Let’s Build Through the Draft?!?

This phrase I can’t stand.  People want to build through the draft.  Okay, we have some picks and the Toronto pick is a top 3 lock almost.  No one is saying trade it.  We get it.  No team would except for like a Crosby, Ovechkin or Malkin.  But honestly, aside from that pick, this build through the draft is stupid.  No one we draft will be NHL ready aside from that top 3 pick for at least two years.  And that is if they pan out.  When that time comes, Savard is old, Chara could be gone.  It’s no lock Rask turns out to be a legit number one or just a flash in the pan.  I’ve seen enough goalie go through this system to not get excited although he looks damn good.

This team isn’t as bad as we all think.  We are still fighting for the playoffs despite having the least amount of goals in the league.  That says something.  The point of building a team is to be in the position to say, “I’ve got this and that and I just need that to make it complete.”  That’s when you make a move.  Teams don’t just draft and draft until they get lucky and get a team with offense, defense and goaltending.  The Bruins are a sound team with some good depth.  They just lack an elite goal scorer.

So fine, tree hug your picks and tell me how it turns out.  Hockey is the biggest crapshoot of all the major sports aside from baseball when it comes to drafting.  We’ve been drafting for 40 years, how many cups do we have?  None.

25 Responses to Let’s Build Through the Draft?!?

  1. backbruin says:

    exactly i feel were a gola scorer away from being very good!!

  2. mook says:

    just a final note on the leaf’s deals…

    the best player they got was sjostrom.

    phaneuf and giggy have had awful years as of late…and everyone knows this. leafs got junk and duped. anyone think giggy will be extended beyond next year? no shot.

  3. Matt says:

    Phaneuf is young, and was a stud a few seasons ago. That’s like trading Krejci for a bag of used jock straps because he’s not been as good this season. He’s still good.

  4. mook says:

    people in calgary are saying phaneuf has peaked. now that bouwmeester is in town, it has really exposed his weaknesses as a defenseman.

    whatever…hagman or phaneuf on the bruins? hagman.

  5. goosegoose says:

    “Hockey is the biggest crapshoot of all the major sports aside from baseball when it comes to drafting”

    You are on Crack son! The NBA is the biggest crap shoot next to the MLB. The NHL is the most reliable. Here are some noteable 1st rounders since 1995.

    Shane Doan 7th
    Jarome Iginla 11th
    JS Giguere 13th
    petr sykora 18th
    Daniel Briere
    joe thornton 1st
    Patrick Marleau 2nd
    Oli Jokinen 3rd
    Roberto Luongo 4th
    Sergei Samsonov 8th
    Marian Hosa 12th
    dan cleary 13th
    vincent lecavalier 1st
    Alex Yanguay 12th
    scott gomez 27th
    Dan Sedin 2nd
    Henrik Sedin 3rd
    rick dipietro 1st
    dan heatly 2nd
    marian gaborik 3rd
    scott hartnell 6th
    alex frolov 20th
    brad boyes 24th
    niklas kronwall 29th
    Ilya Kovalchuk 1st
    Jason Spezza 2nd
    rick nash 1st
    jay boumeester 3rd
    joni pitkanen 4th
    schooty upshall 6th
    Keith Ballard 11th
    Alexander Semin 13th
    Cam Ward 25th
    Marc-Andre Fleury 1st
    Eric Stall 2nd
    Nathan Horton 3rd
    Thomas Vanek 5th
    Dion Phaneuf 9th
    Andrei Kostitsyn 10th
    Jeff Carter 11th
    Dustin Brown 13th
    Brent Seabook 14th
    Zach Parise 17th
    Ryan Getzlaf 19th
    Alex Ovechkin 1st
    Evegni Malkin 2nd
    Travis Zajac 20
    Wojtek Wolski 21st
    Mike Green 29th
    Sidney Crosby 1st
    Carey Price 5th
    Devin Setoguchi 8th
    Anze Kopitar 11th
    Tuukka Rask 21st
    Jordan Staal 2nd
    Jonathan Toews 3rd
    Nicklas Backstrom (was) 4th
    Phil Kessel 5th
    Pat Kane 1st
    David Peron 26th
    Steven Stamkos 1st
    John Tavares

    I guarantee you will not find this many good round 1 picks in any other sport

  6. Matt says:

    What about all the busts? Yeah there are 30 teams in the league, I’m sure half of them will pan out if that of 1st round picks, but there are 210 players picked each year, say 30 of them become anything.

    • psands says:

      mlb is the crapshoot, then the nba. there is no debate in that.

      then it is nhl, and the nfl is pretty reliable.

    • goosegoose says:

      yea 30/210 is a better ratio than any other sport. look at the top 10 scoring leaders. They are all top 3 picks except for maybe two or three who were still 1st rounders

  7. leafstank says:

    the way i see it going right now. PC isnt going to make a move till the deadline. UNLESS, last night was just a little spark and nothing is going to click the next game.

  8. Bruins says:

    look at all the teams that have won the cup. its pretty much all through drafting. a team like the leafs are notorious for trading away all their picks and not utilizing the draft and theyre the biggest joke in the league.

    as for which one of hte major sports is the most reliable, i agree with psands

  9. Bruins Fan says:

    Trade Strum, Satan, & the Leafs 1st Round Pick for Kovs. Then move paille to the second line to play permanently with Bergy and Recchi.

