Scary Offensive Stats

NHL Goal Totals

I compiled the average goals the leading goal scorer per team has had since the 00-01 season.  I gave both the average since then and just post lockout.  The bolded statement in the file is my point.

Just check it out and read it.  Took me a long time to do so enjoy!


93 Responses to Scary Offensive Stats

  1. Bruins says:

    we’re absolutely flying out there,and krejci inparticular. its so fucking frustrating that all of the bounces have to go against us. not to mention theodore playing the game of his fucking career.

    • John says:

      6million for Thomas fucking shoot me dead now 4 million for ryder kick me in the nuts clean house keep wideman trade hunwick Morris Ryder Thomas 1st round pick for kovalchuk hedberg Schubert

  2. Birdman2403 says:

    EK has Clowe for Wideman as a runour….DO IT DO IT DO IT ! Anyone that wants Wideman should get him…NOW !

  3. gibbz says:

    i’d trade morris before wideman.



  5. backbruin says:

    typical performace out play the other team for 55 minutes and lose by 1….we play so well but hit posts and miss open nets…

    it’s time….not tkachuck either…

    omg we shut down there high octain and let guys score their 1st or 2nd goals of the season…

    5 minutes every game…brutal

  6. Bruins says:

    so fucking pissed. like, we cant play any better than we’re playing tonight, yet ever single goddamn bounce has to go against us. fuck this

  7. Matt says:

    If Ryder was Kovalchuk we’d have scored at least 3 goals. By some of you don’t think he’d make a difference…I don’t think Alex Ovechkin makes a difference in Washington, do you? We are talking a player of Ovechkin’s caliber and you could argue Kovalchuk is more talented.

  8. gibbz says:

    ovechkins a pussy. he needs to respect the fact he got laid out and not come after boychuk with high hits. this is bullshit.

  9. backbruin says:

    matt some of these guys don’t realize the impact…the guys as pure as they get which is exactly what we need…some guys on here are hypnotized by our picks!!!

    i don’t know i’m frustrated…i just want someone on the ice that can score at any time…not miss open nets…a guy that will bury chances when he’s got them…anyways blah blah blah

    very frustrated…


    boychuck and mquaid have looked awesome morris was playing pretty good. chara looks like wideman cant even handle the puck. wideman line has looked awful again.

  11. bigbadbruins1 says:

    i have been saying this for the longest time while everyone was saying its just injuries this team sucks i know my team tank the whole fucken season get our picks and leafs and who knows the leaf picks might be shit there whole fucken team gets traded and they got no problem scoring are team gets healthier and we still cant fucken SCORE!!!!!!

  12. John says:

    Bad bounces if u can trade ryder thomas to free up money to sign kovalchuk do it

  13. backbruin says:

    ya enough is enough another 1 goal hardworking effort all for not!!!

    If we don’t blast the habs on thursday i’m going to cry…literally!

  14. bruins823 says:


  15. Bruins says:

    well, we need a shake-up. when you’re on a huge losing streak and then all of a sudden play absolutely dominate the best team in the league and STILL end up losing by 3 goals, its almost worse than getting blown out for morale.

    i’m not talking about a kovalchuk deal, but dealing a couple guys on the roster, and bringing a couple more in. something like ryder, hunwick, someone…i dont think it makes any sense to deal wideman when his value is this low, but maybe him to if it will give them a spark.

  16. Birdman2403 says:

    Does anyone know where I can get season tickets in the press box where PC sits?? The game must look way better up there then it does on TV !

    Wake up PC you fucking idiot ! You are watching this season get pissed away by a lazy, no effort, no urgency bunch of players !

    I watched Toronto tonight and they looked like they have a new lease on life ! New bodies, Phaneuf fights, hits etc…..Bruins skate around and wait for the buzzer to chalk up another loss !

    I don’t know maybe…just maybe a shake up is needed. Nah, lets wait a while until Ference comes back because I’m sure it is still injuries that is hurting the Bruins ! WHAT A JOKE THIS TEAM HAS BECOME !

    • bruins823 says:

      ive figured out why we havent made a move. pc is letting this season go to waste figuring if we finning 27th, 28th in the league we will get 2 moster draft picks…makes sense.

    • Bruins says:

      lol that was a pretty good chirp in your first line.

      but i have to disagree with alot of that. the bruins dominated tonight. that clearly wasnt a loss due to a lack of effort or urgency. really bad bounces.

      for toronto, most of the time after a major trade is made, the team catches fire. do you remember the first game after the thornton trade? we smoked ottawa. sturm got a goal 20 seconds into his first shift. then look what happened…

      as for injuries, yeah it looks like a full roster minus ference and stuart (thanks to that idiot simmonds), but you have to give it a little bit of time for players to get their feet wet. yeah, it’s annoying, but you cant expect savard to come in andput up multi point games right after his second major injury of the year.

      i do think a shake up is needed though. youcant go on this big of a losing streak and not have one, no matter what the reasons are. it will start to wear on the team.

