Now Would You Do This Trade?

I’m not an idiot, there was a point to my 4 1sts and 5 2nds of Kovalchuk.

Tor 1st–Lars Jonsson
Bos 1st–Shaone Morrisonn
Tampa 2nd- Masi Marjamki
Tor 2nd- Martins Karsums
Bos 2nd- Petr Kalus
Tor 1st- Zach Hamill
Bos 1st- Matt Lashoff
Min 2nd- Tommy Cross
Bos 2nd- Ivan Huml

These are some 1st and 2nd round picks the B’s have drafted in the past decade or so, two of the 1sts being in the top 10.  Now would you trade 4 1sts and 5 2nds for him?  I’d trade all of those guys for him…

My point is building through the draft is no guarantee.


36 Responses to Now Would You Do This Trade?

  1. goosegoose says:

    As I pointed out yesterday the NHL draft is very reliable and when you have 9 top 60 picks, you are guaranteed to have a great player if not more. Plus where the hell do we get the cap room? Not calling you a dummy but this trade makes no sense. Kovi wont solve all our problems. something is going to happen soon. the suspense is killing me and I will be pissed if PC makes 0 moves. I still think if we hold out to the deadline we can get kovi for like wheeler bruins 1st and a prospect or two

  2. Matt says:

    But those guys were all top 60 players drafted and none turned out to be anything decent.

    • psands says:

      is this serious???

      you need to give them more time, holy shit, not to mention this is a deep draft, and one of the picks should be a top 3

      and the way the bruins are playing, the other could be a top 10

  3. goosegoose says:

    and having Kovi for 25 games is worth giving up on 9 top 60 picks? the law of averages will play out. You cannot go on “oh the bruins have made bad picks in the past” and say it has anything to do with the 2010 and 2011 draft. the only way I agree to give all of those up is IF we are allowed to lock up kovi long term before the trade, and there is a way to make him fit without getting rid of savy, bergeron,krejci, rask,lucic, and chara

  4. JONOVISION says:

    all kovi can do is score.and not all the time,let him go elswhere.we don’t need him…get a whitney or sumthn

    • Joe says:

      Yea he will score alot. More than any of the other players we have. Do you not remember When Savard and Kovi played on the same team? They were awesome!It We signed Kovi which we will have space next season, we will be a contender for the cup next year, even this year! tack on a point or two a game with him playing.

  5. Pearson says:

    If we trade all of our picks how much diff are we from toronto? Kovy isnt happening because it would have happened already. I just hope they trade for someone better than whitney….

  6. Kurt says:

    Krejci,Versteeg should be on your list as well.They were partof that draft list you have.

  7. Bill says:

    I wouldn’t give all my picks. I would rather we tank if that’s the case and then rebuild. Yeah I would consider parting with some picks for a scorer but 11 mio for 10 years ain’t gonna happen with Jacobs.

  8. jimmy50 says:

    Yes the Bruins drafted all of them but the Chiarelli run Bruins only a couple and we haven’t seen what they can do. Plus our first round picks could be a top 3 and a top 10, plus a top 10 and 20+ next season!

  9. Jefe77 says:

    Damnit Matt.

  10. psands says:

    more pekese posts, less matt posts.

    pekese has a level head, and does not only post about kovalchuk.

  11. POWERSURGE says:

    I understand the point that Matt is trying to make. Draft players will not always get to their possible potential. Getting Kovalchuk AND signing him is getting a PROVEN skilled goal scorer, with a lot of years left in him, notwithstanding injuries.

    To all the Bruins fans that want more drafts options: Are we in a rebulding phase, a season after being the top team in the Eastern conference, with only 1 major player gone ( Kessel), still the same Jack Adams winning coach, Norris winning defenseman and Vezina winning goalie??? We should be a cup contending team!
    The future is now..

