My Plan to Get Kovalchuk

I already stated my stance on this deal last night, so here is my plan to acquire him.

Kovalchuk is being traded as a pure rental according to sources around the league, so that’s how you pay up.  The template usually goes a 1st round pick, top prospect, decent roster player, and roster player with some upside. A Kovalchuk trade will ask for maybe a little more.

My proposal is:

Mark Stuart, Michael Ryder, Vladimir Sobotka, Zach Hamill, Boston 2010 1st round pick, 2010 Boston 2nd round pick and conditional Boston 2011 2nd round pick (if Kovy re-signs) for Ilya Kovalchuk, Boris Valabik and a 2010 4th round draft pick.

Stuart is the centerpiece of the deal, he would instantly become Atlanta’s best stay at home defenseman on a defensive core that has a lot of offense.  Ryder would be a salary match, and he would help Atlanta’s powerplay with the departure of Kovalchuk.  Sobotka has decent upside, 15 goal potential and is a solid 3rd liner.  Hamill has a lot of upside and was the former 7th overall pick.

Kovy is who he is.  Valabik is a big defenseman who has been rumored to be on the block, essentially replaces Stuart.

I’d then re-sign Kovalchuk to a mega deal.  He is 26, so I’d offer a deal with this breakdown:

12, 12, 11, 11, 11, 11, 10, 9, 9, 6, 5, 3, 1, .5, .5

7.86 million dollar cap hit.

Breaks down to a 15 year, 118 million dollar deal.

It’s a 10 year, 108 million dollar deal, then a 5 year, 10 million dollar deal.  He gets above market value for 10 years, and then will likely retire in year 13-15.


86 Responses to My Plan to Get Kovalchuk

  1. bigbadbruins1 says:

    your dreaming buddy pc would never do that i like the deal but wont happen

  2. nick says:

    take out stuart and put in wideman

  3. psands says:

    kovalchuk wont happen.

    he only comes to Boston if pc clears a shit load of salary and we get him as a free agent in the off season.

    by the way i am still a little rattled about the wideman trade rumor, i mean the guy had 50 points last year. and those of you who think he has no value are dumb, sure it has dropped a lot but we could still get a lot for him. i just don’t see the reason too trade him at all. he is a good 2-3 guy, i might not think he is a great #2, but we have the best #1 in the league and a deep defense to make up for that.

    here is what i would do for this year.

    ryder,bos 1st,marchand,tampa 2nd,hamill for either:

    penner or horton

    more realistic? thoughts?

    • Pearson says:

      Yea man. I think penner could be just as good as kovy and diesnt come at a bigger price. Kovy could be signed in the offseason all while we retain our picks.

      Im not at all giving up on this year but i think its gonna take lots of work to get at least to the cup, and the future bruins look awesome already with savard looch rask krejci and high picks for the next 2 years. im more thrilled for that team rather than a kovy rental

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Are you serious ??? Penner as good as Kovalchuk ??? What are you watching ?

        Way to much for Penner or Horton…the players alone are too much, plus a #1….no chance !

      • pearson says:

        yea, i am serious. trade all that for 20 games of kovy? how many goals can he possibly score in 20(ish) games? 10-15? how many would penner put in? not too far off of that…

        for the price, and for the time period… penner could be just as good as kovy. emphasis on could.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Way too much for Horton OR Penner!

      I would not mind seeing either in black and gold, but I would never give up that much for either of them.

  4. bruins4eva says:

    what the hell are you smoking…lol…your offering alot in my eyes WAY TOO MUCH…he will never pull the trigger if thats what atlanta…wants…its way to much to give up and you dont know if he wants to resign with boston…thats ridiculous

  5. Conway says:

    No way I give up Stuart or Sobotka and no way I make the deal for a rental. A Russian rental is akin to acquiring a used Russian vehicle – the Lada. A lot of trouble. I’d substitute Wideman & Wheeler for Stuart & Sobotka if we could get a trade and sign deal. Otherwise forget it.

  6. Pete says:

    No rentals. They just screw up the team for one shot.

  7. Whopperfoo says:

    Yea I don’t like the idea of giving up that much just for the high potential of a rental. I would much rather just go after horton or penner or….

    Picks and prospects and ryder to ATL, Kovy to Chicago, Sharp and Barker to Boston.

  8. jmeds says:

    There’s some buzz that the Boston Bruins are dealing Dennis Wideman to upgrade their defense. This is according to CSN’s Joe Haggerty who writes, “Not shocking given Wideman’s nearly $4 million cap hit going forward and his increasingly sporadic play this season, but it will be tough for the B’s to find themselves a taker.”

