It’s called reality

At some point you need talent.  This team has been trying hard and playing well, but like I said, at some point you need talent and it has shown. 5 goals on 132 shots is a 3.78% shooting percentage.  Once again, another one goal game we lost.  I said Kovalchuk could have made a difference in these games and I stand by it, it’s just too late now and no other options on the trade market are really going to make the kind of difference he could have.  The B’s are not going to contend with the Flyers, Caps, Penguins and Devils in the East, and I don’t think at this point it’s worth sending out assets for a 1st round exit.  Whitney, Poni, Kariya, Tkachuk, Torres or whoever isn’t going to make a legit impact this team needs.  That time was about 2-3 weeks ago.  PC waited too long and this is what this team is.  It sucks, but it’s reality.  They don’t have the talent, end of story.  2 or less goals for 9 straight games. They haven’t won in over a month and are 1 win away from their franchise record.

And for the people who believe the asking prices are too high, look at for what Kovalchuk went for and then think what would a player a fifth of his caliber cost.  Probably a 2nd round pick or something.


49 Responses to It’s called reality

  1. justaguy says:

    P.C. has just sat there and done nothing at all, waiting to see what the team looks like when healthy.
    Problem is now he has waited to long, Bruins sre slip, sliding away to the bottom. Can someone tell the coaching staff that Savvy Looch and Satan is not a good line, change that shit already. They can also get rid of Hunwick, he’s the shits this year.
    Somebody do something already.

  2. bruno says:

    This is ugly and Cj should start at least double shifting the players who can score to get a bigger lead. Roling 4 lines is not working and he should use more talented players on the ice. PC seems to be hiding because he’s lost and somewhere still annilizing this mess he has put together. The team still can make the playoffs if PC does something to help the team right now or just admit you have decided to tank which is the cowards way out. PC should be fired if he dosen’t at least try, I just like every Bruins fan everywhere is sick of PC and losing. PC if you haven’t seen enough by now you should be a man and resign.

    • JONOVISION says:

      yeah were only one r two good players away from atleast the second round.with the olympic brk.we can get rest.have an nhl rostr not n ahl,sum new faces 2 ignite the offence a puck movn d? com on pc were drownin…

  3. Hammer says:

    And in only 3 of the last 10 games did opponents have more than a one goal differential against us.

    4 of those games were shootout losses.

    3 games were regulation losses by 1 goal.

    This team needs tweaking, not a major overhaul.

  4. Leafstank says:

    stop mentioning kovalchucks name. hes outta atlanta and not in boston. thats all there is to it.

  5. BridgeJumper says:

    PC gave up on this season 3 weeks ago. Ilya was the only chance the Bruins had to make this season worthwhile. The past three games, you can’t say the Bruins didn’t put forth a good effort. That being said it only proved that the Bruins do not have the scoring touch. We can all try and close our eyes and pretend that its the 2008-2009 season again, but we all need to face it.. Lucic is not the next Neely or is he hitting any more. On the tying goal – Lucic made a horrific attempt to push the puck up ice.. he wiffed and it resulted in a goal.. I hate to say it, but this season is nearly lost. There is no player out there we can get that would give this season life. I hope going forward PC actually makes the move.. I am tired sitting around threw “rebuilding seasons”

  6. John says:

    Make some tweeks add Whitney and barker with out losing core guys and then trade ryder hunwick and second rounder for clowe.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Carolina wants a 1st round pick and a prospect for Whitney. Too much for a rental and a player his age.

      Barker would definitely be someone who could help….. and be here for many years.

      San Jose is interested in Wideman for Clowe. Or at least that is what the rumors are saying.

      • Leafstank says:

        we should get clowe for wideman. they get ryder and a prospect and maybe a pick out for a defenseman like Barker, and maybe even Sharp to come with him.

  7. pearson says:

    can someone tell me what hunwick is doing wrong? i dont think he is on this team as a top 4 dman… so can anyone really tell me where exactly he is going wrong?

    i think the only one going wrong is pc and julien. pc waited too long to get SOMEONE to help our 3 excellent centers and we have NOTHING.

    rank our top wingers. NONE of them have the caliber to make playoff runs. this sucks because we have, arguably, the greatest depth at center in the league… but no one to capitalize.

    [a certain winger that wears #17] could have been had and i truely think that we were cup bound. but no, pc was and has been content with below average wingers.

    can clowe score? if so, why havent we gotten him.. YESTERDAY!? wideman had potential to come back… but when? and do we continue to lose games while we wait?

    this is terrible management and i am not sold on the coach much more either.

    • willisss says:

      on your side on this one, Hunwick has had minor mistakes, and yes, some led to goals, but his game play overall has been fine. whats he? -11? it really is an unfair stat that does not justify his game

      • Bruins says:

        i dont know, hunwick really hasn’t looked good this year. him and wideman are kind of all over the place most nights. he can move the puck well though

  8. joe says:

    Hunwick is a good defensive forward, but his defense is not good at all. And the fact that pc is running him out there when their short handed is beyond me.

