Your Plan

If you were Peter Chiarelli, what would you do to change ship.  Give me your plan for the rest of the season and offseason.  I’ll start off with mine.  Flame away!  Assume the Toronto pick is either 1-5 slot.

Trade Michael Ryder to the Florida Panthers for a 2010 2nd round draft pick. Essentially a pure salary dump.  This would add to the B’s insane amount of low picks.  The Panthers could use another scorer to compliment their young forwards in Horton, Weiss, Frolik, Booth and Olesz. The Cory Stillman experiment hasn’t worked out as planned for them and he could replace him.

Trade Matt Hunwick, Mikko Lehtonen and a 2011 3rd round pick to the Phoenix Coyotes for Kyle Turris. I would really like the B’s to take a chance on the former 3rd overall pick.  He oozes talent, but is on the hockey wasteland known as Phoenix.  Hunwick has not lived up to his cap hit and is sort of a throw in for salary reasons.  Phoenix has been shopping some of their young unproducing talent.

Draft Tyler Seguin 2nd overall. Doubt the B’s will get 1st to land Taylor Hall, but I like Seguin because he is more of a pure goal scorer.  He has great talent and easily could be in the starting lineup come 2011.  He is the franchise guy the B’s need on offense.

Draft Kirill Kabanov 9th overall. Assuming the B’s don’t turn it around, I would love to see them take a chance on the Russian.  He has a tone of skill and could be another elite goal scorer.  It may take him a year or two to make it to the NHL, but Russians have produced a tone of scorers (Bure, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin to name a few).

Re-sign Daniel Paille to a 2 year, 2.2 million dollar deal. I really like what I’ve seen from Paille.  He has been a great penalty killer, has a lot of speed and gives a tone of effort.  Not really suited for a scoring role, he is a young PJ Axelsson with more talent.

Re-sign Blake Wheeler to a 2 year, 4 million dollar deal. Kind of like the Brad Boyes contract a few years ago.  He isn’t worth more than 2.5, although his game is vastly improving.  A long term deal could be better for the Bruins, but it would cost them cap wise.  This team could workout for both of them.

Re-sign Vlad Sobotka to a 2 year, 1.6 million dollar deal. Great 4th line center who has produced better than Steve Begin. It’s finally his turn to stay up with the big club.

Re-sign Johnny Boychuk to a 1 year, 800k deal. Won’t make a lot since he hasn’t been in the NHL for a full year.  Would love to see what he can do for a full season.  Has a great shot has looked a lot better than Andrew Ference this year.

Re-sign Derek Morris to a 3 year, 9.3 million dollar deal. Really like what I’ve seen from Morris.  He has been good in his own zone and good offensively.  Morris has been one of the most consistent defenseman on the B’s all year.  He also has produced well on the PP.

Re-sign Mark Stuart to a 3 year, 6.3 million dollar deal. Has been a stay at home guy for the B’s and been a work horse over the past few seasons.  Really turning into a good defenseman and should help anchor the blueline for years to come.

Sign Ilya Kovalchuk to a 15 year, 109.75 million dollar deal. Break it down to a 10 year, 100 million dollars which is what he wants, plus a 5 year, 9.75 million dollar deal when he is 36-41.  He will likely retire before he finishes the deal anyways.  Bruins add an elite goal scorer for years to come and with Seguin, could have the best scoring duo in the league one day.

Sign Jordan Leopold to a 1 year, 1.1 million dollar deal. I like his game and for a one year deal would be a good move.  Has experience and is a good player.

Lucic (4.083)-Savard (4.008)-Kovalchuk (7.312)
Sturm (3.5)-Bergeron (4.75)-Seguin (.850)
Wheeler (2)-Krejci (3.75) -Hamill/Turris (.850)
Paille (1.1)-Sobotka (.8)-Bitz (.69)

Chara (7.5)-Morris (3.1)
Wideman (3.75)-Stuart (2.1)
Boychuk (.8)- Leopold (1.1)

Thomas (5)
Rask (1.25)

Total Cap hit including Buy-outs is 55.242 million dollars.  Close to cap, but what a nasty lineup.

Edit:  My math is completely wrong it’s actually around 59 million total cap hit.  So either Sturm, Wideman or Krejci would need to be moved in order to sign Kovy.


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  1. Leafstank says:

    totally agree with all the key parts of dumping ryder, SIGNING not renting Kovy. Keeping our potential top 3 pick and our potential top two pick. I even agree with your plans for other players like Turris and leopold. and getting hunwick out.

  2. Matt says:

    I’d really like them to make a move for a young player that a team is looking to move. Kyle Turris has a lot of talent and could be had cheaper than a Sam Gagner, Peter Mueller or that ora a player who could be available.

  3. willisss says:

    I cant not disagree any more with trading our future goalie for a half season rental. i know you didnt post that but its all im hearing. my perfect trade would include marchand, leafs number 1, and dennis wideman. not sure who we would grab for that but there has got to be some talent our there that would fit this deal. trading tim thomas would be perfect but with that AWFUL contract we gave him, hes sticking around.

    do not trade tuukka rask

  4. Pete says:

    That looks like a good plan from the GM but I think the problem is with the leadership of the team. The Bruins have a ton of talent and with a couple of exceptions they aren’t even close to their potentials. I’m afraid that the first change needs to be Claude. I know he’s tight with Chiarelli but we need a change there. And after all it is the way of the new NHL. Teams fire coaches all the time. Claude was fired for unknown reasons right at the end of the regular season from the Devils. Why was he canned anyway?

