Bruins Scoring Woes Nothing New

Since the lock-out, the Bruins have struggled to score goals.  They have had numerous offseasons to upgrade their offense, and have yet to ever do so.

The first post-lockout offseason, they Bruins had a tone of money and failed to sign ONE decent player on offense.  In 2005-06, they traded Joe Thornton and then subsequently signed Marc Savard in the offseason, but that was essentially a trade playmaker for playmaker.  They had three chances at grabbing Marian Hossa, twice via free agency and once a deadline move and failed to acquire him.  The Bruins top goal scorers whom they acquired, Michael Ryder and Marco Sturm.  No offense to them, they aren’t anything special and players who produce at their level can easily be found.  They finally got a good goal scorer in Phil Kessel, but once he emerged they had to deal him because of money issues.  Not that he is an elite scorer, but he is better than anything they have had since a young Samsonov and he was only 21.  I don’t get how they pay Michael Ryder 4 million, but Kessel can’t get 5.4 or what not.

As of today, the Bruins have the worst offense in the league, scoring only 126 goals, one less than the Carolina Hurricanes.  Once pace for 207 goals.

In 2008-09, they had the 2nd best offense in the league with 274 goals, in what is a once in a generation type of season.

In 2007-08, they had the 6th worst offense, scoring 212 goals.

In 2006-07, they had the 8th worst offense, scoring 219 goals.

In 2005-06, they had the 5th worst offense, scoring 230 goals.

So it’s gone 230, 219, 212, 274, and 207.

Last season seems more like an aberration than something to look forward to.  This team has scored over 230 goals only ONCE since the lock-out.

My point is, this isn’t the league of the trapping Devils.  You need to score to win.  Obviously this team is sound defensively, and it was shown they could score and play defense in this system, they just need talent.  No matter how much effort the Paille’s, Bergeron’s and Whitfield’s give you, at some point you need top end talent.

The B’s have had chances before to get some scorers, but didn’t want to pay the price.  Now it is time.  This is their fatal flaw, and they have pieces in place to be a good team, they just need one, two more pieces.

This is an organization that, if Ilya Kovalchuk hits the open market, has to get, regardless of price. Two 20 goals scorers is not as good as one 40.


8 Responses to Bruins Scoring Woes Nothing New

  1. goosegoose says:

    Well really we should forget getting anyone. I say at this point (and I have been patient enough) the bruins just tank the season and have 2 of the top 5 picks, then go after Illya in the off season and be a powerhouse the next 5-8 years. The Bruins are just a shitty team right now. Really no more excuses they just suck like 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. And that goal they just disallowed better count.

  2. Born to be Mild says:

    Just wanted to throw this out there – Should the B’s look to (either this year or next) trade Chara for a huge package of prospects and picks? Imagine if the B’s traded Chara to a contender (Western Conf) – what could the return be?

  3. backbruin says:

    Well i’m going to watch a real team play now and that’s my vikings!!!i’m rockin my ADP jersey and the beers are flowing..i can’t let the pathetic bruins ruin my night!!

    go vikes go

  4. North B says:

    Fuck it! Time for PC to dump salaries, pick up some prospects/picks and wait until draft day..

    I don’t want to see the same cast of dog fuckers next year..

  5. jmoney says:

    Must have been reading my comments on this site. Anyone else want to chime in and tell me to keep the faith because this year is going nowhere. I made comments on this blog about the lockout. When the bruins told everyone they didn’t sign anyone because they wanted to save money for the post lockout and didn’t add anyone I knew once again the rug was pulled up from under the fans. Here is a list of players that don’t amount to shit.

    Sturm, Ryder, Wideman, Ference, Paille, Recchi, Bitz, Begin, Thornton, Satan. None of these guys should be making more than 2 million. Most are not but alot are.

    Wheeler, Krejci, Lucic. All decent second line players. None should be make more than 3 million

    Bergeron and Savard. They are good price

    Rest of the starting defensemen and goalies are all priced right.

    They need to stop wasting time. We have ONE first line player. Are you all fooled into thinking we are actually putting a contender on the ice!! Please I would love to hear anyone tell me Jacobs and the bruins are trying because they spent the cap. This is the same team we have put on the ice for yearsssssssssssss. They sign one or two good players and the rest are all cheap players that they can ship out in a pinch or not resign when they become a free agent. Just enough to make us stay interested.

  6. Kessel'sBro says:

    Hey Bruins fan’s not so tuff anymore huh? Pretty soon the leafs will pass u! HA HA
    Suckerrrrrrrrrrrs! See what happens when u guys run ur mouths!!! Even the Leafs compete on a nightly basis, u guys just Stink!! Plain and simple!!

    • jmoney says:

      so you are a toronto fan that comes to a bruins log to talk shit? Yeah I think that questions speaks for itself. Enjoy Kessel sweety.

  7. Farmville says:

    th0ugh I have other thoughts on some little details I have t0 agree for a nicely written post. Keep up the g00d work. Sorry for my p0or english, it’s n0t my native language

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