Wideman being shopped?

According to Joe Haggerty of CSNNE.com, the Bruins are quietly speaking to teams about Dennis Wideman.  While Wideman may be an attractive target for some teams, his stock is probably at the lowest it will ever be, especially because of his inconsistent play this season. Here is what Haggerty’s column said:

Heard whispers that the Bruins have quietly shopped Dennis Wideman while discussing potential trades to upgrade themselves at the defenseman position heading into the March 3 trade deadline. Not shocking given Wideman’s nearly $4 million cap hit going forward and his increasingly sporadic play this season, but it will be tough for the B’s to find themselves a taker. Could Wideman and Blake Wheeler be packaged into a deal without Toronto’s No. 1 pick for Ilya Kovalchuk should the Bruins decide to take a flyer on the Russian rental? Not out of the realm of possibility at all, but that’s a lot for a Rent-A-Russian.


10 Responses to Wideman being shopped?

  1. Winston says:

    About time !!! Every time he was on the ice last night the Sharks had a scoring chance, it’s like walking on egg shells with this guy. Give his playing time to Johnny B. Anyone with a slapshot like his needs to be on the power play not Wide-net-wideman !!! Please let this be true !!

  2. Gcole says:

    lol a rent-a-russian. i think we need to wait for everyone to come back, let them get back to form, make the playoffs, see what happens, and draft someone good with torontos pick and maybe make a minor trade for another winger. this team is good, just injury plagued. kovalchuk seems like a greedy bastard asking for 10 or 11 million per season, tell him to go shove it and play if russia if hes that much of a selfish asshole to only think of himself and how much money he can make. he would be like a kessel… except really good haha… and twice the price..

  3. backbruin says:

    There is nooooooooooooooooooooo way we do that unless we can sign him…nooooooooooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  4. psands says:

    don’t see the point, did people forget about last year that fast? this guy put up great numbers, was solid defensively and always played hard.

    give me wideman over morris any day, atleast i know wideman can play at a high level without chara. morris has been terrible the last few years, and if our plan is to have him replace wideman, i guarantee you he will ask for too much money, and then play like shit like he did with the coyotes.

    i might be one of the few guys who still has faith in wideman on this site, but this guy is a real talent, and to trade him now when he has no value is so dumb. this guy can still play, he is still young, it’s not like he is the first guy ever to have a bad year.

    he is still on pace to put up decent numbers this year. if pc wants to trade anyone, start with ryder.

    but while we are on the subject, what about bieksa for wideman, both are struggling, similar contracts, and all that. bieksa is injured but it is a freak injury and he should be back before the end of the year.

    i still hate the idea of giving up on wideman, but just thought i would throw out a name.

    • Bruins says:

      completely agree. not only was he awesome last year, but he was great the year before that as well. as much as it is perplexing how poor he’s played this year, everyone will have bad years.

      if they were to trade him now, his value would be at an all-time low, so im not for it at all.


      he had a great first half he sucked the second half and he sucked during the playoffs

  5. Pearson says:

    Im at the baby bs ame as we speak and hamill looks real sharp… Id like to see him with the big boys

  6. jimmy50 says:

    Ok here is my solution. Whenever Satan has the puck, making 700,000, just pretend it’s Kovalchuk making 7,000,000.

  7. Peter says:

    If wideman is part of a deal for Kavalchuk, Make the deal. wideman is a samll semi skilled defenceman not built for the grind of playoff hockey. We cannot win with him. If we get the chance to get kovalchuk with him as part of a package “do it” an do wahtever you can to sign Kovalchuk to a multi year deal. Overall I am not a fan of the Russian hockey player because of their history of greed and lack of interest to perform on a consistent basis, but the three players I have watched the past few years who come to play from this country are Malkin, Ovechkin and Kovalchuk. He is a true sniper, superstar and game breaker, “Make the deal and do it now”.


  8. gibbz says:


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