Congrats to the New Orleans Saints

I know this is a hockey blog, but I would like to congratulate the New Orleans Saints for winning Super Bowl 44.  As most people here are Bruins fans, I’m sure seeing Peyton Manning swallow it was great.

The city of New Orleans deserves this championship, to them it’s more than a victory.  They have been through a lot as a community and it is great to see them rewarded.


43 Responses to Congrats to the New Orleans Saints

  1. mcpuck says:

    This is the most satisfying Super Bowl outside of the three Pats wins for me. I’ve been an avid football fan for as long as I can remember, and I can confidently say I LIKE New Orleans and couldn’t have picked a better team to come out of the NFC and spank Pansy Manning and his Merry Band of Homo’s

  2. gibbz says:

    damn straight.

  3. #4 says:

    What a great game, I love NO. Their play was phenomenal truely amazing. Who woulda thunk onside kick to start the 2nd half.. AND IT WORKED!!!

    Congrats to all from NO they deserve it I have several close friends from there and they have suffered severely congrats. If only boston could win a CUP and everyone would be telling the fans here that we deserved it.

  4. Jenn says:

    how about some congrats to the Bruins for shutting out MTL

    • #4 says:

      sorry I enjoy watching the best in the sport excel, they deserve praise.

      Yes the B’s played a good game today not great. Thank Rask for the 3-0 performance if we can score 3 goals a game for the next 4 games we will be in the playoffs! I promise you!!!

      GO BS GO

  5. John says:

    Great weekend for sports harvick wins the shootout at daytona

  6. jimmy50 says:


  7. willisss says:

    bruins win! who dat?

    2 black and gold wins are keeping my glass full

  8. Bruins says:

    for the saints, im a bit disgusted as i feel they shouldnt even have been in the superbowl after they got the refs + late cheapshots on favre to get them in.

    as for the bruins, great game. rask is the man

  9. G cole says:

    I was rocking my “I hate Peyton manning” shirt. Loved that interception!! Haha manning you douche, STOP BEING IN EVERY COMMERCIAL NOW YOU LOST!

  10. willisss says:

    thomas, wides, and ryder to tampa for nittymakki and st louis…any thoughts? or am i day dreaming

    • jimmy50 says:

      I don’t see us trading Thomas. We had Fernandez on the IR for a season and being a back up for a season at 5 million a year. Goaltending is too important to rely on a rookie the rest of the way.

  11. jimmy50 says:

    I gotta believe Chiarelli is taking in to consideration that our chances to win the Eastern Conference are pretty slim considering the play of Washington. That being said I think any trade will consist of an improvement of the team now but also next season and beyond. THAT MEANS NO RENTALS.

    My prediction will be a trade deadline move were we only give up prospects and picks for guy like Cogliano or Brule.

  12. Kurt says:

    Ha Ha Peyton!

  13. grant says:

    Bob gainey stepping down as habs GM. Wow that 3 0 win yesterday really did move mountains. Good man, bad team.

  14. Gcole says:

    bob gainey said “fuck this shit im out. good luck”. well not exactly but you get what im saying

  15. bigbadbruins1 says:

    who gives a shit about football good game bsss not great two shit goals but i will take em rask amazing game keep it up go bssssssssss

  16. backbruin says:

    any rumors today???throw down the websites!!

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Well our friend Eklund says…”I don’t know what you all think, but I certainly don’t think Tim Thomas is the problem in Boston. Yes, Rask is playing really well, but Thomas has a save percentage of .915. I am told this is all purely speculative right now. There may be something else about to go down in Boston. Something not on the player side.”

    Better not be firing CJ !

