I Say Tank It

It pains me, it really does, but I think it’s the right move.  Time to blow it up, and tank it.  Trade Morris, Ryder, Hunwick, Recchi, Satan, Begin, and Ference for whatever you can get.  Maybe a few 2nds and 3rds.

This team isn’t going to make a run in the playoffs barring some miracle.  I know it, you know it, management knows it.  It is what it is.  Tanking sucks, but it’s for the best.  Draft 2 in the top 5, add that to our core and you are looking at something good.  If they can shed Ryder, they could make a huge offer for Kovalchuk.  Then they could be cup contenders.  Say they get two of the top 3, then you are really set.




But that’s a pipe dream.  And who knows what the picks turn out to be.  We could get totally screwed over.  Point being, this team is going nowhere.  Keep the core intact, try and deal off some of the dead weight and retool in the offseason.


110 Responses to I Say Tank It

  1. G cole says:

    Lol does that fat guys shirt behind the bench say “Milan fuckin lucic”?

  2. backbruin says:

    how many times have we seen sturm on a breakaway..

    i’ll say in the last 4 years20 times and i have seen him score once…why when he knows he has a guy on his heals does he take his stick away from the puck….deeeeeeeeeeeeeeek you fkn no touch no handed idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bruins says:

    is getting someone to post here that knows what they’re talking about an option?

    tanking would work out fine, but there’s no need to. that’s the beuty ofhow chiarelli designed this team. he gave them so many options. WE ARE FINALLY GETTING HEALTHY. we have games in hand. were 2 points out. hell, if we win tonight, were in the playoffs.

    dont worry, all of you bandwagon fans, ill be right here right when you guys decide to hop back on

    • JONOVISION says:

      hell yeah,tank lol sore loser crying haha.were still in this thing.who knows we can still make 678th,the olympic break is coming up.lots a rest time.make a trade for whitney,dump wideman try get a top 4 d…

  4. Matt says:

    ^^^^ ok dude whatever you say. We’ve been healthy unless you think Andrew Ference is Nicklas Lidstrom.

    • Bruins says:

      “we’ve been healthy”

      what team have you been watching?

      • Gcole says:

        who gives a shit if weve been getting healthy, WE STILL LOSE EVERY GAME HEALTY OR NOT

      • Bruins says:

        yeah its frustrating, but at least we’re playing well. that may make it even more frustrating that were playing well and losing, but at least it shows that if we get a goddamn bounce to go our way once in a while we should be able to pull it out. before the team just lacked effort. they seem to be playing alot better with savvy back

  5. Matt says:

    And I’d rather suck than be one and done again.

    • John says:

      Yo Matt I did some quick math, if the bruins are to make the playoffs, they say 90 points is the magic number to get in. bruins have 27 games remaining and sit at 56 pts so the need 34 pts in 27 games. so by going 17-10 in those last 27 games would get them in. do you think they can do it or what. They haven’t been this bad since 1927 or something foolish like that. But like i said before ottawa and buffalo have bounced back after disappointing seasons last year

  6. Bruins says:

    jesus…bergeron is unreal. sturm has got to capitalize on those chances

  7. Bruins says:

    fucking unreal…michael ryder in the shootout? really? julien has been a clown this year

  8. mattg says:

    get rid of julien, fuck

  9. goosegoose says:

    wow. we fucking suck

  10. Bruins says:

    well chia has definitely got to shake it up somehow. in my opinion we are playing the best hockey we’ve played all year in the last 3 games, but it doesnt matter when you dont get the results. not winning when you play well over and over again will wear on a team’s psyche.

  11. da wreck says:

    Tanking? Wow. What kind of fan cheers for their team to lose? That’s complete bullshit. Go jump on the Caps bandwagon.

