Tanking May Not Solve Issues

Seems like people are content tanking and ending up with two top 5 picks or something like that.  I’m not so sure that will solve their issues.  Back in 97 we had the 1st and 8th overall picks, and ended up with Joe Thornton and Sergei Samonsov.  We won one playoff round with them.  Granted, I feel like we have more pieces in place on this team than we did then, but you get my point.  Say we end up with two top 5 picks, here are players who either were busts or were nothing GREAT since 2000 (excluding goalies)

Rostislav Klesla
Raffi Torres
Alexander Svitov
Stephen Weiss
Stanislav Chistov
Joni Pitkanen
Nikolai Zherdev
Nathan Horton
Cam Barker
Andrew Ladd
Blake Wheeler
Jack Johnson
Benoit Pouliot
Jordan Staal (debatable)
Phil Kessel (debatable)
Kyle Turris
Karl Alzner
Alex Pietrangelo
Luke Schenn

Some of the ones down the list it may be too early, but my point is taken.  If you want to look further down to the top 10, it really gets ugly.  We also had two top 10 picks, Kessel and Zach Hamill, and neither is playing for the Bruins right now.

While I would love to get Taylor Hall and Cam Fowler, it’s no guarantee this team does well or they pan out.




That’s the lineup you build your team around, and put some solid pieces around them.  Ryder, Ference, Hunwick, Begin, Thornton, Recchi, and Satan can all go.  I’d consider re-signing Morris at a reasonable deal.  Sturm I like, he just can’t stay healthy lately.


18 Responses to Tanking May Not Solve Issues

  1. Kessel'sBro says:

    Hey Bruins fan’s not so tuff anymore huh? Pretty soon the leafs will pass u! HA HASuckerrrrrrrrrrrs! See what happens when u guys run ur mouths!!! Even the Leafs compete on a nightly basis, u guys just Stink!! Plain and simple!!

  2. Habs4life says:

    Dont worry Kessel’sBro let these bruins fan take thier medicen!! Ur lucky you pooh bears dont play us anytime soon! Cuz the habs would ruin you dummies! U GUYS SUCK ….PICK A NEW TEAM BRUINS FANS, COME TO MONTREAL WHERE WINNING IS AN ACTUALLY TRADITION!! btw leafs are even worse so i dont why ur talking Kessel’sBr?

    • goosegoose35 says:

      are you on crack? we play you twice in the next two weeks you assclown. the Habs are worse then the Bruins too. you have had a few good games and have 3 MORE games played. eat shit frog.

  3. goosegoose35 says:

    They need to dump Thomas too…Just saying…I love the man but I would rather free up 5 mill and take my chances of tukka being a big bust and using that money to build a solid defense around him.

  4. goosegoose35 says:

    Also the 1998 Bruins did not have Bergeron, Krejci, LUCIC, Savard, Chara, and Rask/Thomas to build around with their two top 8 picks…they had Carter and Allison, both past prime and soon to be gone. Bourque was really the only solid player they had in 97-98.

  5. TOPICKS4LIFE says:

    lol. the bottom of the league is talkin shit. the bruins are slumping. but it wont last. unlike toronto and montreal, boston has the talent to do good. just not the chemistry right now.

  6. psands says:

    i disagree with a lot of the players on that list. i would like a lot of them on the bruins, and lot of the ones are far to early to judge or consider busts or even nothing special.

    that being said, i am still not sure it is time to blow it up, but this is who i would keep:




    probably paille too.

    with that cap space we could easily sign kovalchuk in FA, and make some other impact moves.

    even though a lot of our players are not having great years, most of them would still have value, even if they are salary dumps.

    morris could get a good return, he is having a good year.

    sturm and ryder are good secondary scorers on a contender who i could see someone wanting.

    thomas might be tough to move, and i don’t even want to move him, but that’s a big hit coming off the cap.

    i still would wait a little longer though, maybe they can still turn it around, but pc cant wait to much longer, because i will be pissed if he waits to long, and we are stuck with this team next year.

    re-tooling this team for next year could actually make us instant contenders if pc does it the right way.

    • Leafstank says:

      agreed with the ending. just keep torontos pick and our pick. thats all the rebuilding we need, and a couple of minor trades. I still dont like the idea of going after Kovy.

    • goosegoose35 says:

      i usually agree with you psands, and this time is no difference but I think keeping pallie will be good for pk and also he always gives 110% I think if recchi is gone pallie can be a alternate captain candidate, i know he does not have the numbers but he works his ass off. Persnally I think Bergeron should have the C. No one works harder than him hes the first on to practice and the last one to leave. Chara is not the same leader as last year

  7. Dano says:

    what is chia waiting for or that fact Julien—make a trade for a winger who can score. Bench someone and make people earn their ice time…right now that is no one deserves to be on the ice…these guys can’t beat a fore check, cannot connect on passes out of their own zones.
    The way this team looks right now (and I know we have walking wounded) they might be sellers rather than buyers come the deadline, because they are not a playoff team

  8. jimmy50 says:

    Look at the Habs and Leafs fans talkin shit. I didn’t the playoff seeds were set in January. I do think I found out some of the problem. I’ve been to 4 games this season. 2 in Boston, 1 on Long Island, and that pathetic game just played in Raleigh. All 4 in the L or OTL column. I am just going to stop going to games.

  9. Gcole says:

    wow im glad i watched football instead of the bruins get their ass handed to them. i have a theory that we CLEARLY arent challenging to winning the cup, so why fight to make the playoffs? nothing is really going to happen…try and trade for a big name, finish as low as we can, and hope for two high picks and go from there.. this team sure did self destruct REAL QUICK since last year god dam..

  10. wayne says:

    Just the fact that Wideman is on the lists as a keeper makes me gag…I also wouldnt keep Thornton he is useless…

  11. G cole says:

    I think it’s funny leafs and habs fans are talking shit.. As much as I hate saying it, all three teams are crap this year so there’s nothing to really talk shit to each other about haha

  12. Andy says:

    Bottom line, this team overachieved last year. There was nothing to build on – everyone just overachieved. This is what, normally, this team is. Having said that, they need to try and let the following players go, trade, release, whatever : Ryder, Sturm, Wideman, Ference, Begin, Recchi, and BERGERON.

    Yes, that’s right. BERGERON. I like him as a player and he has been our best player this year (which isn’t saying much w/ 32 pts in 51 games). Bottom line there is salary. You CANNOT hang onto a guy who is a 50 pt scorer at best for $5 mil. Those 7 guys add up to more than $20 mil in cap room. More than enough to sign Kovalchuk or even Marleau.

    The problems here are much worse than goal-scoring, though. They don’t have the leadership and more often than not they play like shite with absolutely no motivation in their game. No passion, no balls.

    PC & Co try to do things right, but end up falling on their face (a 36 yr old goalie for $20 mil when you have Rask waiting in the wings, giving STURM a FUQIN NO TRADE CLAUSE, trading Boyes for Wideman, the list goes on and on).

    I don’t know where to go from here. A lot of problems that I don’t think a couple small moves is going to solve. Everything starts with the lack of heart (and then the lack of skill) on this team.

    Perhaps in the offseason we can essentially blow up the team and start from scratch…

  13. goosegoose35 says:

    my good there is way too much Tuukka trade talk on the radio

  14. PheltSaucier says:

    Get Wideman out of here!

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