  12. Matt says:

    haha…people I’m not saying trade all the picks for Kovalchuk I’m not stupid. But what I’m saying is all those people who want to build through the draft, it’s no guarantee. And sometimes an unknown pick is more valuable to people than an actual player. I’ll trade you a 3rd overall pick straight up for Kovalchuk. NO OMG F NO!! people will say. I’ll trade you Cam Barker straight up for Kovalchuk. Done and done. Yet Barker was the 3rd overall pick.

    People act like it is a guarantee that these picks turn out into something. For every Krejci, Lucic or Bergeron, there are 5 or 6 nobodies. Also, I don’t think this team needs anymore 2nd tier guys, no offense to Bergeron or Krejci.

    • psands says:

      i would do the toronto pick straight up for a SIGNED kovalchuk in a second. atlanta would want more, but i would do it.

      i would not do it for an unsigned kovalchuk, i would rather have the pick, and the young player on a cheap contract.

      what makes me mad about your argument on building through the draft, matt, is that you think all the drafts are the same, and that cam barker is going to equal the third pick this year.

      also you do not give the prospects enough time to come up through the system, to establish themselves as players. not all players are nhl ready when they are drafted.

      david krejci was drafted in 2004, and did not make a name for himself in the nhl until last year.

      you have to give it some time.

      • Matt says:

        My issue is like you said….give it time. When is the time psands? When? So in 4 years when those picks pan out….who is our Savard? Who is our Chara? You only have a small window of time in a cap era to do something and are team as of now is pretty solid, we just lack a true finisher. We’d tried to patch it with guys like Ryder and stuff but it hasn’t worked. I’m not willing to wait 4 more years to make a run.

      • Matt says:

        And what if we don’t get a top 2 pick, so Hall and Seguin aren’t there? What is we don’t get a top 5 pick for some reason? Then what?

      • Matt says:

        And my point also is, fine keep the Toronto pick, I’m not willing to deal it for a rental, but every other pick is available and I’d even be willing to make the Toronto pick conditional if he signs.

  13. G cole says:

    Even if that were to happen how can we afford it???

  14. Bill says:

    Wideman and a 2nd round pick to Calgary for Niklas Hagman.

  15. Hammer says:

    Wides and a 2nd rounder to Calgary for Hagman.

    • Pearson says:

      Makes sense. Calgary just got hagman to fix their scoring woes, but im sure theyd love a struggling dman and a top 50 pick

      lets be realistic

      • Hammer says:

        I wouldn’t rule it out. Check out Calagary’s lineup right now. Way too many wingers on that team.

  16. Kurt says:

    Unlike the other sports I think that hockey prospects in the draft in the top three spots are more of a sure thing. The caviat is as long as you don’t have retards doing the scouting/drafting.

  17. Bruins says:

    or of course, we could land bergeron, krejci, lucic, etc. and those are only second round picks.

    if you havent noticed, there arent as many busts anymore as scouting improves. top 3 picks basically always pan out now. that toronto pick will land you a superstar right off the bat

  18. MattG says:

    Stuart’s out again, 3-4 weeks, just lovely, one of the few playing good.

  19. Vince_M says:

    Has anyone heard if the Bruins are in on anything? I hear alot of people saying they should go for this and go for that, but is there any rumors out there about who they might get or trade?

  20. Bruins says:

    lol if people still think that the leafs trades were good for the leafs,checkout this lineup they have right now:

    Ponikarovsky – Bozak (11 career games) – Kessel
    Sjostrom (6 pts) – Wallin (3 pts, 0 goals) – Kulemin
    Stempniak – Mitchell – Finger (yes, d-man jeff finger)
    Rosehill – Primeau – Orr (12 points for these 3)

    so yes, welcome to boston taylor hall or tyler seguin.

