My Take on Leafs Deals

I will say I love how aggressive Brian Burke is when it comes to players he wants, especially on defense, and I was surprised they were able to acquire Phaneuf.  The Giguere deal was a good one for the Leafs.  He has been on their radar for some time.  They get out of two more years of Jason Blake at 4 million dollars, and although he has been one of their leading scorers, his money could be used elsewhere. Toskala has sucked as is a free agent at years end anyways.  Giguere has one more year on his deal.

The Phaneuf trade was highway robbery in my opinion.  I know Phaneuf’s value is low, but the kid is still young and has a lot of potential.  Phaneuf has 4 more years on his deal.  Ian White has played well and will be an RFA at seasons end and in line for a big payday.  Matt Stajan is an impending UFA.  Nicklas Hagman has two more years left on his contract.  Jamal Mayers was a throw in and on the block anyways. I know Pekese said it was an overpayment, but guys like Hagman, Stajan, and Mayers are a dime a dozen player, easy to replace via draft of free agency.  White was good, but you already have an offensive guy in Kaberle and they upgraded with Phaneuf.  They lost a lot of offense, which is good for B’s fans, but they are building towards next season.

I find it sad though a team in 2nd to last place is willing to make a move to improve, when the B’s just stand pat.  The return for Phaneuf is a lot less than people expected, as I have said with these monster moves.

Bruins equivalent to this deal?  Michael Ryder playing well, Matt Hunwick last year, Shawn Thornton and a crappy version of David Krejci a few years older with an expiring contract.  Hmm…I’d make that deal.


4 Responses to My Take on Leafs Deals

  1. leafstank says:

    because the Leafs have nothing to lose Matt. We’re still in it, IMO. we do need to make some adjustments though.

  2. TOOSE says:

    Phaneuf is a locker room cancer and Calgary was happy to get rid of him. White is just as good a player and even being a RFA, he wont get near what Toronto is paying Phaneuf now. Giguere is way overpaid and has declined rapidly……wait until he starts playing in Toronto.

  3. leafstank says:

    yeah. burke is really digging himself a hole now.

  4. wayne says:

    Burke better lay off the booze….Calgary won out hands down!!!Phaneuf is constantly out of position trying to make the big hit running at players. Giguere needs quality defense and will prove a sieve in Toronto…a team of goons like Burke is building will go nowhere but down…those two TO first round picks are looking better all the time for the Bruins and I hope PC hangs on tight!

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