Kovalchuk Deal Near?

According to rumbling around the league, a Ilya Kovalchuk deal could be done in the next 24-48 hours.  According to various people, LA and Boston remain the frontrunners by a long shot.

If Kovy is a pure rental, I see him going to LA, which scares me because they could re-sign him.  Otherwise, Boston has to be the odds on favorite for a signed Kovy with a potential top 3 pick and Krejci/Wheeler going the other way.


57 Responses to Kovalchuk Deal Near?

  1. leafstank says:

    i dont understand.. why now? wouldnt the thrashers want to get everything they can from him? before the deadline?

    • pearson says:

      i think its smarter. they arent under the gun. with the way we are slipping we could possibly be way out of it by the trade deadline, and not want to be buyer… if so atlanta loses lots of leverage.

      and there is always a possibilty that he gets hurt in the olympics.

  2. pearson says:

    i havent given in yet, but something tells me it would still be too late even if we landed kovy. lets just hope pc can wake up and pull the trigger on something and show SOME aggressivness.

    • leafstank says:

      not some much of too late as of whats the point? because we’re tankin hard right now.

      • pearson says:

        whats the point? to put people in the seats. to try and make some magic and head into the playoffs hot. you never know.

        im not buying that leadership is the problem, its scoring. sooooo let get a scorer?

      • leafstank says:

        maybe the best thing to do is to acquire kovalchuck right now. i mean it would get rid of some of the non productive players… im pretty sure u can garuntee he wont come back…

      • backbruin says:

        omg leafs tank….you rip me for wanting kovalchuck and wanting to sign him if at all possible….and today you want him as a rental….this is why you’re a fkn donkey!!

        you’re worse then my wife at changing your mind..

        please after how stupid you looked yesterday and how stupid you look now…give up on the posting beavis…it’s not your forte

  3. John says:

    were fucked no matter what

  4. ELWOPPO says:

    Ha Ha
    can someone out thier tell me how our team went from first to worst!
    And dont use injuries as an excuse……….Cuz nobody stepped up when our key players went down! Plus i notice that we still lose with a healthy line up!

  5. psands says:

    i am one of the few here who think that we can sign kovalchuk in the off season.

    a lot of you dont see us getting him in free agency, but the way our season is going, i think we could be looking at a perfect storm situation, which could lead him here.

    we were a team expected to be a contender, who is not even in a playoff spot right now.

    the buzz is still surrounding this team though, but at this rate everyone is starting to lose hope for this year, but agrees are future is very bright.

    so pc starts to unload/sell some of our bad contracts. we end up getting a top 3 pick and maybe another top 5 pick. we select a forward and a defense man.

    if we are lucky, both might be able to step in right away next year, which would save us a lot of room on the cap.

    so we have a bunch of money freed up for this off season to sign a certain player.

    in my honest opinion, Boston is the greatest city in the world to play hockey. it is an original six franchise, but there is not as much pressure here to succeed as there is in the canadian markets because of the other 3 teams in the city.

    but Boston is a hockey town, and when the bruins are winning, there is no better place to play.

    plus Boston is a great city to live, and the sports capital of the world.

    maybe i am biased, but Boston and then a healthy second is chicago, in my opinion, would be the best places to play hockey in the nhl.

    if i was kovalchuk, boston would be one of the teams at the top of my list.

    you get the spotlight, without all the heat.

    • pearson says:

      its a good point. very possible. im one of the many that wants him now.. likely out of greed haha.

    • Bruins says:

      yeah, coming into this season,i was like “hey, if we somehow bomb, we can always dump players for picks and form a beatly team in the future.”

      i never really thought that was an option, but if things continue this way, it could very well happen.

      however, who do we dump if we give up on this season for the next season?

      definite dumps to get more cap space for next year: ryder.

      definite dumps of expiring contracts to get picks/prospects: morris, begin, ference, thornton, recchi, satan (if he agrees to waive his NTC).

      possible dumps to get cap room: sturm (pending NTC), thomas (pending NTC), hunwick, wideman

      i think you and i are the only ones that wouldnt trade wideman right now because we believe he can rebound. but really, who else can we trade? ryder would be gone for sure. we have to be careful with thomas as we dont want to throw rask to the wolves. hunwick doesnt make much anyways, so there isnt too much of a point. sturm has been one of our few bright lights this year, and has a NTC anyways.

      so it will be hard to free up enough space to land him i think

      • psands says:

        ryder sturm thomas are all possibilties.

        i like sturm and thomas, and would not trade them yet, but if we want to sign kovalchuk as a free agent, we could use that room.

        but i agree with your post.

