Best Bruins Moves This Decade

10) Trading Phil Kessel to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a two 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick.
People may be shocked about this one, but it could end up being the Hershel Walker trade of the NHL.  The Toronto pick has the potential to be a top 3 pick that could change this Boston franchise around.  The other two picks also have a lot of potential.  While Kessel is a good player, he isn’t elite talent.  Granted it may be premature to call this a good move, it could at some point move up in the list.

9) Signing Blake Wheeler to an entry level deal from the Phoenix Coyotes.
Wheeler was a former 5th overall pick who refused to sign the Coyotes because they were not a traditional hockey market.  After losing out on the Fabian Brunnstrom sweepstakes, the B’s looked to sign Wheeler.  The signing on Wheeler was not only significant because he had a lot of potential to be a very good player, but it showed a new organizational philosophy and that players actually wanted to play in Boston.  Wheeler ended up as a Calder contender and has shown flashes of brilliance.

8 ) Acquiring Marty Reasoner, Yan Stastny, and a 2nd round pick (Milan Lucic) from the Edmonton Oilers for Sergei Samsonov.
In what looked to be just another sellers move, the Bruins capitalized on the 2nd round pick they acquired from the Edmonton Oilers.  They drafted hard hitting power forward Milan Lucic who has become a fan favorite and best power forwards in the league.

7) Acquiring Brad Boyes and Andy Delmore in a 3 way trade with the San Jose Sharks and the Buffalo Sabres for Jeff Jillson.
Boyes became a steal for the Bruins, posting 69 points and 26 goals in his first season while working magic with Patrice Bergeron.  He suffered a sophmore slump, and was dealt to the St. Louis Blues for Dennis Wideman.  Boyes went on to to have 43 and 33 goal seasons with the Blues.

6) Acquiring Glen Murray and Jozef Stumpel from the Los Angeles Kings for Jason Allison and Mikko Eloranta.
The B’s dealt disgruntled captain Jason Allison to the Kings for Muzz and Stump.  Muzz worked magic with Joe Thornton and scored 44 goals and 92 points one season.  He scored 24 or more goals all but one season for the rest of his career with the B’s.  Stumpel was a very good player with the B’s, scoring 54 points in 72 games with the B’s and then 51 in 74 before being dealt back to LA.

5) Signing Tim Thomas from Finland, then later signing him to a 3 year, 3.3 million dollar deal.
At the time it went unnoticed, but Thomas filled in for the injured Bruins goalies and played very well.  The Bruins were surprised when he was called up that he was not claimed on waivers.  MOC, then about to be axed, rewarded him with a three year contract extension.  People hated it at the time, but Thomas has gone on to win the Vezina and be one of the top 10 goalies in the league.

4) Acquiring Sergei Gonchar and Michael Nylander from the Washington Capitals for Shaone Morrisonn, a 1st round pick, two 2nd round picks, and a 4th round pick.
This was actually two separate deals, but they were essentially one.  This deal may be high for some people in this list, but this was the type of deal that could have really helped the B’s.  They had a very deep team in 2003-04, and could have made damage had they not choked to Montreal in the playoffs.  The B’s could have also re-signed these guys.  This was the last aggressive trade the B’s have made and they acquired two great players.

3) Acquiring Tuukka Rask from the Toronto Maple Leafs for Andrew Raycroft.
This one looks to be a steal for the B’s.  Although Razor won the Calder, he had been struggling and it was clear he was not a number one goalie.  The Leafs, having two young goalies in Rask and Justin Pogge, dealt Rask to the B’s.  Rask has shown he is the top young goalie in the league and looks to have the stuff to be an elite netminder for the B’s in the years to come.

2) Signing Marc Savard to a 4 year, 20 million dollar deal; 7 year, 28.05 million dollar deal.
People were skeptical of this signing at first, sighting he only put up numbers with Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk as linemates, but Savard has proved to be a magician with the puck, and has the 2nd most assists since signing his deal only behind Joe Thornton.  Savard is a top 3 passer in this league.  He also had and will have one of the most cap friendly deals in the league for a player of his caliber.

1) Signing Zdeno Chara to a 5 year, 37.5 million dollar deal.
The new face of the franchise.  He was one of the best free agents to ever hit the market post lockout and the Bruins got him.  He has been a Norris finalist and won it once.  He turned what was once an awful defense to one of the best in the NHL.  Chara was the next phase as an elite defenseman in Boston following Bobby Orr, and Ray Bourque.


41 Responses to Best Bruins Moves This Decade

  1. jimmy50 says:

    If the Bs make a stanley cup run in the near future and the Sharks continue to have early exits in the playoffs that “JOE” trade could easily switch lists. Time will tell.

