Target-Peter Mueller

Now that my boy Ilya Kovalchuk is gone to New Jersey, if the Bruins are looking to make a deal, I would go after Phoenix’s winger Peter Mueller.  Even if the B’s are not buyers, I would still pursue this guy.

Phoenix has reportedly not been satisfied with his progress and could be looking to shop him.  He was the former 8th overall pick in 2006, and had a terrific rookie season scoring 22 goals and 54 points.  He’s still only 21 and has decent size, 6-2, 205.  He would be a perfect guy to buy low and he has a ton of potential.

He is an RFA at seasons end, but with two consecutive poor seasons, he will probably re-sign cheap.  Phoenix is also not the world’s greatest organization for developing players.  It also wouldn’t cost a ton, maybe like Hunwick, Hamill plus a pick to get it done. Mueller would be great for building going forward and would be a good fallback option incase they don’t draft Hall or Seguin and land Fowler or someone else.



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  1. backbruin says:

    he’s kind of like a soft wheeler!

  2. mcpuck says:

    this is actually an Ek rumor :-\

  3. jm says:

    I wouldnt mind Mueller in a B’s jersey. I dont think trading hunwick, hamill or a pick is the best to give away.

  4. Bzibziak says:

    i would do it in a heart beat for Hamil and Hunwick.

  5. mattg says:

    I’d prefer Brule.

  6. backbruin says:

    you prefer that’s a healthy scratch again tonight???? no thanks!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Well i think ur a SPAZ backbruin……Thats WHAT I BELIEVE!!! Trade people like Ryder and Wideman to inprove the team! Those guys cant hurt the team when thier gone!!! But thiers a GOOD chance THOMAS could if traded!!! Rask MAY choke IF given the number 1 spot!!!! And STOP saying trade Thomas now while his value is high, because you end up LOSING VALUE in the long run if this guy plays to his FULL potential, U FUCKEN IDIOT!! When Thomas is on his game thiers no one better (remember the SJ game?) And dont mention his age again cuz if u knew anything about hockey, u would know that goalies get better in thier LATE 30’s!!!! Hasek, Belfour, Brodeur ect….

      • backbruin says:

        ELWOPPO – you have to be the biggest loser ever!
        Please learn something about hockey before you comment again you ass! Learn how to spell and stop trying to talk tough you pussy!

      • backbruin says:




      • mcpuck says:

        I’m not sure how you can use you Hasek or Brodeur to prove a point about goalies in their 30’s… both were considered exceptions to the rule.

        Belfour was OKAY in his 30’s, and the proof is in the pudding with him. Several years under .900 save percentage, multiple 3.00+ GAA average… he was far from elite in his 30’s.

        guys like Cujo, Richter, Vernon, Irbe, Potvin, McLean, VanBiesbrouck… all top goalies in the 90s, all played into their 30’s, all of them showed that wear and tear on goalies takes a turn in their mid 30’s.

        That’s just to debunk your claims that goalies get better in their 30’s. Hasek, Roy, and Broduer, the three greatest NHL goalies (arguably), are an exception to this rule.

        That being said, I do agree that Thomas can be considered an exception for the simple fact that he doesn’t have the wear and tear a normal goalie has by 30.

        The problem is he’s an enigma, as well as he plays, we can’t see a year or two into the future. He’s 35 and could suddenly fold… we don’t know because his body of work is only 3 years deep.

        I like Thomas, and I like you ELWOPPO think we should hold off until summer to look at trading him, if at all. I also think that if the right team came calling, and the right package were put down, that PC would be stupid to not make the trade… we can’t ride Thomas for a decade, but if Rask pans out, we can.

  7. BaltimoreBruinsFan says:

    you gotta keep Thorty on that energy line.

  8. #4 says:

    We need impact,

    One of the best suggestions ive heard is Rick Nash.

    He is at the end of his contract, discontent with his club, and a sick star player.

    The last thing we need is another wheeler clogging up the lines we need a REAL STAR for a winger… Not somebody who might be one some day.

    • Bruins says:

      well technically it’s true that he’s at the end of his contract, but he has already signed a new one for 8 years at 7.8 per starting next season. not gonna happen.

      • #4 says:

        this i did not know woops.

        But I stand by my point that another wheeler type isnt going to be the push over the top the b’s need.

      • Bruins says:

        obviously it would be nice to have a superstar forward, but i dont think it’s completely necessary. we have a superstar on defense anyways.

  9. ELWOPPO says:

    backbruin u Fucken Homo you! BELIEVE ME KID I WISH I KNEW WHO YOU WERE!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO ANYHOW? YOU CLEARLY KNOW ABSOLUTLY NOTHING ABOUT HOCKEY BY THE OTHER PEOPLE AGREEING WITH ME ON THIS THOMAS THING!U LITTLE BITCH! ur prob. a litte basterd 21 year old punk acting tuff on the computer arnt you? Anyway not wasting my time with a fucken moron like you anymore! just remember this kid, The things ive FORGOTEN about this game, You havent even LEARNED yet!! And respect your elders son!!