    • Bruins46 says:

      It does start with coaching but I can’t agree on this. I think Claude is a great coach. He has said on more than one occasion that motivation is something he can’t teach, and he’s absolutely right.

      • Bs4Life says:

        I couldn’t agree more.. Claude might be hitting a tough patch w/ his talent right now but he is one of the best coaches in the NHL. Boston fans always are quick to jumpship when things aren’t going our way..but we need to stick with our system, we have a great thing going with Chiarelli, Cam, and Claude. We have to let them work.

    • Andy says:

      Just what I said yesterday, Pete, so I agree with you, but I don’t think it’s Julien. I think it’s defintely a leadership question, which starts with Chara. Not that he’s the whole problem, but we need a “jump on my back and I’ll lead you” kind of presence, which we simply don’t have right now.

  5. North B says:

    I assume Sturm has a no trade clause.. If PC could convince him to wave it, trade him to a contender for picks/prospects. Compared to Ryder, other teams may actually be interested..

    We have heard this before but the latest rumor floating around Toronto – Kaberle to the Bruins for picks. Burke is beginning to panic..

  6. Kurt says:

    I like the plan it sort of flies in the face of my trying to save the season route. I really like the idea of Kyle Turris but he is another pivot man. I would go after Scottie Upshall instead where as he is only signed through this year and is a talented winger who can put the puck in the net. I agree about getting Kovi in the off season. I would get rid of Chara(too much money),Ryder(speaks for itself)and Thomas. If Rask is the future you can’t tie up so much cash between the both of them. Trade Thomas for two under achieving players who have 1 year left on their deals.

  7. Leafstank says:

    I do not agree with getting rid of Chara AT ALL.
    Unless we drafted Fowler, but even then. Chara is a key component to our defensive play and powerplay. I think, no matter what, we keep our first round picks, if we’re gonna give up one, they get rid of ours, not torontos.

    • dbrown says:

      agreed. the idea of getting rid of chara or julien is laughable. julien’s great defensive system is the only thing thats kept us from last place with our league-worst offense. there is nobody in the league that can replace chara. if we got rid of him i would lose all faith in this team.

    • JONOVISION says:

      trade charapet he is to big,slow n climbsy.not to mention overpaid.

      • leafstank says:

        if he is overpaid, then what is a 7.5 million dollar player considered to be skill wise in your book?

  8. Bruins says:

    i doubt kabanov slips to 9th even with his injury.

    seguin is a natural center. for the bruins needs, if were drafting in the top 3, id go 1. hall 2. fowler 3. seguin

    if we get any of those 3, ill be happy anyways though.

    turris is way overrated. he’s looking like a bust. i would not be comfortable giving either him or hamill a spot on the big club.

    if we land hall we’ll be set. should we get him, id trade ryder for a pick (id do that anyways), resign morris, wheeler, paille and stuart, and sign a free agent winger to play with beregeron like whitney, frolov or bourque.




    • willisss says:

      that would be a perfect situation. i dont see the hurricanes leaving last place…the only team they can beat are the bruins. I would personaly grab mikko leahtonen over brad marchand. or zach hamill ( if he EVER gets the fucking call up)

      Is the zach hamill situation bothering the piss out of anyone else? tony maz called out PC last week asking why he isnt playing. PC couldnt even give a good enough reason. he did the classic ” still developing, not strong enough” bull shit. im sure hes still developing. im sure hes not the strongest. but im sure he could push more weight around then sayyyy drew larmen? trent whitfield?

      • Bruins says:

        theres always the lottery. and the canes are actually picking it up. staal and ward are back from their injuries and playing better. the only real competition for last place will be between the oilers and leafs i think. the oil have won 1 in their last 18 or something ridiculous like that

      • dbrown says:

        im also annoyed we havent given hamill a chance. this team has the worst offense in the nhl and they wont give such a talented player a chance? makes no sense. i understand that he isnt fully developed but come on, trent whitfield can take his fully developed 1 fucking point back to provi for all i care. hes a gritty player who can take face offs while our centers are hurting but this team needs somebody that can bring an offensive spark and thats not whitfield/larman

      • Bruins says:

        hamill hasnt produced in providence, so why would he produce up here? ill agree that in this situation its worth it to give him a shot for a couple games to see if anything miraculous will happen, but if you think he’ll be a quick fix with his 22points in providence, i think youre in for a let down.

      • dbrown says:

        by no means do i think hamill would be a quick fix. what im saying is how much worse could we do with him up? we’re in a terrible offensive slump and his upside is far greater than whitfield or larmans. if the offense continues to struggle i dont see why he shouldnt get a chance.

      • Brad Isbister says:

        yeah im not against giving him a try, but id prefer lehtonen up here before hamill

  9. G cole says:

    That’s quite a plan. I agree with dumping nonproducing players and being aggressive for kovy and sign him to a mega deal, and drafting young guns to build around the empty spaces. Idk for sure but aren’t cap hits softer for guys you draft?

