-out (glowing pucks, FOX broadcasts, etc). BAD RETURN for everyone.

  13. willisss says:

    Im hearing way to much Rask trade talk of the radio. that shit needs to stop RIGHT NOW

  14. jmeds says:

    if they trade rask im turning in my season tickets

  15. psands says:

    if they trade rask i will be sick, they can’t do it, if any goalie goes it needs to be thomas.

    i think everyone needs to be a little more patient. kovalchuk is great but he won’t save the season. i am starting to think about next year with the leafs pick, and all that and i think we could put together a great, and very deep team.

    lets say we get hall or seguin, there is a young kid on a cheap contract who has the ability to score maybe 30 goals their first season in the league.

    then trade sturm and ryder, recchi will retire and paille can leave, and i think sobotka can replcace begin on the fourth line.

    so lines would be:


    then say we add a solid score like penner for example this year, plug him in with krejci and wheeler.

    then we could go through free agency, are prosopects out trades for wingers for bergy. maybe we could try to raid sharp form the hawks this summer. we have the most to offer.

    on defense we could go

    so we would need to get a guy like morris again, or trade for someone.

    then goalies
    and a solid vet to slit time like auld or biron.

    what do you think?

    i think we should remain patient, and try to slightly upgrade our team this year with a scorer, but then wait for next year.

  16. goosegoose35 says:

    unless they are going to get a clone of Wayne Gretzky from 1989 trading Rask is the most ridicules idea ever. He is the future goalie of the Bruins and will one day be the goalie everyone wishes they have…I know Toronto sure wishes they still had him.

  17. Richardo says:

    TUUKKA tonight…

  18. bigbadbruins1 says:

    if they trade tuukka im done and i wouldnt be surprised bostons always does that makes great players then bye bye

  19. 4orrever says:

    Rask will not be traded. PC isn’t that fuckin stupid. But to get Kovy would be great. How about The B’s first and second rounder along with Zack Hamill. Put Ryder ib the minors and trade Wideman. Thaat should free enough cap room. But ‘Z’ has only one year left on his contract. But then again, if he keeps playing the way he is now, fuck it … let him go. Lots of good D men out there for alot less.

  20. Vince_M says:

    Any thoughts on bringing Ward back? I am hoping that PC can put a package together that could bring Kovy to the B’s. Or if this is a rental player wait until free agency and then try to sign him.


    It’s going to be impossible to trade Ryder or wideman both still have muliple years on their contract and they both suck hardcore.

  22. Xtremeforce says:

    My problem is not aquiring Kovy its keeping him. Who is to say we give up picks and player and then he bolts for more money and ooooo yeah his homeland and goes to the KHL? There is no cap and they can pay him more money and no taxes.

    I think going forward teams are going to be very careful when dealing with Russian players that are on there final year of there contracts and there respective teams asking a ranson for them inreturn.

    Just my opinion.

  23. bruins4eva says:

    FUCKING HIT SOMEBODY….this team blows…there is no sense of urgency….they take there time like they are good …julien….has to go now….cuz it isnt getting any better…this system is hurting us bringing back behind our own net…they are too cocky wit it

  24. G cole says:

    Why the fuck is BITZ fighting??? That was a pathetic “fight”. LUCIC DO SOMETHING!!!

  25. Birdman2403 says:

    Thank god Rask is in net !! It would be 4-0 with Timmy ! Wide-man….truly a perfect name. The last time he hit the net was October 17th, 2009 !


    way wideman delay of game another great performance buy this guy.

  27. Birdman2403 says:

    It is actually becoming comical watching Wideman. What happened to this guy ?? Last year serious offensive threat and good in his own end. This year…..waiting for the bomb to explode !

    B’s have picked it up. If they hold on and win, Tukka in net again tomorrow ! We know that won’t happen. Rask will sit 5 in a row now !

  28. willisss says:

    i dont know about all you guys..but i want my W B

  29. mattg says:

    Terrible coaching, how can you leave rask in there, first time i’ve ever said it, but julien has to go.

