Can’t be to Upset With the Losses

I’ll admit, I’m usually a guy who will have knee jerk reactions to games, but right now, I can’t be too upset with these losses.  The Los Angeles game was disappointing, the Anaheim game was a let down, but to win in San Jose was nice.  The loss tonight was blah.  The team sucked, but the travel schedule was rough and they were playing with half an AHL team again.  While Bergeron returned which was nice, Sturm, Bitz and Begin were out.  It was also nice to see Mark Stuart return to action after a long injury.  Hopefully Savard will be ready in the next week or two.

This team has been full of guys like Trent Whitfield, Drew Larman, Adam McQuaid, and Andy Wozniewski.  Heck, even Mark Recchi was played center.

Once this team gets healthy, which hopefully is by the winter break, they can make some noise.  We have a slim chance to catch Buffalo and maybe get a top 3 seed, but realistically, we are looking at 4-6, which is fine by me as long as we are healthy come playoffs.

Personally, I would have liked to see Zach Hamill get a chance will all the injuries, just to have some skill players, but he wouldn’t have seen a lot of ice time so I don’t see the big deal.

At the same time, I think this would have been a nice time to make a small deal for a guy like Ray Whitney if that is the direction Peter Chiarelli is leaning towards, which I don’t think is the case.  I really think he is eyeing Kovalchuk, but that’s another story.

It sucks to see such a lack of skill on this team right now, but knock on wood, we can get healthy.


5 Responses to Can’t be to Upset With the Losses

  1. bigbadbruins1 says:

    no i would worry these guys suck i hope im wrong

  2. Pete says:

    They’re going through a tough season. The puck bounces both ways. Last year everything went our way and this year it has swung back in the other direction. I would like to see a little more intensity though. I’m guessing the injury situation has curbed the hitting and fighting a bit this season. We can’t lose any more ice time.

  3. RealBsfan says:

    Hey alleged bigbadbruins fan, your stop on the bandwagon has arrived, hope you enjoyed the short ride.

  4. jimmy50 says:

    If Zach was ready he would be playing. 2010-2011 for Hamill sighting to possibly replace who at center? Bergeron, Krejci, Savard, etc…???

  5. wayne says:

    Hamill is looking more and more like a bust….if he can’t cut it in Providence…just check his stats…wtf is he gonna do against the big boys…forget him…there is a big reason he hasn’t got a sniff with the injuries the Bs have had recently….another great pick like Lars Johansson or Samuelsson or etc etc etc

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