  10. Kurt says:

    Not sure what’s going on with Zach hamill. He’s got to have more talent than Bitz.

  11. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    latest from

    According to Jimmy Murphy via Twitter, he reports that a source told him a “trade is coming”. That was all the source said but one has to believe a shakeup is coming.

    Later, Corey from Hockeyleaks and contributor reported that the Boston Bruins could be closing in on Ray Whitney.

    Hendricks Says : Very interesting. Jimmy Murphy of NESN is pretty good with what he hears, and so is Corey. Needless to say, I think tomorrow starts a possible flurry of deals. Just a hunch that I get, but its got to start sooner or later.”

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Lets hope the Bruins do not give up much for him. Rumor is, he loves Carolina and may re-sign there in the off season! So he would be a straight up rental!

  12. Kurt says:

    Thank God!

  13. Mark Mowers says:

    Btw hendricks hockey is the worst “rumor” site out there. Yes worse than eklund. I can pull lies out of my ass better than that awful site.

  14. Conway says:

    Hang on there Matt. While I like the basics of your post, isn’t your math out to lunch?

    I get a cap hit of $58.293M not including the buyouts using your figures. Your scenario will just not work as is.

  15. Matt says:

    I’ll recheck it. I put all the #’s in a spreadsheet so I might have missed one.

  16. Matt says:

    Conway, you’re right I screwed up the numbers. It’s like 59 million +/- some digits w/ buyouts. Well, there goes my plan. Looks like you’d have to trade Sturm and callup Marchand for it to even be close.

  17. da wreck says:

    Last I checked it was January still. I’m not sure if you guys noticed. The team drops to 9th place, and you all turn on your video game console and make every NHL10 dream move you can think of. The team must love “fans” like you guys.

    “Your Plan” – brought to you by bruinsrumors. The official bandwagon of your Boston Bruins.

    • G cole says:

      It’s far more than being in 9th place, they are playing as physically exciting
      as a chess player and have a better chance winning the lottery than scoring goals.. All of this coming from a team that was supposed to challenge for a cup!

    • dbrown says:

      the team better love fans like me. fans that follow the b’s religiously no matter how bad they are. i dont see how thinking up trades makes you a bandwagoner. its all in good fun, its not like PC is checking this website dude. no matter how bad they are or whatever moves they make i wont stop watching

  18. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t say bandwagoners, team just sucks this year and it’s hard to watch. I’m sure 90% of ppl here still watch them even tho they suck.


    i still have hope when people get healthy that they can fight for a playoff spot. I still wish a gm would pull a stupid and trade for wideman. COME ON BURKE komasarik Exelby NOW COME GET WIDEMAN!!!

  20. leafstank says:

    the thing people who think its too early to make any moves dont realize is its not only the fact that they are slumping, its the fact they’re also not very exciting to watch this year. speaking for myself, the lack of scoring really downs my interest in watching the whole game.

  21. Bruins46 says:

    I like some of those moves but have to disagree with you on the turris proposal. I think Hunwick remains a solid and quick puck mover on the back end for us for at least a couple more seasons. Phoenix has really turned it around this year and may be able to reverse their wasteland image, though this season could be a fluke. I’m not totally against packaging up Lehtonen, but along with Hunwick I would like to do better than Turris. Great post though.

  22. psands says:

    this is all if we decide to tank, which i still think we should not do.

    i have been waiting for one of these threads for a while, good excuse to share some of my stupid trade proposals that probably would never happen.

    trade sturm to a contender, he will waive his ntc for a legit shot at the cup. he should return a second rounder in my opinion.

    re-sign stuart, wheeler, sobotka, paille, thornton, boychuk, and mcquaid all at there value. none will make a lot, wheeler the most at around 2.25 a year.

    trade ryder, our first, hamill and whatever else it might take that is realistic to get penner from Edmonton, or a similar package for horton out of florida.

    then trade morris, he will have some pretty great value, he has played well and if we are selling, it would be smart so sell him. lots of teams looking for a top four d-man, sanjose needs one bad and there fans have mentioned ryane clowe as bait…

    trade thomas somehow, we might need to take back money, but thomas is a great goalie, teams will take a chance on goaltending, you can be old and still very effective as a goalie. i still dont want to trade him, but i think we have to for the cap.

    rechhi will have value as a rental, satan might too. maybe begin as well.

    then i use toronto’s pick to draft fowler.

    i sign a good cheap backup like auld for 1.25, or around there.

    i sign kovalchuk to a big deal, similar to matt’s proposed one.

    maybe sign a guy like tootoo or boogaard just to amuse me, boogaard would be great protection for kovalchuk!

    then marchand or caron can battle for that third line spot, or a cheap vet signing.

    here is the team:

    paille-begeron-marchand/caron/cheap vet/etc…



    i am not confident in the defense, but if fowler is as good as advertised it will make me feel better.

    that team’s cap hit would still give us around 1.5 in space, the way i plugged it in on


    it is nice to dream, but i still don’t think any of this is too unrealistic.

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Got this on a twitter- Was just told by source that a “trade is coming” for Bruins. That was all but one has to believe some kind of shakeup will happen.5:59 PM Jan 24th from webMurphysLaw74Jimmy Murphy
    ALSO was watching the Celtics game and the announcers from NESN mentioned a possible trade happening involving the Bruins! I highly doubt its Kov, but i have heard rumours for Whitney,Phanuef, and Souray……………..we will see my fellow Bruins fan’s?