    • Bruins says:

      agreed. or the devils, seeing as they all wanted to trade the entire team for kovalchuk anyways

    • goosegoose says:

      I would jump on the caps bandwagon myself but I have been a fan of Washington since 1997 and the bondra and jagr days. I don’t think they need to tank, they can loose on their own pretty well. This is frustrating however to watch.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Hey da wreck nobody wants to see the bruins tank but like the post says “It is what it is” And we suck! Plain and simple! Its not a bad thing either! Sometimes to gotta throw in the towel and rebuild! The team is a joke and thats that! I Feel sorry for the fan’s but hey, We had alot to cheer about last season and i guess 2 years in a row would b asking for 2 much! I Guess the best thing now is to hope and pray that we grab some prospects in the draft and hopefully shed some salary with some trades! Other than that i see no other positives this year!!!!!!!!!

      • Bruins says:

        throw the towel in with games in hand, 30 games left to play and 1 point out of the playoffs? i like it!

  12. Matt says:

    I’m sorry, years of mediocrity has got me tired, I don’t care to watch a team be in the middle of the pack. You either suck and draft well and be good or be good. Canes, Lightning, Ducks, Avalanche, Penguins. All cup winners in the past decade or so who have won a cup and then drafted lottery. See a pattern?!?

    • da wreck says:

      “But honestly, aside from that pick, this build through the draft is stupid. No one we draft will be NHL ready aside from that top 3 pick for at least two years”

      Sound Familiar?

    • Matt says:

      I still don’t agree with it, but it’s a better option than drafting mid-early teens.

      • Bruins says:

        you dont agree with it? so you dont agree with winning a stanley cup? your whole point there was all the cup winners drafted in the lottery.

      • Matt says:

        No my point was that the Bruins have failed to develop a plan. The haven’t been good enough to do well and haven’t sucked enough to draft low. They had the fucking 1st and 7th overall picks in 97 and they won shit.

  13. Kurt says:

    Chia and Julie send em packin. I said we would be in awe when we saw how little Kovi cost to get. I agree tank and try to shed the dead weight. We could possibly end up with two good first rounders and get our salary cap in order.Bye Bye Ryder,Wideman and Thomas and resign Chara to lower dollars and lower the cap hit. Look I’ll do Chia’s job for him he can go take a vacation. On another note great game by Bergeron,Wheeler and Krejci….at least someone has some pride.

    • goosegoose says:

      Bergeron and Krejci are the only ones who give 100% effort. and why the fuck is Bitz playin instead Thornton. Thornton has not been stepping up and fighting and I do not blame him, why fight for a team who gives no effort other than said names. What the fuck is going on?

  14. John says:

    Fuck that get rid of tickets boycot games till the owner sells the team hunwick sucks big time

  15. willisss says:

    43 shots on net and you want to say tank it?i dont know how these arnt going in, but the bruins are playing way better.

    changes need to be made, but i dont mean drastic changes. get rid of begin, bring back sobotka. play tuukka more, get him use to playing. you will see a drastic increase in his skill if he plays everynight. i think he did awesome. the 2nd goal he was out of position a bit but it was only because of a heavy screen.

    im glad the kovi deal is done with. no more talking about that garbage.

    • John says:

      I agree with u look at Ottawa and buffalo they turned things around. Even after missing the playoffs

    • da wreck says:

      Yeah, I think with a couple changes they can make a playoffs push. If you’re in, anything can happen. A hot goalie and some hard fought wins can take you far.

      See ’06 Oilers or ’04 Flames for reference. Both were 1 period from winning it all.

      • Bruins says:

        not to mention that if we do make it, there will be no pressure as everyone has counted us out already. that combined with a healthy roster could do some damage

  16. willisss says:

    another side note, anyone else notice the fact that there was NO hitting…at all. that looked like a bruins/…fuckin….bluejackets game. no fights. no hits. and its been like that ALL season. ” BIG BAD B’S ARE BACK!”….i’m thinking the big bad p’s is how they have been playing

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Let’s be serious here. Not trading for a scorer or potential scorer fucks the whole team.

    Siging Savard to that deal is a MASSIVE waste. Who is he supposed to set up….fucking Satan ??? That’s working well ! Lucic is a second line guy and P.P. He is out of place on the top line and therefore plays a different game and is not effective.

    Chara is constantly covering for Wideman after he turns it over, therefore NOT EFFECTIVE !

    Rask and Thomas allow 2 goals and get losses night after night. Wonder why they may be struggling with confidence ?

