Hey guys I am going to be in the chat room right now for a an hour or so.  Click the chat link on the top of the site bar.


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  1. angrybear says:


  2. Boston2213 says:

    if there goin to do it nows the time

  3. bigbadbruins1 says:

    come on lets get kovy make it happen pc

  4. Boston2213 says:


  5. MC Puck says:

    I read that too mook. I think Bruins fans who are freaking out should save their fire and brimstone until AFTER they screw things up. Lets have a little faith and maybe our dreams will come true.

    If not… then we can form a lynch mob and march down Causeway street with out pitch forks and torches.

  6. bruins4eva says:

    bob mckenzie tweeted…that it looks like Kovvy is going to LA

    • backbruin says:

      ya that was bs from what i read!!

      • bruins4eva says:

        i will send a prayer to the hockey gods…but PC if ur reading this….anyone on this team is tradeable in my eyes cuz i think that KOVVY is better then OVIE…he needs a better supporting role ( savvy)

  7. G cole says:

    Kovy or not Jesus Christ how many games do we need to drop before that bozo decide to make a fucking move to get better.

  8. Bruins says:

    i wouldnt listen to any rumours. every single one contradicts another one. no one knows what theyre talking about

  9. jimmy50 says:

    Anyone else pissed we have to wait until next season for Lucic v. Komisarek part 2.

  10. Bruins says:

    quote from

    “A Boston Bruins source told Wednesday night that they are “not in it”; however, another NHL source told that the Bruins remain in the hunt.”

    thanks tips…

  11. Kurt says:

    Chat rooms are gay

  12. ELWOPPO says:

    U know what guys it make’s me happy to know that thier is DIE HARD BRUINS FAN’S like me out thier! All you guys clearly BLEED the BLACK and GOLD by the constant posts you guys write! Thats good and i thought i was the only one who takes this team to heart and makes them a part of thier life. With the opimism of all you guys wanting Kovalchuk tells me that as much as you slam this team, You havnt given up on them.And we all know that tom. night come 7pm we all will b glued to the TV watching our beloved BRUINS take on those french faggots the Montreal Canadians. My point is this-Maybe we should all cut them a little slack from time to time and start enjoying our team, insted of arguing and bitching about how our GM is a moron. BELIEVE me guys PC is not a stupid man and has done more good than bad for the BRUINS. And if he can get Kovalchuk without jeperdizing the future of this organization,THAN IM SURE HE WILL. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon i will be reading Kovalchuk traded to the BRUINS! CUZ I THINK THE WE THE FANS DESERVE HIM! IM OUT……….AND lord hear my prayer!!!!!!!!

  13. bigbadbruins1 says:

    tell it how it is elwoppo

  14. GOBruinsGO says:


    i’m french canadien and i love the bruins… don’t fuck with that ! 😉

  15. Vince_M says:

    I would love to hear the words “Kovy to the Bruins”, but if it doesn’t happen it ain’t the end of the world. We will continue and will move on. It was fun while it lasted. Kinda like last year when everyone was sure we were going to get Hossa, but more intense this year.


  16. #4 says:

    according to the price for Kovy is too high and the bruins,canucks,flyers are all outta the race leaving LA, NY i think

  17. Haus says:

    and New Jersey

  18. MC Puck says:

    it sounds too me like waddel is going to have to take a lesser deal because no ones biting on the bigger ones… thoughts?

  19. bruins823 says:

    Anyone hear any NEW NEWS on kovy?

  20. Bruins says:

    for everyone that thinks we can resign kovalchuk,he’s already turned down the “biggest deal in history”. he’s apparently going to sign for nothing less than the 11.2 max. even if a trade were to go down that sends ryder and wideman out, we cant be locking up 20% of our money in one guy.

  21. Vince_M says:

    Hey, it was fun while it lasted! What is like without ups and downs. Too bad cheering for the Bruins lately seems to have more downs this year than most.


  22. #4 says:

    Being a bruins fan is a lot like being a Fan of sticking your hand in a fire.

    You know that it is going to hurt each time you stick your hand in the fire, but you keep on hoping that it wont hurt the next time.

  23. Haus says:

    who are the Lowell Devils playing?

    • Bruins says:

      i think they played hartford (new york rangers) in the game that the thrashers assistant GM was at, and theyre up against worcester (san jose sharks) next

  24. Haus says:

    saturday game vs portland (buffalo). Damn, thinking outside the box and hoping they were playing providence.