    • Bruins says:

      no to all of those mentioned besides whitney. we definitely dont need another defenseman, let alone another one with a huge shot (already have chara and boychuk)

  24. JRy says:

    I like this except the bruins should look for a winger istead of Kyle turris and I think Thomas should get the axe for decent prospects.

  25. ELWOPPO says:

    Does anyone out thier have an update on our leading goal scorer? What the fuck happened to Sturm, I havnt heard shit! Is he close to returning or what?

  26. Richardo says:

    That would be insane with Chara and Phaneuf as a first pair…

    • jimmy50 says:

      They wouldn’t be a pair. Be something like:

      Chara Wideman
      Phaneuf Morris
      Stuart Ference …depending on the trade of course and who we give up.

      All 3 pairings having a “stay at home guy” and a “pick mover”

      That would be sick nasty with a healthy offensive group.

  27. G cole says:

    I agree dude, it’s weird how sturm gets injured and just disappears for a Long time and there’s no explanation or anything…

  28. mook says:

    USATODAY’s Kevin Allen reported via his Twitter account the Boston Bruins won’t part with the Toronto Maple Leafs first round pick in the 2010 entry draft as part of a deal for a scoring forward.

  29. Richardo says:

    There shouldnt be any first rounder offered for a “Rental.” Period!!

  30. backbruin says:

    Globse reports the bruins will pass on shocker they report the hrasher would want looch or krejci and we wouldn’t be able to discuss contract extensions untill after we make the deal…bahahahaha. are you kidding me…

  31. joe says:

    trade chara for I kov
    get d phanuf on trade should not be hard to do
    trade wideman, ryder, hunwick for anybody making less money
    the problem is the bruins have too many players that are dead weight, too many damn excuses. Play hockey already!
    dont care if they loose if they skate there butts off. to Top it off we have to be the most timid team in the nhl boston does not intimadate anyone, with lucic, chara, boychuck, stuart, and thorton we should bloody scare the hell out of them.

  32. Willy says:

    Keep Paille, Boychuck

    Lose Ryder, Wideman, and Wheeler

    Don’t re-sign Chara

  33. Kurt says:

    I agree Chara is totally overpayed….Not even the best player on the team!

  34. Kurt says:

    If I had Chara’s body and paycheck I would be laying hits that would make Lucic envious!

  35. Spencer says:

    On paper, talent wise, the team you developed is very talented, but lacks size and grit. I would invest the money in kovalchuk if the long term deal works out, but this team is NOT hard to play against, doesn’t stand up for eachother, and lacks heart and passion. I would look to find more third line guys to fill the void, and maybe add a free agent winger. If the Leafs peak turns out to be Seguin or Hall (very unlikely) then the deal for kessel turns out to be a steal. If not, this deal could be terrible if kessel is turning in 40 goal seasons while we are still looking for a right winger to play with savard.

  36. pearson says:

    im very amazed at the “trade chara” or “dont resign chara.”

    he is still absolutely solid. if the offense could keep the puck in the end long enough to set him up for a shot no one would be saying this. instead, hes back in his own end the whole time fighting off people.

    the lack of intensity is obviously due to both his hand, and you gotta think that because teams can do whatever they want offensively to the bruins that they can simply stay away from chara.

    hes the captain, and hasnt NECESSARILY played like it, but when the entire team shows up and contributes a little more i think that the flow will even off and this team can explode.

  37. Andy says:

    First of all, I would bet almost any amount of money that we don’t sign Kovalchuk.

    Here’s my 2 cents : I think the 5 guys that you should seriously look into trading are : Ryder, Sturm, Hunwick, Wideman, and BERGERON. Now, I know people are going to say “BERGERON?!”, but here me out. First of all, you have $14 mil just in your 3 centers. Krecji and Savard aren’t going anywhere and Bergeron, I think we can all agree, as good as he’s been, he continues to get injured and 45-50 pts is NOT worth $5 mil/yr. Plus, I think you can get a nice little prospect/pick package back for him, becuase he’s made the Olympic team and everyone around the league knows he’s been the B’s best player. Plus, he only has 1 yr left on his deal, and he’s young.

    Assuming Sturm does not waive his NTC and you can somehow move Ryder (or release him), I would make the following moves : re-sign Wheeler, Sobotka, and Paille, Boychuk, Stuart and McQuaid. Morris can stay, IF you get rid of Wideman.

    I would also entertain the POSSIBILITY of trading Thomas. Certainly not willing to give up on him yet, but he’s not Brodeur, who is going to play 65-70 gms into his 40’s. And w/ a $5 mil price tag, it frees up money to spend and allows Rask to take over. Maybe not this summer or next year, but possibly summer 2011.

    So, having said that, here’s what I have (no lines)

    Forwards : Lucic, Sturm, Savard, Wheeler, Krecji, Sobotka, Paille, Bitz.

    Defense : Chara, Morris, Boychuk, Stuart, Mcquaid

    Goalies, Thomas, Rask

    That is only $35 mil, leaving roughly $20 mil to sign 4 more forwards and 2 more D…

    • mook says:

      i’m glad you aren’t the gm. they lose some games and you want to blow-up the team…

      everyone should read tsn’s eastern conference trade deadline breakdown.

