The B’s Picks aka Only Thing Going for This Team

1st (Toronto)
2nd (Toronto)
2nd (Tampa Bay)
4th* (conditionally to Buffalo if Paille scores 16 or more goals)

1st (Toronto)
2nd (Minnesota)


57 Responses to The B’s Picks aka Only Thing Going for This Team

  1. ELWOPPO says:

    I realized the problem with this shitty team! We need some ITALIANS up in this bitch! Make a trade for Luongo,Cogliano and Modano! Than bring in Cammilari! Than replace Julian with John Tortorella! THAN WATCH! This team needs some heart! PS bring in Phil Espo as assistant coach too!!

  2. Mark Mowers says:

    This team needs to fire Julien . The players don’t play for him anymore. It’s Dave Lewis all over again. Dump and change too many men penalties and no offensive creativity

  3. Kurt says:

    Trade Chara, Ryder and our first pick. That frees up enough cap to resign Kovi and still pick up a waiver wire defensemen. Chara although a really good d-man has never played like a 7.5 million dollar player. And with his size he should be crushing people. I feel that Kovi would offer the team more in the long run. I assume most of the people on this forum have played hockey in leagues and know the inherent value to having a guy you know is going to score no matter who your playing. That really boosts a team especially in the bad times.

  4. jimmy50 says:

    Will Kovy only being 1 player at 11 million be worth it? Bergeron Sturm Recchi line is 11 million total. The Savard Lucic combo is 11 million. The Wheeler Krecji Ryder line is around 11 million is Wheels resigns. My point being Claude won’t be able to roll 4 lines is we are top heavy with talent.

    That being said I agree that Chara isn’t 7.5 if he doesn’t play like last season every season.

  5. backbruin says:

    yes he is!!!

  6. bigbadbruins1 says:

    hey elwoppo i like your style but dont worry about those two punks i know who the true bs fans on this site is the ones who dont make excuses and say whats on their minds as for the good old ass bruin shit kicking they deserve another chance

  7. psands says:

    backbruin, i have said it a million times i would love to see the bruins sign kovalchuk in the off season. we only disagree on who to give up if we were to get him at the deadline. i think he will be a free agent, and if he is i will be disappointed if pc does not make a serious push for him.

    but seriously will you calm down, read my posts before you freak out, kovalchuk will be hard to fit in this year and it would make much more sense to get him as a free agent, from what i have heard if he does not sign with atlanta, he will test the market.

    you really need to relax though, what do you think we are going to fight online or something? try to have a normal discussion, i promise it is not that hard.

    i still think this team is good enough for the playoffs, but you have to wonder at this rate if pc wont just make big trades to free some cap, get picks and prospects and keep the toronto pick no matter what, so we can make a big splash in free agency.

    • backbruin says:

      I’m not angry at all just confused by your opinion. There Is never any anger in my posts but i do like to get my point across! It seems like you don’t think he would help us when you post and that’s just mind boggling..yes i know you say you would like him but in the same breath it sounds like you don’t? I’m just trying to say i’ve watched this kid play alot and believe you me we want him if at all possible

  8. Lever says:

    Thomas says that he see the B’s playing hard in front of him. I must be watching the wrong game!!

  9. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    Not sure if this means anything but it was a quote in the Toronto Sun this morning.

    “Somebody was talking trade Saturday in Boston. There were scouts from the Lightning, Stars, Blue Jackets and Red Wings in the building. ”

    Frustration is hitting everyone right now. I have a feeling PC will do something this week to shake this team up.

  10. Gcole says:

    is anyone else getting nervous about how lucic has done just about nothing since coming back… that fight he got into was pretty embarrassing, he got nailed on the majority of the punches, which you never see! i dont know what he has for points, but its surely nothing to be proud of. he needs to snap out of it real soon

  11. willisss says:

    i hear ya gcole..

    for the ” real fans ” if you hate the bruins so much, there are 29 other teams to cheer for. fair weather bitches. are they playing like shit? yea thats a no brainer, but does coming on here being a tough guy make you feel better about the team?

    im suppose to hate hab fans, not bruin fans. this team is making bruin fans turn on eachother. sad time for hockey

  12. backbruin says:

    No one is turning on each other we just have completely different views on how this team need to improve. And as far as turning on the team save your drama for your mama. I have always been and always will be a BOSTON BRUINS fan and that will never change, it certainly hasn’t in my last 35 years.

    What i know is; we are 30th in scoring, and yes we’ve had injuries but we were 2nd in scoring last year.

    I know are goalies have descent stas and i feel are goaltending is far from are problem..

