Evaluation Complete

Anyone want to tell me this team does not need Kovalchuk or he wouldn’t make a difference.  Once again another 2-1 loss on a game we easily could have won.  This team does not have finish.  Kovalchuk is the guy we need.  Evaluation, this team can’t score.


66 Responses to Evaluation Complete

  1. backbruin says:

    That about sums up my last post!!!i couldn’t agree more…whether it’s thomas or rsak it really doesn’t matter because we can’t score more then a goal or two!!!

  2. backbruin says:

    6 count them 6 losses this month alone by 1 goal 24 goals in the last 13 games…ya we can’t trade rask, gimme a break!!!Hey Chia….time to do something!!!

  3. pt says:

    I agree. Atlanta needs a goalie bad! I would gladly trade Thomas, Wheeler, a prospect, and some form of draft pick. as long as it’s not Toronto’s first rounder. The trade would give the Thrashers the goalie they so desperately need which would give us more cap space, and we would have a sniper in Kovelchuk worth two Wheelers. But The trade should only be done if we can sign Kovy long term. and can Rask carry the B’s? or would he end up like another Carey Price?

  4. backbruin says:

    if we can sign him, i gladly give rask!!!and he has been nothing like price when he was playing well….goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssss

    we need goalsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  5. psands says:

    everyone freak out, let’s trade rask the toronto pick lucic and krejci for 20 games of kovalchuk!!!!!

    yea, then we can get knocked out in the first two rounds, kovalchuk will bolt somewhere else and all you guys complaining will start to ask why we ever traded for him.

    if this team can’t win, and they don’t play with intensity, then kovalchuk wont make us into a contender. i am telling you, the only thing pc should do is look for takers for our shitty contracts to make room for kovalchuk as a ufa.

    i just don’t want to see pc do something stupid for 20 games of kovalchuk, i would rather get rid of sturm, ryder and thomas so we can go after him full press in the off season.

    10 years of him or 20 games of him? you have to look at the big picture.

    • leafstank says:

      totally agree psands, i dont wanna hear you guys crying when Kovy bolts to russia or pittsburg after this season. Rask is our future, as well as Torontos first round pick. wait till the damn offseason for Kovy. last time im gonna say it because “you ignorant.”


      the one time i agree with you

    • bergylu77 says:

      hey i completely agree with you the bruins arent playing with enough intensity… just adding kovalchuck wont guarantee a giant turn around, granted it would help. i say we wait until free agancy to sign him long term. Heres what needs to be done, get begin the hell out, along with ryder. everyone needs to stop shitting on wideman cause you all seem to be forgetting about his 50 points last year along with his great defensive play… give him a chance and quit turning on the bruins cause thats not what a true fan is. And stop booing wideman at the game, you really think that is gonna help them!

  6. pt says:

    I,m not talkin about givin up Rask. I said Thomas. Atlanta is more desperate to dump him now because they don’t wanna get nothing for him. we wait til the off-season we can’t trade anything for him. at that point it’s all gonna be about money. which the B’s don’t have alot of. A few things to consider. we wanna keep Sturm. he’s a left handed shooter. and he has speed. We lost that when we traded Kessel. The B’s have an owner who is notorisly cheap when it comes to the good of his team. To him all that matters is that the seats are filled. If we happen to win a Stanley Cup. That would be great! But personally I don’t think Jacobs really cares. The cap will most likely drop a few mil next year. So considering we have a cheap owner and Kovy wants probably 10 million a year we can’t afford that. That’s why we need to make sure he’s willing to sign long term before the B’s makes any deals for him. How bout trying to sell Kovelchuk on the fact he’d be playing with one of the besy set up guys in the league. When Savvy was on Atlanta Kovelchuk had way better numbers. I think it’s time the B’s made a big move we need that difinitive scorer. plus we have 2 first rounders comin this year. Who knows those 2 could be another Towes and Kane. But we gotta take a chance.

  7. Peter says:

    It`s not only scoring this teams lacks, right now they are a mess. nobody is aggressive, they give up the puck in the defensive zone way to much, they dont create offensive opportinites because the have no aggressive forwards. That`s why they dont get many power plays, which they could not score on anyway. This is hard to watch folks. Right now this team is as bad as it`s been going back several years. They just are not hard to play against. As difficult it is for me to say because I like him, but it is time to change the coach. This team has given up on this system and they are pathetic. Time for something to happen as time is running out quickly on this season.