  38. Andy says:

    That isn’t blowing up the team, Mook. You are keeping your core intact, while also saving some cap space to spend on better fit players for this team.

    Also, I never said anything about this all being done at the trade deadline. I’m talking into the summer as well.

    And this isn’t a temporary problem where they are losing close games, getting bad bounces, etc. There are fundamental problems with this team. Sure, lack of scoring is one, but I think lack of heart and passion is certainly another.

    And I doubt that you would lose sleep if we got rid of Ryder and Wideman…As much as I like Bergeron, injuries and point production are not worth the salary, especially when you need help on the wings and have $14 mil tied up in 3 centers…

    • Pearson says:

      Im not sure 14 mil for three excellent centers is a bad thing….?

      Cant trade bergy.. People forget how young he still is and that he doesnt have a marquis player on his line… Yet

  39. bruins823 says:

    Does anyone know if the b’s are staying pat with the team they have for this season? Are they looking to make a run, or have they given up on this year? I just think if they were looking to make a move they would have done it by now. Any thoughts?

  40. Andy says:

    Pearson, I understand what you’re saying, but here’s why I suggest this – #1) a 45-50 pt scorer is not worth $4.75 mil, #2) he is in the last year of his contract next year, meaning someone could offer up a nice prospect/pick package and take on that salary for 1 year, #3)he is oft-injured. Yes, he is young, but how many games has he missed due to a variety of injuries? If he gets another concussion, it could be game over and #4) as much as I like Bergy, wouldn’t it make more cap sense to invest in TWO players who cost 6-6.5 mil who can produce more than 4.75 mil in 1 player?

    • Pearson says:

      Sure, it would make sense, but give me two players that are available/will be available to help this team out; and furthermore why we would just spend that money on a superstar.

      Even after that.. In all honesty, do you really see this management sending away a young, high potential center that plays good d for more “depth”

  41. joe says:

    andy heres your problem, its not a matter of what he produces in points and he still gonna get better. It how hard he works. He simply works hes butt off, he has never had a really good line mate, recchi was once great but not any more. Ill take a whole team of ppl who work as hard as bergeron and win the cup every year.

  42. Andy says:

    Joe, it has nothing at all to do with his work ethic. Bergy is a fantastic all-around player. Having said that, although he does the little things, faceoff win % does not warrant a $5 mil salary.

    As for you and others’ argument about not having linemates, why do you think he doesn’t have anyone on his lines? The scorers have been put with Savard and Krecji. Simply put, he’s not the guy you put your best players with. He is a very good 3rd line center. For that, and because of his work ethic, you feel that $5 mil is warranted? You feel that it perhaps isn’t better served trying to acquire prospects/picks and use that money to sign 2 guys who might put up more points than 1 guy for that money?

  43. Kurt says:

    My only point about Chara is that in the age of the salary cap he is overpaid. Is he 4.2 million better than Derek Morris. No he isn’t. Mind you that is about what your paying Savard.So for that 7.5 would you rather Chara or Savard and Derek Morris?I think Chia has been a decent talent evaluator I think he has been less than stellar with the salary cap.

    • Bruins says:

      do you even realize how good chara is? he routinely shuts down the best players in the league

    • Pearson says:

      If the offense could keep the puck in that end no one would say anything about chara. He would get off more shots and wouldnt have to be shutting down the superstars for the whole 30 mins hes on the ice.

      • Pearson says:

        On friday ill try to run a “time on attack” clock for both teams. That might tell you something about him

  44. Peter says:

    It is obvious this team has talent, Savard, Chara, Kreche,Lucic,Bergeron and Rask looking to the future and what is right with this team forward.

    The rest are all a dime a dozen type players who can be replaced. Now considering the core I mentioned above non are pure goal scorers and playes like Savard, Bergeron and Kreiche need someone to pass the puck to to finish plays. This team does not have anyone who can finish. That’s why their power play or lack thereof fails night in and night out.

    The other teams are not worried about the centre of the ice on Bruins power plays becausee of this reason and they concentrate on taking the point shot away from Chara etc which gives them limited options, hence no scoring. Special teams like power plays today are crucial to a teams success and again this team has no scoring or finisher. Think of all the games you watched this year where the Bruins had decent scoring chance and missed nets or buried pucks into the chest or pads of the other teams goalie. That in my view is this teams biggest fault and they know it and thats what has them frustrated. P.C was hoping this team was going to score by committe to get them over the hump like last year. When you take kessel away the rest cannot bridge the gap that is missing. “Get some scoring and open the ice up for the others” like wheeler, Ryder, Lucic and Sturm.

  45. Kurt says:

    Yeah I remember how well Chara shut down Erik Staahl in the playoffs last year.

    • Pearson says:

      Ok… So without him.. Our number 1 would be morris? Stuart? Are you really convinced they would have done better or at least equal.

      I cant believe your arguing this. Norris trophy winners arent picked from a hat

    • mcpuck says:

      whose Eric Staahl… does he make chainsaws?

      So you’re reasoning is that Eric Staal, who happens to be a perennial 40 goal scorer and is the best player on his team, got the better of Chara (he scored as many goals I believe against Marty Brodeur and the Devils the round before btw) so we should dump his salary?

