Who do you want to see start Tuesday


6 Responses to Who do you want to see start Tuesday

  1. Kurt says:

    We need to showcase Thomas in hopes that another dumb GM will need to have him and we can unload that bad salary cap contract.

  2. jimmy50 says:

    Yes Timmy needs to play a little better, but if the guys in front of him would fuckin score some goals we wouldn’t have this conversation.

  3. goosegoose says:

    Well I will be there, Id like to see Tuukka, but any goalie out there will be the sacrificial lamb. I do not know if any of you watch any out of market caps games like i do (Huge fan of the caps since 97). but they have averaged like 5.3 goals a game on this 10 game winning streak. I have this feeling the Bruins will win however, and win convincingly (say 3-1 or something) but I may be on drugs too so who knows.

  4. Peter says:

    Agree with you Jimmy50, cannot really blame Tim Thomas when he is the net and he must be thinking if he doesn’t stop everything he will lose. Difficult way to play when the guys in front of you are useless in the goal scoring department.

  5. John Derouchie says:

    Fuck Tim Thomas sucks. See him in that shootout what was he thinkin, falling back in the net like that, and I would of pulled him after the B’s had a 4 minute power play and the stupid bitch, takes a two minute penalty for stupidity

  6. JRy says:

    Tim Thomas sucks. He should be on the bench for tomoro night’s game as well as the rest of them.

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