  8. pt says:

    Another thing. We should’ve tried to get Kovelev. The Habs wanted Kessel. we should have made a deal for Kovelev Kessel will never be as good as him. And the kicker is Kessel makes 1.25 mil a year more than him. Ridiculous!

    • bergylu77 says:

      are you serious..kovalev, like the most inconsistent player ever and plays like he hates playing hockey. hes right up there with steve ott and scott hartnell as my most disliked players ever

  9. Peter says:

    pt. get real, just what he bruins need “Kovlev”, another none aggressive, show up when you want invisible forward.

  10. pt says:

    Before we give up on Julian we should look at the fact that the team hasen’t played as a whole since last season. But I agree. They have no heart right now. It’s like the Dave Lewis Bruins out there. I’ll tell you one thing that doesn’t help is Boston’s wonderful fare weather fans. booing a team that’s already hurting. That’s a good way to boost morale.

  11. pt says:

    True about Kovelev. but he’s also another disgruntled former Canadian. Much like Ryder, Begin, and Julian as a former coach. They all left Montreal on bad terms. I think he would’ve worked.

  12. Peter says:

    pt, your right no need to boo, but this is hard to watch when guys out there are not giving it all when the team is going down the shitter. I am heading to Boston next week from Nova Scotia to see the bruins take on the habs and if i am going to see the same pathetic effort and end up watching the fucking habs humilate the Bruins I would rather not travel to Boston. “Get my drift”. This would be hard to take and right now it will most likely happnen

  13. pt says:

    I totally agree with u. I’m goin to the Habs game myself on March 2nd and I would hate to see them lose. The last Canadians Bruins match-up I went too was last year. When the B’s routed them 6-1. And Lootch busted up Komiseraks shoulder. It would be aweful to ruin that game with a horrible B’s loss.

  14. pt says:

    My last thing to say is. Maybe the B’s should forget about all the high priced trades. fill in the holes we have to stop the bleeding. And see where that gets us this year. And build a new team next year. But I’m a die hard B’s fan and a fan of hockey itself. So win or lose I’ll always love the B’s. And I’ll always have respect for thge players and the sport.

  15. Pearson says:

    Idk about anyone else here but i still havent given up. Time is tickin but this team has too much talent and (deep down) heart to just flop.

    You cant give up on the season in january guys, theres still lots to come

  16. Bruins says:

    everybody chill. buffalo is a very good team, with the best goalie in the league. we are still undermanned as well. we also have games in hand on everyone and theres a whole pack of teams between 6-13. just a “small” addition has to be made AKA ray whitney.

    if we blow our load for kovalchuk (people, are you honestly suggesting we trade rask, or the pick that will land us hall or seguin???), all of you people will be bitching about how chia sold the future for 20 games of kovalchuk before he bolted for $15 million + a year on a lifetime contract in the KHL.

  17. guest says:

    No need to mortgage our future on a player we dont even know if we can sign. Honestly the Bruins front office is very conservative, not a chance that deal happens.

    lets aim at a couple solid players instead of one overpriced superstar

  18. da wreck says:

    Can’t wait for LA or whoever to trade for Kovalchuk and sign him for whatever ridiculous amount of money he needs and then carry them to first and second round playoff losses for the next 12 years. The Kovie rumors would end and we could go back to complaining about Phil Kessel, Wideman and hell – I’d even take the old school Axelsson talk back.

  19. jimmy50 says:

    Agree- would take Axe over Paille and Satan.

  20. jimmy50 says:

    Anyone notice how ATL is currently a playoff seed??? He might not be available.

  21. pt says:

    Atlanta is a playoff contender true. But they need a solid #1 goalie. The B’s probably won’t get Kovy. But do the B’s really wanna another old guy like Whitney who’s 37 mind you and injury prone?

  22. Anthony says:

    Forget Whitney. He is only a bandaid solution. I’m sick & tired of the B’s brass trying to patch this together year after year. He is in his lates 30’s and will only be a rental and will go back to Carolina anyways. Why waste the assets and the effort.

    I would like for the B’s to hold tight and rid themselves of their underachieving assets who are ruining us right now, i.e., Ryder, Wideman, Satan, Begin, Thornton. I don’t particulary care what we get for them, just remove them from the equation. Kovy as a rental is a non-starter in my opinion.

    Retool in the summer and go hard after Kovy. He may or may not be interested, but the B’s must at the very least try. If it works out that we don’t mortgage the future in acquiring him that is fine by me. Otherwise forget it.

