Players who Could be had as Deadline Nears

Here are some names to keep an eye on who the Bruins could take a look at.

Ilya Kovalchuk – The prize of them all, would instantly make this team a contender.

Dion Phaneuf- The big hitter could be on his way out of Calgary, but would take a lot to get him and he has a big contract (6.5 per).  Would be a physical lineup with him, Lucic and Chara though.

Sheldon Souray- The ex-Hab and current Oiler has been rumored in a few trades.  He is having an off season, but still is good on the PP and has a booming shot.  Has 2 more years on his deal, so that could be a turn off.

Alex Tanguay- On a one year deal, is a good winger with decent finish and good hands.

Ray Whitney- A Bruin killer, he has a good shot, leadership and cup experience.  He would beef up the top line.

Owen Nolan- The old vet can still score, could be a last resort.

Keith Tkachuk- Seems like his name is always connected with the Bruins, rumored to have had a deal in place last year.

Marek Svatos- A decent scorer, nothing special.  Like Nolan, a last resort.

Slava Kozlov- The ageless winger has had some good seasons lately, and could be a nice addition.

Pavel Kubina- If Atlanta falls out of the race, could be had.  Would bolster the D.

Aaron Ward- Could be had off waivers.

Teemu Selanne- Still can snipe and is amazing on the PP.

Scott Niedermayer- Chara and him on the same line, my god!  Slim to none chances though.

Nathan Horton- Young winger will decent contract, change of scenery could do him wonders.

Dennis Seidenberg- Poor man’s Derek Morris, puck moving defender.

Jordan Leopold- Good stay at home guy.

Peter Mueller- Phoenix shopping him?

Robert Lang- Old vet could add depth.

Saku Koivu- Just to piss off Habs fans?

Alex Ponikarovsky- Big winger can score.

52 Responses to Players who Could be had as Deadline Nears

  1. jimmy50 says:

    Oh shit we lost to Ottawa we need to trade for all of the above!

  2. jimmy50 says:

    And Dion plays for “Cal-gary” as Barry Melrose would say.

  3. psands says:

    i have actually liked the last couple posts by matt, and i think these are all reasonable, but i would add penner to the list.

    those who think we don’t need to do anything and we will be fine with our own roster need to realize it the 09-10 season, not the 08-09 season.

    sometimes you need to make the move.

  4. willisss says:

    i am all for Saku Koivu. this team needs for Fins

  5. BosBrn77 says:

    With Chicago needing to make cap room, I think Sharp, Barker and maybe Sopel could be had…. for the right price.

  6. vince_m says:

    Pick up Ward from the waivers. Trade Widemam, prospect and a 2nd for Phaneuf. Bitz, Wheeler and Bruins 1st (not from Toronto) in 2010 for Horton.

    In the summer we can put together a package for Kovalchuk.

    Just a thought, would Ottawa think of trading Spezza?

  7. mook says:

    NO WARD!!! are you guys fucked? stop talking about him…who’s next? axelsson?

  8. backbruin says:

    hey vince, never mention ward’s name again because it makes you look really dumb!!

    ward..ward..ward..ward…my god are you serious when that thougt enters your brain?!

    the d isnt the problem are golaies have let in some soft one’s and are offense is stagnant!!

    “ya let’s get Ward” wow that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard!

  9. Willy says:

    Kovalchuck and Poni are the only ones who interest me.

  10. Willy says:

    I’d try to get Plekanec from Montreal.

  11. mook says:

    plkanec is a pivot, we’ve got three of those…

  12. Vince_M says:

    YEAH!! Let’s get Axe!!

  13. Bruins says:

    why would anyone want another center? we have three first line guys in bergeron, savard, and krejci. we also have two great energy guys in sobotka and begin.

    for the rest of the team, goalies are obviously set. i think our defense is set too. sure, wideman has been awful, but with boychuk’s emergence we have a very nice defence core with all of the necessary attributes: size, skill, toughness, puck movers, shut-down guys.

    where we are lacking is on the wings. lucic is hard to evaluate because of the injuries, but when healthy he’s our best bet for the top line. he creates space for others and can keep up offensively. sturm and recchi are ideal second line wingers. wheeler is more of a second line guy at this stage of his career as well. paille is a great checking line guy. ryder is playing like a fringe ECHLer right now, but even at his best, he’s a second liner. although bitz is looking bad lately, he can be a servicable fourth liner. thornton can be good in a reduced role.

    obviously, we need a top line talent. this doesnt mean we have to blow our load for kovalchuk. it just means we need to get a guy who can put the puck in the net off of a savard feed. the guy that comes to mind is nathan horton. young, reasonable contract and could be even better than advertised as he’s playing with no one in florida. for cap issues, if we manage to somehow unload ryder, the contracts cancel out. we have alot of picks and prospects to get it done.

  14. Kurt says:

    Hey can we trade the whole team for all of those guys?

  15. Gcole says:

    Ryder, hamill, colbourne for nathan horton.
    sturm, ference, pick for ray whitney and aaron ward.
    i know defense isnt the problem, but you cant say ference is better than ward.

  16. North B says:

    I like the Ponikarovsky idea, he is 6’4 220 lbs, not really tough but solid with decent hands.. Could play the left side with Krejci and Wheeler or with Looch and Savard and provide the skilled pivots with two big wingers that bang..

    Send a couple of fine hookers over to Burke’s hotel room some night, that should be enough..


    Ward was a huge part of this team and he worked great with chara. WARD A HUGE PART OF THE LOCKER ROOM LAST YEAR ITS SOMETHING THAT WHERE MISSING THIS YEAR.


    and he would be cheap to get

  19. vince_m says:

    Man, I mention getting Ward and I am called stupid and dum. But it sure seems like more and more people are mentioning it but then nothing is said.