    • backbruin says:

      you wish you new iwho i was, why so you could come find me and get your ass kicked….that would be a long car/plane ride home in a body cast.bahahahaha

      wow you scare me!!!

      grow up you mental midget!!

  10. backbruin says:

    First of all little one whoever poted after your last rant was not me…someone is playing the posing game which i find hilarious…oh by the way you used that “the things ive forgotenn thing against some other guy what two days ago!!!If i had one leg and no arms i would skate circles around you retard so shut the fuck up!!!

    You have no idea what your talking about as i have had plenty of people agree with my statememnts but what does that matter…i’m waiting for you to go gansta on me so have at’er “KID”

  11. backbruin says:

    ok sweety!

  12. Kessel's bro says:

    Just wanna remind you Bruins fans that mighty Phil is at 21 goals! More than your Whooole team!!!Thanks for the Thrill!!!!

    • pearson says:

      right on “bro.” glad to see he’s helping you win!

    • Birdman2403 says:

      You can have him ! Sick of his toe drag move yet? How about his tremendous back checking effort…like that ? I guess Kessel would look good out there, who’s next on the depth chart…Orr?

      Leafs 10 less points with 3 more games played ! Wow, Phil is really helping the Leafs !

  13. pearson says:

    on behalf of everyone here…

    both of you shut the fuck up and go be tough on myspace.

    im not really sure about mueller… i still like the sharp/versteeg and barker idea from chicago for thomas. with some tinkering to either side of the deal to make the cap work and both sides happy with the return.

  14. pearson says:


    i dont know about anyone else out there, but i think we are still in this. we need the help of a stud winger and we could easily pull together a solid winning streak, get to a decent seed in the playoffs and make some noise.

  15. sean says:

    do we really need another young guy with boatloads of potential that isnt producing? pretty sure we have a team full of them and we just lost 10 straight…i would be surprised if phoenix gives him up at all, he’s super young and would probably cost a 1st and a player at the very least

  16. 306bruinsfan says:

    So many trolls in these comments. I now remember why I never visit this site.

  17. Bruins says:

    hey kessel’s bro, here’s today’s fun fact: the leafs have a 0.03556% chance of making the playoffs. im sure kessel can will the leafs to the playoffs.

  18. Bruins says:

    and for us bruins fans here’s abreakdown of where we’re at:

    – 44% chance of making the playoffs
    – we have to finish 13-10-2 if we want to at least have over a 50% shot of making it in
    – we can finish no worse than 9-14-2 to not be mathematically eliminated
    – we clinch a spot if we finish at least 16-6-3
    – we have a very good chance of making it (85%+) if we finish at least 14-9-2

    that’s very do-able

    oh yeah and we still have a 1% chance of finishing 1st in the conference again IF we can go 25-0-0…maybe we should let that one go lol

  19. bill says:

    I agree can’t trade Thomas right now Rask is going to be good but not yet the problem with the bruins is over paying mediocre player’s Ryder over 4 million bruins are. Stuck with him Wheeler 2.5 Morris decent defenseman not worth 3.5 though they need to get a scorer for savard and a veteran d man

  20. bigbadbruins1 says:

    hey backbruin shut the fuck up i have read your posts and agreed with some of the them but this one your wrong trade tt and put it all on rask here i will break it down with one name CAREY PRICE you fucken dummy elwoppo agreed backbruin and his buddy who are acting like gangsters paradise bunch off little punks dont act tough behind a compter fags

  21. Birdman2403 says:

    I hadn’t realized that Buffalo sucks lately too ! Should be a good chance to win another….both teams should be hungry !

  22. bigbadbruins1 says:

    yeah birdman like i said miller plays bad buffalo plays bad

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Hey Birdman……Just wondering where did u come up with dat name??

    • willisss says:

      harvey. attorney at law. makes perfect sense. anyone else LOVE that show?

      I’m not pro tim thomas. nor will i ever be. sorry guys, i understand his fan base and i respect it. its fair to say tuukka could slump, but looking at the way he plays, its near perfection. I’m not saying hes the greatest goalie whos ever lived ( yet) but for what it worth, i feel comfortable enough with him getting the rest of the nods from here on out. you dont need 2 starting goalies. so need cap room? have 2 goalies? was one signed to a complete SHIT contract? dude, if there is a team that will offer somthing worth taking…i would green light that faster then anything.

      ps one person on this whole blog ( i think we all know) has been the root cause to all the bitching and nagging that NOONE wants to read. might i issue, starting now, a blog wide ignore to him and just talk bruins.

      goodnight. go b’s. this aint over yet

      • ELWOPPO says:

        U Couldnt ignore me if you tried willy! And dont hate on me because i say it how it is!!! Just like bigbadbruins and birdman!

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Just an old nickname from junior.