  6. Mark Mowers says:

    Wheeler, our 1st, ,tor 2nd, stuart, colbourne and I’ll throw in Claude Julien for good measures

  7. frankie says:




    somehow if we could make this happen id like that lineup to start next season

  8. MC Puck says:

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s some major problems with this team that won’t be solved by holding on to underperforming pieces. If we have to dump some salary, and trade away a young guy for Kovulchuk, I’d take it in a heart beat. I just want someone who can be a stud, and we haven’t had one since Jumbo Joe. I don’t care if it’s a supposed ‘blow up the team’ deal, I’m just sick of this team not building around a great player and this could be our chance.

    • backbruin says:

      mcpuck you are a smart man my freind…and don’t worry we won’t have to blow it up whatsoever!!!we still have a ton of picks and young talent

  9. jeff says:

    i know eklund is usually wrong but supposedly the bruins are intersted in ryan clowe and san jose is intersted in wideman

  10. Jefe77 says:

    Elwoppo, it is tragically plain and clear to me why they have dropped off so hard since last season.

    Its understandable that everyone here is frustrated after seeing the modern-history record setting Bruins team last year.

    Look at what that young team did. They made modern Bruins history, and was it an underachievement? Sure, but not by much.

    Lets all try to understand that last year was not a fluke. Chemistry was built with our assets, but that is something that can be easily screwed.

    We lost our best goal scorer from last season; and good riddance. However, he WAS our best goal scorer and that is obviously what we lack; a good top scorer. Fuck Phil, I would do that trade in a heartbeat still, but with 3 gritty defensemen leaving from last season, injuries, Tim Thomas and Zdeno underachieving, all this has made things look much worse than they are.

    Do we trade an arm and a leg for Kovy?? It is plain and clear there will be no negotiating before the deal is done, so do you all remember what kind of setback the Islanders took for Ryan Smyth?? Or the Pens for Hossa? The list goes on with rental players leaving a franchise scrambling to fill holes for the next season.

    Imagine how fucked the Bruins were if they had to go to more 2nd or 3rd tier talent next season, to fill out a roster damaged by playing Russian roulette and losing.

    I suggest Bruins fans stop worrying about what state they think the team should be in, and let the PC, the man with a plan to do the work.

    In the meantime, keep the faith! They have been playing much better, and in my experience in watching hockey the team needs to show some heart before the wins come. If you say they didn’t play well or deserve to win tonight, you weren’t watching!

    Go Bruins.

  11. #4 says:

    Heres what I dont get, are we tanking or going to make a trade and try???

    I really dont want to see a bonehead move that involves Tor1st for a rented Kovy… BUt I cant stand watching us lose anymore I went from 3 beers a night to 9 last night because that game was PAINFUL..

    Anyways if we going to tank why not play the prospects marchand etc

  12. Pete says:

    A rental does nothing but tank our team for the rest of the decade. We won’t win the Cup even with a dream team.

    • #4 says:

      I agree that a rental will destroy us honestly i hope PC is smarter than that if not I say we get together a good ol angry mob….

      I think with some minor changes we could win hte cup in the next 1-3 years. Especially if we can add some elite talent through either the draft or signing some FA like Kovy.

      Who thought Pittsburg would win anything before they drafted crosby, malkin.. NOt ME. Who thought that washington would be the beast of the east untill ovechkin showed up?? Not me Hockey is a game thats about game breaking talent and scoring not covering all your bases defensively. At least thats the way you play hockey now.

  13. Robert says:

    I hope they go after Ilya…..we NEED someone who is a legit scoring threat. In my opinion, we’ve given these guys enough time to work out their problems and they haven’t produced. Dump Wheeler, Ryder, Wideman, Lucic (at 4 mil next year he’s killing us with not producing) and some of those picks and we could get him easily. But I would do it like Calgary did with Jay-Bo last year where they only agreed with a trade IF he would sign in the off season. Ilya does us no good as a rental. We need someone to stay put for a while.

  14. OhNiner says:

    The bottom line !!!! We need to shake things up start by trading Ryder out and bring in a goal scorer or two in right now Im at the point I dont care if its Kovy or not lets do something PC. What are you waiting for call Edmonton lets grab one of these ( Cogliano, Gagner, Moreau ) we need some fresh blood in our dressing room to spark this team everyone knows this PC so stop playing the waiting game ( yes we have had some key injuries but where not the only team that has so suck it up and play with heart out there for fuck sakes )

  15. 8mook8 says:


  16. Hammer says:

    So once we get Kovy, how long after does he get injured?

    • jimmy50 says:

      I honestly would keep Ryder. Return for him will be nothing except the fact his 4 million cap hit would go away. But honestly when Krecji and Wheeler play better he is the perfect compliment for that line. Also next season his contract is up so he will playing for a new one.

      Offense needs to come from our top line and PP. Now that Savard is healthy:

      Lucic Savard Bergeron
      Wheeler Krecji Ryder
      Sturm Recchi Satan
      Thornton Begin Bitz

      • jimmy50 says:

        Or make a Whitney, Cogliano, or Clowe type deal to add to those lines and take out Thornton or Bitz.

