Phaneuf to the Leafs

According to Darren Dreger, Deon Phaneuf has been traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. According to 640 AM in Toronto, Ian White and Matt Stajan are the players going back to Calgary.

UPDATE: Deger now is reporting Phaneuf, Sjostrom and Auley to Toronto for Hagman, Stajan, Mayers and White.

My early thoughts are the Leafs over paid big time for an over paid defenseman.  Toronto deals two of their top scorers plus a solid defenseman.  Burke may not be aware of this but you cannot win a 0-0 game. See the 2009-2010 Bruins.

Jean Sebastien Giguere is also rumored to be dealt to Toronto. It is expected Vesa Toskala is going back in return.  A first round pick is also believed to be going to Toronto. More in a bit…

UPDATE: TSN is reporting the deal is Jason Blake and Vesa Toskala for Jean Sebastien Giguere.

The Leafs dumped yet another forward and acquired a struggling goaltender. While they go free up over $8 million in cap space, they also take on Giguere’s $6 million cap hit for this season and next.


IN: Phaneuf, Sjostrom, Giguere, Auley ( to play in AHL)

OUT: Blake, Stajan, Hagman, Toskala, Mayers, White


37 Responses to Phaneuf to the Leafs

  1. mook says:

    flames wouldn’t let him walk for nothing…probably hagman/stajan. leafs will be even worse now…

    • pekese says:

      Good point, Mook. The Leafs are going to have to shed salary to get Phaneuf in under the cap. My guess is Hagman to start. I’ll post it once it goes through.

  2. mook says:

    The Orange County Register reports the Toronto Maple Leafs are on the verge of acquiring goaltender J.S. Giguere from the Anaheim Ducks, with Vesa Toskala and a draft pick believed headed to Anaheim.

  3. mook says:

    i bet they demoted finger to the minors…

  4. goosegoose says:

    I think it’s now the Bruins turn to make a fucking trade

  5. mook says:

    Details of who the Flames get in return are still unknown, but when asked if forwards Matt Stajan and Niklas Hagman were main components in the Phaneuf deal, a source told TSN, “it’s bigger than that.”

  6. mook says:

    no stajan? so who’s left to pass kessel the puck? stempniak?

  7. mook says:

    Phaneuf, Sjostrom and Auley to Toronto for Hagman, Stajan, Mayers and White!!

  8. da wreck says:

    JS Giguere and a first rounder for Toskala? What’s Murray smoking over in So-Cal?

  9. Boston2213 says:

    Phanuef would have been an unbelievable trade for the bruins to make for the long run. they need another physical presence in their line up. They’re going to end up getting another aging veteran like they do every year in ray whitney. Im sick and tired of hearing well maybe next year they’ll be better. Its getting old. If they made a trade a few weeks ago when everyone could clearly see the offense was completely fading, they wouldn’t be in the position there in. If your not going to put the best team on the ice that you can, then dont charge the fans a top 5 team ticket price

  10. Pearson says:

    They stole a great goalie. Vesa is awful!

  11. Kurt says:

    #1 over all pick here we come! Thanks Burkey

  12. Giggy says:

    Orange County Register in So-Cal is reporting its Toskala + Blake for Giguere + the pick.

    • MC Puck says:

      I understand tanking so your pick gets better, but tanking so your pick gets better for a rival team? I’m dumbfounded at the stupid moves Burke is making…

  13. pearson says:

    as much as i hate the leafs i think these moves were excellent. burke is cutting salary while building the team that he wants.

    he knows whatkind of team he wants and hes doing something about it.

    i wish pc would wake up and do SOMETHING.

    this might be the begining to a domino effect around the league though… lets hope so.

    • MC Puck says:

      I think in a different market that might work pearson, but my gut tells me that Burke doesn’t have the time he wants in Toronto. It better turn around for them this season or early next, or he’ll be on the hot seat. My issue, if I were a Toronto fan, is that after the salary dump, you have Komaserik, Kaberle, and Phanuef… none of are particularly spectacular on defense.

      Although it may improve offensive contribution from the back, losing Stajan, Hagman and White is a huge hit for a team thats struggling to find ways to win. With no one to help Kessel, this team is going to be hurting unless they make a move to bring in offense.

      I also agree, though, that inactivity is a worse sin than trades like this. Either your team needs help or it doesn’t, there’s not really a grey area and the Bruins are certainly the farthest you can get if there is. We need to do SOMETHING, multiple somethings if I had my way.

      Here’s to hoping, and I’ll raise a drink to the Leafs if that pick turns into #1

      • Pearson says:

        I mean hes a proven gm and makes risky moves. I doubt he’ll be on the hotseat but uf next year isnt a big improvement for them then he def. Will be.

        Pc is really pushing his limit. And not that i want it to happen at all; but julien and pc might not have jobs in boston if something isnt done.