      Guess what… only one team wins the Stanley Cup… maybe the Capitals should just dump Ovechkin because he makes all that money and hasn’t won them the cup.

  46. Kurt says:

    I just think that money could mean two more players of greater impact.

    • Pearson says:

      This team doesnt need more depth man. They need a pure goal scorer, or two. You find me two guys like that that can total 7.5 mil and ill try to believe you.

      Kessels skill set wasnt replaced, and neither was wards leadership. Thats the problem. But you cant keep dividing money up equally between multiple players to replace one star… It doesnt translate that way

  47. Kurt says:

    Scottie Upshall 1.5 mil Milan Hejduk 4 mil or substitute Ray Whitney@3.5mil Defensemen to replace Chara and add to a winger from above Jordan Leopold 1.75 Mil

  48. Gcole says:

    are you guys fucking crazy to even think about getting rid of chara?! the one thing i agree with is that when he resigns, it sure as hell shouldnt be 7.5million anymore.. im thinking maybe 6M. think of when hes playing his best, physically dominating everyone, would you ever want to play against that guy?? would you want savard or krejci trying to maneuver around him and make passes? hell no! hes a god dam beast and would kill them.. and what would we do, have lucic fight him? i wouldnt want to see that one. he is a guy thats irreplaceable. KEEP HIM!

    • mcpuck says:

      haha well said Gcole.

      It’s funny to me how we sit here listening to everyone whine about how this team doesn’t do what it has to in order to get marquee players, yet we have one of the 5 best defensemen in the league in Chara and fans are bitching about his contract. In today’s sports world, and the NHL is no exception, you sometimes have to overpay to get the best guys out there, and that’s what we have to do for Chara. If it weren’t the Bruins paying him 7.5 it’d be someone else…

  49. leafstank says:

    alright. i think everyone needs to keep their wacky opinions to yourself. 1) Chara isnt going anywhere this season. 2)Kovalchuck is outta the question till the offseason, unless some crazy moves happen between the bruins and other teams to make space for him.

    • mcpuck says:

      and I quote the blog entry “You’re plan”… I think this is exactly the place for Wacky opinions.

      • leafstank says:

        thats all good. but the bruins getting rid of Chara? get real. and even people from the bruins organization have said the bruins are not going for kovy as a rental.

  50. joe says:

    I dont think we are going to get Kovlchuck, it saddens me to see the defensive type hockey creeping in everywhere its so damn boring. Its like watching soccer where they spend most of the game in the center of the field, and no on scores, has anyone ever sat thru a full NJ game when the bruins are not playing.
    I didnt care if joe thorton was not gonna bring the cup to boston right away hell it didnt matter, he was fun to watch, bourque, oates. neely, oreilly, orr, kovalchuck. That would sound great to me. It would bring the fun back.
    ILL watch them win or lose, better or worse. I would rather watch them win.

  51. bigbadbruins1 says:

    got to leave a reply u guys leaft it at 81 comments bitch ass kessels number

  52. Jefe77 says:

    The same Kessel who has 2 goals in the last 20 games?

    • mcpuck says:

      I think people are starting to realize what I’ve said all along. Kessel cannot create his own offense. It looked like he could for a bit, but that toe-drag/wrist shot crap got real old real fast. It’s not difficult to defend against, so he’s only scoring goals when someone else does all the work… which on that Leafs team isn’t often.

      He’ll have some big years, no doubt, but it’ll come at the expense of someone else making space for him (IE Savard)

  53. G cole says:

    Even though his cap hit is pretty big how fucking sweet would it be with Sheldon Souray complimenting Zdeno chara and Johnny boychuk! talk about BOMBS. Then just put wideman up front “redirecting” and hope he gets hurt instead of him hurting someone else lol

    • Pearson says:

      It would also be sweet to see neidermyer and pronger together on our blue line.

      Buttttt. Theres no money and we dont need defense……..

  54. mcpuck says:

    @ Andy. You’re nuts. Bergeron, who happens to be only 24 years old, is perhaps the Bruins most undervalued player, and yes, that’s considering he’s making 4.75 mil this year. Replacing Bergy would mean replacing 58% in the faceoff dot (7th in the league) would mean replacing 60-70 pts a season (seasons with injury don’t count), would mean replacing your BEST PKer, you’re most CONSISTENT PP guy, not to mention the fact that he plays hard regardless.

    He’s 24 years old, and the only injury that stands out as a bad one was a result of a dirty play. He has no longer an injury history outside of that one incident than any other players of his caliber. Couple that with the fact that he has more TOI than both Savard or Krecji, I think you have to realize that he’s the most important piece of this team, and that you can free up 5 mil by trading him, but you’d need to spend 7 to replace him.

    • Andy says:

      Mcpuck, again, I understand what Bergy brings to this team. I think Bergy is a very good player. Having said that, you have to look at this realistically. He has a 4.75 mil hit. That is, very simply put, he is overpaid. When he signed the deal in 04 or 05, I thought it was legit. But this is 2010. Granted, he is good at faceoffs, exceptional PK killer and a hard worker. But that’s still not worth 4.75 mil. That’s great that he is the most consistent PP guy. Our PP SUCKS!! He has 32 POINTS, which doesn’t project out to 60-70 pts and even then, go look up how many guys are getting 60-70 pts and being paid LESS than 4.75 mil. Sorry, faceoff % is not worth that money.