  17. Pearson says:

    We hve likely heard that ryder is on the trade block for sure, but theres reports that hunwick was missing from practice today.

    Could they be packaged and gone later today?

    • jimmy50 says:

      Hunwick took a nasty hit yesterday from Pothier, so prob injury related. Any word on Sturm? Did he just get stiched up? Fuckin Stuart out again and Ference still out and we learn Chara needs off season surgery on his finger.

  18. Dolo says:

    Hunwick got banged up last night against the caps. He came back and played though, so you never know..

  19. jimmy50 says:

    This team needs a hitter with high intensity. Would love to see a Dustin Brown or Jordan Tootoo in this lineup.

    • backbruin says:

      ya like looch…wtf has happened to his hard nosed play???he looks way different..and i understand the injuries but wow..completely different player..

      • Bruins says:

        the second injury he had is a very tough one to recover from. i dont think we’ll see the “real” looch until next season

  20. Richardo says:

    Ryder?? Seriously name one team that would take him and his 4mil contract for next year…

  21. MC Puck says:

    The Leafs got rid of both Toskala (4 mil) and Blake (4 mil) for Giguere, better by far than either Toskala or Gustavson. If Blake can get moved, I imagine Ryder can too.


    I loved the boychuck mcquaid line. i say when ference and stuart get healthy you take wideman and hunwick out of the line up. oh and chara looked awful last night.

  23. Bruins says:

    i wouldnt say ryder is worthless. sure his value is very low, but a 36 year old jason blake with the same contract (both in cap hit and length remaining) actually got the leafs a starter when paired with a worthless toskala). you just have to take advantage of another team’s needs. a team like pittsburgh may be interested as theyre in need of wingers to play with crosby and malkin. teams like nashville and colorado have cap space to spare and may want to try to upstart their offence.

  24. Vince_M says:

    Could Ryder be used in a package to Atlanta?

  25. Bruins says:

    the offensive collapse is actually mind-boggling. like, we were the second best offensive team last year. ahead of PIT, ahead of WSH. ahead of CHI. and now last place? and not only last but we arent even really close to second last.

    and last year was accomplished with bergeron having a bad year with the injury and sturm missing the entire year more or less. and those two are arguably our two best offensive players this year with the savard injury. yes, we had kessel last year but as bergie and sturm have re-emerged, coupled with kessel struggling this year, it really can be considered that much of a loss.

    paille replaces axe should be an offensive upgrade. begin over yelle. morris over ward. injuries have bee na huge problem but its almost like our entire team had career years last year and are now all having the worst seasons of their careers simultaneously. crazy

  26. Gcole says:

    good fuck ryder get someone that actually plays good.

  27. Loooch says:

    TSN is reporting: Thrashers general manager Don Waddell met with the star forward on Wednesday and told him to expect a trade to another NHL team over the next few hours or days.



    Kovy was a great player, But the B’s have many years of mistakes catching up to them. Kovy and Savard togethr again could look good for short time. However, We are still paying for Murray, Eaves, and Shaffer towards the cap. The B;s have fallen due to lack of intensity and willing to skat4e, they are not the big bad B’s. Chara is over paid was from the start and still is, wants to wear the “C” then an up and wear it. Wideman, Hunwick trade bait. Iwatched Hunwick make to many mistakes last night to even make excuses for him or try to remember last years play. Bring up Boychuk, McQuaid. Lucic needs to man up and be a power forward, Savard, Bergy, Krecji, all safe. The rest if they aren’t going to play then leave. Sturm is gone anyways he is injury prone, Satan, Recchi character players yes but come on past there prime, Wheeler no wonder he never broke out in Phoenix. I do like Sobotka, Paille, and others on goodnites, but they are to far and few betwenn.

  29. Haus says:

    Wheeler didnt break out in Pheonix? He was drafted but refused to sign so he could become a free agent right out of college. He signed with the Bruins and became a regular right from the get-go. Gotta know your team,man.


    Im say8ing Ive seen nothing from Wheeler this year that makes him safe from being traded. It kills me to think we loose widemen and in turn lost boyes for nothing. The truth is I don’t seen Ryder or Sturm back next year, ? if Satan will be back or Recchi. The bruins need to stop picking up other teams has beens who can’t keep up in todays NHL and go forthe young and new age. Believe me I’m all for the Past, Probert will always be #1 in my heart.

  31. Haus says:

    So youre saying Sturm could be bought out, or traded? Hes signed for another year, and he has a no trade clause. Wheeler could very well be traded, he is a restricted free agent next year. Other teams has beens, like Chara and Savard? Also, you cant go out and get every top free agent in a salary cap world.

  32. Haus says:

    So youre saying Sturm could be bought out, or traded? Hes signed for another year, and he has a no trade clause. Wheeler could very well be traded, he is a restricted free agent next year. Other teams has beens, like Chara and Savard? Also, you cant go out and get every top free agent in a salary cap world. Name one team that has.

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