  2. psands says:

    good read, depending on who we draft the kessel trade could move to the number 1 spot.

    btw, i am done worrying about the Bruins and what they will or wont do. all i really care about is seeing them win. sometimes i think we all get to wrapped up in the trade talk.

    the team is not that bad this year, and they have had a cruel amount of injuries. the point of this forum is to talk to other die hard Bruins fans, not bitch and complain about everything that goes wrong for the Bruins. i have been doing this to much, and it is making me miserable.

    all that matters is i believe in our front office and PC, and i know whatever he does will help the team.

    in PC we trust, he is in control, and i am grateful for that.

  3. Birdman2403 says:

    I agree psands…I too am to bitter. So, here’s to the B’s starting a…let’s say 5 game win streak tomorrow afternoon !

    B’s 5 Ott 2….Timmy very good and Wheeler with a pair !

  4. bigbadbruins1 says:

    u guys are dreaming there all bums i hope im wrong at this point there lucky they make playoffs like i said i hope im wrong

    • mook says:

      you sound like a leaf fan…

      i’d better not see you with a big hard-on after the bruins win 3 straight or something.

      you’re a loser, why post if you’re just going to say how shit they are over and over again? doesn’t that make you…a habs fan?

      (cue the “i’ve been a bruins fan since you’ve been in diapers” speech)

  5. jimmy50 says:

    Quick glance at the Eastern Conference Standings. As of today for the 8 teams currently in playoff position the Bruins have the MOST OT losses and have the least amount of games played at 49. Once healthy scoring will improve to eliminate OT games and get more regulation Wins and eventually we will play those “make up” games to obtain additional points. No need for PC to hit the panic button just yet.

  6. Kurt says:

    I think this team could still do some damage as presently constituted. I do still think that we have to try to get Kovi. We could go through 20 drafts and not find a player like him. When is the last time we drafted a player like him? Maybe 13 drafts ago with Joe Thorton???

  7. Andy says:

    I’ll be honest w/ you guys. I don’t see Chara being the #1 best deal. It was a good deal and he has been a Norris finalist and winner. Here’s the thing that most people don’t recognize. He is not a “put this team on my back and lead” type of player, like an Ovechkin, Iginla, Staal, Lidstrom, or even Toews. I think that is one area where this team is lacking. This team just has too many uninspired, lack of confidence, and downright shitty performance games. Leadership is about guys who say “F that” and say I am going to take it upon myself to get this team’s head out of their arse.

    I also think that PC & Co. are trying to do things the right way, but unfortunately, the moves keep backfiring (Sturm, Ryder, Wideman). I think this team’s problems are not going to be simply solved by a Kovy deal. They need more fire & passion, in addition to goal-scoring. They need to take it to teams, instead of having it be the other way around. I don’t have a simple solution for it, but unless this team starts playing w/ more grit & passion, the playoff chances are going to fade very quickly…

  8. SouthPark says:

    Couldn’t agree more Andy. What the hell happened to last year’s in your face, stand-up for each other, all for one and one for all mentality? This team, even when relatively healthy this year, lacks grit, determination, passion and has completely lost its swagger.

  9. Conway says:

    The most frustrating thing about this year is the fact that the B’s can be a dominating force. It is the inconsistency that has frustrated everyone. It’s not that they are bad, it’s that there are inconsistent. Granted injuries play a huge part, but can’t and should not be used as a crutch for lack of effort and grit. I only hope that we do make the playoffs and the real B’s actually show up. That being the case, we will definitely turn some heads and our bandwagon will be full once again.

  10. backbruin says:

    Last in offense in the NHL, and your not worried about this team…That goes to show how well are goalies have played for us to be in a playoff spot, and are penalty kill etc.. For you people who love watching us look like the next year will be the year i ahve this to say….It won’t be until we get a marquis player to take us over the hump..we don’t have that at this time. Look back on the last oh i don’t know 30 cups and tell me they didn’t have that leader to get them there?!?

    The draft picks mean nothing if the player doesnt play to his hype…and in a higher percentage amount of cases they don’t…


    He would be our saviour!

    don’t kid yorselves with oh no we may lose wheeler and stuart..bahahahahaha are you that blind..really….realllllly!!!wow

    • psands says:

      kovalchuk has not won anything in his career, he would not be our savior.

      i would love to have him like you, but i know pc is gonna make the right moves either way.

      i am not going to worry about it anymore.

  11. bigbadbruins1 says:

    hey mookie cookie whatever your fag name is you know why i talk like that cause i tell it how it is u fucken homos oh the injuries oh this oh that excuse after excuse shut the fuck up me a leaf fan dont u ever call me a leaf fan u son of a bitch u should be a leaf fan with all your lame excuses i bleed black and gold mother fucker dont u ever forget that bitch and them winning 3 in a row oh please dont win i hope they win 12 in a row u dumb fuck

  12. Kurt says:

    In Pittsburg take away Evgeni Malkin and do they even win that cup. Just because Ovechkin hasn’t won a cup wouldn’t you want him on your team???