  20. bigbadbruins1 says:

    dont worry vince i got your back but were going to need a hell of lot more then ward but i hear u

  21. Birdman2403 says:

    I’m with ya Vince. I like Ward…..if we get him for nothing. Sit Ference, no problem !

  22. ELWOPPO says:

    rolling….rolling……. rolling down the standings! Savard, Sturm HELP! Chia pull the trigger on a sniper for fuck sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. backbruin says:

    yup let’s do it let’s get Aaron Ward, that should solve everything shouldn’t it!!! Once he gets here we can sing kumbaya in the dressing room and they can wash each other’s back after practise!!!that should help this team win games…screw goal scorers, Aaron Ward will turn it all around for us…

    pathetic listen to yourselves…ridiculous

    • Gcole says:

      well if you read what i said, i wasnt saying just get him and everythings fine. carolina put him on waivers a while ago, and he was good with us, and wouldnt you be willing to get rid of ference for ward?

  24. psands says:

    dreger of tsn had a good article saying edmonton is going to be major sellers, and are looking for a big rebuild.

    penner anybody?

  25. willisss says:

    morris, chara, leafs #1 pick for hal gill

    • Mark Mowers says:

      No. Big Preems instead. Next all we need is “Yorkie” and myself to come out from coaching high school girls hockey. Julien is Dave Lewis in disguise,

  26. vince_m says:

    Why don’t we just go out and get Kessel?? He could be the sniper we are looking for.


    Earlier I had posted with trades and a pick up. Phaneuf, Ward and Horton.

    If we can’t get Kovy (and I don’t think we should sell the farm or team for him) we could look at Penner,

  27. mook says:

    kumbaya my lord…kumbaya!

    love it.

    hey can we f-off with this ward talk? how about kyle mclaren? nick “future captain of the bruins” boynton? jiri slegr? he’s on a shit team…that’s why he’s not in the nhl…

    we have snipers. average snipers, but still snipers. at the moment, we have no centres to get them the puck. another issue is transition; our defense isn’t doing a good job clearing the zone…hence the talk about agile defensemen. not slow-ass, burger-eating 40 year olds.

    want kessel back? what’s he doing for the leafs these days? jack. shit. why? noone to get him the puck. just relax, once everyone gets up to speed, we’ll be fine. the olympic break will do the whole team some good…and then it’s lights-out.

    who is the sniper for the isles? matt moulson? yeah, i’m sure he’s doing it all himself. let’s trade the farm for him.

  28. sean says:

    shane doan is the only name i’ve heard that i would make the trade for…he is a physical goal scorer that won’t require an assload in return…put him on a line with savard and you’ll see production guaranteed

  29. Birdman2403 says:

    Why Larman ???? I don’t get it. Another 4th line grinder player. Why not Hamill, Arneil, Marchand….someone who possibly has an offensice side ?? And who one day may play for the B’s on a regular basis. Stupid waste of a call-up in my opinion ! Whitfield last time, now this ??????????

  30. psands says:

    i dont think the coyotes want to move doan now, their captain, when the coyotes are finally having a good year.

    hamill has disappointed in the ahl, he does not deserve a call up, marchand is injured still and arneil would not fill the need for the call up.

  31. mook says:

    backes please.

  32. willisss says:

    mark recchi’s words….and i quote:

    ” we need more trent whitfield’s and brad marchands in this team”

    i think he may be slipping in his old age

  33. mook says:

    he’s saying that because they work their asses-off…which cannot be disputed.

    that’s what wheeler did last year, this year he’s taking it easy. the same can be said for half the team (wideman, ryder, etc etc)

  34. mook says:

    TSN: Georges Laraque will not play another game with the Montreal Canadiens.

    General manager Bob Gainey contacted him Thursday morning and told him that head coach Jacques Martin didn’t had any confidence in him anymore and the team believes they can win without the enforcer in the lineup. The club does not intend to play him for the rest of the season and will buy him out at the end of the 2009-10 campaign.

    • Gcole says:

      haha awesome good for that useless goon. now we can say that if hes not good enough to play in the league, why should lucic bother fighting that monkey

  35. psands says:

    Laraque can’t skate, but would it not be kind of cool if we signed to a very cheap contract next year, 450,000 and had him only dress against the habs.

    im sure we would not do that, but it would be funny.

    recchi’s comment makes sense too, whitfie.ld is not very skilled but he brings gives his all every night, same with marchand

    anyways this team needs a shakeup, either via trades at the deadline or at the draft, something needs to be done.

    guys who i like that could be available, who are Bruins type guys:
    penner-has not been consistent, but we all know pc loves guys like him
    clowe- sanjose fans say they need a top four d-man for the playoffs, and clowe could be bait.
    horton-he has been in and out of the trade rumor talks for a while now.
    sharp- the hawks need to dump salary but they would not move sharp, if at all, until after the season.

    a guy i love but probably is not available is backes, he is awesome, but i can’t see the blues moving him.

  36. MURNL says:

    The best solution for this team right now is a guy like Ray Whitney,he brings top notch skills to our top/2nd line.Our defense is fine, Wideman turns the puck over too much no doubt but come on guys he is a very good offensive minded dman having a bad year. He still has half a year to turn it around before the playoffs.I like the Aaron Ward idea, great dressing room guy and puts it all on the ice every night.

  37. JRy says:

    Ok the bruins need a goal scorer not defence…. They need a guy they can send out with a minute left down by one and ur confident he can get it done….right now that guy is Marco sturm haha….although very unlikely the bruins shud look into a package giving up slot beside Joe colbourne and the toronto number one
    and TRADE TIM THOMAS….I was at the game Monday and that was pathetic and tuukka is better.

  38. JRy says:

    Alot* not slot ha

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