  24. bigbadbruins1 says:

    hey wee willy willliiisss no one is talking to u go on your computer and get your stats u dont want to agree then fuck offf elwoppo i got your back fuck these punkssssssss

  25. ELWOPPO says:

    I Could give a rats ass whether people like me or not on this blog, Im not running a popularity contest here!!! I speak whats on my mind and if you dont like it YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF.
    Sweet dreams Willy!

    • mcpuck says:

      Alright lets relax here for a bit. I know for a fact we’d all be best buddies and crank out a few beers together at a local dive if the Bruins had just finished a 10 game win streak. That’s not the case, and we need to not take it out on each other.

  26. Jefe77 says:

    ….and back to the subject of the Bruins.

  27. POWERSURGE says:

    We don’t need anymore “potential” wingers. We need proven goal scorers. It’s that simple. Someone to play with Savard.

  28. backbruin says:

    rask in TT out bbb, elwoppo you can disagree that’s ok with me. Because i disagree with you doesn’t mean either of us is wrong does it????

    you two act like kids and keep saying everyone else is…I’m older then both of you so let’s get that straight…I’m smarter then both of you and probably better looking so now that we have all are ducks in arrow..

    let’s trade thomas..


    • ELWOPPO says:

      Ha Ha Ha?
      ur not funny, def. not smarter, I kmow ur not better looking and…….yeah ill give you older… can have that last one if it makes you happy? Anyhow on a bright note Krejci is feeling much better and is probable for today!!!

    • mcpuck says:

      As outrageous as this whole blog comments fued has gotten, I think it’s you who perpetuates this whole thing BB… It’s getting kind of annoying because it’s clear to me, Woppo, and just about everyone on here that you’re knowledge of hockey is pretty basic at best.

      I think the best thing you could do is drop the tough guy act, post your damn opinions, and leave other bruins fans alone.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        No………..i think ill continue to be me and you be you! How about I drop you insted? Who the FUCK are you to tell me that im an act and have basic knowlege of the game? You dont know me kid! If u read my last 2 rants i cleary say that were not getting Kovalchuk! But everyone HAD A MOTHER FUCKEN OPINION…what a surprise in the end i was right! Now im telling you people that its a mistake to trade tim thomas.And i will GUARENTEE YOU that he doesnt go! So ill be 2 for 2 in predictions this year…….Sounds like someone knows his Bruins…No??
        Maybe its YOU who has basic knowlege! And dont reply to me cuz ur gonna hurt urself! I can argue with people ALL DAY when i know im right.
        IM OUT MC Bigmouth!

      • mcpuck says:

        Jesus, are you “BB”? I wasn’t talking about you, Christ.

      • backbruin says:

        explain mc puck, don’t spit insults without backing them up!!!explain why..because i hate thomas’s contract when it will be sitting on the bench…and i simply think trade if you can because like most of the world thinks, trading his contract will be next to impossible???i wonder why smart one…maybe because he’s not worth it!!and the way salary caps are now it will be virtually impossible to get rid of it…

        oh i guess that’s why i have basic knowledge…go fly a kite retard!!

        some of you just don’t get it so why bother trying!!

    • Jefe77 says:

      Elwoppo, you seem to have misread MCpucks post. I believe he was speaking of someone else….but you seem to be very defensive, in peoples face, and up in arms almost every post. At least take the time to recognize that he was sticking up for you, but yet you told him off as well.

      • mcpuck says:

        lol Jefe. I imagine he’ll go back and re-read it and realize he just read it too quickly.

        It’s funny too that I’ve agreed with him right along about Kovi, and now Thomas, yet somehow I’m the bad guy.

        It’s this team climate… it sucks. You can technically argue trading just about anyone considering how poor they’re playing compared to last year, but the fact remains that it’s basically the same team that shat on people over and over last year, and I haven’t lost faith that the mojo is in there somewhere.

        Wideman, as poorly as he’s played, has played well at times as well, and I think the fans aren’t helping him get out of whatever funk he’s been in.

        Ryder, he isn’t scoring, and his contract kind of sucks, so it’s reasonable to expect the fans to start calling for him to get traded. He’s played fairly transparently this season, and if/when he disappears again, there’ll be less resistance.

        Hunwick… poor Hunwick. He’s getting crucified as a 24 year old in only his second season as an NHLer and he’s been the target of too many crappy opinions. Give the kid some time, no one aside from Bergeron has played spotless this year.

        I think no one will be all that surprised if they turn the season around, the team has a ton of talent.

      • Jefe77 says:

        Agreed on all points.

        Some of the fans here have almost lost it completely. Faith, foresight and patience are out the door.

        I think you summed it up pretty well with the players you mentioned. Funny, it all seems plain and clear to me as well…but not so much the majority here. Ryder is the only one of the group I think should go. If he improves via the rumors great, if not than oh well. He had a shot at it with some good centers, it just seems the puck wont go in for the guy.

  29. vince_m says:

    My 2 cents would be:

    You can’t trade Thomas this year (maybe next year). What comes to mind with a rookie goalie is Price and then Raycroft. If we don’t remember the past we are doomed to re-live it.