    Ryder and Wideman play tons of P.P. and miss the net or turn it over…..getting the theme here, NOT EFFECTIVE ! If you had the proper players for the roles of a professional hockey team it will play way more EFFECTIVELY !

  18. #4 says:

    Looch got decked, and I didnt see any good contact. Ryder, Berg, Krejci all missed the net, Halak got lucky a few times. Same old same old, last year all the bounces went good this year they all go bad. Somebody did something to piss off the hockey gods IMO.

    Anyone see the piece of glass on the ice LOL, wish a hab fell on that, or the puck bounced to recchi in the slot as hes the only bruin who can score from the slot.

  19. Leafstank says:

    all of you sturm haters need to step down. hes still has some miles. hes the faster winger (wheeler may be faster) and he can snipe. so dont trash on him. leave the weight on ryder

    • Bruins says:

      sturm has been oneofour better players. i was just saying he has to capitalize on that beautiful feed by bergeron in OT

      • Leafstank says:

        if you think about it. sturms the only one on the team that can capitalize (most of the time) when hes set up. and if you cant score a goal with bergeron as your centre. get outta the nhl.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Gotta love him being our top guy with 16 goals and the 55 game mark ! ahhahahahahahahaha

      • Leafstank says:

        well. shit happens birdman.. this deffinetly isnt the season

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Yeah….shit is happening ! And the pwers to be apparently don’t mind the shit happening !

    • Andy says:

      Leaf, don’t confuse Sturm with the word “snipe”. He buries maybe 10% of the golden opportunities he gets. Kovy is a sniper. There is a reason why Sturm has never been a 30 goal scorer (career high 29)

  20. Birdman2403 says:

    * powers *

    • Leafstank says:

      well its over with. no one talk about kovalchuck anymore for the rest of the season please. and im pretty sure the bruins are gonna do something before the break.if not, then they’re gonna get ready for the trade deadline.

  21. Birdman2403 says:

    That is the issue. Why wait ? So we are right out of a play-off spot ?

  22. justaguy says:

    Has the Bruins Brass not been watching the same club? . This team needs a change and needs it now, has anyone seen Lucic on the ice? havent seen him play a good game all year. Funny how they think that savvy looch and satan are a good 1st line.
    something needs to happen to shake up that dressing room up. worst streak in club history, good job fellas. nucks and habs up next, i see it goin to 11 games. oh wait buffalo too, make it 12

  23. pearson says:

    i think what this article was supposed to mean, was not that he wishes we lose games the rest of the year, but rather to trade the dead weight for draft picks or something we can hold onto for next year.

    no one reeeeally knows how hard pc pushed for kovy, and the decision to not trade the toronto pick might have cost him. whether that works out in our favor or not is yet to be seen.

    i dont think anyone here can make any claims about bandwagon fans when the hockey we are all watching is just so goddamn disinteresting and frustrating.

    we’ve all been sticking with this team but deep down i think we all know that only some serious change is the only way this team would make it through the 2nd round… kovalchuk was that serious change, but if pc can get something together for a suprise star then who knows….

    otherwise, “already-tanked” might be the proper phrase

    • #4 says:


      Yeah something needs to change I dont think that selling sounds like a bad idea. If we could sell some of those not performing assets and get more picks and younger players. We will be better off in the long run.

      Anyways do you all want to pay kovy 11.2mil a year??? Thats what he said he wants, its also the league maximum F that guy.

  24. TheBellEnd says:

    fuck man….all this negativity…suck it up and relax people….remember how happy we all were when we LOST to Montreal in game 7 a few years back….yeah thats right…happy we LOST…and why…cuz we fucking missed the playoffs 3 years straight…

    We had a great year last year and all of a sudden now its a fucking travesty that we’re playin shitty….25 games to go…2 or 3 points to make up…2 or 3 games in hand….

    Grow up and fucking cheer for your team, for fuck sakes…

    • goosegoose says:


    • Jefe77 says:


    • Vince_M says:

      Totally agree. This is a good team, they just stumbled this year. In my mind replace the scoring that left with Kessel, that will open up the game and we won’t have to rely so much on defense as the offense will take some of the load off.