  25. goosegoose says:

    I heard Jersey is going to get Kovi

  26. bruno says:

    Last night as i was watching the Oiler/Flyer game Bob Mckenzie said that the Bruins had the best chance to get Kolvy with players like Wideman, Ryder, a propect and a pick going the other way. Others said LA but I guess we still have a chance. The Bruins are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and he could help us go quitefar into the playoffs and salvage this season. The players going the other are easily replaced via trade or in the draft. If PC has the I hope he makes the move because as most say we fans deserve it, even if only for alittle while.

  27. Bruins says:

    just saw on that this 8 game streak is the worst bruins slide since they lost 8 games in a row between 1955-56. should they lose tonight it would be the be the worst streak since we lost 11 in a row in 1924/25, the bruins first season in the nhl. we cant let the habs do that to us.

  28. #4 says:

    Just read on NHL

    About the Kovy deal NEW ARTICLE

    “That cuts down on the dance partners too. Why, you say? The Capitals have a lot of good players. The Kings have a lot of good players. The Sharks have a lot of good players. The Blackhawks have a lot of good players. The Flyers have a lot of good players. The Devils have a lot of good players.”

    Fuck that montreal based website the B’s have good players too they just are underperforming

  29. Kurt says:

    Chia times a wasting even if it isn’t Kovi this team needs a shot in the arm, kick in the ass, slap in the face, smelling salts, rey whitney something please!!!!!

  30. Bruins says:

    my prediction:

    to new jersey: kovalchuk

    to atlanta: bergfors/clarkson, oduya, tedenby, vasyunov/palmieri/eckford/NJ 2nd ’10

  31. JRy says:

    Ok if we don’t get ilya and we r still in like 12th place at the deadline I say we call it a year and trade Thomas for prospects/picks (plus tuukka may be better) also they shud explore trying to trade sturm Ryder wideman and the the rest of the older players with the exception of chara and savard idn I might be crazy but I think we could put one of the best teams in recent memory on the ice next year and for years to come. With colbourne rask hamill wheeler lucic bergeron whtever we cud get from trade and 2 solid first rounders we wud b stacked for years.

    • #4 says:

      Dude I completely agree,

      I cant stand to watch Ryder, Thomas, wideman, begin, thornton, sturm(only because im gritting my teeth about when he’ll get hurt again)play with a 40% effort every game.

      I want to see what we got in the works id be much happier to see Hammil Colbourne out there skating 150%. Send ryder, begin down to Provy and bring up hamil colbourne SHAKE IT UP PC>

      See if you can get the bruins a good wake up call before they completely can it on the season.

    • jmeds says:

      The first intelligent post in weeks, but we all know we will get the 7th or 8th.

    • JRy says:

      I am not always in favor of improving via draft but we already have a bright future even without the picks.

      • JRy says:

        And not to mention the picks shud b very high in a deep draft. Even with kovalchuk we may not b good enough to get by some of the better teams like Washington.

  32. Kurt says:

    I like the tanking route and try to turn our pick into a top three. Then we can draft Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin. I like any of these scenarios instead of staying pat and watching these over payed under achievers.

    • #4 says:

      Yes I just want them all off of the ice. Seriously lets tank but setup for next year while we do it.

      Skate your prospects see if we cant shake it up and maybe score a few goals before the years over and build up some chemistry. Maybe we make the playoffs maybe not but we need to do something trade or make some healthy scratches and switch up our line up, we simply cannot do NOTHING.

  33. Loooch says:

    FUCK. Halak is starting tonight. Come on Tuukka. 2 U’s…2 K’s…2 points. For real this time.

    • Bruins says:

      thomas is usually always our guy against the habs

      • Loooch says:

        This will be Halak’s first shot at us this season. Maybe we should follow suit and try Tuukka

      • Bruins says:

        yeah i agree. they need to try different things. but there are certain teams goalies usually play well against like thomas against ottawa and montreal, or rask against toronto

  34. #4 says:

    Its going to be Tuuka

    Or so bish says

  35. Hammer says:

    As Coldplay sings “I used to rule the world….”

  36. Bruins says:

    kovalchuk has rejected a 12 year deal at $101 million and a 7 year deal at $70 million. is this really the player we want on our team? this means it’s a pure rental, and we’re in 12th right now.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Or he simply wants out of Atlanta ??

      • Bruins says:

        if kovalchuk isnt stupid, then it cant be that reason. like i said in mycomment a few down, he could have just told waddell that andgive him a list of teams that he wanted to be traded to. makes sense for both parties to go through with

  37. willisss says:

    Kovi = khl. theres no way around it. tuukka should get the nod

  38. Vince_M says:

    Unless he rejected those offers because he didn’t want to play there? Hell, you could offer me twice that and I wouldn’t play for the Leafs.