    I dont think that pc is a bad coach, I think he lacks imagination, he does not know how to change or adapt the play of the team when they are getting beat.

    He keeps running 4 lines even when losing by a couple goals, and he will also run the 4th line with less than 2min left and we are on down goals.

    He does not double shift his best lines and does not try to put the best players on the ice for a powerplay.

    How can he not see putting bergeron on the point on the powerplay is not working, no one beats bergeron along the boards he makes great plays from there.

    why does he keep rolling ryder out there when he cannot hit the net, wow use anyone, else the worse that will happen is that you will get the same results.

    This has got to be the most timid team in the nhl right now, they very rarely take the body, why doesnt the coach see this.

    pc does not seem to have the guts to bench ryder or sturm or lucic for a kick in the butt.

    I admit the bruins need someone to put the puck in the net, and i have no idea who that will be. I am beginning to question the coach. Some things just dont add up, and they certainly dont add up to wins

  9. G cole says:

    We are tanking bad and yet still 10 ahead of Toronto lol

  10. Richardo says:

    hate to say this but Toronto looked GOOOOD tonight…. Hope that doesnt keep up…

  11. JONOVISION says:

    wow good game guys,keep it up maybe we can have 3 top five

  12. Kurt says:

    I don’t think Julie-n is going to smarten up now. Don’t forget it wasn’t too long ago he had Bitz playing on the top line….bonehead.

  13. OhNiner says:

    This is getting hard to watch . I should just cancel Center Ice not worth the money ! thanks ! P.C. FIND THE PHONE and shake it up or fire the coach he has no answers on offence he only knows defence! CMON PC GET R DONE YA BUM !!!!!!!!

  14. MC Puck says:

    I don’t know why but I refuse to believe that this team is as bad as 9 straight… I know no one wants to admit it, but at this point, teams are playing better against the Bruins in the 3rd because they know they can make a comeback… Goalies are confident in net and it results in stupid stupid saves that leave a sour taste in your mouth.

    4 games in a row now a goalie has robbed 3 or 4 goals… and I mean ESPN highlight saves… and the Bruins are being blamed for it.

    It’s mental more than anything, and they need #1 to snap them out of it.

    • Bruins says:

      i agree with that. everything will just start to snowball if this keeps up though. the fact that the bruins have vastly outplayed the competition lately and still cant pull out the wins will really start to wear away at them. all it takes is one lucky break for us and everything could change. but that’s something the bruins havent gotten in the last 10 games.

  15. OhNiner says:

    Word is Thomas might be on the way out. found it on twitter lets hope they do something

  16. Et Le But. says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually feel for the Bruins. What a sorry lot of a team. If the Hawks were to somehow move Huet and his contract then that will open the door for the Thomas trade. Thomas & a pick for Versteeg and Barker. Teams are always scratching for goaltending help come playoff time and I sincerely believe that Huet can be dealt. I also hear that SJ would like Wideman. Why not package Wideman for Clowe? In – Versteeg, Barker & Clowe and Out – Thomas & Wideman. Cap wise the deals work out about even. The B’s get better defensively and offensively and take a little hit goaltending wise. In the summer the B’s should rid themselves of Ryder, Thornton, Ferrence, Satan, Recchi, Sobotka, Sturm & Hunwick. This frees up about $12M in cap space and when you factor in that Murray’s buy-out comes off the books, PC has $13M to work with. Bring up Marchand, Hamill & LoVechhio for about $2M leaving you with $11M in free agency funds in which to sign 5 players.

    This will help your pathetic team and perhaps you can then be more competitive when we play you next year. This year has been all too easy for us and it will continue this way this afternoon. I say 6-2 Habs. Thomas gets replaced again further fueling the trade talk.

    Ole ole ole ole ole.

    • MC Puck says:

      6-2? You’re crazy… this is about as close to a trap game as you get in the NHL. You better pray Halak starts today because Price can’t handle 50 shots.

      The Bruins have been pitiful at closing, but overall the team has been clicking pretty well, the ONLY thing missing is that last few inches it takes for the puck to light the lamp.

      The Bruins finally cross over the 2 goal level today and win 4-3… Keep the faith B’s fans!

    • BosBrn77 says:

      We could say the same thing about your team last year! We owned them…. and you know it. I’m not going to blame injuries on this season, because good teams have the depth to compensate. But I will say we have had some bad bounces. We have played well enough to win 50% of the games we lost, and that would put us well ahead of the Habs…. and most others.

      I will agree with you on your trade ideas though. Not sure if Chicago would do THAT much “tinkering” when their team is playing so well. Wideman to San Jose for Clowe looks to be something that may happen.

      As for today…. Bruins win by 2!! But best of luck to the Habs, and I hope MC gets back soon!

  17. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    et le but is getting to sound like half the so called bruins fans on here, really makes you shake your head doesn’t it. the streak ends today. Bruins 4-1. Bergeron with 2, Lucic gets one and so does Savard.