  17. Craig says:

    WOW, played great, same old story. FFFFUUUUCCCKKK

  18. backbruin says:

    how could anyone on here watch what i watch game in and game out and say they don’t want him….

    everything else aside, why on god’s green earth would anyone on this site not want pc to do what it takes!!!

    when i get home from work tomorrow P.C better have a deal done or else..hahaha

    i won’t hold my breath…

    the way were going we may get seguin and hall..

    wouldn’t that be fkn funny..bahahahahahah

    painful but hilarious!

  19. Bruins46 says:

    Can anyone here agree with me that we should grab Aaron ward again? He will be a low cap hit and while he won’t solve all our problems he will provide a much needed leadership factor. I’m sure wardo would have gave ovechkin a shove tonight after going after boychuk, unlike the oaf that’s wearing the C for us that won’t hit anyone. The guy wants back in Boston and can help us. Some of you might call me crazy but I say do it.

  20. gibbz says:

    Hey, here’s the bright side! We’re still above .500!…….barely.

  21. Gcole says:

    im pretty confused. got out of class, checked on my phone and nhl score said 2-1 boston. krejci with a goal in the first and a shorthanded goal in the second, and washington whoever… get home its 3-1 CAPS!! what the hell was that about, did they take away a goal or something??

  22. backbruin says:

    bruins46 cmon man really…I saw a good effort out there, and aaron ward will do nothing to chnage that….i’m fkn sick of hearing about god damn aaron ward and fkn nick boynton…

    can you guys wake the fuck up!!! make me want to break my computer!!

    • leafstank says:

      you need to chill man. your not the bruins expert.we’re all entitled to our own opinions. and as of right now. id like to see Aaron Wards defensive zone play more than Huniwcks behind the back passes to no one resulting in goals.

      • backbruin says:

        don’t tell me what i need to do…no i’m not the bruins expert but i’m not retarded enough to think aaron fkn ward will help us…that’s ludicrous to me that anyone right now can think that will help us…I’m entitled to my opinion and if someone posts something stupid i should be able to respond..

        and that was stupid!!

    • leafstank says:

      you know what i think is stupid? what you just said. WARD ISNT THE IMPACT WE NEED. why not? adding him and a winger like whitney or someone reasonable to trade for. obviously the only person you think would be a fkin impact is kovalchuck. well get over it. its not gonna happen. if it does. then i will never give my opinion again. (not happen as a rental anyways)

    • Bruins46 says:

      Relax guys it’s cool….clearly backbruin is one of those “hockey fans” who thinks that the game is all about who can score the most goals. Not everyone knows enough about the game to realize that other factors come into play in making a team successful like veteran leadership and solid defensive zone play that creates offense.

      leafstank obviously understands but you can’t please everyone I guess.

      • leafstank says:


      • backbruin says:

        guys guys… are you two this dumb..really…i know all about leadership in the dressing room i know all about responsibility in our own end i know all about you two being lover’s

        your completely wrong in every which way….don’t try and act smart morons by playing the oh i don’t understand all facets of the game…I’m sure you played and i know i have played for 30 years so don’t go down that road!!!

        You two seem to be the only one’s on here that don’t know that we can’t score goals….

        and you two idiots believe aaron ward will unlock the goal vault with his speacial key!!!

        fk me…please never respond again, as you both look really dumb…well ofcourse not to each other but everyone else!!!


      • leafstank says:

        im sorry? you’ve played for 30 years? well, you had me fooled. i thought you were a stupid little 12 year old. cuz your acting like one. and im pretty sure your high right now. no shit the game is about scoring, but incase you havent been following the bruins since they got Julien as coach, they’re about defense first. which, as of right now, isnt working. and im pretty sure bruins46 and i never said the team didnt need scoring.

  23. Craig says:

    That is why Ovys so good, he plays hard, the bruins are missing that from last year.

  24. john says:

    what would it cost to buy out thomas’s contract ?

    • Bruins says:

      come on man…yeah he had a bad game, but he still has a .915 save percentage. people are continually sucking fleury’s dick and he has a .908 save percentage.

      but for your information it would be: 2/3 remaining salary on the deal paid out over 2x the length remaining. so, 2/3*15= 10 over 3 years.

      so it would be a 3.33 cap hit each year over the next three years after this season we’re in now.