    I do agree about putting together a package to try and get Sharp and Barker. I am not going to start to throw out names as everyone on this team has the potential to be game changing players and also everyone has had very bad nights. I will let PC figure that out, isn’t that why he gets paid the big bucks and gets to sit in the box everygame.

    • willisss says:

      raycroft got a raw deal to begin with. i was never sold on him. i didnt even think of him as a rookie because he was around so long. price on the other hand, i didnt see his drop off coming.

      • jimmy50 says:

        Hannu Toivenen!

      • mcpuck says:

        Price is a head case.

        Let’s get one thing straight about Rask… he’s a solid #1 goalie even at this age. He has INT experience, he’s been in the spotlight already even at a young age, and he’s never shown the vulnerability that Price shows on a daily basis.

        And Toivenen? Who knows how well he’d have played if his groin wasn’t made of silly putty.

  30. Ant says:

    I like Thomas and dont want to move him but his value is really high right now. I do think Rask can handle it and if we could pick up an Auld or someone like that for cheap I think that would be fine. Im just thinking that Thomas dosnt have to go now but no later then then this off season. what is the point of having a bunch of money tied up in goalies if you cant score.

  31. Haus says:

    If TT was moved there would be no need to get an Auld cuz in Prov we have Dany Sabourin, a veteran NHLer.

  32. willisss says:

    Hub was saying the blackhawks scouting tt

  33. mcpuck says:

    can we please stop talking about Auld? He’s been playing so well in Dallas that they’re shopping Turco… not going to happen.

    I think the smartest thing the Bruins could do is put their energy into moving Wideman RIGHT NOW. He’s played well over the last few games, so at least teams can see that he’s not a complete waste of talent on the ice. But if they wait too long, he could relapse.

    I think Wideman can be a solid defenseman in this league, but it’s not happening here. He’s completely alienated himself from the Bruins fan base, and I don’t think he can handle being the constant recipient of so much scrutiny.

    After that, move Ryder ASAP.

    Any Thomas trade would have to be a pie in the sky type of deal, and I don’t think it’s coming. If the Blackhawks happen to come knocking, I think the Bruins would be looking for more than they’d be willing to part with.

  34. patrick says:

    anyone else going to the game tonite? im driving from erie and gonna be there about 430. gonna hit up the pearl street grill and brewery before hand. my bro got me club seats for xmas. lets hope miller doesnt show up eh? Go Bruins!!!

  35. Haus says:

    I know Ryder can be frustrating but can somebody explain to me how moving your 2nd leading goal scorer when you are struggling to score goals help the situation? Thats just plain stupid, cuz what you will get in return is picks and or prospects, which dont score any goals from what i know. Best course is to hope he gets on one his streaks and starts finding the back of the net with regularity. After the season is a different matter.

    • mcpuck says:

      Oh what a BS fact… 2nd leading scorer? He has 13 goals… and his play has been subpar all season. 4 Million off the cap allows the bruins to make a move or two in the offseason, and Ryder as part of a package can bring back someone who may score more than another 6 or 7 goals this season (about the pace that Ryder is on.)

  36. Haus says:

    Notice you said ‘offseason’. And who in fucks name are you gonna get? This isnt fantasy hockey, pal. Give me a scenario where trading Ryder brings a scorer in return.

  37. Haus says:

    Now I agree about dumping him in the ‘offseason’, and i mentioned it in my post. A team that may deal away a scoring winger, a selling, rebuilding club, is not gonna want to take a streaky scoring winger over 30 at high dollars. Thats not what being a seller is. A team competing for the cup may take him on if they wanted some secondary scoring, but they wouldnt deal away an established guy for him. Agree?

    • mcpuck says:

      I do agree, and I think the reason he hasn’t been moved yet is because it doesn’t make sense yet. But if we were able to move Ryder and one of our considerably long list of prospects/picks that may never see the NHL game anyways for someone who could perform a little more consistently, I’d be all for it.

      And if your argument is that we won’t get a REAL scorer back for him, then you’re arguing my point that he isn’t a REAL scorer to begin with.

      I’m not arguing that it’d be easy or even done at all, I’m just saying that it bears looking into if it can work out in the end, and no I’m not a GM which is why I won’t tell you I’d trade for.

  38. bigbadbruins1 says:

    hey mcpuck elwoppo misunderstood what u said and good for u noticing that bb talks shit every post he that bb puts down im older we get it ur an old bat as for being better looking whatever makes u sleep at night fucking idiot

    • mcpuck says:

      Lol I noticed that haha. I don’t mind disagreeing on Bruins opinions, but BB spends more time bitching about other people on here than actually talking about the Bruins. It’s embarrassing.