    • MC Puck says:

      They need to play more physically. If I were Claude, I’d sit some guys… show them that at this point, they’d rather give playing time to the young guys who are hungry to play in the NHL. Looch needs a fire lit under his ass too, enough of playing like a sissy, you were paid all that money to be a force on the ice.

      • bruinsfanupnorth says:

        i agree, i would be sobotka back in the lineup and take thornton out. sobotka might not score a lot but he brings energy. Looch had a better game yesterday and I think that mistake he made on the second goal will be good motivation. I am so tired of the mistakes hunwick and wideman are making. They are careless lackadasical moves that are killing us. Widemas seems to play with no passion at all. damn slam your nuts in the door before the game and come out with some intensity/attitude and lets get this thing done.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        “Slam your nuts in the door”? Nice analogy! Unfortunately… lately… not enough of the players have big enough balls to do that!

        But I agree… sit some guys. Want energy? Get Marchand up hear and play Sobotka centering Marchand and Paille.

        Time for a wake up call!!! TODAY!!!!

    • #4 says:

      I hate when people say stuff like “so called bruins fans” Stfu really our team is sucking and we cant be blamed for complaining.


      I agee 100% I dont get what claude is doing he doesnt sit people who dont try. People fluff up handling the puck at center ice, My junior’s coach would NOT HAVE LET YOU DO THAT. You would sat out the period on my old team for playing soft like many of the B’s do.

      Especially LOOCH if he doesnt slam into hall gill and put htat goon through the boards first shift today LOOCH should get benched. If ryder misses the net 2x BENCH.

      Double shifht the lines of

      At some point you have to identify your talent and play that talent, who cares if you sit the “energy”, or “grinder” lines they arent scoring and WE NEED GOALS>

      I am really questioning the offensive coaching, but that mite be aresult of an inability to finish the tap ins and goals we should be scoring.

      GO B’s I am going to say 3-1 B’s today or better at least.

      • bruinsfanupnorth says:

        why don’t you go through some of the comments on here #4 and some of the things said aren’t said by real fans even when the team is sucking. As for the STFU comment, classic internet tuff guy right.

      • #4 says:

        really you have the magical ability to tell who is a real fan??? Amazing. I dont start fights I just point out dumb comments.

        I just dont think that we should be taking it out on each other. So stop posting useless comments like that sick of reading it because your not the only one who posts that garbage. finish

        Anyways we agree on one thing, they should bench Looch if he isnt skating, and they should bring up Hammil, and Marchand, and Sobotka(at least he skates)

      • bruinsfanupnorth says:

        and just to clarify #4, the comment has been made on several occasions that et le but is a bruins fan coming on here to stir up shit. how many habs fans the bruins organizations prospects etc like he does. I have no idea who montreal has in their organization and dont give a rats patoot. i think he is a bruins fan stirring the pot.

      • #4 says:

        I ignore that guy anyways haa.]

        If you end your post with Ole Ole Ole I will erase whatever I just read from my memory.

        Though I have suggested the Ryder/Thomas
        |Versteeg Barker/Sharp| trade a couple times now

  18. jimmy50 says:

    I just realized how not having a “kessel type” player hurts us in the shootouts. We are losing serious points in that department and could be the reason why we don’t make the playoffs. Sad but true.

    • #4 says:

      add to that his speed on the wing. Not saying im a kessel fan but I dont htink PC took that into account when he made that deal. We have poor team-speed now.

  19. BaltimoreBruinsFan says:

    This team is playing their hearts out…for this I comend them but as Pekese said they need talent, PC has done a horrible job at managing the team this year. He gets a nice contract exptension and then shits the bed. It would be nice to know what he is thinking. And what’s the deal with Looch. he is not playing like himself at all…is he still hurt? Frustrating season!

  20. TheBellEnd says:

    yes…lets take a look at what Kovy went for….Top prospects in Cormier and Bergfors…and a potential top 6 Dman in Oduya….thats 3 roster players (at somepoint, at least) for a RENTAL!!!!…

    would Kovy be good for the Bruins…damn straight…would he win them the cup THIS YEAR…not a chance…would I like to retain him for 11.2 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS after this year……only if Crosbys comin as well…

    Face it, Kovy is a bitch who wants money….we have that money…but we won’t succumb to a bitch….

  21. Pearson says:

    Multiple sources are saying that not only will the b’s make a trade within 48 hours but that they have been in conversations with teams looking for goaltending, and that thomas is on the chopping block.

    Im only comfortably getting rid of thomas if it nets us a SOLID goalscorer with the cap money we save with him.

    Im gonna be real pissed if they just go get another ” puck moving” defenseman

  22. backbruin says:

    hey pearson can you give me some of your sources..i know about thomas but i have seen nothing saying they will make a trade in 48 hours?

  23. backbruin says:

    ya i read that but i didn’t read anything about 48hours?

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