    Haggerty suggests a deal that sends Wideman and Blake Wheeler to Atlanta for an Ilya Kovalchuk rental, but given Atlanta GM Don Waddell’s likely demands, this seems unlikely. But as we told you earlier, the Bruins are “very interested” in Kovalchuk so keep this possibility on the back burner.

    Per Espn Insider

  9. OhNiner says:

    sharp and barker are not even close to kovy lets pay the price and resign this sniper its a no brainer this guy can win you games and if he plays with any of our centers hes going to be better then he has been

    • Whopperfoo says:

      What happens if we pay the price then he decides to not resign…what a waste. Sharp and barker tho who are proven and we can sign to decent contracts, now thats something that will build this team into a long term winner.

  10. Bruins46 says:

    If Blake Wheeler OR Stuey get sent to Atlanta in a package for a fucking rental, I’m done with this team.

  11. mook says:

    so has wideman been benched or traded?

  12. Conway says:

    3-1 B’s after 2. LAK have a 5 on 3 to start the 3rd thanks to Kerry Fraser. This is a must kill to ensure a win!!

  13. ELWOPPO says:

    add Wideman and Begen to the injured list! LOL This is comical now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Richardo says:

    They took ryders first goal away and gave it to wheeler….wonder if they checked the puck for sock fibers…. Jack Edwards, such a knucklehead…

  15. G cole says:

    Krejci line is doing good, finally!

  16. Bruins46 says:

    TRADE BITZ…way to jump down and tie up Kopitar and help out…NOT

    • bruins4eva says:

      shawn thornton did the same thing on the goal before…2 goals that could have been avoided if they both back checked on those plays

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Well I guess 2 games from Thomas was too much to ask ! Do you think other teams know to go 5-hole ???

  18. BosBrn77 says:

    McQuaid looked a little nervous out there. Boychuk plays like he is a 10 year vet, they NEED to re-sign this kid long term!

    Can not believe Lucic was playing with Whitfield and Bitz!! What a flipping waste!

    On a positive note…. 3 points out of a possible 6 when most thought we would come home empty handed! Should have been six if they did not give up two leads!

  19. BosBrn77 says:

    Bruins to open next season in Prague with two games against the Coyotes. TSN is reporting.

  20. Conway says:

    Ryder has to go!! Although he scored today, he was the cause that started the comeback by LA. Watching the play when he let Brown go. Up to that moment the B’s were in control. After that they could not recover and Ryder played his usual non-chalent ho-hum game. He is a strapping big boy who should be banging and making his own room. But he prefers to play on the perimeter and not get involved. I’m sure if you looked hard enough you would find a pussy on Ryder somewhere. No balls – just pussy. Get rid of his cap-sucking $4m hit- trade him for a wet jock, at least that serves a purpose.

  21. Conway says:

    Time to get rid of Ryder. He may have scored today but he was the primary reason why we lost. Skating around looking at the puck when his responsibility was to stay close to Brown. Brown scores and the B’s can’t recover. After that faux pas Ryder plays his usual non-chalent couldn’t care less game. Time to rid ourselves of his cap-sucking $4M hit. Trade him for an old wet jock strap – at least that serves a purpose. Ryder is a big strapping young boy who should be banging and making his own room. He prefers to play however on the fringe. I’m sure if you looked you would find a pussy on Ryder somewhere. No balls – all pussy. The more I think about it, the more I think that the Habs were right in getting rid of this useless appendage.


    hammil better get a chance to play!!!

    • Pearson says:

      Got to see him play the other night… He’ll be up in the nhl next year.

      He will likely make anyone dorget about any talent we trade away

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Fucken bullshit! I Coulda through my remote at the TV 2day! Are u fucken kidding me? You guys do realize that we could have taken all 6 points on this west coast road trip if our defence and goaltending would have held it 2gether!!!!! Whatever we better go on some kinda run starting Mon.

  24. MC Puck says:

    the bruins looking @ Phanuef… or so I hear

  25. backbruin says:

    You are right on the money my man. We CAN afford Kovalchuk like i’ve been saying. The way you broke it down should open up some eyes on this site. Fk DEON phaneuf, we want Kovalchuk in a big way. I tell you right now if we get him we become a real favourite to win the cup. Whatever it takes we need to do this. Look at the Blackhawks, they have a tonne of stars signed for 5-6 million and we have what 3-4. This in my mind could spell a dynasty with are young talen and draft picks even giving some of them away..



    lets do this

  26. Birdman2403 says:

    Yeah….Phaneuf makes 6.5 for 5 yrs. We already have Chara at 7….put that $ to a scoring forward !