  13. backbruin says:

    Wow i’m shocked, we allowed a goal with less then a minute in the period..I bet you we have allowed more goals in the last minute of a period then we have scored this year..pathetic!!!

    And oh another shocker, we didn’t score that period same old story, same old stle, same old bruins.

    psands please as a fellow Bruins fan to another zip it….You obviously are in your bruins bubble and have no idea what your talking about…I respect other’s opinions but you really don’t think adding a 50 goal scorer won’t help that much…I guess when we added Neely That didn’t help that much huh….naaaaa a 50 goal scorer won’t help the 30th ranked off in the league, how could he….

    We look pathetic out there right now and myself want my team to make the playoffs this year!!!we lose most games by a goal or in shootouts so you dont think a 50 goal scorer would help this team???

    ahahahahah so ludicrous…..honestly psands you are missing the boat here and before you respond i would like you to really think what your saying…

    What have Atlanta won, do you think that’s kovalchuk’s fault..hahahahahahahahahahahaha wrong thing to say my freind!

    • psands says:

      yea your i am an idiot, just because i am realistic i am an idiot.

      what is your package to get kovalchuk? then try to figure it out cap wise with an extension for next year so he fits under without giving up a shit load of key assets and i will call myself an idiot.

      you still dont understand that hockey has a salary cap.

      i would love kovalchuk, but it is going to be very hard to fit him in, without making the team all about him.

      p.s. calm down…im pissed too.

  14. backbruin says:

    And there’s the fkn difference, Widemen set up perfectly and misses the fkn net and ottawa comes right down and scores from the exact same spot!!!

    tired of it!!widemen should be in the press box immediately, do you hear me PC now you idiot!!


      what are you talking about i hope wideman plays and get a carer ending injury so we dont have to pay his sorry ass.

    • bruins4eva says:

      what are you talking about….the puck was deflected to the corner….you moron…and if u also recall he made a nice play to set up the second goal….that was disallowed…the problem is not wideman…WE NEED FUCKING GOAL SCORING

  15. TOPICKS4LIFE says:

    so question. i guess its been answered by the call on the ice but shouldnt that goal of counted? i mean recchi kicked it, but elliot touched it with his skate…

  16. Birdman2403 says:

    I tried to give them the benefit today….but I have fucking had it !!!

    What a useless fucking effort AGAIN !! Injury bug, who fucking cares ! The guys that are playing are playing with no desperation AT ALL ! Chara is a 6’9″ piece of gutless shit ! Hit someone for fuck sakes ! Lucic, last year would take a game over with a hit or fight. This year skate aaround and collect more $$$$

    This is a 12th place team right now !! I hate the Leafs however, they at least compete every night !!

    Can’t wait for Claude’s post game interview. ” Well we tried and just didn’t get it done tonight” Fuck Off !!

    I love the B’s and wish them luck….but enough is enough !!

  17. bigbadbruins1 says:

    hey cookie to win three in a row u have to win ONE FIRST U FUCKEN DUMMY MOOK FAGGOT from now on your name is cookie cause u sound like a real fag

    • willisss says:

      that does not make sense

      • ELWOPPO says:

        ur fucken face doesnt make sense! I dont even know u and i dont like u Willisss!! U fucken fairy! EH BigBadBruins i got ur back i say we find Willisss and mook and give them a good old fashion ass whooping “BRUINS STYLE”!!!!!!! And mattg ur a fucken faggot too! Smart ass little bitch!!!!!

  18. Conway says:

    Geezus – what does it take for this team to play with a bit of passion, energy and emotion? I kid you not, my 80 year old grandma is more spirited than the Bruins and hits a lot harder too.

    With 32 games left and playing the way we are now, I say we go 8-16 and 8 and finish with 78 points if we are lucky. What a god-awful pathetic effort. At least if we are to lose, play with some emotion, start a fight – anything is better than watching our ‘watch the paint dry’ effort.

    After today’s effort I wonder if there is something more wrong with the B’s than there appears. Locker-room attitude? Who knows. Something is definietely wrong – the team concept is dysfunctional. I bet you the P-Bruins can put up a better effort.

    I ca put up with the losing if the effort and commitment is there. It is totally unacceptable otherwise. Tank the season boys – tank it – it is just as well and probably would be the best play you made all year.