      This is a team with SERIOUS cap issues. We are better off served trading a guy like Bergy (b/c Krecji and Savard are not going anywhere) for a solid prospect/pick package and then take that money and allocate it to players with a higher offensive upside (because hockey is about scoring goals, again where this team is lacking). Not depth guys like Bitz or Sobotka, but perhaps a couple 25-30+ goal scorers, say at a combined 6 mil.

      What you have to realize that this is not about not liking Bergy or not understanding what he brings to the table. This is about the bigger picture :

      – The B’s have serious cap issues
      – They don’t have scorers and need to get some ASAP!
      – Although he is good at many things, it is not worthy of a salary of 4.75 mil
      – If you can get prospects/picks for him and use that money to sign a couple goal scorers, that helps the B’s FRANCHISE as a whole going forward
      – We have 3 centers tying up $14 mil in cap (2 of whom have no chance of going anywhere)
      – We need depth and balance on our lines. Not just 3 talented centers who have no one to pass to

      This is a business/salary cap proposal that is for the betterment of the TEAM/FRANCHISE. I am a fan like you, but I’m also not blind enough to say “well, I love Bergy, so I don’t want him to go anywhere”. Bottom line, his production is not worth 4.75 mil and he can bring value in a trade.

      That doesn’t sound so “nuts” to me…

      • mcpuck says:

        Sorry Andy, but the problem with this team is not that they have too much money tied up on centers (they rank 10th by my numbers, and could possibly be 11th or lower based on a few details… all 9 teams with more money in Centers are ahead of them in the standings, and based strictly on numbers and TOI I’d take the Bruins trio over all but one or two teams).

        It’s also that they don’t have enough depth.

        The problem with going with Depth over star players is that they’re far more likely to be busts or underperform, and unfortunately for us, guys like Ryder and Wheeler haven’t done enough, guys like Looch and Thornton and Bitz are all intangible guys that haven’t been using their size or fighting ability, and that injuries have robbed this team of any stretches of consistency.

        Fortunately for the rest of us, PC is hopefully smart enough to not move Bergy with the exception for Kovi… the return would never satisfy the holes his exit would leave and that is a fact.

        Also, Bergeron, when healthy, is an impact player that is good for 60-80 points. He’s hit 70+ twice in his career and he’s averaged .75 pts per game EVEN IN THE INJURY seasons… so I think that you can argue either way, but the simple fact remains that removing Bergeron would require that we add pieces to replace him, and it would turn this team into a 2 line team.

  55. mcpuck says:

    Hi, my name is Michael Ryder. I don’t play much defense, but that’s okay because I get paid millions to look uncomfortable moving the puck through the neutral zone, do nothing but take quick wrist shots from poor angles or through ridiculous amounts of traffic, and to play little to no defense.

    Hi, my name is Dennis Wideman. I was supposed to be the puck moving defender the Bruins have lacked since Ray got traded to Colorado. Thanks to an offense that padded my numbers to incredible heights last season, my glaring deficiencies, such as not knowing how to skate, pass or monitor a play, have come to the forefront lately.

  56. Jefe77 says:

    Aside from all I’ve said about the player here before; and i will again.

    Bergeron is CAPTAIN material. He is the kind of player I think every GM would want. His point totals may be down, but with this team last in scoring, he is one of the very last to blame. His two way game is back, his heart and passion never went anywhere.

    He is a true Bruin, and I would slap the C on Bergeron in a HEARTBEAT.

  57. Birdman2403 says:

    I hope Eklund is wrong AGAIN ! He has Bruins in on Souray…NO….WHY ???

  58. B's on MV says:

    Andy has completly lost his mind! I’d be willing to let Chara go before Bergeron. Jefe77 is right on, and he should be the Captain. mcpuck layed it out, you’d have to spend at least $6M to replace him, and you won’t find guys as invested in the team or community.

    The last thing the B’s should do is trade Bergeron. Are we going to watch another player that we drafted and/or molded mature and trade him away? Hello, does any of this sound familiar?

    Bergeron would have 60 to 70 points this year had he been given a decent wingman. He’s always given the lesser talent, but his line still manages to score the most (which isn’t saying much this year) while playing against the opponents top offensive line. He doesn’t complain, he just shows up and gives his best everyday, which is a lot more than I can say for some members of the team this year, including our esteemed captain.

    I like Krecji, and I know he’s coming back from surgery, but he’s not playing with the intesity he had last year. If we are ‘too deep’ at center, he’s the guy to go, as if he rebounds to the player he was last year, his next contract will be much bigger.

    I think there are more injuries than we know about. I’m not using it as an excuse, but I think it’s the reality of the situation. I also think we need a couple of reliable wingers that can score 30+ goals, and I think we have them (Sturm & Ryder). I believe all of the line switching that has gone on this year, has resulted in Sturm and Ryder not scoring consistently. So who goes? Ryder, Ference and Wideman for sure-that free’s up over $9M. We should be able to pick up a solid wing for Savard for $5 to $6M or more if we need to. That will also allow for us to resign a couple of guys.