    Draft and develop your assets if Kovy cannot be got. This continual patchwork process to fill the roster with players nobody wants anyway is tearing the team apart in the long run.

    It is high time we start the process of being a perennial contender and not a wanabe pretender.

    • leafstank says:

      totally agree my friend. we have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds this year. i say keep em all. they say that we wont have space for that many players in the system. yes we do. i bet you that 3 outta 5 of those picks will play in juniors/ college for the next year or so after we draft em. and the other two might start on the roster or in providence.

    • #4 says:

      My thoughts exactly.Its not the wheeler, krejci,sobotkas of the team that are slowing the B’s down. Look at the high-paid under-acheivers in Ryder, Thornton, Sturm(Not if he can stay healthy), Wides, Ferrence(another not if he can stay healthy)… These guys go out there and half ass it every night except the ones who are just hurt every damn night.

      Mark Recchi puts in 1000X the effort of Ryder Tornton and Wides every night and he was born before the american revolution or something. Give me a break.

  23. hilroy says:

    here, here. finally some common sense on this sight.

  24. Et Le But says:

    Man , but you guys were hard to locate this year. Thats right – I’m back.

    Things are not going to well in beantown mes amis. 6 in a row and counting. If your sorry bunch does not win tonight your string of uselessness will go to at least 9 games. The 7th loss may be tonight and you can defintely write off the next 2 games after that. Washington will humiliate you and Les Habs will show you how the game is played on Thursday.

  25. Gcole says:

    Even though you said ‘tanking may not be the solution’ in a previous post, im starting to think maybe it would help us. if we can get two high first round picks this year alone, that would help very much. we have like 5 or some ridiculous amount in the second round too which is dam good to have that many in two rounds. my question is, why should we blow up the team NOW to get a selfish money hog rental player for the rest of the season, and whatever rounds in the playoffs we will be lucky to win? I have not heard one thing about kovy saying “wow i would love to play in boston, or i really like chicago!” anything ive heard is MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY I WANT MONEY. and if russia is offering him some crazy amount, you think he wont take 15M over 10M from the bruins?? the way to build on a core team of players is through THE DRAFT.

    • psands says:

      agreed, but to be fair to kovalchuk he never said anything about playing for any team, i think he is being a good sport and focusing on this year, and trying to get the thrashers to the playoffs.

      all the talk about bolting to russia is speculation from the media. kovalchuk has not said anything throughout this whole thing, at least i don’t think he has.

      but two high picks in this draft, one scorer and one defenseman would be nice. both could probably jump in next year.

      the kid i like is Erik Gudbranson on defense, but i would not complain about fowler, and seguin or hall would make me happy for forwards.

  26. Peter says:

    Et Le, get a life, your habs are as pathetic as the Bruins are right now, maybe worse. At least the Bruins are capable of playing better once they get everyone back and on track. The Habs right now are at their best and aren’t going to get any better. You are probably like the rest of the Habs fans. “In about another month we won’t be able to find one you if we tried”.

    • leafstank says:

      not to mention our goalies compete every night *cough* carey price.

      • leafstank says:

        those rumors are most likely true, he probably acts like that because Montreal dumped theodore so he could be their goalie in the playoffs. so he thinks montreal wont dump him even if he acts like a d bag.

  27. backbruin says:

    Listen when i say trade them i’m immediately assuming we would sign him…stop saying he would bolt after 20 games because there is no way he would come here as a rental…no way in hell, so please stop saying 20 games and stop saying rental…it’s fairly obvious if we trade rask or wheeler and a 1st round pick that we wouldnt be doing it for 20 games, so all you whiz kids that keep saying it can stop!!!And i will never as a fan of any team want them to tank and any of you that say that can go cheer for the leafs!!! Do some of you actually think that P.C would trade thos players and picks for a rental when were sitting in what 9th-10th place..bahahahaha..cmon guys. Atlanta is posing right now waiting for a desperate team to make a ridiculous offer….but it won’t come and when the clock starts ticking on their GM

  28. backbruin says:

    cont’d: You will see one of those patented allstar player for 4 nobody’s trades that we see every year!!!

    I’m just tired of hearing from some of you we can’t trade rask and wheeler for 20 games….no shit do we have to repeat this over and over. If he doesn’t sign then we don’t want him….but…….if we can sign him..bye wheeler…bye rask….bye whoever else they want….we have enough horses letting them go to get it done!!and yes we could sign him in a front loaded contract!!!