  18. ELWOPPO says:

    You guys are all wierd! How can the Bruins trade Thomas when they just signed him to a long term extention and he previously won the Vezna for the BEST GOALTENDER IN THE NHL! His Save % and GAA last year were so good that Brodeur himself didnt even put up those numbers the last 10 years!!!!!!! And Loungo didnt beat that either in his WHOLE career!! So what, Thomas is having a bad season? Is it him or the team? His Save % and GAA is still better than goalies like Fleury and backstrom! Does that mean Pitts. should panic and trade thier francise goalie cuz he’s 28th in the league in Save % and 23 in GAA? Not to mention he doesnt even have 1 SO this year!!!!!!!!!! And dont get me started with Niklas Backstrom cuz his rumbers are even worst than MA Fluery’s!!!!!!! And he was a Vezna trophy finalist last year and has been ONE of the best goalies in the NHL for many years now!! Does that mean TRADE THESE GREAT GOALIES CUZ THIER NUMBERS ARE A JOKE…………NO IT DOESNT!!!! Because thier human and are allowed to have an off year!!! So Lets not jump the the gun on our TWO time Allstar, our TWO time US Olympian and our VEZNA trophy winner!!! OK?

    • Gcole says:

      well put. i remember earlier this season when thomas played GREAT and had ABSOLUTELY NO TEAM HELP and he would lose every game. for fucks sake he had a shutout BUT STILL LOST!!! i never knew it was physically possible to lose a game that you get credited with a shutout in! ofcourse his confidence sucks, WHOS DOESNT? no one on the entire team feels great about themselves, everyone seems to be scared to do anything because they are nervous theyll make a mistake, which is a terrible way to play, you cant sit back and hope not to lose, you have to be aggressive and take chances and play hard and want to win! Thomas will rebound, like you said, theres a reason he won the VEZINA TROPHY last year… if the bruins trade him il be pissed off, and when tuukka starts to suck i would like to smack everyone on here who said to trade thomas that tuukka is the greatest blah blah

  19. bigbadbruins1 says:

    hey elwoppo ill trade u and thomas for a 40 goal man

  20. JRy says:

    Ok. Obviously Tim Thomas isn’t the problem. Everyone knows that. But Tuukka has played extremely well all season and even better than Tim Thomas. Last year in camp Tuukka did better than both Manny Fernandez and Tim Thomas…this kid can play. Regardless of what happens now, I am confident Tuukka Rask is the starter in net next year so why not try to get something for Tim Thomas now? Teams in the thick of the race looking for a goalie will likely be willing to give something up for Tim Thomas and with the extra cap we could do big things this offseason. Who knows this offseason Chiarelli could be looking to trade Thomas but all the possible sutors may say “oh, he’s too old.” or “his contract is too big and is for too long.” So why not try to get him off the books now to free up cap and send a message to the rest of the Bruins.

  21. bigbadbruins1 says:

    no im joking i wouldn’t trade thomas either unless it was a package deal for someone big

  22. backbruin says:

    I trade him right now before his value gets lower and lower…we have the future goalie right now…why wouldn’t you trade him??? i don’t get it? i love Thomas too but why wouldn’t you get the best value you can while you still have a chance?? the more he sits on the bench the lower his value will get!!

    no it’s not his fault at all, but rask is the now and the future and yes he’s only played 25 games but looks like he’s played 250…Do you guys think that we will get good value next year when Thomas is eating a hot dog watching the game…seems like the same guys dont want to kovalchuk and don’t want to trade Thomas and don’t want to do this and don’t want to do that….what is keeping these guys doing for us????

    sell high and buy low…that’s how you do business…Thomas is high as he will ever be right now…trade him, be smart for once..

    remember when replying that i love Thomas and don’t think it’s his fault, so please don’t put either of those in your rebuttal, i just think that we need to do something and i feel the time is right…if anyone even wants him!

    • willisss says:

      Yesss sirrrrr

    • Gcole says:

      tuukka is half way through his rookie year, we dont know shit about him yet, dont care what you say. MASON, PRICE.. their rookie years, they were great, NOW LOOK AT THEM! nothing special! dont trade away thomas! IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT!! and the goaltending has been fine, its the shitty offense. TRADE THEM

  23. bigbadbruins1 says:

    i hear u backbruin but like u said if anyone wants him i dont blame him at all i blame the forwards maybe if they scored more then 2 goals a fucken game tt would have more wins but hes old contract sucks so package deal for someone with who can put the puck in the net im all for a trade

  24. ELWOPPO says:

    What makes you think that he’s done? What happens if you trade him and he takes off? He REGAIN’S his form and becomes and ALL star next year AGAIN!!!! Where does that leave us? Stuck with a KID and who know’s what back up we get (Sabourn) Thats just scary! I LOVE Rask too but to put ALL that pressure on a baby is not a good idea and is NOT HOW A “SMART” GM does business !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No matter how good we think this kid is playing in his first 26 starts, Its still alot of pressure for a 22 year old! Just ask Carey Price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. backbruin says:

    I have never once said he was done, but what i have said is that an aging goalie who is 35 and on the down swing of his career should be sold at his highest value.?!?!? and a “smart gm” sells his assets at there highest value specially one that’s 35 years old and is the current vezina’s a no brainer capeesh?

