Pretty much sums it up.  Anyone else watching this Carolina game?  Talk about ass-whooping.

This Bruins season really saddens me a lot.  As a die hard fan, it sucks to see your team be so bad, but it also sucks when it had a lot of promise.

I, like most of you, was so disappointed to the game 7 loss to Carolina.  But I was hoping with everyone a year more experienced, there would be more magic.  Boy was I wrong.  For one reason or another, this team just can’t put it together.

At least 2-3 times a game there are plays I go, “he should have scored.”  This team just lacks talent.  Too much depth up the middle, not enough talent on the wings.

I am also somewhat surprised Chiarelli never made a move a few weeks ago.  This team was bare to the bone on players.  They played decent for being hurt, but it clearly wasn’t working that well.  I understand he wanted to evaluate, but sometimes shit happens and you don’t get that chance. Why wait to make a move when it could be too late, which it may be at this point.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see some pieces moved this week.

11 Responses to Ugh

  1. goosegoose35 says:

    might as well re post here….

    Well really we should forget getting anyone. I say at this point (and I have been patient enough) the bruins just tank the season and have 2 of the top 5 picks, then go after Illya in the off season and be a powerhouse the next 5-8 years. The Bruins are just a shitty team right now. Really no more excuses they just suck like 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.

  2. dbrown says:

    its too late for a trade. lets go for high picks! yeah!

  3. minutefan says:

    I agree. I was surprised we didnt look to reinforce during the off season. I had a feeling that we still needed another top notch goal scorer knowing that Kessel was gunna go. I think that trading for drafts when you are maybe 1 piece away from the cup is wrong. I just feel like the Bruins are sooooo close to being that force they were last season. I also think it has a lot to do with Lucic being out so long. It seems like every game last season the bruins came up beat the crap outta someone, went on to score, then beat the shit outta another guy. they literally scared teams into submission. I miss that kind of hockey.

  4. goosegoose35 says:

    by the way this team does not lack talent…much like the patriots who could not play well with talent either. The Bruins are running out of chances to get themselves into a good position. They can still tirn it around but I really am starting to think if they tank it will be better for them next year. In the offseason they can maybe dump/trade dead weight ( wideman, ryder, ference, and some others), draft some studs and maybe pick up a stud on the FA market and have a strong deep team next year. Also Julien is gone soon if he cannot get control of his players.

  5. willisss says:

    I’m still banking on a post Olympic turn around. Why Drew Larmen? anyone?

    • Birdman2403 says:

      I said that weeks ago ! Why Larmen and Whitfield ?? Career AHLers at best. Not even a chance for a young scorer to jump in ??

  6. Kessel'sBro says:

    Hey Bruins fan’s not so tuff anymore huh? Pretty soon the leafs will pass u! HA HASuckerrrrrrrrrrrs! See what happens when u guys run ur mouths!!! Even the Leafs compete on a nightly basis, u guys just Stink!! Plain and simple!!

    • goosegoose35 says:

      Last I checked the leafs were still under the 50 point mark…How’s Kessel workin out for ya?

      • jmoney says:

        don’t respond to this loser. He writes the same thing every post. Some 20 year old loser who is jerking off to his mother and playing video games.

  7. grant says:

    This is so frustrating. How does a team fall apart like this? I would too think a change is coming this week. Get rid of ryder and wideman. Oh wait, no one wants them and their tags

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