  30. mattg says:

    And wideman again, try hitting the fucking net.

  31. Birdman2403 says:

    Julien is a FUCKING MORON right now ! 2 man advantage, pass the puck around for 20 seconds and to the point to…..WIDEMAN ! And he misses the fucking net !! WAKE THE FUCK UP COACHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS FUCKING IDIOT ALWAYS SHOOTS WIDE. BUT MAKE SURE HE’S OUT THERE WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE !!!!



  32. ELWOPPO says:

    lol unbelievable! Thats all i can say! Was hoping we could pull this win off after leading after two periods 3-2 but i guess thats to much to ask! Well hope for the best on Sat. cuz tomorrow gonna be a good old fashion ass whooping!! Not gonna put myself through that so im going out tom. not watching!

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    BTW Rask is shit! He’s no better than Thomas right now! Cant hold that short side if his life depended on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. bigbadbruins1 says:

    add a new bum to the list rask this team makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. bigbadbruins1 says:

    this team is FUCKEN SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. goosegoose35 says:

    yea Rask had one 4 goal game…he is terrible. he only leads the league in gaa…maybe if we played a little d we would be all set. the bruins make so many turnovers they should open a fucking bakery.

  37. Whopperfoo says:

    Having your best player (bergeron), best offensive player (savard), and your second best shut down Dman (stuart), all out with 3 jumbled up lines (only krecji line same) and I’d say they aren’t doing too bad.

  38. bigbadbruins1 says:

    so what u are saying is were shit cause of injuries wooo oh thank god are u cracked in the head i get it yes key injuries are out last year we had 7FUCKEN 20 goal scorers hunwick is leading with 6 goals with the d man that is fucken pathetic i can put a gun to widemens head and say hit the net and still couldn’t hit the net dont even get me started on ryder and wheeler so please spare me and all the true bruins fans that there is a huge problem here let me help u out WE NEED A MOTHER FUCKEN TRADE WE CANT FUCKEN SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does that help

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Well I’m glad your not running the team.

      6-7 guys are on pace or near it to score at least 20, and thats with lucic, savard, and bergeron missing good chunks of time and krecji coming back too soon off hip surgery.

      Cam himself said the team just isn’t reaching potential, and its not a need for new talent (tho it may not hurt as long as it’s not some break the bank/farm deal for kovy). I’d say get bergeron and stuart back, and hopefully savard sooner than later and see where we are at coming up to the trade deadline then make a move.

      I don’t like the lack of scoring much either, but panicing as soon as things go south for a bit and yell that pieces need to be traded, is lame.


      Wheeler is one of are better players right now.

  39. Cebbie says:

    Two man advantage – pass around to Wideman and he misses the net – Fuck – didnt see that coming – Glad I stayed up late to watch that -Now if I’m not pissed enough I will be tired and miserable at work all day.
    This is getting retarded – call up some players who want to play – I would be happy to see Axe back – Ward – anybody –

  40. G cole says:

    Oh come on they were ahead after two, and I went to sleep, isn’t third period defense/holding a lead their strong point?? Glad I didn’t stay up

  41. Cebbie says:

    Stupid thing is I will likely stay up tonight again to watch Wideman get tripped by ghosts – miss the net – Ryder hit the post – Wheeler end to end rush and fall down in front of the net – Recchi get a hooking penalty – Sturm to miss on a break away – Thomas to let in a bad goal from a wrist shot from the blue line – Team to go down 3 -0 , come back in the third 3 – 2 , and shoot the puck into thier own net on the powerplay in the last minute and loose 4-2.
    I guess I know whats going to happen – I will go to bed at 10:00 instead and read about it in the morning

  42. Pearson says:

    Last night they played better, but everyone knows they play dump and chase; and thats pretty easy to defend when its your entire gameplan.

    Im thinking this trade is coming real soon. Hopedully its for someone that can carry the puck and shoot….. Penner pleeeease

  43. mook says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH all this space on the bandwagon let’s me stretch-out. I’m sure that legroom will be gone if they win tonight…

  44. Vince_M says:

    C’mon, you can get at least an arm length on the bandwagon right about now. Could be crowded soon though.