    Rask is only 22 but like i said and i will reiterate once again, he is abnormally relaxed in there and i haven’t seen that kind of poise for a long time…i think this guy gets calmer when he has more pressure to be honest…

    Trade TT before it’s too late and his value goes down, don’t get caught in hoarding all of our players elwoppo…there’s only a few guys on this team that are safe in my eyes and thomas isn’t one of them…sorry but i think our GM would agree!!

  26. ManInBlack says:

    I put no stock in the ‘trade Thomas’ rumors. PC cannot be that stunned to not know what a gift we have in Thomas & Rask together. Rask in playing great right now & is outplaying Thomas. However he is unproven. I remember a goalie by the name of Raycroft who played only 1 great year and was washed up after that. Although Rask is the #1 goalie right now, it must be stressed that that is ‘right now’. If Rask morphs into Raycroft and we do not have Timmy, we have nothing in goal. Patience must be PC’s approach with our 2 goalies. If Rask continues to outperform Thomas consistently next year, then some thought may be given to trading Thomas at that time – not now.

  27. backbruin says:

    huh??? gcole read what i have posted, my god i don’t even think he’s playing bad, and it’s not his fault….i just want to trade him while his value is high…why is this hard to figure out…

    1. i don’t think he’s even slumping
    2. i don’t think it’s his fault
    3. I never said i thought it was his fault
    4. We have our franchise goalie who’s are starter as we speak…

    Don’t just post jibberish for the fk of it.. read what people are posting then type something smart!!!

    I L O V E T H O M A S i just think that we should trade him now before later…not because i think he’s slumping not because i think it’s his fault…because i think we need help in other places and since i believe rask can handle it why wouldn’t i want to trade the vezina trophy winner before he’s the ex vezina trophy winner who’s a back up next year..

    sorry i love you all but use your fkn heads!!

    my god!

  28. backbruin says:

    ok let’s not do anything..let’s keep everyone and “STAND PAT” does that make everyone happy…let’s keep thomas and ryder and all of our picks and are trainer and the guy selling hotdogs outside…

    does that make everyone feel safe and secure.

    it’s hockey and i bleed black and gold but i also like to see changes sometimes and we ned some right now!!!and hey i’m not the only who believes this..most “experts” believe it too!!!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Well i think ur a SPAZ backbruin……Thats WHAT I BELIEVE!!! Trade people like Ryder and Wideman to inprove the team! Those guys cant hurt the team when thier gone!!! But thiers a GOOD chance THOMAS could if traded!!! Rask MAY choke IF given the number 1 spot!!!! And STOP saying trade Thomas now while his value is high, because you end up LOSING VALUE in the long run if this guy plays to his FULL potential, U FUCKEN IDIOT!! When Thomas is on his game thiers no one better (remember the SJ game?) And dont mention his age again cuz if u knew anything about hockey, u would know that goalies get better in thier LATE 30’s!!!! Hasek, Belfour, Brodeur ect….

  29. backbruin says:

    I’m a spaz huh caps…well you did say you were 20 and you certainly post like it…when you grow up and live a little longer you may realize how ridiculous you sound…

    keep plugging away kid…ive been a bruin fan well longer then your mom spit you out…what an unfortunate day that was!!

    And i have played hockey longer then you have been breathing you pathetic little kid so you idiots that keep posting with messages that state that look really dumb…

    I think brodeur, hasek and belfour were in there prime at 30 you dumb little boy. but you were what 9 when that was reallity..

    elwoppo your a moron!! grow up sunshine!

  30. Haus says:

    well played backbruin.

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