      Relax everyone. It’s not like we are the Maple Laffs and destined to be the laughing stock of the league.

  25. POWERSURGE says:


    Nobody is believing in his defense first system anymore.


    one bad season and you guys jump all over the coach maybe if PC got someone to replace kessel they would be in a playoff spot STOP BLAMING THE COACH he has been dealt shit yeah satan replacing kessel that’s a good one don’t forget the others ryder, hunwick, wideman. and that dislocated finger that chara has really has effected his game. plus he is a downy he needs people to tell him where to play. maybe its the players under performing this year.

  27. Phaktor says:

    I am not sure how this organization should go at this point. I mean, look at the lack of scoring and grit. Last year’s team was disciplined and took advantage of other team’s mistakes. Now, they make the mistakes and other teams take advantage of them. I can understand that injuries are a part of the game, but this team doesn’t have heart or reliable depth to make up for injuries that good teams possess. I think they will make the playoffs as currently constituted, but is this team championship material? If management cannot see this squad lifting up the Cup based on the money laid out in player salaries, yes, blow it up and reconfigure the idea of what type of team they want on the ice. If that means firing some people, trading others (Chara) then so be it. However, if they do tank and Toronto continues to struggle, they are right back where they were in 1997, which netted them Thornton and Samsonov…how did that work out? The best thing to do for the fans is to go forward and try to make the playoffs in my opinion and maybe knock off a big dog before being slaughtered by a Cup contender in the second round. Make some trades to shore up the defense and throw a Hossa-like contract at Kovalchuk in free agency. Wheeler is going to be good and they have Savard locked up for a while. I think that this team is weak mentally and rested on last year’s laurels…the best evidence of this is their W-L pattern, not the record itself. Win-Loss, Win streak, Win-Loss, Losing streak.

  28. Jefe77 says:

    Lets freak out.

  29. GOBruinsGO says:

    Just let’s the Bruins down like they do whit us….

  30. Dano says:

    after what this team accomplished last year both from a players and management perspective, I find it extremely upsetting that they have remained so passive is their approach to right this ship (which really is laying at the bottom of the ocean right now).
    Now that the 800lb gorilla in the room has finally left (Kovy), it is time for this team to become sellers…I really do not know what these guys are waiting for—what ever system, with what ever players, is simply not working and hasn’t been since October.

  31. jimmy50 says:

    Ok new lines for OFFENSE!

    Sturm Savard Bergeron
    Wheeler Krejci Ryder
    Lucic Recchi Satan
    Bitz Begin Thornton/Sobotka

    • B's on MV says:

      jimmy50-I think you’re on to something. I was thinking something along these lines. If Sturm can’t score, then try Lucic then Ryder on that line. Lucic and Sturm both have chemistry with Bergy, and I think Savard and Bergy can create chances for each other.

      Recchi should stay a wingman, and move Begin up and have Sobotka center the 4th line.

      I’m not ready to have an all out sale, but Wideman, Ference and Ryder could leave tomorrow and I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it.

      Satan should not be on our first line.

  32. BosBrn77 says:

    I think they just need to move some dead weight. Not revamp the team totally. Ryder and a pick to Tampa for Malone. Morris and a prospect to Chicago for Barker. I think they just need some firepower. Maybe shake the team up some. Sit some of the bigger names and call up a prospect.

    After sleeping on this…. the problem is not the coach….. not that we didn’t get Kovy…. the problem is we need players to look themselves in the mirror. Take accountability for what they are doing out there. My favorite player is Lucic, and he is playing like he has no desire. Is he hurt? Is something wrong? Then say something… otherwise become that wrecking force that most feared!

    Sturm is a talented winger. The bounces are just not going his way.

    Even Wideman. So he is having a bad year. Who says he does not turn it around soon….. unfortunately after we trade him.

    I’d really like seeing Malone in Boston. A tough nose winger that can play on a line with Satan and Savard. Put Lucic with Bergy and Sturm. And keep Wheeler and Krejci together.

    I would love to see them call up Marchand (Sorry willisss,I know you don’t like him). Just imagine the energy he would give if he had the chance on the big club? Forget Whitfield and Larmen….. bring up Marchand.