  27. BruinsFan45 says:

    I’m against ANY deal that involves giving up Mark Stuart. He is a solid defenseman, and a great character guy. I’d much rather see Wideman and/or Ference go, and split the minutes between Stuart and Boychuk.

  28. psands says:

    My plan to get Kovalchuk:

    wait and hope in the off season he is a free agent, then go after him with a long contract that is very front loaded. i can’t see any other way for us to get him.

    but Boston is a great city, it is a hockey town without all the pressure you get in the Canadian cities because there are three other teams in this town. but when the Bruins are winning, i don’t think there is any other town i would want to play in if i could play in the NHL, Boston is a great place to live.

    and he would be able to play with savard again. but of course we would have to get rid of a few contracts to make it happen, but if we could do it i would be fine with trading ryder,sturm and even thomas.

    but besides FA, the price is to high to pay for a rental, and i don’t think giving up a package of wheeler plus a first and a good prospect will make us that much better. just not worth it.

  29. willisss says:

    ill give up stuart, hamill, both picks, and elwoppo for kovy

  30. jmoney says:

    why does everyone think it will just be a rental? It would be a trade and sign. This isn’t a 38 year old winger for just a cup run. The only thing you should be argueing is who we are going to have to give up. Boston has plenty of money with a few over paid losers that would be part of the deal. This is all about whether or not jacobs really wants to win.

  31. nick says:

    I think it’s a bad idea to give up the farm for a Kovalchuk, I don’t know anything about his personality but if he is waiting to sign because he wants a big pay day I think it is going to be very easy for the Russian league to pull him in. I look at some of the players we have sent away (primarily Boyes and Versteeg) and that are doing well in the league and I think it would be a shame to keep doing it. Put those two guys on the current Bruins roster and I think you have a very different team.

  32. Willy says:

    Ryder, Wheeler and Krejci for Kovalchuck.

  33. mook says:

    Hahahahahhaha you guys should never be GM! Look how much you are willing to give!!! Ryder Krejci and Wheeler? Both first rounders and Wheeler? Here’s what I got from Spector’s hockey:

    Jim Matheson recently reported the following: he believes the Boston Bruins could still be the short-term destination for Atlanta Thrashers captain Ilya Kovalchuk because he and Marc Savard once played together and the Bruins can part with Blake Wheeler, their first round pick (not the one they got from Toronto) and a prospect.

    Now that is more reasonable! Get real guys…we shouldn’t be in panic mode yet. Fortunately, the rest of the Northeast sucks too…

  34. cebbie says:

    Kov would be nice – rumour today is Wheeler –
    Bottom line – only if he signs a long deal – I would not give up any players or drafts for a rental –
    Rask – Bergeron – Krejci – Stuart – Boychuck – Savard – Chara – Wheeler – Should be condidered untouchable – any one else I dont care if they left

  35. mook says:

    remember that wheels is not signed past this year…

  36. Willy says:

    Now that is more reasonable! Get real guys…we shouldn’t be in panic mode yet. Fortunately, the rest of the Northeast sucks too…


    Hey Mook, that only makes sense if you are treating Kovalchuck as a rental. Ryder, Wheeler are sub par and are costing approx 7 mio between them…giving Krejci at 3+ clears cap space to actually sign Kovalchuck on terms that both sides can agree with.

    I’m not interested in Kovalchuck as a rental.

  37. cebbie says:

    Krejci should not be in any negotiations period-
    He will be our #1 centerman for years to come –
    He has it all – He will be a better passer than Savard and has better size and a better shot. He is only getting better every year – give him a real shooter on his wing there will be flashbacks of Oats and Neely

  38. psands says:

    i don’t want to give up wheeler no matter what, there is said it. the kid is young, and has a shit load of potential, and all of our other wingers suck. if we gave him up for kovalchuk, especially as a rental, i would be fucking pissed.

    bottom line is this team is more than one player away, and if we give up a good winger to get kovalchuk like wheeler, i would say we are a few players away because ryder sturm and paille satan wont get it done.

    i have a funny feeling Kovalchuk is going to test free agency, let some other stupid team over pay for a rental, we will sign him long term, and give up nothing.

    luckily pc is smarter about this stuff then all of us.

