What would you offer?

What would you deal for Kovalchuk, signed or unsigned?  Write it in the comments section below.  Atlanta supposedly wants a scorer, prospect and 1st rounder.

Blake Wheeler, Brad Marchand, Bos 1st round pick.

I really like Wheeler, but got to give to get.


19 Responses to What would you offer?

  1. bruins4eva says:

    why not…Ryder boston’s first and next years boston first…and marchand

  2. guest says:

    wheeler salary cap is to low to get rid of – it has to be ryder or sturm

  3. goosegoose35 says:

    boston first ryder wheeler and wideman and a bag of pucks (to replace wideman once they find out he sucks)

  4. Bruins says:

    dayummmm…give this kovalchuk stuff a rest. two superstars and a bunch of filler only works for PIT because crosby and malkin are on another level. crosby, malkin and ovechkin are the only guys that you can fill out the rest of the team with a bunch of riff-raff and still have a competitive team (although washington actually has some other awesome players anyways).

    now look at the thrashers with kovalchuk. they suck. they have some pieces around him too. he’s a great player but he’s not worth butchering the team for 20 games of service. he’s a UFA, apparently demanding $100 million, and he’s russian (meaning KHL is always an option).

    if i was chia, i’d be focusing on ray whitney right now

  5. ELWOPPO says:

    What is wrong with u people!!!! In all ur years of being a Bruins fan have you ever seen them make a trade for a superstar?? But ive sure as fuck seen tham trade them away!!! Get Kovalchuk out of your heads, it aint happening!!! Chiarelli wont give Rask’s and first rounders to Atl and that and only THAT will get him in Boston! B happy if we get a Whitney or a Sourey, which I still dont see happening!! Cuz Boston LOVESSS to use thier draft system, which is great, but sometimes u gotta make a trrade or two to inprove the team!!!

  6. goosegoose35 says:

    look at it this way. they say Boston and LA are in the front running for Kovi. Chi is close too. We do not even have to offer up torontos 1st. what can the other teams offer that we cannot? Kopitar? Frolov? I do not see any roster players Chicago can really get rid of that will have great value if they want to keep the core. The bruins are in the perfect spot to get kovi. The thrashers need to deal him so they can actually get something for him before he leaves town. believe it or not the Bruins have the upper hand. We can wait out and take him in free agency, the Thrashers need a trade to get any kind of profit. The Kings, Hawks, Fliers all have higher 1st round draft picks than the bruins. We can trade our 1st, a prospect and a roster player or two (i say sturm and ryder are a good offering) they can score and who knows maybe the do well there. Atlanta is in no position to demand Lucic or Rask or tor 1st. PC knows this so I am not sold that this deal is dead.

    • Bruins says:

      actually the blackhawks and kings are in a pretty good position to trade for him. kovalchuk would only be a rental for chicago obviously. they have to clear cap room for next season anyways so they could give up guys like bolland, versteeg, barker, byfuglien, or sharp to get it done. they have some prospects too.

      the kings arguably have the best set of prospects in the league. there probably isnt alot of guys that are that appealing on their roster that theyre willing to move, but im sure they could get something done giving up stoll (frolov would be good to give up but he’s a ufa).

      theres no way the bruins give up a krejci, lucic, and rask though. that just has to be BS reporting

  7. Gcole says:

    Well the problem with it being wheeler, marchand and a pick is that wheeler makes crap for money, and kovy is going to make fucking 10 million. so you would need to dump a couple more high paid players anyways. wideman makes 4M, wheeler is maybe going to get 2.5M, which still isnt enough room for him, so you would need to dump ryder too, another 4M. 10.5M, yes i know its more than JUST kovy, but remember theres more to a team than just him. would wheeler, ryder, wideman, marchand and a 1st pick be too much for him? right now no they all fuckin suck anyways lol

  8. goosegoose35 says:

    unrelated: if only this happened in real life. I’m playing NHL 10 and i shoot the puck at Torontos goalie after the whistle. Not only do i hit wideman instead of Vessa, Phil Kessel decides he wants to fight me and I beat him to a pulp…..awesome

  9. Pearson says:

    Krejci marchand and boston 1st.