    Ahhh, screw it. I would whore myself out to play for the Laffs for a year at 10 mill. who am I kidding!

    • Bruins says:

      i dont think so. if it was because he didnt like atlanta he could have told waddell that and say what teams he was interested in going to. that might seem like it limits waddell’s options and thus the return he would get, but if you think about it, waddell would let the teams that kovalchuk does want to go to negotiate with him prior to the deal thus upping the return overall.

      so this just boils down to pure greed.

  39. Maggot says:

    Kovalchuk, Kubina to the bruins for Ryder, bitz, Thomas, Paille, BOS 1st Rd. tsn is reporting

    • backbruin says:

      maggot if you can’t post the link then you shouldnt bother…i just read evertying tsn wrote and there was nothing…are you 2 years old?? nobody hear wants to joke around anymore so go post on eklunds site with that bullshit..

      you’re lame!

  40. backbruin says:

    Well boys i think i’ll put 2,000 on the bruins tonight. If these guys can’t get up for the habs then they should all quit!!

    I guarantee a romp tonight!!!they are going to blow them out…6-2 is the prediction.

    Guaranteed victory tonight!!!

    i’ve given up on kovy, nothing i read makes me think we will get him!!!there i said it!!

  41. gibbz says:

    hey, check this out::

    byebye ryder

    • backbruin says:

      ya they were talking about that yesterday!!it’s unreal that with his shot, when the net is wideopen he can’t hit it!!!

      he has had plenty of chances with guys like savy and krejci setting him up!!!i would love ryan clowe though…could that happen???probably not!

      • gibbz says:

        ryder, pick and/or prospect for clowe? maybe?

      • Bruins says:

        yeah i really like clowe. but that’s doubtful. the sharks are going to be right agaisnt the cap next year, and still might try to get marleau back. adding a worse player at a larger contract wouldnt make sense for them. the pick/prospect wouldnt be as meaningful to them as they are set up for winning now.
        i think the best we can hope for for ryder is a pick and/or prospect, which is fine by me. it’ll free up 4 mil for next season.

  42. goosegoose says:

    well no kovi. PC on 98.5 basically just said hes not goin after kovi

  43. Bruins says:

    yeah so can we finally stop with all of these “sell the farm for kovalfuck” topics?

  44. Andy says:

    Amazing how we are going to massacre PC if we don’t get Kovy. First of all, and I don’t care how many reports there are out there, he would be a RENTAL and he is going to FA in July. Secondly, do you really think that if we get him, we’re automatically Cup contenders?! C’MON! Yes, the B’s main problem is goal scoring, but even with that, we’re not the caliber team that Chicago, SJ, and Washington are, among others. Third, are any of you able to consider what Waddell is getting offered from other teams vs. the B’s? Sorry, as much as we like to propose “Ryder, a bag of pucks, and a couple broken sticks”, in the real world, there MAY be other teams that have a better package to offer, even if PC offered a plethora of roster players and picks. Why? Because Ryder and Wideman cost an arm & a leg and are underachieving, Hamill & Colborne are unproven and we don’t have that surefire prospect in Providence anyway. I love how people propose to get rid of the guys that aren’t producing, as if it’s a no-brainer for Waddell to accept high-priced, underachieving players for one of the best in the game. Some of you guys have to be realistic, instead of playing fantasy GM. Fourth, I would NEVER give up TOR’s pick for a rental! EVER! The pick is in all likelihood not going to turn into a Kovy, but I’d rather have a player who can come in and contribute as a rook that trade it away and see Kovy walk in July.

    You guys have to give PC the benefit of the doubt because A) NONE of us know what goes on behind closed doors and B) there is always the chance we could sign him in July. Make no mistake, even though he says it, Kovy does NOT want to play in ATL. Now, would he want to play for the B’s and be reunited w/ Savvy? Sure could be a possibility. Even with that, though, there is no guarantee that we could trade for AND sign him, since Waddell will not allow talking to Kovy about an extension.

    My bottom line – as much as I would love to see Kovy in Boston, I don’t think that the package is going to be worth it for a rental. If we COULD send Wideman, Wheeler, OUR #1 pick,a 2011 2nd, and Hamill, say, for him, I would consider it, but I just feel that other teams (LA) have a better package to offer (Jack Johnson, Alex Frolov, Wayne Simmonds, and a couple picks) than ours. Plus, although I think Kovy gets us in the playoffs, I don’t see us contending for a Cup, so I don’t think it’s worth it. I do certainly think we have a decent chance of signing him in July (by moving some other pieces). I personally, as I think ultimately we all, would rather see Kovy in Beantown long term than just a 2 month rental…

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