  19. willisss says:

    3 up…more then 3 down:


    – paille is on fire
    – that asian chick behind cluade still gets season tickets
    – my NESHL team actually won a game


    – i have to go to a girlfriends family party instead of singing karaoke at the bar
    – the bruins power play
    – dennis wideman
    – is morris still alive?
    – injuries
    – this can go on…but im going to stop

    – my phone keeps fucking shutting off for no reason
    – calling mook cookie because i am a big fan of cookies…and i didnt know that cookies were a direct link to gay sexual orientation
    – the bruins negative bandwagon bus was too full and i have to wait for the next one
    – with a habs win…well..we all know.
    – the band creed

  20. mook says:

    cookie is slang for poon tang…delicious.

    ok who will we trade away now? maybe bergeron…he can’t even take faceoffs anymore 😉

    hey BBB1, i can barely understand what you are saying dude, take it easy. the facts are what they are…this many injuries to top players will affect a team…period.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Bidbadbruins is just fed up like the rest of us! He’s absolutly right though you cant keep blaming are shitty play because of injuries! THE TEAM STINKS………plain and simple! 50 games into the season and we still cant get our shit together?? COME ON GUYS! FACE IT WERE DONE! Chia has only two options right now, tank the season and build on next year (cuz we aint doing shit even if we make playoffs) Or make a big trade to strengthen the team!!!!!!!!! Cuz right now the leafs and canes are playing better hockey than us right now!!!!!!!!

  21. Peter says:

    Conway, could’nt agree more with your comments, this effort like many before it was pathetic. Even if we get everyone who is injuried back tomorrow this team still cannot score(remember the first of the year and two years ago) things are not going to change much. To many players on this team don’t compete hard night in and night out. I think something else is going on as well. Is this team fed up with Claude Juliens coaching style? Defense is critical but you have to work hard in the other end of the rink and someone has to be a sniper to score in this style of hockey. the bruins do not have scoring. If you recall Julien got fired in New Jersey and Montreal much the same way where teams were so committed to defense the scoring went to shit and these teams began to lose and everyone got fed up just like what’s happening now. If things keep going this way folks, we are all going to be disappointed again. How much suffering are we going to have to take. For christ sake P.C. make a move this team expects and needs a shake up


  22. bigbadbruins1 says:

    what u talking bout willlisss and elwoppo u got it right on i dont like telling off fellow bssss fans but shit come on tell it how it is enough of the excuses

  23. Pearson says:

    Im not suggesting a rash move just because we are losing, but pc needs to get someone in here, and fast. As far as im concerned, the signing of chara a couple years back is so similar to what needs to be done with kovie. If his cost is high you deal with it and build around him.

    Right now, offensively, who are they building around? Savard? Eh. Dont get me wrong, savard is flippin’ amazing, but lets get him people ti give it to. Kovalchuck is just that.

    With this losibg streak we can finally start to see that these guys arent the weaponry needed to win a cup. You need stars, not nessasarily this “depth” that we think we have.

    Sorry for the long post, but im still here excited for the team to show up and put some points into the standings and show us what they really have.

  24. willisss says:

    it makes perfect sense for elwoppo and bigbadbruins1 to buddy up.

    playoff hockey it a differnt story. once we get in ( because we are) your going to see a differnt team.

  25. bigbadbruins1 says:

    wow u think there going to do something in the playoffs wow and im the one that doesn’t make sense well we agree on one thing we want to see them make the playoffs key word make the playoffs and leave elwoppo out of this this between me and u

  26. Kurt says:

    Trade Chara, Ryder and our first pick. That frees up enough cap to resign Kovi and still pick up a waiver wire defensemen. Chara although a really good d-man has never played like a 7.5 million dollar player. And with his size he should be crushing people. I feel that Kovi would offer the team more in the long run. I assume most of the people on this forum have played hockey in leagues and know the inherent value to having a guy you know is going to score no matter who your playing. That really boosts a team especially in the bad times.

  27. backbruin says:

    hey bruins 4eva, have you read my posts you moron..ya i think i know we need a goal scorer….and clearing cap space wouldn’t be that difficult if you read a prior post it was broken down!!!

    psands tell me how ere going to put the puck in the net…i would love to here this…oh wait we should get ward back….maybe we can sign another 40 year old, that should get us to teh playoffs!!!

    whatever it takes if he doesnt sign with atlanta i get it done!!i dont understand the cap dilema fk off man!!


  28. backbruin says:

    Around 13 losses by 1 goal including ot. kovy has 30 and missed 5-6 front load his contact and get rid of a few million and walla, you have at least 6 more wins and were in third place overall…Please stop it with who will we trade and the cap issue because we can do both without selling the farm!

  29. bigbadbruins1 says:

    backbruin tell it how it is see no excuses backbruin i agree not like these other morons

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