    I know are penalty kill is #1 in the NHL so i know that is far from are problem.

    I know i have seen effort with no reward and nobody to really turn to that i know.

    I know i like Julien as are coach and feel this is far from his fault, these guys are pro’s and shouldn’t need their coach to inspire them. And whoever was the idiot that compared Julien to Dave Lewis should never be allowed on this site again.

    So to me the stand out stat that rings quite loudly is are pathetic offense. This is really a no brainer and to those who don’t see this i truly feel sorry for you and can’t understand as hockey fans how YOU would not understand this.

    We desperately need that turn to offensive threat that put’s fear in the other team. This would open up so much more for our other players to where you would see bergy,lucic,sturmy,ryder,wheeler’s stats all improve as they would have more room on the ice to get things done playing against weaker lines defensively.





    • ELWOPPO says:

      Couldnt have said it better myself backbruin!

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Yes backbruin, people are turning on each other. Mr Hero Behind a Keyboard, ELWOPPO is threatening, with the help of another Hero Behind a keyboard BBB1, to find Williss and Mook and give them a “so-called” Bruins beatdown!

        I then find it funny for ELWOPPO to reply to your post and say “Couldnt have said it better myself backbruin!” When you CLEARLY stated that nobody was turning on each other. Can you say “Hypocrit?!”

        Bottomline… these two ELW and BBB1 have a hard time getting a clue! Not one Bruins fan on here would NOT want Kovi on the team! The question is… HOW THE HELL DO THE BRUINS DO IT??!! But instead of taking a step back and reading what others are saying, they jump off the deep end and sound like 12 year olds.

        They are the reason why posters like Jefe77 and others are not on here right now. The only drama is from the “kids” on here who think, just because they can make a trade on PS3, PC should be able to do it too.

        We can sit here and be armchair GMs all we want. But the truth is…. we’re not GMs! And thankfully so!

        You add Kovi to your potential lineup… but how do we get him? We have to clear space for him, but Atlanta is NOT going to take Ryder, Wideman, or Morris in the deal. They are in the driver’s seat on this…. not the other teams!

        Honestly, to get a player like Kovalchuk, you would need to give Wheeler, Hamill, and a combination of picks and prospects. “OK? So do it” most of these Arm Chair GMs will say! Sure… but how do we fit him under the cap? How do we sign him long term when he wants 10+ mil a year??!!

        Again… all of us would like to see Kovalchuk in a Bruins jersey! Just some of us have a grip on reality knowing it would be real hard to do!

        Now I know I’m going to hear the threats from the “crew”! So what! Stop and read what some of you guys are saying! You sound like children in a school yard. This isn’t EA Sports, and not every trade on NHL10 can be done in real life. Especially when the other teams do not want useless baggage!

  13. Cap Geek says:

    How about the cap!! How do we possibly fit everyone in at $56M?

  14. MC Puck says:

    It just bothers me that from the top down, this franchise is beginning to feel lazy… I listened to an interview with Chia on the radio the other day, and the guy is so non-commital it’s disgusting, and that culture is starting to trickle down to the players.

    We need some fire on this team, Chia has to do SOMETHING to make a point that this team is not packing it up. I don’t care at this point if it’s a big deal like Kovi, or someone like Ray Whitney, I just want to see this franchise trying to get better instead of just holding pat.

    • Pearson says:

      Im tempted to say that its not pc that isnt pulling the trigger. If they got kovy for a front loaded deal jacobs would be the one paying him tons up front… But if they dont do something fast they are going to lose fans and not fill the garden

      • MC Puck says:

        I’m not placing blame on Chia or anyone. there just isn’t any urgency anywhere. and suckers like us will cheer this team on even if it sucks lol.

  15. Spector says:

    Thomas $5.0000M
    Rask $1.2500M
    Chara $7.5000M
    Wideman $3.9375M
    Hunwick $1.4500M
    Bergeron $4.7500M
    Ryder $4.0000M
    Krecji $3.7500M

  16. Spector says:

    Thomas $5.000000M
    Rask $1.250000M
    Chara $7.500000M
    Wideman $3.937500M
    Hunwick $1.450000M
    Bergeron $4.750000M
    Ryder $4.000000M
    Krecji $3.750000M
    Sturm $3.500000M
    Savard $4.007142M
    Lucic $4.083333M
    Bitz $0.687500M

    TOTAL $43.915475M committed to 12 players.


    Schaeffer $0.766667M
    Eaves ($0.41667M)

    TOTAL CAP HIT (12 PLAYERS & BUYOUTS) $44.640475m

    Assuming the cap does not change, then we have $12.159525 left to sign 3 defensemen and 5 forwards.