    A trade IS going to happen. And with Ryder seeing his name out there….. like we all do… he has to go now. He does not feel wanted and even though Julien will push him… he is finished here. But what will they get for him.

  33. Hammer says:

    No self respecting team Tanks it.

  34. JONOVISION says:

    the problem is theres too much pussies n bitches on the bruins.seems like they always crying n backn down ughhh.we need to bump n grind,force our way on others,make them aware and afraid to get mashed.the current system worked on last yeRS GROUP.but this year they pussies!so that type of system wont work for lil bitches…

  35. Dano says:

    I know what I am about to say will probably draw some irate responses, but we need someone like Martin LaPointe use to be—an Ass Hole on the ice

    • BosBrn77 says:

      NO WAY!!! and I mean about the response! I’d love to have a LaPointe type player again…. just not at 5 mil a season! But I agree. I think Malone (or even Clowe) could play that style and add some goals too.

  36. Kurt says:

    I think that Chia can’t make a decent trade. He is lying in the bed that he made. Our decent players are over priced. Because he has been fiscally irresponsible regarding the cap he has made it far more difficult to move any of the under-achieving players. Who wants to trade for a low performing high priced guy like Wideman and Ryder the bottom line is Chia has been a mediocre manager since he got here. Of course compared to the old regime he looks like a genius. I think when Oconnel cleaned house on the scouting dept and they started to draft well see 2004 when we drafted Krejci and Versteeg. And scouting and aquiring Thomas in 2001.This was in place before he got here. Chia has made some good trades and bad ones that coupled with his mismanagement of the cap I feel makes him an average GM.

  37. Andy says:

    I agree w/ BosBrn & Kurt, they need to mix it up. The one thing that I don’t understand is why they don’t just sit Wideman for a game or two. Maybe that will help him get his head out of his ass. Could you hurt his confidence? Sure, but I’d rather he sit up in the press box w/ no confidence that out on the ice. I didn’t even see the whole game, and I saw 3 TO’s by him, including the one to no man’s land on the right hand boards for an easy shot by MTL. They certainly need, and have been needing, to take a severe look in the mirror and start playing w/ some urgency and BALLS.

    As for PC, I DO NOT fault him for Kovy. Looking at it, if you’re going to tell me that our package wouldn’t have been better than NJ’s, you’re out of your fucking mind. As someone suggested, Wheeler, Hunwick, Marchand, and a 1st wouldn’t have been better? Waddell’s a fucking idiot! In any case, yes, I think the real problem is handing out $4 mil contracts like they’re candy. Having said that, I think everyone would agree that guys like Krecji and Lucic are MUCH different than Ryder and Wideman. The former are guys that we know have talent and what they can bring to this team. They are simply underachieving. The latter are train wrecks who are dead weight. The problem is, the best we can do is find a team, out of contention, w/ salary cap space for those two, and hope to get a 4th rounder for them. I fear, though, that we’re going to have to take another underachiever back.

    Finally, looking at these rumors, I PRAY that we’re not seriously entertaining acquiring a guy like Kaberle or Souray. I’m so sick of this so called “need for a puck moving D”. FUCK THAT! We have no cap space and we’re going to acquire another D for $4-6 mil?!! WE NEED SCORING!!

    I think we’ll make a minor move, but the good news is that after the season, we have Eaves & Murray’s dead weight coming off the books, along w/ Morris, Ference, Recchi, Begin, Thornton, and Satan. That is almost $10 mil (provided we consider re-signing Wheeler, Stuart, and Boychuk). If we can get rid of one of Ryder or Wideman, that is $14 mil that we can use to better this team and acquire a couple hard-working, yet skilled, character players.

    All is not lost yet. Let’s ride out the season, let the chips fall where they may, and see what happens in the summer…

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Souray did not pick Boston as one of his 6 teams, so we are safe! Burke would push to get a first back for Kaberle and I doubt PC would do it.

      Rumor is San Jose is interested in Wideman, if they do not grab Wallin from Carolina. For Clowe? I would do the deal in a second.

      Chicago needs to move salary, but they CAN (and probably will) wait until the off season. Why mess with chemistry.