  14. da wreck says:

    Toskala and Blake to Anaheim for Giguere. That makes more sense.

  15. Gcole says:

    so when are the BRUINS going to fucking do something here? how many games do we have to lose before its clear we need a FIRST LINE GOAL SCORER at the least.

  16. Gcole says:

    holy shit so they got rid of stajan, hagman, mayers, white, blake and toskala?! talk about a SHAKEUP holy dog shit.

  17. Jefe77 says:

    A shakeup that will lead to a Bruins top 2 pick.

    • pekese says:

      Agreed. I don’t see how this makes the Leafs any better. You gotta give Burke credit for shaking things up but he didn’t exactly help his team this season.

      • Jefe77 says:

        Dually noted. Blake was a sparkplug, and Hagman was their best current goal scorer. Phaneuf has underachieved more than any Flame this season and is signed at 6.5 per through 2014. Giguere has let in ass goals all season long and has not responded well to pressure (hello Toronto). Red flags on both players IMO, and 13 mill in cap space eaten up.

  18. Bruins2010 says:

    why couldnt the bruins land phaneuf really we couldnt have put a better package togeather then the leas what the hell come on PC GET IT DONE

  19. ELWOPPO says:

    Yes the leafs aquired an awesome defenceman and shed alot of salary BUT phanuef and giggy eat up 14 mill next year not to mention the other two pilons the leafs aquired! Plus they need to eather re-sign or replace poni,kulem,and stemp and dont 4get resign thier starding goalie (Gustovsson,cuz giggy sucks) All next year! PLUS thier forced to trade Kaberle now for cap space!! On the plus side that draft pick might turn out to be great if Ana doesnt make playoffs! Which it doesnt look like they are!!!!

  20. North B says:

    Phanuef will replace Komisarek, expect Burke to deal Lucic’s bitch to the west coast for picks/prospects..

  21. BosBrn77 says:

    I think this may push PC to finally make a deal. As much as Kovalchuk would look great on the Bruins, I think the fact that Atlanta will not let other teams speak with his agent, will make him coming to Boston highly unlikely.

    Chicago needs to offload some salary, but I think they will wait for the off season rather then screw with team chemistry.

    Edmonton is looking for a fire sale, but it looks doubtful Penner would be included in the sale. If he was, I’d put a package together to get him and Gilbert into Boston. Maybe Wideman, Ryder, Sobotka and Bostons 1st pick this year?

    Carolina is looking to move players. Although Whitney worries me…. possibly being another “rental” with his comments on liking everything about playing in Carolina. Maybe a lesser deal for him and Gleason?

    St. Louis is possibly looking for a move. Tkachuk and Kariya have been mentioned to be going out. I’d go Tkachuk before Kariya only for the size. But what about trying to get Jackman?

    But one player nobody has mentioned, and I think would cost the Bruins a little less to get….. Ryan Malone in Tampa! He is having a good year and plays tough hockey.

    I just hope PC does something soon, even though he is salivating, just waiting for the draft!

  22. G cole says:

    This has nothing to do withthe deal, but did manny fenandez officially die or something? Is he even playing hockey at all? Anywhere? Lol

  23. willisss says:

    haha oh mannnn. how can you trade away the hot young future goalie that is vesa toskala?

    first of all, who would even take him in a trade? the guy is complete shit. the leafs traded their whole team away, look for them to finish last

  24. psands says:

    i am still not impressed with the leafs, but i give credit to burke for trying to shake up his team, and getting guys that he likes.

    correct me if i am wrong, but i don’t think giguere is much to worry about. i do not see him being there savior in goal.

    but what kind of scares me now, is that i think burke will move kaberele now, while his value is so high, and get either a very good forward, or a good forward, first round pick, and good prospect.

    i do not think burke is done dealing, you can’t say he does not try to make his team better, even if his moves are questionable.

  25. backbruin says:

    AT least you see he’s trying to make something happen for them. We obviously all want to see something with are b’s…maybe this will start a firsale!i guess it kinda was..hahah

  26. bergylu77 says:

    brian burke what are you thinking. Phaneuf i understand im a huge fan of him, but gigure. its not even a salary dump and your best center in stajan is gone. now they have no offense besides kessel… fast forward to june… With the first overall pick the boston bruins select taylor hall

  27. 306bruinsfan says:

    How can anyone like Phaneuf? The guy is a tool. All he does is throw himself way out of position to make a big hit. Offensively he hasn’t been anything special this year. Ughh… Giguere is an upgrade from Toskala but he is definitely no saviour. I cannot figure out what Burke is trying to prove here. He really is making the Leafs a horrible team.

  28. gibbz says:

    who do you think taylor hall will be comparable with next year?

  29. backbruin says:


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