    The 3 D in my opinion would be Stuart ($2.5M), Boychuk ($1M) and McQuaid ($0.75). This assumes of course that the above salaries are negotiated. This now raises our cap hit to $48.890475M.

    Again assuming negotiated salaries, the forwards, excluding Kovalchuk, would be Sobotka ($0.9M), Marchand ($0.6M), Paille ($1.5M) and either Satan ($1M), Recchi ($1M) or Hamill ($0.7875M). Being conservative and therefore going with the 4 lowest amounts, the 4 forwards would cost $3.7875M, i.e., Sobotka, Marchand, Paille and Hamill.

    TOTAL CAP HIT TO DATE = $52.677975.

    This means that we would have to sign Kovalchuk to a contract whereby the cap hit would be $4.122025M.

    I know for a fact that I am not no flaming Einstein, but how in the name of Allah can we fit Kovalchuk into the equation without dumping additional salary. Bear in mind, if we dump the salary we have to replace the dumpees.

  17. backbruin says:

    You know we can try and figure out the numbers all day long and it is important, all i know is if i was the GM i would do what i had to to sign a impact player like kovalchuk no matter waht it takes!!

    Look at what Hossa went for when he was traded from atlanta. 3 bags of pucks and a first rounder!!!

    i have no problem giving our first rounder and a wheeler and a prospect !!!no problem whatsoever

    and i’m a big wheeler fan, probably more so then most of you!

    These guys are smart guys and whether they are there to make money or they are there to win kovalchuk does both for you!

  18. Einstein says:

    Albert here,

    Trade Wideman and either of Ryder or Sturm. That frees up at least $7.4375M to go with the $4.122025M for a total of $11.559525. If we can sign Kovalchuk to front-end loaded $8M cap hit, then we have $3.559525 in which to sign 1 forward and one D.

    Problem solved.

    Make it happen Chia. It CAN be done.

  19. backbruin says:

    This is what i’ve been sayin all season;

  20. backbruin says:

    i give wheeler i give hamilll i give a first rounder i lose acouple over payed bums and play my sobotka’s a bit’s on the fourth line….i make it happen whatever it takes…i would put the guarantee on us winning a cup within 2-3 years if we get this guy…fk we still have 4 1st and and 5 2nd rounders the next two years…are you kidding me….we are close but we need a pure goal scorer…plus kovy plays with a burr under his saddle and playing with looch could make for some emotional games which is what this franchise needs right now…an injection of emotion!

    • BosBrn77 says:

      No argument about an injection of emotion! They definitely need something to happen. And I agree, Kovi would help. But who takes Wideman, Ryder, Sturm, Ference, or whomever, and what do we get back? How much will the player(s) coming back make? Will it make us a one line wonder like back with Juneau, Oates and Neely?

      There are too many intangibles to even think of. Hopefully PC is looking at them all!

  21. backbruin says:

    oh by the way i guarantee a win today!!

    4-2 bruins!!

    cmon boys savy is close let’s get one!!

  22. G cole says:

    What’s the point of keeping all of this “depth” if they don’t actually do anything? We have three lines that are lucky to score a goal, so why keep all of these guys that aren’t getting the job
    done? I don’t know bout you but I would trade these bums.. Wouldn’t having one really awesome first line and building around that be better than having three crap lines?

    • BosBrn77 says:

      We don’t have three crap lines. At the beginning of the season, EVERY one of us was saying we were stacked. And this would be the year. The problem is a lack of grit. Paille said it after the game yesterday, and even Recchi is saying it. Lucic, Chara, Morris, Bitz, Wheeler…. all of them are not playing with a nasty side! That is the issue!

      They have talent on this team, but NOBODY is afraid to play with the Bruins! Savard last year in the Dallas game! Where is that heart! The team lacks heart! If you are getting your ass handed to you on the scoreboard, then hand them their asses physically!

      We subtracted two offensive players last year and only added one in return. Kessel and Kobasew out and Sturm came back!

      They have to drive to the net. Heck, they have the best PK unit in the league. So run some people and make them afraid to go back in the corners!

  23. backbruin says:

    well done Gcole i agree hole heatedly…and we will keep most of which in tact!!!

    Time we have something to cheer about!!!since neely that is!

  24. mook says:

    we should trade for ovechkin.

    wheeler, ryder, wideman, prospects and a first rounder.

    hey, if everyone else is gonna talk shit, so am i.

  25. backbruin says:

    what are you talking about mook??? you way of base here…do me a favour…go look at what some of the bigger players have went for over the years…ie; hossa and come back and make a post that doesn’t look like your 12!