      I’d try and find a place for Ryder. Even a low level prospect or a 4th liner. Anything right now. If we could swap him to Tampa with a pick for Malone, I’d jump on it. Tampa is looking to sell, and taking Malone’s long term contract off the books and adding Ryder for one year may help.

      If Wideman is not traded, definitely sit him. Along with Sturm, Wheeler, and Lucic, but have Neely sit there… the whole game, just glaring at them! They need to be accountable for their actions.

      I think the Bruins should try and trade Recchi. He re-signed, hoping last year’s success would continue and possible make a run for the Cup. I say trade him to a contender, for a prospect and/or pick. He deserves that much.

      As for who we have…… Paille is a keeper. His defensive skills, especially on the penalty kill, are great. And honestly, Satan, for what we have paid him has not been a bad pick up. The entire team is playing piss poor, but he seems to be giving an effort each night. Thornton is a gamer…. and comes cheap.

      My thought is, do not let any player go that has an expiring contract for nothing. Morris, Ference, Begin and Recchi can all get them something.

      But just to comment on what Kurt said. I honestly think PC has done a good job. He has 29 other GMs looking at talent as well. I do think he has failed in a few trades…. Boyes for Wideman, Versteeg and a pick for Bochenski to name a few… but he has done good alongthe way. Resigned Savard to a nice deal. Kept Thomas. And even with mentioning the Wideman deal…… it looked pretty good last year when Wideman was having a good year. Most players have slumps. Unfortunately for us, EVERY player is slumping this year! But I do not blame PC for that.

      Bottomline… this team needs to look at themselves… and not point fingers. Go out and use the boards, destroying players into them. Bring back the Big Bad Bruins, and send this team…. their step sisters….. back to the locker room!

      • Bruins says:

        lol yeah really, that souray contract combined with his play would single handedly cripple a team

  38. Bruins says:

    people keep saying that landing big joe and samsonov was a bad thing. do you even remember those guys? joe thornton was one of the better players in the league in boston, including being third in scoring one year. samsonov was sick back in the day. he emerged quicker than big joe, and he put people in the stands with his offensive ability. he ran into some injury problems, but was a huge part of the core along with big joe, muzz, and rolston

    there’s no guaruntee of winning the cup, but they led us to some pretty good seasons. using them as the basis on why it’s “bad” to draft high is stupid

  39. JRy says:

    Good bye Thomas, Ryder, Ference, Wideman, Recchi, Morris, and even Sturm. We suck. These players suck. We should start over next year building around Rask, Bergeron, Savard, Krejci, and Chara. With 2 solid picks we could add to the offense and we are all set. Not to mention we will have money at hand to make a run at some free agents. Kovalchuk may not be the answer because he cost so much and would make it hard to get anyone else to plug holes. Also, who wants to pay a deteriorating, 36 year old Ilya Kovalchuk 10 million dollars?

  40. Kurt says:

    Good points from Bbruin77 and Andy. To reiterate I don’t think PC is bad he is just not good. As far as holding on to Thomas….Thomas wasn’t going to make more than that somewhere else and I think that his contract is going to hurt us in the near future as his cap number goes to 6mil next year. We are tying up almost 10 mil in goal tending. Savy wasn’t going to make much more either it’s not like he is a 100 plus point guy every year. Having said that Savy is a bargain compared to Chara at 7.5 million.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Thomas’ cap hit will not go up. It is the average of the length of the contract. His cap hit will still be 5 mil.

      But I do agree we have too much locked in goal tending. As much as I like Thomas, if we could move him, I would. He might have been signed by another club for roughly the same, considering he came off a Vezina year.

      As for Savard, he may have been offered more elsewhere considering his improvement on the defensive side.

  41. Kurt says:

    Kovalchuk is 26 not 36

    • zvic says:

      who cares how old he is, he is asking way too much and he is Russian they play for the money not for the cup, what did he do in Atlanta? I am glad the trade didn’t happen he would be another Kessel, we should go after Vinny C from tampa and give up Thomas, Wheeler, Ryder, Hunwick, and a boston pick (not Toronto pick) and throw in a prospect.