    • Bruins says:

      yeah, i like wheels too, but if the bruins do end up trading forkovalchuk, he will definitely be going the other way.

      the more i think about the kovalchuk situation, i want to trade for him less and less (and i was never on board with the idea to begin with). A) he’s a ufa B) he’s reportedly asking for 10+. C) he’s russian and the KHL has no cap. add them all together and you have a recipe for disaster

  39. willisss says:

    drew larmen? thats the best we can do from provi?

  40. Conway says:

    What kind of 1st period was that? No energy, no jam, no nothing except for Vladdy.
    I expected the B’s to come out a bit flat after returning from the coast and having a short turnaround time. But that was worse than I imagined for Chrisakes.

    The Sens are no powerhouse but we certainly made them appear that way. The next goal is crucial and the B’s need to have it if they have visions of getting any points out of this game.

    We’ll see what kind of mettle the B’s are made of & their character in the 2nd. If they continue to play flat then they have effectively packed it in. That in my opinion is unacceptable for a professional hockey team. Ig I don’t see some push-back and some grit and determination, I will be severely disappointed in this team.

  41. Conway says:

    Severely disappointed and pissed with this effort. Travel is not an excuse. The B’s come back from a determined effort on the West coast and use the travel as a crutch and simply mail the sens the 2 points. Absolutely unacceptable.

    If you were Kovy, would you even entertain the idea of playing for such a team? Not I. The B’s are nothing more than an average team who sometimes trick their fans, and possibly even themselves, that they are better than they appear to be.

  42. bigbadbruins1 says:

    bunch of bums

  43. Gcole says:

    cant believe that fucking ref takes out wideman, senators take it and score, and they fucking count that??? referees today are rediculous.

  44. Pearson says:

    What a dead ass team.

    I dont know tgat even wayne gretzky in his prime would help this lazy group of guys. They need some inspiration and some goddamn heart

  45. Conway says:

    To say that Ryder has to go is the understatement of the year. What a useless piece of junk he is for $4M. I would rather have the B’s eat his salary with him in Providence than him being a non-contributor on the Bruins. At least he would be an asset in the minors and not a liability to the B’s. Watching Ryder play on offense is a mirror image of Wideman playing on defense – continuously fumbling the puck. Perhaps a trip to Providence would light a fire for Ryder – I know it would light a fire and send a message to the B’s. Hey we may even get lucky and have some unfortunate team pick him up on waivers. Either way- it’s good riddance as far as I am concerned.

  46. psands says:

    so bad, not much more to say. kovalchuk could not help this team, as far as i am concerned, he has a better supporting cast in atlanta.

    pc better start selling some of this useless shit off to real contenders at the deadline, so we can clear some space and put together a real team for next year. it is more fun to root for the leafs to lose, than watch these pathetic losers try to win wearing the Bruins uni’s.

    terrible, has this team earned something i am unaware of?

  47. Bruins says:

    were still in 5th in the conference with more injury problems than any team in the league. bergie is back, and savard shouldnt be too far off id expect. dont toss in the towel

    • Conway says:

      Too late for that in my books. There have been almost 50 games played to date and the B’s have not impressed me at all. Apart from Bergie, Sobotka, Rask and Krecji (allowing him credit for his injury), no body else has impressed me. All the rest of the team has played ‘dead from the neck up’ all season and I can’t see no evidence of a change taking place now. The die is already cast with this pathetic team and I for one have thrown the white towel of surrender and hope for better things next year. AGAIN!!

  48. RealBsfan says:

    All you bitches do yourself a favor and go root for another team. Im not saying this team doesnt deserve critisism but this is ridiculous. Please, do us all a favor and get off the bandwagon at the next stop, close to where you got on 2 years ago.

    • psands says:

      nobody is getting off the bandwagon, at least im not. all im saying is this team needs a shake up, and guys are not getting it done. i would not mind seeing guys get traded away.

      the positive thing is our future is very bright, and with all of our picks and prospects coming up i think we can clear some space, go after some good players, and put ourselves in a great position for next year.

      this team is farther away than just one trade making us a contender.

      they have not shown any signs of being any kind of threat to anybody, and i just dont want pc to do anything stupid like trade away a bunch of our picks and prospects for one guy(kovalchuk) and think that will solve our problems.

      our first need is a scorer, but the cost of acquiring kovalchuk will create many other holes.