  25. willisss says:

    we need more age…we’re too young

    new lines

    recchi -satan- tkachuk
    axleson -twist- C.lemieux
    larionov- perrault- konstantinov
    Jesus christ- stock- draper

    Ward- whitney
    Gill- Bourque
    orr- boychuck


    • backbruin says:

      bahahhaha..that’s classic willis…i know leafs tank and bruins46 would love to see that lineup…

      that should fill the dressing room with leadership!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      yeah christ’s days as a top 6 forward are long gone. he’d make the perfect grinder on the 4th line with stock and drapes

      • backbruin says:

        I think we’d have to name WARD the captain of that team…with his great leadership!!!

        we could always bring tkachuk up from our minor leafue system..

        also napolean has been playing well, even with his short stature

    • #4 says:

      hahahaha I fucking lost it on that one hahaah its pathetic really I couldnt miss the net that many times if I tried, and stil have 42 shots wtf

    • North B says:

      I would like to see Christ on the same line as Satan for a few games though..

  26. bigbadbruins1 says:

    backbruin i hear u

    • psands says:

      there are a couple of rumors about the bruins i heard today.

      bruins interested in kaberle again, and kaberle would still be happy in Boston. i for one do not want to make any more trades with the leafs ever again, kaberle is awesome, and a great player but i am one of the few who believe wideman will bounce back, and i do not want to give the leafs (especially the leafs) kaberles’ value back in the trade, it would be a lot. it was reported on the leafs post game show tonight.

      the other one is that pc has told everyone in the league that ryder is available for trade. per tsn………………………..about time. if kotalik can get traded, someone will take ryder.

      tough game tonight, we looked real good at first, but the caps are the best team in the east for a reason, and they showed it in the third.

  27. PowerSurge says:


  28. Thomas Sucks Balls says:

    we should pack it in for the season, trade our bad contracts like ryder thomas and maybe even lucic to a contender and free up money for FA’s like Kovy, also try to trade for a few young players like mueller fro PHX or Filitov from Columbus who we could get for just about nothing

    • Bruins says:

      you did not just say trade milan lucic…a) are you kidding me? b) would you like to face him? before his contract that he thought he’d be earning in boston even starts?

  29. mook says:

    i’m going to start planning the cup parade here in toronto…

  30. Bruins46 says:

    haha backbruin is such a clown……probably never played the sport anyway. willisss I won’t even get started on…that dude is the king of idiocy.

    • leafstank says:

      can we make a thread for those two and their idiotic and childish opinions.

      • Bruins46 says:

        that would be perfect…people who have actually played hockey learn right off the bat that D comes before offense. I’m sure backbruin is the Kovalchuck of his thursday night beer league. him and his boy williss will continue to rant about how we need to trade away the franchise for 20 games of offensive firepower…….I love reading their foolish comments anyway.

      • backbruin says:

        ya i’ve never played anything…listen to you morons..hahahahi can’t believe you just used the “ya haha he probably never played a sport in his life”

        wow that’s pathetic…beavis and butthead will be your new names…please post them from now on..

        so i guess this is where i look stupid and tell you all the competitive sports ive played then you say ya sure right..blah blah..

        you see making such childish comments will not get us anywhere…

        you two are made for each other!!

        dumb and dumber…

        fk i hope we sign ward!!!

        maybe he can scrub chara’s balls in the shower…that should get us some goals


      • Bruins46 says:

        there he goes talking about goals again! Instructional league doesn’t count as competitive!

    • willisss says:

      whoa whooooa rant about trades? dude..your killing me. those “rants” are what are reffered to as jokes? i say alot of them in light of the bruins playing like garbage. not only do i NOT want to trade away the frachise, i dont wish to make ANY trade. get your facts straight before a half ass effort to shit on me

      remind me of my idiotic opinions there leafstank. i’ve never even replyed to any of your posts. what the hell is wrong with you two?

      words are failing me right now.

    • leafstank says:

      i have nothing against you either willisss. i have no respect for backbruin though.

      • backbruin says:

        no respect hahaha, because i thought you wanting ward to help solve are problem was in my mind fkn stupid!!

        ok please don’t respect me because when you do i will kill myself!

  31. Peter says:

    watching this game tonight is like watching a bad movie over and over and over again. The fucking Bruins couldn’t score in a whore house with a hand full of fifties. This team sucks and I am sick and tired of waiting for something good to happen when it ain’t going to happen.

    When does fucking baseball start?????

  32. We suck says:

    hahaha wow willis backbruin and Bruins literally don’t know anything about hockey

  33. backbruin says:

    bruins fkn 46…read my post you complete fkn idiot…i have never said once in any of my posts to trade all are assets for 26 games from kovy…not once…but you being a typical no mind has to go back to that comment!!!

    why do you think i want that fk head!!

    go back and read if you can and let me know what you find!!

    i have never said to trade all are assets
    i have never said to trade for 26 games
    i have only said if we can sign him…SOMEHOW…no i dont mean i think it’s happening to clarify for the idiots…then we should make a serious push!!

    wow you know what …ive wasted enough time on clearly have no clue!!!

    it’s amazing that here we are the last place team in goal scoring, on a horrible run with a payload of draft picks and other assets and you guys don’t want kovalchuk…it’s an absolute disgrace…

    comment i expect from bruins46/leafstank: well leafs tank backbruin probbaly has never played and doesnt understand how leadership is importnat in the dressing room…ya he wants to trade 9 draft picks thomas wheeler lucic and savard for kovalchuk..what an idiot!!

    that’s basically how you respond!!