      • MC Puck says:

        what good does it do us to have another highly paid center? of all the moves I’ve heard suggested on here, this may be the worst.

  42. zvic says:

    give it up, we won’t get him, he wants too much it’s over, let’s move on and I say even trade Thomas too, free up more cap room Rask can handle the job next year why waste money on Thomas? Lucic is also a poor excuse for a hockey player this, I didn’t even know he was in the line up last night!

  43. G cole says:

    They’re tanking whether they want to or not, what’s the difference?!

  44. cebbie says:

    Kov – Greedy bastard 10.5 mil a year turned down –
    That jerkoff will make 128,000.00 per game – Not bad for averaging 20 minutes ice time a game – Shit I have to work 2 years to make that – I cant blame him though – If the owners are stupid enough to pay him I guess- The whole system is screwed. I hope nobody signs him after the season or he breaks his leg. It is hard to stay a fan of the game when it is really all about the money – I should not be surprised – I am glad that Chia did not sign him – I would rather have a player that plays for the game not only for the money – Thats why guys like Bergeron are true class players – I would take a dozen of him anyday over jerkoffs like Kov and Ovi

  45. pt says:

    I totally agree. with teams like Phenoix and La doing great. and other teams like Detroit bein on the playoff bubble this year has been weird. I say the B’s trade to at least stop the bleeding. or just ride it out. but next year there has to be some serious moves. we have alotta very good draft picks. I love the B’s. And if what they need is a couple seasons to rebuild than that’s fine. I can wait. Besides waiting is what got La and the Coyotes to where they are today.

  46. BosBrn77 says:

    I like Thomas. He is passionate and hates to lose. But his 5 mil cap hit is hard to swallow. Not to mention many feel Rask is ready, if not damn close.

    So a question….. would you trade Thomas?

    Rumor has it, Washington is looking to upgrade in goal. What about Thomas and a late round pick for Theodore and a prospect (maybe Chris Bourque?)??

    If the Bruins sneak in to the playoffs, a tandem of Rask and Theodore could surprise some teams. Not to mention, Theodore is a UFA and his 4.5 mil would come off the books. That would allow us to sign a mid tier guy who would compliment Rask and not take valuable minutes away from him.

    Just a thought!

  47. da wreck says:

    Kovalchuk’s first game in Jersey and they only have 15000 in the seats. wow.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      What a finish by the Leafs ! They are STILL worse then the B’s ! 2 goals in the last minute to lose ! hahahaha

      • zvic says:

        they have not lost 9 games straight like us all season, we are in no position to be laughing at any teams, even the leafs score more goals than us!

  48. pt says:

    Wow! 2 goals in one minute! I wouldn’t be laughin man. Sometimes it takes the B’s 60 minutes to score 1 goal.

  49. zvic says:

    why not call up zack hamill? what do we have to lose?

  50. Kurt says:

    It still sucks that we didn’t get Kovi. Why can’t we be the guys that give up next to nothing and get a superstar for once. Well I guess we did with Cam Neely but it hasn’t happened for a long time. We certainly have been on the other end of those type trades with Joe Thorton.

  51. vince_m says:

    So with Kovy gone (for now) has anyone heard if the Bruins are going to do anything or stand pat? Are they looking to do any moves?

  52. Birdman2403 says:

    Very sad story tonight for the Burke family. Hopes and prayers to the Burke family to get through this terrible time.

  53. MC Puck says:

    I don’t think tanking solves anything… we have a hard enough time luring FA’s without looking like jackasses by tanking. we have enough assets to rebuild with draft picks WITHOUT tanking…

    move some of the dead weight like Ryder and Thomas, try and get a guy or two before the deadline and try and stay competitive… this team isn’t as far off from last year as they look right now, we shouldn’t take for granted that a shot in the arm may turn this whole thing around.

    • #4 says:

      Dude I dont want to give up just like anyone else But I gotta agree wiht matt on this one and ive been saying it for awhile.

      Im sick of 1 and done and im sick of dead wieght on this teams roster. But I dont think they need to sign anyone at the deadline unless its in aquisition for thomas, ryder.

      I think that Thomas, Ryder, 3rd pick to Chicago for Versteeg and Sharp would be a great trade to make.