    Gotta give to get

  10. Haus says:

    Ryder and sturm have no value to atl. It will take wheeler or stuart, colbourne, and our first. If not wheels or stuey, then they want krech or looch. We do this deal for one of the former, but chia will not part with either of the latter. Then kovy signs with a khl team in the offseason, making us losers in the deal no matter what we trade. Lets focus on Penner folks, unless it can be garaunteed he will resign next year.

  11. Radmax says:

    I’m convinced that Kovy is seriously in the cards. Boston is en route to be dealing whatever it takes to get what is necessary to make the playoffs… obviously chiarelli is going to do whatever it takes to make it as far as possible in the playoffs, we’re talking business.
    Essentially,if there is any team that is capable of providing the means of Kovy and his (based on the boston sacrifices and LA’s contracts) its B-town. Based on a number of analyses Boston is THE place to be to raise kids. Kovy is looking for a place to raise kids without concern IN THE LONG TERM. In those terms, if you’re looking at the debate of Boston or LA, you know which one it is.
    Another argument is Savvy. 03-04 proved that the savvy-kovy team is a magical combo that while has long been missed, is heaven on earth, if you base that assumption on the perception of contemporary hockey…
    Boston has everything an NHL team needs as long as we have at least ONE SOLID goal scorer… if we can rockthe second best goal scorer in the league, we’re likely solid. At least til the playoffs…

  12. mook says:

    Kevin Allen of USA Today reports via Twitter the Atlanta Thrashers have not given any team permission to talk contract with Ilya Kovalchuk’s agent and aren’t planning to do so.

  13. mook says:

    BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports the Bruins depth in draft picks – nine in the first two rounds over the next two years – could give them a fighting chance for anyone they want on the market, including Atlanta’s Ilya Kovalchuk or a more affordable option like Carolina’s Ray Whitney.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Bruins are looking for a rental player I think Whitney would be a better option for them rather than over-paying for Kovalchuk, who would probably test the UFA market this summer if he’s traded by the Thrashers.

  14. Kurt says:

    Thomas, Ryder, and our first pick should leave enough money to sign Kovi.

  15. Haus says:

    they have 3 goalies and are trying to deal away one to clear the path for the other ones, so why would they want thomas?? And Ryder is over 30 and got another year on his 4mil deal. If we are not gonna bother thinking that ATL wants to get better in this deal then here is my proposal: kovy for zach mckelvie straight up. Yea zach is going active duty as a US Army officer for the next few years but he was the fastest skater in the NCAA. Also, sign kovy to a 5 year, 3mil deal for a .6 cap hit.

  16. jmoney says:

    ryder, colborne, hamill, marchand, boston first round pick

  17. Bruins4life 13 says:

    i dont think managment should only be looking at kovalchuk because in reality he would not want to re sign with us unless we somehow managed to aquire kovy, we would be giving up to much for a rental player and lets face it we arent excatly a contender this year. my biggest offer would be: krejci,1st Tor, mark stuart OR joe colbourne but if the bruins were somehow in the running for a player like getzlaf the only player i wouldnt give is chara. but i think a resonable deal for the bruins at the deadline is ryder to either FLA or PHO for a 2nd then use two of those 2nds with mikko lethonen for ray whitney or keith tkachuk. personally tim thomas is over rated and we should have traded him when he won the vezina last year for some one like nabokov
    all in all the bruins with their cheapness even if they got kovy would be to cheap to sign him. and ryder can be easily replaced by free agency or a guy like brad marchand

  18. Haus says:

    Then again, who says ATL has to deal him at all? They want to move a goalie for help on D. Maybe they feel like they can win a playoff round this year with this young team.

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