  45. bigbadbruins1 says:

    whooper trust me i hope your right and im wrong

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Claude’s post-game interview from last night on the bruin’s website made me feel slightly better about where they are at right now. Give it a looksie

  46. goosegoose35 says:

    Once we get our whole team back and they play a good 5-10 games, then we can judge. Being a playoff contender with your top 2 guys and a top d man out is pretty dam good. Let alone our biggest energy man/ fighter/ heart and sole of the team has been out 3/4 of the season thus far. as long as we can stay in the hunt or even in a top 8 spot we will raise hell after the Olympic break

  47. jmeds says:

    can we change the line of Bitz, Lucic and Begin …they all have stone hands and shouldn’t be together on a line

  48. psands says:

    if you guys want a laugh about the kovalchuk situation, and what it would take for us to get him right now, go look at, the nhl section. john buccigross has what it would take from each team.

    he has us probably giving triple the value of most other teams, it is so bad its comical.

    he said the Bruins would have to give up rask, a potential franchise goalie, blake wheeler a second year 20 goal scorer and has 30 potential and toronto’s first, which could be a top 3 pick.

    while all he thinks the habs would have to give up is hamrlik, halak a second rounder and one of the kost. brothers.

    i like buccigross because he is one of the few guys on espn who cares about hockey, but this is just a terrible article from a Bruins fans point of view.

    god i wish we could get tsn down here

    • Jefe77 says:

      Psands, I lost more and more respect for Bucci each of the last 5. I used to listen to his everyword. Other things John thinks? There should be 40 teams, with 15 in each conference making the playoffs, he is for bigger nets, newfanlged bullshit. So, screw his supposed closet Bruins fandom. In other news, I got Cam to sign my jersey in Anaheim,…off to LA to sit behind the B’s bench.

      • psands says:

        yea, some of the stuff he says is pretty brutal, the 40 team idea is terrible, we need to cut teams if anything.

        i try to like the guy because he does care about hockey, and is one of the main anchors on espn, but a lot of what he says is terrible.

        that’s awesome that Cam would take the time to sign your jersey, i loved watching him play and i love hearing about athletes who take the time to do that.

  49. psands says:

    btw, pc has to make a huge decsion right now, he has to decide if he thinks this team has what it takes, and then go out and make trades to help us out for this year, or he has to realize maybe this team is not ready to be a contender this year, and so he trades some of our shitty contracts as rentals.

    it is going to get interesting very soon, but if things keep going like this, we could get two top ten picks, while unloading guys like ryder, sturm, morris, paille, recchi, and maybe even thomas for other picks or prospects.

  50. Bruins says:

    we have had a fully healthy lineup for a grand total of zero games this season. relax everyone.

  51. Gcole says:

    when wideman shoots the puck: 75% chance it misses the net, 10% chance it hurts a teammate, 14% chance he falls and turns it over, and a 1% chance it scores, so lets keep playing him on the PK and when we need a goal! makes sense…

  52. ELWOPPO says:

    Wideman will miss tonights game due to injury. Woo-whooo!!!!!!!!!!

  53. psands says:

    i actually feel bad for wideman, he was great last year and can’t wait for him to turn it around. make no mistake about it, he has been awful, but he at least admits to it, and you can tell he cares.

    hopefully he turns it around soon, what he did for us last year was pretty great, he is a good player and i still believe in him, and would be disappointed if the bruins traded him. he is that puck mover we need when he is playing the way he is capable of.

    let’s hope the bruins get a big win tonight against one of the leagues best, and it sparks them to go on some sort of run

    this could get ugly……

  54. Bruins says:

    yes! where are all the thomas haters? the guy stood on his head.

    we just went into the shark tank and beat arguably the best team in the league, with an injury depleted lineup and did it by our best guys stepping up. could be the turning point of the season

  55. Bruins says:

    oh and our thornton matched their thornton for points tonight. still got love for big joe though

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