Analyzing the Teams in the Kovalchuk Sweepstakes

Chicago- Would likely have to offer a combination of Patrick Sharp, Kris Versteeg, Cam Barker and a 1st round pick.  I’m not sure I see this one happening.  Chicago already has a ton of offense, and if they really want to make a cup run, I see them loading up for Scott Niedermayer.  Chicago would also not be able to re-sign Kovalchuk because of their cap issues.  Guys like Versteeg, Barker and Sharp would fetch much more individually.

Calgary- Similarly to the Bruins, they need offense.  Calgary could trade Dion Phaneuf to the Thrashers, which would also give them cap room to sign Kovalchuk, but it doesn’t seem like Kovalchuk wants to play on a Canadian team because he wants out of the limelight.  Phaneuf’s trade value also is at an all-time low.  He is a sexy name that GM Don Wadell would want though.

Philadelphia- This one makes little to no sense.  The Flyers have some cap issues anyways, and all their top guys have NTCs or NMCs, so a move would have to involve Jeff Carter, the only guy without one.  Trading Carter could land him, but it wouldn’t make sense for Philly to trade Carter for 20 games of Kovalchuk and Carter is their best scorer anyways.

Vancouver- Not sure what it take from Vancouver, but it would have to include Ryan Kesler I believe.  Again like Calgary, don’t see Kovalchuk re-signing there, and it would take a lot to get him.

New York Rangers- Two words.  Wade Redden.  They have cap issues, and don’t have much to trade.  Unless Wade Redden’s contract magically disappears, no way it can happen.

New York Islanders- A rebuilding team with a bright future, makes no sense to disrupt that now.  He also likely wouldn’t re-sign, so it would just set the franchise back.

Los Angeles- One of the teams heavily pursuing him.  They have guys to trade, Jack Johnson, Wayne Simmonds to name a few, but I don’t see Dean Lombardi dealing them for a rental.  He would make a move if he could get a signed Kovalchuk though.

Boston- Team needs offense, and unlike every other team, it has a top 3 pick in the draft to trade, although Peter Chiarelli said he won’t deal it.  Kovalchuk is also familiar with center Marc Savard, which would no doubt interest him.  The Bruins have the pieces to get him, it’s just a matter of if they could get him signed.

I rank my teams most likely to least likely…Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Calgary, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Isles, Rangers as most likely to get him.


20 Responses to Analyzing the Teams in the Kovalchuk Sweepstakes

  1. psands says:

    why???, i want kovalchuk as much as anyone else, but not for 20 games.

    i really hope atlanta does not let teams talk extensions with kovalchuk, then he can become a ufa and we can go after him without giving up any of our young players.

    we would have to move some people now though.

    i hate to say this now, but i am not sure if we make it past the 2nd round this year with kovalchuk. but we could go deep next year if we signed him in the off season, and had a top 5 pick………or 2?

    i am just saying, what if we had two in the top 5, hall and gudbranson. add in kovalchuk as a free agent, and trade for one more goal scorer with size.

    again it is nice to dream, but i could watch the bruins suck for the rest of this season if it means we would be a powerhouse for years to come.

  2. willisss says:

    there could also be a 3 way trade that we’re not seeing. there are so many aspects in hockey managment that get overlooked. I dont see us getting kovy just for the cap alone. eldoucheo loves screaming at the top of his lungs to get this point across without concidering the possibility of this turning into somthing big for us.

    altanta has got some balls for doing this. and i dont mean brave balls, i mean the ” are you shitting me?” balls. they will not re sign kovy next season so theyr trying to get as much as they can for him with half the season over. i dont feel that its in the bruins best interest to give up anything for a half season of kovy. the dude will make BANK back home and he’s probably heading there at the end of the season. if another team wants in on some kovy action and use us as a middle man in a 3 way deal that could help us, then its a no brainer. but who? and to where? you cant get rid of rask, krej, torontos pick, or looch. those 3 faces, along with whoever we draft and bergy, are going to be the staple and poster children of our franchise. this team has a powerhouse franchise potential.

    elwaps…bitching, moaning, screaming, being a tough guy, pissing everyone off, acting like a retard, calling out people, thinking your smart, making no sense, and all the other dumb shit you do, is not going to make any differnce with the moves the bruins make. stop acting like an idiot or find somwhere else to bitch

    • northernbruin says:

      ^ Amen to that, by the way who posted that youtube video of the b’s vs. the leafs? The one where Ken Wregget gets a shout out. I can’t find it anywhere and I thought it was hilarious

    • ELWOPPO says:

      ur right williss! I Know nothing about the game nor the brins! Ill stop all my moaning and screaming because willis says i should find another place to bitch! I feel so ashamed and hurt that im so disliked! I do apologize willy! And that eldoucho comment was hurtfull and a GREAT comeback! Sorry Bruins fans i was wrong and maybe a three way trade like williss says is a more realistic scenario !!!

  3. goosegoose35 says:

    they only way i give up torontos pick is if they say sure negoatiate with kovie and if you get a deal then you get Torontos 1st

    • pearson says:

      id be down for that. the pick is powerful, but so is kovy. he could help instantly, instead of the growing process that the draft picks would have to go through. they would have to include others in the trade but i would still do it.

      kovy for the next 8-10 years, or a couple high draft picks that ease into the system over time.

      also. psands. why do you think we’d only go to the 2nd round? do you remember who won the stanley cup last year, and how they were doing right around this time of the year?

      • psands says:

        last time i checked, they had malkin and crosby, two of the top 3 in the league.

        kovalchuk is in that category, but still not as good as either one, and they have two guys like that.

        and then add in what we would have to give up to get him, and that is why i said it.

        it is easy to forget how good malkin and crosby are, because they are only two players, but they are nasty, and two guys like that can carry a team.

        kovalchuk could not carry a team by humself, he would have some help this year to get him to the playoffs, and maybe they do go past the second round, but it is hard to say they get a cup.

  4. bigbadbruins1 says:

    willissss and u think u know about hockey your comments are so dumb at least elwoppo makes sense unlike u and the rest of these homos that talk shit on here COOKIE PEARSON AND NORTHERNBRUIN ALL DUMMIES

  5. bigbadbruins1 says:

    nope different guy i side with people that dont make excuse after excuse

  6. G cole says:

    Wasn’t something supposed to happen between last weeks game ad today’s against buffalo? All of the speculation and articles saying a trade is likely, blah blah. Nothing has happened! And as for a trade, or plain salary dump, sturm and Ryder are useless (that is, if sturm is actually still alive somewhere) get rid of them and make something happen!

    • mcpuck says:

      I’m feeling your pain on the inactivity cole… problem is that the teams Boston might be conversing with don’t have the same level of urgency. It kind of sucks because we’re at the mercy of teams with leverage, so we’ll see what happens.

  7. mcpuck says:

    15 million tax free… hard to argue that against the 11-15 million he’ll make before taxes in a front loaded contract…

    I hope he doesn’t go overseas, and I have a feeling he won’t, but it’s just a feeling.

  8. backbruin says:

    Trade rask…trade wheeler who the fk cares….To be honest i think some of us are higher on rask then we should be…i haven’t seen him do anything special like stealing a game…not all his fault tonight but we’ve had 10 chances in close and can’t put the puck in the net…rask are first rounder and hamill…let’s do this…only if we can sign…

    this is getting depressing, we wait 4 days for this!

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