    Lucic, Savy, Kovs
    Paille, Bergy, Recchi
    Wheeler, Krejci, Ryder
    Thornton, Sabotka, Bitz

  10. jimmy50 says:

    Yea what a horrible term. Pitt drafts Fleury Malkin Crosby, how did that turn out. How about Bergeron Lucic and Krecji all in the second round. THE DRAFT PICKS MATTER!

    • Bruins says:

      yeah exactly. its not like we have a shitty scouting department that has never produced any players. look at these results of guys that have developed into good nhlers since ’03, excluding the guys that still have potential like mikko lehtonen, colborne, caron, marchand etc.:

      2003 – 1st round – stuart
      2nd – bergeron
      4th – bitz

      2004 – 2nd – krejci
      5th – versteeg
      7th – hunwick

      2005 – 4th – sobotka

      2006 – 1st – kessel
      2nd – lucic

  11. Matt says:

    Yeah when you suck ass all the time (Pit, Chi, Atl, Clb, Phx, LA) you can do that, but when you are always in the middle (Bos) it’s a little different. Also, its not like Kovi is 30, he’s F’n 26!

  12. Bruins Fan says:

    yeah, my bad, sturm and satan both have ntcs…

  13. BosBrn77 says:

    If Boston can get Kovi for Ryder, Wheeler, Marchand and Bos 1st this year…. then I’d be willing to do it. I just would not part with the Toronto pick at all… especially after today’s deals by Burke. That just made that pick even sweeter!

  14. pearson says:

    i just dont see how the trades today made our pick any higher. everyone here keeps saying so, and im not really feeling as comfortable anymore.

    whether or not those 2 players they got are as good as they used to be they are def. alot better than what they lost. they shake up might also inspire differant players to step up and contribute.

    before today they were on cruise control to the bottom 3, now, you cant be so sure.

    • jimmy50 says:

      Thing is there isn’t that much time for them to rebound.

      • pearson says:

        theres only 8 points between them and the next up. 10 points between them and lots of other teams (including the bruins)

        for comparison, a team 8 points better than the b’s…. nashville. 10 points better… colorado or ottawa (both are actually 11 points above)

        i dont mean to be pessimistic but it is by no means a given. and with lots more trades to come all around the nhl, there might be teams that give up high salary/quality players which cause the team to cave.

    • Bruins says:

      look at it this way: white has outperformed phaneuf this season. straight up. phaneuf has more potential, but white is playing better right now.

      they also lost half of their top 8 scorers. a big complaint was that the leafs needed to get someone to feed kessel the puck, and they just traded away their best center in stajan. now they have to rely on bozak (11 career games), or grabovski to team up with kessel,and put someone like kulemin on the other wing (great first line…)

      just look at their forwards right now: kessel, ponikarovsky, stempniak, grabovski (injured), kulemin, mitchell, primeau, bozak, orr, stalberg, wallin, rosehill, hanson. there isnt a worse group of forwards in the league.

      add in that ponikarovsky will most likely be traded for future assets soon enough (as the leafs dont have any) and kessel is literally all by himself. he will be every other team’s only focus, and we all know how ineffective he is if you put pressure on him.

      giguere is an upgrade over toskala, but is not an upgrade over gustavsson. both are sub-par goalies, and you can only use one at a time, so it really isnt that much of an upgrade overall?

      this team has the worst defense and worst PK in the league. did these trades really solve that? no. phaneuf is erratic and puts himself out of position often, which should be exposed far more on toronto than it was in calgary where he had kiprusoff, regehr, bouwmeester, giordano, etc. to cover up for him. while being a good offensive defenseman, he isnt a good defensive defenseman.

      also, the leafs have played a more open style the entire year. when you lose all of your best forwards, that’s pretty tough to do. can they just switch to a defensive style mid-year? no, their defense isnt strong enough, nor is their goaltending strong enough.

      for the PK, white and stajan were two of their more effective PK guys, and even hagman logged a good chunk of time (even though their PK was atrocious). on the other hand, phaneuf was the 5th defenseman put out on the Pk in calgary, and sjostrom was the 7th forward put out (so dont put too much stock into people saying he’s such a good PK guy).

      now add in that its so tough for a player to step into a new system mid-year and prosper. look at guys like wideman. also, phaneuf seemed to be on the verge of tears when interviewedabout it. i dont think he’s very happy to be in toronto.

      but here’s the real area where the bruins prosper from the leafs trades: cap space next year. the leafs have a ton of spots to fill and less than $12 million to do it. and its not like the players they have signed are very key. they have a grossly overpaid goaltender, and four grossly overpaid defensemen in phaneuf, komisarek, finger, and beauchemin. their forwards signed past this season are: kessel, grabovski, bozak, orr, rosehill, stostrom, and stalberg. half of those guys are worthless.

      so they need to sign 6 forwads and a goalie just to be at the limit to ice an NHL roster. can you sign anyone of value when you have under $12 million to spend? nope.

      most people just see the names like phaneuf and giguere and assmume the leafs win the trade because they were both amazing three years ago. you have to delve a bit deeper into it.

  15. jimmy50 says:

    Prediction: Kovi to Calgary.

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