  49. Birdman2403 says:

    Claude start Thomas again against Columbus…I’m sure he will stop something eventually……hahahahahaha !!

    And when he lets in 3 on 5 shots….leave him in !!

    Let him sit there for 9 and ask for a trade !!



  51. da wreck says:

    Enough whining and pissing and moaning.

    How did Bergeron look today?

  52. Habhater says:

    Calm down everyone – calm down RealBsfan – calm down. Nobody is jumping off the bandwagon – at least not the real & true bruin fans. Fans that have supported this team in good and bad would not do that. I believe that Conway is such a person. He is merely his frustration in his own way.

    This forum provides true believers to express themselves and to vent now and again out of frustation. Thank God for such a venue.

    I am old enough to be a father to many of you & I only wish I was able to vent my concerns, frustrations and opinions to other true bruin fans in my day. I have cheering for the B’s since 1962 and have been fortunate enough to see them win 2 Cups. I know that I speak from experience here when I say that we all are frustrated with the team this year. It only shows how dedicated we are to being true and loyal fans. What true fan of the B’s would not be frustrated this year? We go from the best to average with practically the same team. I have seen this for many of year and I have learned to cope with. This forum provides such relief.

    Comparing the past frustration to the present I do see a discernible difference – Chia. He is more dedicated to bringing a cup to boston than was Sinden. You have got to me that. It’s a no brainer.

    We have to trust in Chia now – we are on the verge, believe it or not, of something good. All the parts, save for a few, are there. Believe you me, that has not always been the case.

    Having stated that, I don’t think that Chia should sell the farm to acquire Kovalchuk. Nothing is guaranteed in this game and I would not under any circumstances trade away our 1st round picks. We need to develop our players much the same way the Av’s of the past and the current NYI are doing. Kovalachuk is a short term fix that may or may not parlay into a Cup. Once developed, our young players will be the centrepiece of a dynasty that we have dreamed of since 1972.

    So cut Conway some slack and continue to show your support and never falter from that. It’s tormenting & extremely frustrating at times, but I sincerely believe that we are progressing on the right track and with the help of Chia and Neely we will build a winner that will make us prouder to be B’s fans than we are now. It CAN happen. It did in the 1970’s and but for some self-discipline at that time, the B’s could and should have been a dynasty then. Believe me when I say that there is no better feeling in the world than seeing your team win the Cup!! We are making progress and by so doing it will happen!!

    Keep the faith!!

  53. someangryguy says:

    damn you lucic! twice he could have went with carkner and provided a spark for the team and maybe get them to play with a little emotion… but no. thats this years bruins for you, skate around with no heart and take a beating without pushing back. glad i wasted my holiday afternoon watching these heartless fucks get their asses handed to them again!

  54. pearson says:

    dear mr. julien,

    recchi -krecji – satan
    paille -bergeron- wheeler
    lucic -hamill – marchand
    thornton -sobotka – weller

    chara – mcquaid
    stuart – penner
    boychuck – wozniewski

    Sit a bunch of players, call up some talent from prov, put looch down on the 3rd.

    This team needs a wake up call and its not gonna happen if you keep playing the same strategies game after game.

    Rask gets the starts for the next 3, and then we will see how bad timmy wants it against buffalo, and against his competition on team usa.


    ps. remember the slogan from last year? “we want it”…? well, the fans do. not so sure about the team however.

  55. Kurt says:

    When does Chia pull the trigger????????

  56. Kurt says:

    News flash….Wheeler is not far off his pace from last year. I would not trade this guy. So many of the Bruins over achieved last year and I would not put him in that category.

  57. RealBsfan says:

    Pearson, thats all good in theory but that means calling up 5 players from Providence and healthy scratching about the same. They would obviously then be over the roster limit. Use your head.

  58. willisss says:

    dear pearson,

    just because your no name provi guys are putting up numbers in your nhl10 dynasty, does not mean they’re any good in real life…

    • Pearson says:

      Dear mr willis

      inmy nhl10 dynasty wideman and ryder score alot, rask isnt so good, and the entire team runs differant gameplans pretty well.

      Therefore im aware its hard to compare the game to life.

  59. TOPICKS4LIFE says:

    For another opinion on Kovy, I’d rather see us go for him in the offseason. Honestly guys, I think most of us are still riding off last years accomplishments. And dumping half our team into a retal wont solve anything. I say we keep Torontos picks, and just make some minor trades at the deadline with the later picks (minor as a 30-40 goal scorer that wont take to acquire as much as kovy.)

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