    So here’s my line up:
    D-Chara, Morris, Boychuk, Stuart, McQuaid and maybe Hunwick or pick up a cheaper 3rd line D.
    O- Savvy, Bergy, Krecji, Sobotka
    New winger, Looch, Sturm, Wheeler, Paille, Begin, Bitz, Thorton
    G-Rask & Thomas

    I like Looch with Bergy-they were great for those few games they were together. Sturm and Bergy have great chemistry as well. We also have Lehtonen and Lefebvre in Providence that are getting closer.

    mcpuck- Hilarious! The only piece you left out was-I’m Dennis WIDEman and the only thing I can hit is my teammates!

    Don’t loose faith true fans, let’s not think a one year run at the cup. PC is building this team to be a true contender for a few years. Let’s go B’s!

    • Andy says:

      The problem that I see here is that too many of you guys are using your HEART in terms of Bergy, instead of your HEAD. First of all, I’m not saying they ABSOLUTELY have to trade Bergy. But I’m also saying that I wouldn’t be aganist it, either. I will reiterate again, that I like Bergy and there are MANY positives to his game. However, if I’m PC, you have to at least consider it from a business/cap space standpoint. I think that is the one thing that everyone is missing here. It is a CAP SPACE issue, not a slap in the face to Bergy.

      Let’s be clear on one thing – Bergy is NOT an elite superstar right now and due to the concussions and injuries, perhaps he won’t be again. He is good player and bring many intangibles and heart, but not worth 4.75 mil when you’re at the cap ceiling.

      Additionally, I’m not speaking about getting another Bitz/Sobotka/Paille to fill his shoes. You could go get 2 of, for example, Rene Bourque, Tomas Plekanec, Matt Stajan, Alex Ponikorosky, Alex Frolov, at a cost of $6 mil total. That is 2 20-25 goal WINGS. That is not going to give through 2 lines. That is going to give you 3 BALANCED lines, instead of having 3 centers w/ no one to play with. Consider this for a second (assuming we don’t get Kovy) as your top 3 lines :


      Doesn’t that seem a little more balanced than having Bitz on the 2nd line?

      The other thing that no one wants to consider is that you could get a nice little prospect/pick package for Bergy for 2 reasons – he is young and is the B’s best player right now (which isn’t saying all that much, considering the way this team is playing) and he only has 1 more yr left on the deal. Ideally, we’d take a prospect or two over picks, but you get the idea.

      I’m glad that none of you are GM’s because guys who were fan favorites would never be traded. Again, not saying it should or will happen, but it’s at least something that PC has to ENTERTAIN as a possibility because you could get the most back for Bergy and because it allows more potential balance to this team and franchise…

      • mcpuck says:

        I suppose that’s a classic Bruins dump the talent for garbage move.

        All of the Elite teams in this league have depth at C and D and have one or two top teir snipers. Your solution means our special teams is garbage, it also means that we no longer have a 3rd line that can play 17-18 minutes a game and contribute. Chia has been quoted as saying Hamill is another year or two away from being even close to the impact player they expected him to be, so we’d have to go out and get another Center on the cheap… Stajan comes to mind but he’s going to ask for 2+ mil so scratch one of the wingers. I think the only way trading Bergy works is if we make a few moves, and I don’t know how much PC wants to do that.

      • mcpuck says:

        Besides, and maybe this is a pipe dream, but I have to believe if Bergeron doesn’t return to his point production from early in his career he’ll resign on the cheap.

  59. Dan says:

    I think that they should trade Sanbourin, Thomas and Wideman for Kovlachuck. Bring up Kevin Regan is a solid Goaltender, who will push and compete with Rask. Regan can be their insurance for the future when Rask leaves for the money. Regan is a local guy who should get a chance to play here in Bosoton. He is a proven winner in Iowa and at UNH. He was Hockey East Player of the year his senior year. Give the guy a shot

  60. Richardo says:

    Who would even take Ryder and his 4 mil next year?? I think we’re stuck with his contract until at least the first half of next year.. Same goes with Wideman…. WHO WOULD TAKE ON THESE CONTRACTS???

    • Leafstank says:

      agreed on Ryders contract. again, why did we pay him this much? he was on the canadiens fourth line and was often benched before we got em.

    • mcpuck says:

      What?!! ryder is a joke but he’ll find a buyer… regardless Ryder will work for a team looking for a little bit more

  61. Andy says:

    McPuck, here’s the problem – we OVERPAID the garbage(Ryder, Wideman) and gave a guy like Sturm a NTC, which is why the B’s find themselves where they are. Would I rather keep Bergy and deal Sturm or Ryder? Absolutely. The problem is that all you can do at this point w/ those 2 guys is salary dump. At least w/ Bergy you can get a nice package for him and allocate that 4.75 mil elsewhere to bring more balance.

    Savard is your top offensive threat. With Krecji, we hope he will bounce back, but he’s younger and has a bigger upside offensively, which is why you can’t give up on him right now. Bergy, although a very good player, we know his PRODUCTION does not warrant 4.75, can get us a good package for the future and additional monies to give us more balance.

    And I highly doubt, as much as Bergy is a team player, that he will be signing for 2.5-3 mil when he could probably get 5-5.5 on the market…

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