    • mook says:

      that was a joke you moron. learn to spell, then tell me who shouldn’t act like a 12 year old.

      i can barely read what anyone posts anymore…i think i’m done.

      • willisss says:

        naw dude you need to stick around. your one of 4 people on this whole blog who doesn’t suck

      • backbruin says:

        learn to spell…hahahahhaha
        sorry spell check, i get to excited with the keyboard when responding to ignorant fk’s

  26. backbruin says:

    well looky looky, we just went the first once again without a goal. Against the WORDT team in the nhl we can’t score!!!against the team that ruined are run at a possible cup we can’t score a fkn goal!!!


  27. backbruin says:

    I see more goals from the mini one on one then i do from our guys!!!


  28. backbruin says:

    noooooooooooo look at my name and how many posts I’ve made…i’m a realist which i guess is why I’m Canadian!!I bleed black and gold and no the game of hockey very well…I’m like a honors student from Harvard when it comes to this game Mook!!

    we need scoring and in a hurry before we fall to far behind…you see we are all puppet’s just like PC because it all comes down to the mighty dollar.. they don’t care if we win cups, they want there seats filled…PC will be for always a company boy if he doesn’t bring in offense to this stagnant, lazy, pathetic, nonchalant offense.

    I love the bruins and it’s time you realize what it takes to win cups

  29. mook says:


    please don’t make us (Canadians) look bad. you’re an idiot.

  30. backbruin says:

    that’s it mook!!! that’s all you’ve got!!great comeback you fool,,ooops down 2 now!!!

    well we know we don’t score more then two a game so chalk up another loss!!!

    mook you blow!

    oh hold on 3-0

    fkn pathetic!!

  31. backbruin says:

    mook you need to stop posting you moron, it’s bad karma!!!!

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Honestly backbruin…… you need to read what YOU are posting! You are the one sounding immature! You make good points most of the time, but then you act like bbb1 and ELWOPPO with name calling!

      We are all pissed at the way they are playing. No need to fight amongst ourselves. We are all rooting for the same thing! Think about that!

  32. backbruin says:

    wow you know what maybe i was wrong….fk kovalchuk, the way were going we may get 1 and 2 in the draft!!!

  33. psands says:

    how about a fight? or something so i know this team somewhat cares anymore.

  34. Birdman2403 says:

    Don’t panic B’s fans, give them a chance…blah…blah..

    This team is the laughing stock of the league !

    Chara is an overpaid pylon ! You want $$ for Kovy…get rid of Thomas, Chara, Ryder, Wideman, Satan, Recchi !

    If there isn’t a move this week PC is a fucking idiot !

  35. G cole says:

    Well I’ve been watching the colts and jets game, flipped onto the bruins to see a 4-0 score, them getting hit like ten times and acting like they could care less, a great save against them…. No way in hell I’m watching this crap over the Vikings saints game which is going to be awesome

  36. Haus says:

    The Bruins may need to start looking at making a move, as a seller.

  37. Conway says:

    Finally – we have now officially hit rock bottom. I mean it cannot get any worse than this. Can It?

    I only hope that Chia does not pull the plug on Julien. He is the most consistent person we have and the scoring woes are not his fault per se. Sure he stresses D over O and they may detract from our O, but the players must take accountability.

    I sincerely hope the team has not given up on Julien and hung him out to dry. The thought has crossed my mind – it seems to follow CJ around.

    In any event a move has to be made. I say keep the following core players and a fiddler’s f–k to the rest –


    The rest are dead-from-the-neck-up anyways and will not be missed. Now if we could only acquire Edmonton’s 1st round pick we may in fact have the top 3 picks this year – Toronto & Edmonton’s and our own. Hall, Sequin and Fowler.

  38. Haus says:

    How does Boychuk suddenly become everyones favorite player? I mean, I like the guy but he is a very poor skater and ends up on his ass every shift. At best hes a number 6-7 guy in the NHL

  39. bigbadbruins1 says:

    well well what a surprise they lost again cookie and brainless willlisss shut your fucken mouths you are the dumbest on here u know nothing of hockey is it still injuries when are they going to win three in a row didnt u say that last week to me dummy u bitchs may not like how i talk and frankly i dont give a fuck if they play like shit u will hear bout it if they play good i let the whole world know im a bs fan forever but i dont make excuses like u fags they are playing like shit and the team is in trouble plain and simple backbruins elwoppo keep writing how u write u tell it how it is dont let these two morons even talk to u they are really dumb and dont know sweet fuck about hockey

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