  34. Pearson says:

    I dont even know what to say anymore guys. Id almost just rather not waste my time in coming here but i cant help but see that this team has the talent but is frankly only missing that elite scorer. Pc is absolutely letting this entire city down as if he thinks it a big joke.

    Not to beat a dead horse but kovalchuk is there. Hes available and we have young players, draft picks, and our best center, goalie, and dman are aging. The time was now. This was the year and the obvious missing piece has been available. So whats the wait?

    Im not advocating trading for him now but it just really fuckin bums me that the management has been asleep during what could have been the year.

  35. Mark Mowers says:

    I’ve been saying it for months. Claude Julien is Dave Lewis in disguise. Fire this clown!!

  36. backbruin says:

    leafs tank your stupid. bruins 46 you’re a mental midget and that’s all folks!

    good night

  37. mike says:

    alright well PC already hinted hes not willing to give up the 1st round pick for kovalchuck because of it being to “pricey” so lets let go of that idea.

    • leafstank says:

      some people dont wanna believe that just because of what happened to kessel.. the draft pick cant be a greedy bitch though..

  38. bruins4eva says:

    this loss is on ryder…you get paid 4 million a year for nothing thanks alot you turd

  39. grant says:

    Tsn reporting on their broadcast right now that the B’s have made it clear ryder is available. Great, just hide that 4M contract guys. This is so frustrating!

  40. psands says:

    there are a couple of rumors about the bruins i heard today.

    bruins interested in kaberle again, and kaberle would still be happy in Boston. i for one do not want to make any more trades with the leafs ever again, kaberle is awesome, and a great player but i am one of the few who believe wideman will bounce back, and i do not want to give the leafs (especially the leafs) kaberles’ value back in the trade, it would be a lot. it was reported on the leafs post game show tonight.

    the other one is that pc has told everyone in the league that ryder is available for trade. per tsn………………………..about time. if kotalik can get traded, someone will take ryder.

    tough game tonight, we looked real good at first, but the caps are the best team in the east for a reason, and they showed it in the third.

  41. John says:

    lose the next three forget kovalchuk and the playoffs
    montreal will be 7 points up and its lights fucking out

  42. ELWOPPO says:

    Cant we all just get along?

    • leafstank says:

      apparently not because some people only appreciate their own opinions. and anyone else’s is garbage.

    • Jefe77 says:

      Ha ha…well it sure seems that it has been the firesale rumor board of the century!!

      Lets all look back at the fact that every player on the roster has been mentioned in a trade for Kovy. From Zdeno, to Bergie, and its understandable that everyone here is frustrated after seeing the modern-history record setting Bruins team last year.

      Look at what that young team did. They made modern Bruins history, and was it an underachievement? Sure, but not by much.

      Lets all try to understand that last year was not a fluke. Chemistry was built with our assets, but that is something that can be easily screwed.

      We lost our best goal scorer from last season; and good riddance. However, he WAS our best goal scorer and that is obviously what we lack; a good top scorer. Fuck Phil, I would do that trade in a heartbeat still, but with 3 gritty defensemen leaving from last season, injuries, Tim Thomas and Zdeno underachieving, all this has made things look much worse than they are.

      Do we trade an arm and a leg for Kovy?? It is plain and clear there will be no negotiating before the deal is done, so do you all remember what kind of setback the Islanders took for Ryan Smyth?? Or the Pens for Hossa? The list goes on with rental players leaving a franchise scrambling to fill holes for the next season.

      Imagine how fucked the Bruins were if they had to go to more 2nd or 3rd tier talent next season, to fill out a roster damaged by playing Russian roulette and losing.

      I suggest Bruins fans stop worrying about what state they think the team should be in, and let the PC, the man with a plan to do the work.

      In the meantime, keep the faith! They have been playing much better, and in my experience in watching hockey the team needs to show some heart before the wins come. If you say they didn’t play well or deserve to win tonight, you weren’t watching!

      Go Bruins.

  43. Haus says:

    Haha this thread brought a smile to my otherwise miserable day. Thanks backbruin, leafstank, and bruins46 for the hilarious schoolyard rock-throwing! Btw, someone mentioned Chris Simon falling off the face of the earth. Actually, he is the CAPTAIN of a KHL team. Imagine that? Nearly shit when i first saw that last year.

  44. backbruin says:

    glad to oblige haus.

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