  39. boston2213 says:

    why are people talking about dumping players to make a move for the off season. This team is 2 points outta the 8th seed and 3 points behind the 6th seed with 3 games in hand. they are a better team then philly, montreal tampa and ny. When battling for the playoffs u make trades to improve your team for the stretch run not to make moves in the offseason. Guess what no one wants to come here durin free agency, i dont know where some of you have been the past couple years. we got lucky with savard and chara, and ryder is the best thing we could get in free agency since then. stop talking about the draft, we draft players they get good we don’t pay them and then trade them. The only trade you can do to get something back is thomas and im not sure id make that trade yet, if you can do something to get a scorer then do it but dont just say trade ryder trade wideman for what a 3rd round pick. GREAT REALLY IMPROVES THE TEAM….WAKE UP

  40. Haus says:

    Talk hockey and stop being a middle school gossip girl, you sound like my neice, sheesh.

  41. Haus says:

    thats what im saying 2203

  42. Haus says:

    Thats exactly what i mean by NOT wanting to move Ryder until the offseason. What Id like to see the Bruins do is get the Krech line rolling hot again and get a guy like Selanne to play on Savvys wing.

  43. Bruins46 says:

    Can the admins please somehow ban backbruin from this blog this clown is always trying to stir shit up and it’s polluting the blog…the guy has never even played hockey!

  44. bigbadbruins1 says:

    good for u bruins46 we got another smart bruins fan

  45. mcpuck says:

    First, I’m not arguing to plan for the offseason at the expense of this year.

    I think the Bruins may need to make multiple moves to contend at all this year, and part of that may be moving Ryder’s 4 million cap hit.

    It bears looking at what we may get back in a potential deal with and without Ryder involved… he may upgrade the return from nominal to impactful.

  46. Haus says:

    I see what you are getting at and I would agree with you if this was a contract year coming up for him. Otherwise, like you mention his 4 mil cap hit for next year off our books its like asking the other team to do us a favor, thereby weakening his value.

  47. mcpuck says:

    I don’t know, I just think we’d look better without him in the lineup right now… maybe make an example and send him to Providence lol.

  48. Haus says:

    Cant do it hes on a one-way contract! You would have to waive him. Man, I love him when he got that wrister locked in but he is a frustrating Newfie.

  49. Haus says:

    Like I said earlier, lets hope he gets hot, gotta admit hes getting to the right place just not burying them.

  50. bigbadbruins1 says:

    mc puck birdman bruins46 cheers boys

  51. Birdman2403 says:

    EK ….Bruins looking at Tkachuk and Souray. Do you have to be washed up and over 35 for the Bruins to look at you ???

  52. bigbadbruins1 says:

    i hear ya jay thats the difference i dont start them i just voice my opinion which everyone is allowed to do if they disagree fine but u dont have to tell them off which bb does

    • backbruin says:

      really bbb… I’m the only one on here who does am i!!!

      see how delirious you are???i think in a post above i say the same thing you do…

      i just think elwoppo is a punk who tries to scream and yell but really never says anything???

      anyways trade thomas and his idiotic contract which all the “knowledgeable hockey men are saying will almost be impossible to do!!!

      oh wait except the brains on this site who thinks it’s great, and want him on the bench making 5 million a year!!!wow that’s impressive knowledge please teach me!!!

  53. mcpuck says:

    I think it’s rather comical.

    Bird… Souray? How does that help us considering he’s injured right now… Ek is full of crap 95% of the time lol

  54. backbruin says:

    My knowledge is basic??haha why because i want to deal Thomas who’s contract is worth 5 million for the next three years… i believe we have a ton of classic fans whom think with there heart and not with there brain…ya can i please keep that ridiculous contract that I’m sure P.C is kicking himself over…ya i see where my knowledge lacks…and oh how i wanted to give up some picks and wheeler and widemen for kovalchuck”IF WE COULD SIGN HIM” ya i see how my knowledge lacks as we are in 30th fkn spot in scoring!!!this site is full of real morons and a sprinkle of guys who actually know the game, played the game and have a “general knowledge” about how this team needs to get better…it’s ok i don’t plan on going anywhere, i find it funny when i see guys post on how we need Ward back for a leadership boost..hahahahaha

    gimme a fkn break…

    and you side with the dumbest fk on here being elwoppo how rants and raves and says a whole lot of nothing!!!!

    instead of spitting words and saying i know nothing…prove to me in if you can a intellectual manner..

    explain how i know nothing about hockey and the last 30 years has been a dream!!!

    • mcpuck says:

      the average salary for Goalie’s in the NHL is 3.9 million, meaning that Thomas is about a million dollars overpaid…

      30% of teams in the NHL have a goalie paid 5 million or more, and ours won the Vezina and despite ‘struggles’ he’s still put up decent #’s. The number on his contract wasn’t the mistake, it was the length. Thomas helps this team, he doesn’t hurt it.