    • psands says:

      you just do not pay attention to the facts, and what is actually happening, your in your own little world with this kovalchuk stuff.

      • leafstank says:

        i know right. backbruin, Rask is most likely going to be our guy if not next season, definetly the season after. Hes our frachise goaltender. an that toronto pick could very well be our next franchise forward. we dont need kovalchuck THIS season. If we can make it work in the offseason, then so be it.

  29. Birdman2403 says:

    Now apparently we have switched from Kovalchuk to Cogliano. Cogliano ??? Why bother, we have enough guys with 10 pts. in 50 games !

    • ELWOPPO says:

      lol agreed! Cogliano is talented but him alone is not the answer. Man PC must b a very patient man, Cuz i would have pulled the trigger on a trade a looooooooong time ago! I dont understand how a team can go from first to worst in 1 season ????

      • leafstank says:

        why not Cogliano? he brings speed, and he can shoot the puck. why not? its not like one trade is gonna turn the bruins around.. id love to see him in a bruins jersy on a line with bergeron. or Wheeler- Krejci- Cogliano..

  30. backbruin says:

    No psands i’m in the world of knowing what we need to be successful. Explain to me what i said in my last post that was out of this world??? don’t just post because you have some personal vendetta with backbruin and have to post something even if it actually says nothing!! You want to hord all are draft picks for the future thinking everyone will turn into an allstar..well my philosophy is different obviously…If i can get a current top 3 player and have to get rid of a couple “future” assets to do it then i will!!I don’t sit here and try to predict some kid’s future that has never played a game in the show in his life..

    So psands like i said explain to me why you posted “your own little world” comment without explaining yourself…I don’t miss a game, i’m all over every rumor and i care what happens to my bruins so i’ll be waiting for a detailed explanation on my two previous posts and how i’m in “my own world”

    • psands says:

      if your so on top of your rumors, then you would know that the thrashers have said they wont let a team negotiate with kovalchuk until a deal is complete. which means we would have to give up a lot to get a unsigned kovalchuk.

      and that he wants to test free agency if he does not reach a deal with the thrashers, and why wouldn’t he?

      both of these have been stated by reliable sources, look around.

      maybe you can not comprehend all these rumors you are so on top of, i know some of the articles have big words, but you have to sound them out.

      but you still think the bruins can trade rask wheeler and torontos first, sign him to a long term deal, even though he is not willing to do this until he tests the market.

      and you love to forget about the salary cap, its a tricky little pain in the ass, but i will make it very simple for you, we can not spend more than 56.8 million on the whole team.

      and to top it all off, even if we signed him to a long term deal, and we had to give up wheeler, rask and the toronto first to get him, then we would have to cut even more players like sturm, ryder, wideman or whoever just to fit him in.

      you might not think getting rid of players like that will matter, but it will, those guys are good secondary scorers, and we would be very thin without them in the lineup.

      so we give up a shit load of assets to get kovalchuk, then dump some salaries, and all you are left with is a one line team, and a bunch of shit on the other lines.

      this team would not look any better than the thrashers are now. so why would he even want to come???

      detailed enough…..?

      • backbruin says:

        wow you act like your his agent, your “reliable sources” must know everything that’s going on..hahahaha..you talk like you know everything that’s going on…like you have your finger on everything…it’s comical…maybe you need to research exactly what kind of cap hit it would take!!!i believe Matt laid it out quite clearly but maybe YOU didn’t understand the big words and math that was involved..psands you come across like your a know it all idiot who thinks he has it all figured out!!

        oh know we have to cut widemen and ryder, oh my god what will we do to replace them..hahahaha do you read what you type after your done spewing your shit!!!

        please take ryder take widemen, i have no problem with that, seems to me we would still have great draft picks…. we would still have are core of Chara,Bergy,Looch,Krejci,Savrad and were adding a top 3 forward!!! is this that difficult for your little brain to figure out….we can’t score….we had a good years last year but even before that are problem was we couldn’t score!!!!with a guy who knows everything i’m shocked that you don’t remember that…last year was an oddity, and now were back where we were before!!!

        We can keep arguing back and forth but as the year goes on the theme will still be we can’t score!!!hahahahaha

        listen p sands i appreciate that we have a forum that we can discuss are difference of opinions, but if you want to be an internet thug then so be it!! I CAN KEEP RIPPING YOU UP ALL YEAR!

