Kovalchuk Turns Down Deal from ATL

Ilya Kovalchuk turned down two offers, 7 years, 70 million and 12 year, 101 million from Atlanta.  Now before you all freak and say well F that, it has to be noted that he just does not want to be in Atlanta.  He is not comfortable with the organization and their future.  What if the team relocates?

12 years, 101 million is around an 8.4 million dollar cap hit, which isn’t that outrageous.  It is an offer very close to my 15 year, 115 million (7.666) deal I have been saying would get it done, and it looking at it now it probably would.  Seems like teams are balking at the asking price for him, which is what I’ve been saying for a while now.  He will likely come a lot cheaper than we expect unless Waddell decides to let teams negotiate with him, which he may or may not end up doing.

Calgary and Chicago are definitely out according to sources.  The Rangers and Flyers will have trouble absorbing his contract.  LA and Boston are still the front runners but are not willing to deal top assets.


43 Responses to Kovalchuk Turns Down Deal from ATL

  1. Gcole says:

    what a greedy son of a bitch!! he must really hate atlanta lol

  2. Matt says:

    Well he knows he will get paid no matter what. It’s like saying, you can take this offer from us and you could be here the entire time but our company may ship to buttfuck Kansas, or you can get a similar or better offer and you will not be relocated.

    • Bruins says:

      he can always ask for a NTC. im sure if the thrashers are offering him $100 million+, they wouldnt object to having that clause in the deal. with that clause if kovalchuk is ever unhappy with the organization, or if they relocate to somewhere else he doesnt like, all he has to do is demand a trade. with that NTC he can hand-pick wherever he wants to go, or else veto any trade the thrashers come up with that he doesnt like. the thrashers can always refuse to trade him, but then all kovalchuk would have to do is give up and not play. are the thrashers going to have 20% of their cap tied up in a guy that doesn’t play? nope.

  3. Bruins says:

    If it was because he didn’t like Atlanta he could have told waddell that and say what teams he was interested in going to long-term. That might seems like it limits waddell’s options and thus the return he’d get, but if you think about it, waddell would let the teams kovalchuk does want to go to negotiate with him prior to the deal, thus upping the return overall.

    he really is just a greedy prick.

  4. Kurt says:

    Chia was just on with Felger and Masseratti and basically says he’s not going to do anything regarding Kovi. He didn’t sound gung ho about any shake up either. He said this would mortgage the future and the present acquiring Kovi. WTF is he talking about…….Just dump some of the dumb ass contracts that you already signed you tool. Yeah it would be a shame to actually pay some one alot of money who can perform consistently. Unlike Chara this guy shws up every night….Oh yeah I forgot Chara broke a nail on his pinky.

  5. Kurt says:

    The thing is, someone is going to get this guy and we are all going to be in awe on how little they had to give up to get him.

    • backbruin says:

      i agree Kurt, every year you see it. A premier player is available and there are always rumblings that we could be interested and we never get our guy. It’s like groundhog day every year and i’m positive he will go for a dumb amount.

  6. backbruin says:

    Why would the bruins management ever think about doing something that could get us a cup!

  7. Joe says:

    You said that he does not want to say in Atlanta, but ESPN reported that he said he does want to stay in Atlanta.

    2nd paragraph

    • backbruin says:

      If he really wanted to stay you would think he would have taken the oh 101 million dollars??hahahah

      he wants out!

  8. backbruin says:

    van reimsdyk,briere and a pick for kovy was the last rumor i heard via sportsnet!!

  9. backbruin says:


    oops sorry for the caps!

  10. goosegoose says:

    PC basically said hes not doing the trade today on 98.5

  11. backbruin says:

    well what really can he say…he’s not going to tip his hand and say we want him now.?.?

    he has his best poker face on, and one thing i do know it won’t be long til’ we find out

  12. Bruins says:

    i cant believe so many people still want this greedy fuck. kessel looks like a saint next to him

  13. #4 says:

    Amen brother

    He wanst nothing less than 11.2 mil a year i hope he gets signed by the canadiens outta nowhere then gets hurt or something HAHAHAHA he’ll be the death of any franchise at that price if he gets hurt QQ

  14. Bruins says:

    update: kovalchuk will be trade to an eastern conference team tonight. our healthy scratches are bitz and sobotka.safe to say its not us

  15. backbruin says:

    ya tsn just reported that he will be dealt tonight…look at teams who have scratched players tonight!!!

  16. backbruin says:

    boston bruins not in……philly or jersey!!and oh my god they just said possibly the habs!!


  17. BosBrn77 says:

    If Atlanta wants prospects and picks… then we need to trade some salary elsewhere.

    The rumor Wideman for Clowe is almost an even swap of salary, so that would not help the Kovy side!

    I say they try and move Wideman, Ryder and Morris or Recchi. Try and get picks and prospects for them, and maybe a lesser defenseman with some experience.

    Then package Wheeler, Hamill, Ryan Button, our 1st this year, and our 1st next year(if he re-signs) for Kovy.

  18. Bruins says:

    mckenzie: not the bruins or rangers

  19. Kurt says:

    No Bitz tonight …..How will we win without evrything he does on the ice….Oh yeah he doesn’t do anything I forgot.

  20. Bruins says:

    first minute in: good feeling.bruins have come out flying. they want it bad

  21. gibbz says:

    would satan be worth including in a trade?

  22. BosBrn77 says:

    If the Bruins don’t get Kovy, they should improve elsewhere.

    Chicago needs to move some salary… so trade Morris for Cam Barker.

    Wideman to San Jose for Clowe.

    Ryder and a 2nd round pick to Tampa for Ryan Malone!

    sorry… my two cents.

  23. backbruin says:

    don’t count kaberle out!!!

    pp b’s come on boys

  24. G cole says:

    I thought these guys are supposed to be profession hockey players?

  25. backbruin says:

    hot off the press i just heard the NJ devils got him!!!!

    the fkn devils got him fkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. Bruins says:

    i heardsome rumors that zajac couldbe included. thats a ridiculous price to pay

  27. backbruin says:

    The New Jersey Devils have won the Ilya Kovalchuk sweepstakes, acquiring from the superstar winger from the Atlanta Thrashers on Thursday night, a source close to the deal told ESPN.com.


    The Devils have struggled of late, especially scoring goals. Veteran Devils GM Lou Lamoriello didn’t hesitate, swooping in and acquiring the biggest rental player available on this year’s trade market.

    Kovalchuk will be an unrestricted free agent July 1 and contracts talks with the Thrashers hit a stalemate recently

  28. gibbz says:


  29. backbruin says:

    well i can’t wait to see what it took….it maybe just a rental which wont hurt me as bad as if they sign him

    oh ya once again we are all over the habs and can’t score…watch them score on there first shot!!

  30. gibbz says:


  31. backbruin says:

    it’s about fkn time!!!woooooooooooooooooooo

    let’s fkn go boys, i’m drinking beer


  32. BosBrn77 says:

    *Tosses backbruin some Wild Turkey!!*

    We need to be drinking something a lot stronger! LOL

  33. backbruin says:

    well i figure if i have 30 of them then i’m ok..hahahahaha

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