  55. willisss says:

    the 2 week break is going to save this team. its the best thing for it right now. i cant wait to see how they play ( and also what they look like ) after the break. this team will pull together for a solid playoff run, i honestly belive that. its hard to stay half full after buring 10 games, but its the bruins. i will cheer them on to hell and back. if this team sinks, i go down with the ship.

    and lets go finland!Suomen voitto! hyvää yötä

    • backbruin says:

      i agree whole heartedly willlis you aer one of the smart one’s on here..i like me some willlis!!

      but trade thomas if you can!!!..;)

  56. bigbadbruins1 says:

    oh my god u trying to tell me willliiisss and me have somthing in common im half fin holy shit pigs are flying and i agree go canada or go finland wow that was weird i agree

    • backbruin says:

      like you said bbb you have agreed with me on a number of my posts, and you disagree with me on thomas…does that mean i know nothing now..hahahah.

      what does that say for you when we agreed?!?!?!

      when thomas and his 5 million dollar ass is riding the pine you will come around real quick!!!

      considering C.J has already stated he’s going with rask as he’s simply playing better…

      hey i know rask is young, but you can’t tell me he and his poise hasn’t been impressive…i’m kind of shocked by how poised he is to be honest..i’m fine with him starting the majority of games going down the road…

      thomas does not = 5,000,000.. and over 3 more years??you have to be kidding

      and i still love thomas that’s the funny thing!!

  57. ELWOPPO says:

    My apologies mcpuck I mis-read ur post! No disrespect brother! Thanks for recognizing that BackBruin is a Homo though!U 2BigBadbruins………u alwayz have my back though!!

  58. Richardo says:

    I agree willisss… the break is only going to help this team down the stretch… Some rest would be good for Recchi, Savard, Wheeler, Ryder, shit our whole defense minus Chara… The only problem I got with it is that Rask is getting hot as of now and we all know Thomas isnt getting any playing time unless Miller throws a couple games in the beginning…

  59. ELWOPPO says:

    Dont know if you guys care or not, but boston will play in Prague next year to open thier season- Also Krejci is good to go 2nite!! Also Lucic will skate on the 4th line, what do you guys think about that?? I dont agree, The fucker had 17 goals last year, 4th line….Come on! Really CJ??

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Lucic needs to start playing like he was last year! He is NOT hitting. I’m wondering if he is hurt? He needs to break out… and start crushing people!

  60. JRy says:

    Tuukka again tonight.

  61. bigbadbruins1 says:

    yes backbruin i said trade him but only if its for the scoring that we need and i do mean that big name if they do that then i agree with u and yes i have agreed with u in the past but not lately rask is to young to put that pressure on and yes thomas contract is shit but that is pc who i dont like he is cheap and shows no emotion when boston scores unlike neely jumps through walls but thats another story so im not going to sit hear and lie and say i haven’t agreed with u cause u do make good points but some are just really dumb and when u get into a argument with elwoppo i step in blood is thicker then water or bruins46 and mcpuck who like me and elwoppo tell it how it is

  62. backbruin says:

    oh i see so your related…well i guess that makes sense…but i do think rask is good enough and i don’t think he is to young so i guess because it’s not what you think then that must be one of those “really dumb” times..

    And now i understand the click and why we argue..I actually have always been told i tell it like it is and if i piss one of you off i piss off the fantastic 4…hahahah i see it all makes sense now!!!

    4 keyboards one brain i guess!!!

    I didn’t think that many would disagree with me considering i’m right…willlissss is smart richardo is smart and the fab 4 are donkeys!!!

    but i wil tolerate you because your bruins fans, even if the teams best interest isn’t your first priority…your first priority is to agree with your buddies!!!

  63. bigbadbruins1 says:

    see just like i said in a previous post u start with the name calling u claim your an old man which sorry to hear that old man u should be ashamed of yourself talking like a 12 year old my last post didnt call u a bad name once but u want to handle it like that no problem u old fuck

    • backbruin says:

      names??hahahahaha what the fantastic 4..bahahahah such a horrible name i’m only 30 i guess that’s old and i will stick up 4 myself when i’m 80…i think i hit a nerve…i love it!!!

      you little baby!!!you better call your freinds and get them to post on your behalf…i love it…i didn’t realize this site was for pre schoolers!!!

      fuck you douches!!!

      30 and proud!

  64. mcpuck says:

    Well now, I’ve been on this site for years, and I’ve never been told I had a quarter of a brain. I respect other people’s opinions, but the comment wars are just annoying.

    And as a rule, since I run my own blog (not so much recently) I do all the necessary legwork and research that’s required, and you’ll see it in my comments here. Every opinion I have is based half on what I’ve seen and half on what I’ve gathered from other sources.

    The fact remains that as Bruins fans, our scope of focus has been so narrow that when we perceive a mistake, we take it out on ourselves instead of looking around the league.

    The Thomas contract is a perfect example… 5 million for a goalie isn’t too expensive, there’s 10 other goalies in the league paid more than Thomas, and the majority of whom have never won anything, let alone a Vezina. The only shitty thing about Thomas’ contract is the length. If it were only a 2 or 3 year deal, we could’ve moved him when Rask was ready (not saying now is the time), but the reason we won’t be able to move him is because no one wants to commit to a 35 year old guy with 4 years left on his contract, it just doesn’t make sense.