  21. Firsttime says:

    I agree Matt those players have done shit and probably will do shit they will never equal a Kovulchuk. The draft is never a sure thing Kovi is a sure thing. Should we sell the farm no and I dont want him unless he signs I think we lack someone like arron ward a leader god knows there isnt one on the team. People say we lost nothing last year except kessel well how about Ward and Pj and we lost Kobasew and Shafer so apparently they made more of a difference then PC thought now its kicking him in the ass. I think Ward should come back and Take Widemans spot and cant be any worse and Im sure Wideman is acting like Eore anyways (NOBODY LIKES ME) suck it up and play some hockey. We need leadership and Chara needs to move the C I would like to see Bergy with it more then Chara. Im sure we will make some trades weather good or bad who knows Prolly more towards the bad side. I dont think this is a rebuilding year as most have stated our big name players are not getting any younger lets make a move if not for this year then deffinatley next year

  22. Dan says:

    Doen anyone else think that Atlanta won’t let other teams negotiate with Kovalchuk because they know he plans on bolting to the KHL next year? Letting other teams negotiate with Kovi would increase the amount Atlanta could get in return. But if they know he won’t sign with an NHL team the best return they could get is by not letting other teams negotiate an extension with him. Just wondering if this idea has crossed anyone else’s mind.

    • backbruin says:

      good point Dan that could be a possibility, Matt i understood what you were saying the entire time. Some guys aren’t reading between the lines very well!!For anyone that doesn’t believe Kovalchuk wouldn’t help us is excuse my language dumb as fuck…

      no we don’t trade our 9 draft picks for him..hahaha

      no we don’t trae our first pick from T.O for him “unless we sign him?

      no we don’t trade the farm for him!!

      yes we could sign him without losing our core of players!!

      yes we have a couple young guys that could come in and give minutes in those open spots!!!

      Let’s make a smart move that will help us become really good..whitnay isn’t that move…and i like whitney i have him on my 1st place fantasy hockey team!!!mmmmmmmm

  23. Bruins4life 13 says:

    boston fans forget about kovy it wont happen we will more likely trade a 2nd and a prospect for ray whitney or some other washed up veteran
    that would be typical bruins management that leafs flames deal for phaneuf pissed me right the FUCK off
    why cant we make a deal like that?

    • Joe says:

      Dude the leafs got ripped off, phaneuf is not the same guy as he use to be and the goilie is just a minor upgrade. Because of that bostons pick they got is goin to stay a top 3 pick. You mid as well give burke a call and tell him thank you for makeing that trade, now your pick is work more for us.

  24. Joe says:

    And nope i wouldnt specially hamill, have you ever thought there waiting until next season to put him in as a entry level contract. CHEAP MONEY!!! Along with the top 3 pick in the draft, Kovi, and they will have some money left over to sign a few others like paille. Watch out next season is going to be nutts. Bruins Managment knows what there doing. Colbourn too! Trade away, bostons 1st, wheeler, and a couple prospects. For a 2 month rental which is still think is dumb. Since they could wait and get him in free agency. Besides i think kovalchuk wants to come to boston, him and savard were good freinds.

  25. johnny mac says:

    okay, all though i actually think its possible atlanta doesnt trade kovi at all (they are 1 point ahead of us in the standings and could consider kovi a rental for themselves, though don waddell has shown hes not afraid to trade um)…if the bruins where to trade for kovi, and i am one who hopes they do, breaking down salaries and overall sense, this is what i believe it would look like…

    Boston Receives:

    Ilya Kovalchuk, Slava Kozlov and Ron Hainsey

    Atlanta Receives:

    Blake Wheeler, Andrew Ference, Mikko Lehtinen,Tommy Cross, Bostons 1st round pick for 2010, Bostons 3rd round pick for 2011

    it looks sort of outlandish, but i could see something like this. it would give them leadership with a little more offensive edge in kozlov, as well as an underachieving, yet comparable dman in hainsey.

    if this was to go down i could also see this happening

    wideman to someone out west for a late rounder and maybe a bad contract

    i think alot of movement will go down.

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