      But heres the thing I dont want to wind up middle of hte pack, I say we play young players hammil, marchand, sobotka and sit/remove the underperformers. So that next year we can re-become the beasts of the east with a younger-faster-hungrier team.

      If we wind up mid-pack, by trying to add more veterans like morons and toronto catches fire and winds up right there with us and we draft like 9th-11th Ill just be depressed.

      GO b’s Big game today

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I would not mind seeing the Bruins try for Versteeg, Sharp or Barker from Chicago. But the Hawks need to shed salary, so it would take players with expiring contracts.

      • MC Puck says:

        I think any team that expects to rebuild through the draft is taking a big chance… go look at the last 10 drafts or so, there’s more busts than studs, and a lot of the studs were pick 20+… not where the B’s are aiming on drafting.

        I understand there’s a lot of upside in young players, but there’s a huge level of prognosticating that goes into drafting players who come from the different leagues with different rules and different players.

        I think we need to focus on this year, considering that this team is relatively in tact coming off a 116 point season, I find it hard to believe that a piece or two won’t turn it around.

        What do we have to lose by grabbing a guy like Clowe and a guy like Barker and taking a shot, either they’ll finish in the playoffs or they won’t, but either way tanking isn’t going to ensure they end up with a franchise saving guy.

        Besides, they’ve already got a lottery pick right now, so even if they finish with a middle pick, they’ve got a great pick with the Toronto pick.

        I have to believe that if the Bruins play hard today, even if they lose, PC will look at making that trade… the effort has been high for some guys, and if they had a decent scoring option playing aside Savy, they could have turned half of those games into wins… I know it’s not ideal, but I don’t see tanking as a way to fix this team, it could backfire a hell of a lot worse than trading for a guy or two.

  54. KST says:

    With at least 3 draft picks in the first two rounds for the next two years I say we suffer it out. Build it, don’t buy it!

  55. bruins23 says:

    Has anyone heard any rumors latly if the bruins are close to making any deals?

  56. TheD4nkDangler says:

    Are we forgetting that this is the team that finished top of the eastern division and second in the presidents trophy race last year? We have been dealing with injury problems all year, and we havennt clicked at all. PC didnt replace kessel, which everyone knows has killed the bruins this year. If you look around the league every dominant team has a guy that does not go through periods where he is either hot or not. They are players that are able to score on a nightly basis even though some of our 20-30 goal guys have stretches where they cant hit the net. Two nickels dont equal a dime in this league anymore. What we needed was a game changing player and PC has done nothing to improve on that. We give ridiculous contacts to players based on one season of productive play. Does anyone think Tim Thomas is going to win us the stanley cup? HAHAHHAHA. This guy is the most overated goalie in the league and has been for years. For 5 million dollars a year we have a guy that should be playing in Europe or a Beer League Somewhere. We all love Lucic’s style of play, but for 3 years at 12 million? Come On. Too many bad contacts that we are dealing with right now that are holding us back, Also Ryder’s deal can be added to this. Throwing in the towel and rebuilding for next year is a pretty outrageous statement to make. Yes, we have underperformed this year, but we are only a few wins away a playoff spot, and it is well known that teams that fare well in the playoffs are often teams that are playing well leading into it, regardless if you are a #1 seed or the #8 seed. We have the toronto pick which I am glad we did not deal, especially for a rental player that is selfish enough to command an outrageous contract that will leave any team in this league that signs him an instand non contender based on the fact that almost 25% of their pay roll goes to one guy. Grab some character guys at the deadline that can contribute offensively,(whitney, coligliano,Clowe) maybe a defesnmen of character(WARD ANYONE?) and start Tukka Rask. This team may not win the cup, but they need to compete and make the playoffs to consider their season a “Sucesss”. Alot goes into operating a team and it is easy for everyone to sit back and play GM for awhile and criticize the bruins front office for doing this and not doing that. PC took a gamble and assumed our offense would be just as productive without kessel and it came back to kick him in the ass. Hopefully we are able to gain some confidence and string together some wins so we can finally shut every blogger up who has never laced up a pair skates in their lives.

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