    A lot of times if you look around the league at what other teams are doing, you’ll see that the Bruins decisions are actually pretty sound compared to those other teams. We’ve been crushed by injuries, we’ve been crushed by huge media scrutiny, and we’ve been crushed by the duration of both.

    If we didn’t have the injury problems early in the year, there’s a good chance that none of these issue’s come to the forefront.

    Willisss has had some differing opinions but I agree that the break could turn this team into something more resembling last seasons team.

    • backbruin says:

      ok mcpuck the 5 million is great…you just have to change the minds of the real world!!!

      wake up!!

      • mcpuck says:

        You do an awful job of inference. No where did I say 5 million was great, as a matter of fact all I said was that 5 million is only 1.1 over average. You’re comments have no substance, just whining.

  65. mcpuck says:

    Canadiens lost M.A. Bergeron and Pouliot for 6-8 weeks… we have zero excuse to not catch them now with all the issues they’re having.

    • backbruin says:

      why are you giving us habs injuries?? they will fall to 12th in the conference!!!

      give me philly injuries and ranger injuries…who cares about the fkn habs

      specially those bums!!wow hot off the press mcpuck and elwoppo won’t post for 6-8 weeks!!

      now that would be something i would like to see!!

      • mcpuck says:

        Montreal is 3 points up in the standings assclown. As a team in 9th place, watching what happens to other teams ahead of us, especially a team who REAL Bruins fans love to hate on, is only logical. Quit being an ass.

      • mcpuck says:

        BTW, The Rangers are behind us in the standings, so why do you want to hear about them at all? and Montreal is ahead of Philly… do you even read what you write before you submit?

      • ELWOPPO says:

        backbruin? Ur still talking? Give it a rest Homo! Nobody likes you on this site ur a goof with stupid comments! And leave mcpuck and bbb out of this, This is between me and you! Plus they make waaaaaaay more sence than you when they speak!! I say keep thomas AT LEAST FOR 1 MORE YEAR before giving up on him! You for some reason think that we should trade him and give the number 1 spot to our 22 year old rookie of a goalie! Thats a risk that MAY back fire! As much as i LOVE tuukka im not quite sure he’s ready for that responsibility!! But ur an idiot anyhow cuz you dont think logically when it comes to young goalie’s and pressure!!!!

    • backbruin says:

      hey dumbfucks if you could read between the lines you would understand that the habs aren’t the team we should worry about..holy fk you two are slow!!!

      and oh i had no idea there was a rivalry….you two are good at sucking each other off..why don’t you drop the battle of wits before you get hurt!!

      and oh ya elwoppo i’m waiting for you to fix me!!!

      start fixing tough guy!!!

      fuck you two are complete idiots!!!

      4 buddies that have one brain!!!!

      you four have no clue about this game!!!!not a single fkn idea of what your talking about!!!

      I enjoy you telling the site that we care how the habs do though…it’s fkn priceless!!!

      was there 4 stooges??? i new about three of them..elwoppo must be the 4th!!

      hey response tell me how i’m a homo and that i know nothing about hockey…it’s really funny…and you’ve only said it 10 times…

      see if that little brain of yours can think up something new!!!

      wastes of skin

      go b’s go!!!trade thomas!!!

      • mcpuck says:

        You have got to be kidding me… you read what you want to read, that much is clear. Read between the lines? that doesn’t even make sense in that sentence, but that’s besides the point. I’m not ‘worried’ about the habs, but the simple fact remains that they are ahead of us in the standings.

        If you weren’t a complete dolt you’d find something else to whine about.

        Oh, and for the record, I know no one on this site, I just happen to come here on a pretty regular basis for my Bruins fix.

        That being said, I don’t have the patience or the interest in having a back and forth with you, it’s not why I come here.

  66. backbruin says:

    ok guys well i’m off to play hockey…semi’s in my beer league “A” division though, we have some x junior “A” guys mixed with some univ guys as well..

    maybe they can teach me something huh fantastic 4!!

    have fun!ripping me!!bye for now!!

  67. Bruins says:

    for the olympics, miller has been pretty shitty lately. thomas might get the chance to play a bigger role

  68. Habhater says:

    Me thinks that backbruin is really Et Le But in disguise. No wait, maybe PenPal or Panther Piss or whatever the hell his name was. Always trying to stir up shit.

    This is a site dedicated to Bruin fans who wish to voice their opinion about our favorite team. Although we do not always agree, we respect one another as true Bruins should. We do not bitch & complain and try to belittle each other. Perhaps a modicum of decorum is in order here by all posters and imposters.

    • backbruin says:

      me thinks your wrong..and yes it is here to voice our opinions, so why when people give there opinion’s do we have elwoppo and his band of punks think everyone is wrong but them….