      • #4 says:

        (Looks around) You may have missed the point a bit. Its not that any one will have any problem with saying adios to ryder and wides, hell id pay you 20$ just to take em out back git rid of em that way.

        But I dont think that was what psands was saying at all really. Look you cant have a win-win with this kovalchuk deal. GM atl allready said its goint to take toronto 1st at least to get the deal done. Maybe more is it worth a great draft pick and one of your core players for kovy?? Possibly but who knows… what if he walks (suicide)

        I do disagree with Psands and agree with Backbruin on that if we pulled the trigger and IF kovy signed, it really wouldnt be that bad to release sturm ryder wides in any way at all possible. I think kovy with our upcoming players would + defensive core would make a team that is faster more aggressive hungrier and overall more dynamic but thats just IMO

  31. Bill says:

    and Les Habs will show you how the game is played on Thursday.

    Yeah I’d worry bout your own turd of a team first.

  32. Kurt says:

    I think we need to decide if Kovi is enough to push them to the Eastern Conference Finals anything short of that is probably not worth giving up Toronto’s pick. Especially when you can pick up top talent in the draft for low dollars.

    On another note Claude needs to get our forwards on the opposing team’s point men. Last night as with other games I saw so many chances to get the puck out of our zone and the forwards were too late to the other teams D.

    • backbruin says:

      I agree Kurt they are to soft on the Din our own zone. They play a soft box and 1 by the looks of it and collapse heavy to our net..It did work last year and really hasn’t been horrible this year but when you can’t score it doesn’t matter what you play!

  33. #4 says:

    Im going to say this:

    Our system sucks. The bruins do not play the right type of game to be succesful enough in this NHL. Sure NJD can play trap, defensivce hockey they have the best goalie ever in net.

    The bruins last year had success with the fast break and rush plays, alot of the time powered by wideman’s great break out passes. All of this has dissapeared.
    Along with any sort of physical game….chara

    How do you think we dominated every stat last night except the most important one(goals)? Because our style of play isn’t going to score us alot of goals. Add to that a lack of a real Goal Scorer and you have a completely flat team. That cannot change a game in anyway and let games be decided by bounces.

    Savards chance to tie that skipped wide last night FTW proof of what i am saying I believe we woudlve won in OT had that gone in

    This organization needs to take a serious look at adding scoring talent speed and a new style of play. Without blowing the good core on some overpriced russian.

  34. ELWOPPO says:

    Hey leafstank i know cogs is talented did u read my post? But this is not the answer to our scoring drought! Maybe cogliano and whitney? That would work!!!!!!

    • leafstank says:

      thats what im saying. more of a realistic change to the team. Cogliano is very skilled, he just needs a change in scenery. and Whitney might be a risk, but then again, we dont have to sign him if we dont like what we see in the offseason.

  35. Kurt says:

    Chia definitely needs to get this teams salary cap numbers in order. Trade Thomas,Ryder,Wideman and Redo Chara for a lower cap number,

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Thomas, Ryder and Wideman all just signed deals ! Maybe he should have thought abpout that BEFORE handing out money !

  36. Kurt says:

    I agree he hasn’t managed the cap very well at all!

  37. Bruins says:

    im really surprised at how many people are just dismissing whitney. actually no im not; he’s the most underrated player in the league.

    check the stats people, he’s been around the point per game mark pretty much every single year (minus his rookie year). he’s the furthest from a risk a player could be.

    remember acquiring another vastly underrated player that everyone shit on in savard? how did that work out for us?

    whitney is a wizard with the puck. he can set goals up. he can put it in the net. he’s definitely the best option out there

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Yup i agree Whitney is very underrated and is a very skilled vet. Numbers dont lie people. BTW Cammileri left todays game being helped off the ice by the habs trainer. He could not put wieght on his left leg/ancle. He was in a tremendous amount of pain. Doesnt look good at all!! Welcome to our world hab fan’s!!!!

    • BosBrn77 says:

      My only issue with Whitney, is that he would be just a rental. Rumor has it, he will re-sign with the ‘Canes next year no matter if he gets traded or not.

      Maybe a 4th round pick or a B rated prospect for him. But not much more.

  38. bigbadbruins1 says:

    well said leafstank

  39. Spector says:

    Same Ole Same Ole. The effort is there – no finish, yet again. Lucic needs to stand in front of Quick. We have no net presence or drive.

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