      These guys all know each other, that makes me laugh…go make your own site so you can stroke each other all day long with posts filled with caps and ward’s and angry threatening filled garbage!!

      I have more passion about my bruins in my pinky toe then these guys have ever had…

      go b’s go!!!

      3-2 reg!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Habhater dont wast ur breath on backbruin, The guy is a H-O-M-O! Believe me….and you wonder why thiers like 5-6 guys on here that cant stand him! Relax Habhater dont get worked up over this guy! I’ll keep ripping him a new one!! The more he talks the more stupidier he sounds! BRING IT “backshots” I can punk you off all night if you like???

  69. ELWOPPO says:

    mcpuck thanks for the habs updates, And yes it is VERY important to watch all teams ESPECIALLY the habs! backbruin is an enoying homo who knows nothing about hockey! IM ASHAMED TO CALL HIM A BRUINS FAN! Dont sweat him, im gonna fix him, dont wory!

    • backbruin says:

      start fixin!!!

      should i go burn my bruin filled sports bar down with my autographed neely,thornton bourque jersey’s???

      is that what you want….should i throw my bruins felt pool table out????

      maybe i could smash my bruins pool light while i’m at it!!!

      let me know !!!

  70. Birdman2403 says:

    So…I say 4-2 Bruins tonight ! Sturm, Wheeler, Morris and Ryder !

  71. Bruins says:

    so what ever happened to that ryder trade talk?

  72. mcpuck says:

    I hope so. I see a 2-2 game going into OT 😦

  73. Gcole says:

    2-1 bruins in a shootout. calling it.

  74. Jefe77 says:

    High five habhater! Coudln’t have said it better myself…and i appreciate you recalling my name “panther piss” for that fruitneck. Penis Pal was another good one,…but this blog has run rampant with rage, and it is annoying to hear all the ridiculousness. I remember going at it about Thomas and a couple others, in the last 2 seasons here, but christ on a crooked crutch…

    MCpuck thanks for your input as always, that game against the dirty dirty Habs and dirty dirty leafs after the Olympics will be huge. They need momentum for that 7 game roadie,.

  75. Bruins4life 13 says:

    Target Alex ponikarovsky

    • backbruin says:

      why not let’s get him!!

      I AGREE!

    • Bruins says:

      i’ll pass. his stats are inflated becasue of how much time on ice he gets with the leafs. you’ll see the players calgary got start to decline.

      • mcpuck says:

        I don’t agree Bruins. I think at the right price, Poni would look good, and perform well in a B’s sweater. I like his game, and how can ANYONE’s numbers be inflated in that ugly thing the Leaf’s call their offense…

  76. backbruin says:

    OK well instead of my own opinion i will agree with everything you guys say. I apologize for having my own ideas and more sorry i wasn’t let in to the click of 4-5 guys that stroke each other’s ego’s each and every day on this site!!

    You guys are always right and I’m just a fool, and elwoppo i will never call you a complete moron ever again!!

    please accept my humble apology and i will be waiting on every word of each and all of your upcoming posts filled with brilliance and eloquence

    your humble idoit


    p.s i have no idea who penispal or whoever the fk that guy was talking about!!

  77. backbruin says:

    Jack Edwards teeth match his tie!

  78. ELWOPPO says:

    Just for the record i only know bigbadbruins personally! The others are just random people that disagree with ur posts! U have clearly made some enemies, But you did that on ur own!!! Anyway tell ya what! If we win 2nite ill bury the hachet with you! After all, All i care about is my B-R-U-I-N-S!!!!…….and

    • backbruin says:

      alright as long as we win….i like women too!!so we have that in common despite you calling me a homo!!hehe

      good start i see some physical play which is what we do!when were rollin!!

    • mcpuck says:

      Don’t let anyone tell you their fans are more invested than Bruins fans… it’s written all over this site… none of us know each other, yet when the team is playing poorly we all hate each other and their opinions.

      I don’t have a problem with anyone because of an opinion, I do get defensive when I’m referred to as a ‘stooge’ and any other number of silly insult.

      I know my hockey pretty well, but the fact remains that I, nor are any of us, GM’s in the NHL, so our opinions are simply that… opinions.

      Lets all just get off each others back and enjoy the first winning streak since 1905 or something.

  79. G cole says:

    Paille with two goals??? What the hell, he’s had like fifty breakaways and can’t score on one and now he’s got two in the first against Ryan miller?! A break for the bruins? Wow! It’s a maricle

  80. Paille says:

    Paille’s sick. Hes been playingwell all season. good to see him get rewarded after julien brought him up off the 4th line!

  81. ELWOPPO says:

    What a Fucken period BOYS……NOW THATS MORE LIKE THE BRUINS OF OLD!!! See what happens when the team is healthy and playing well? U can roll all four lines with confidence, THIER ALL A THREAT RIGHT NOW!! If we replace Satan (on Savards line) with a 30 goal scorer, the bruins will be even better! Make a trade CHIA….Even though Satan played wicked that first period…i must admit!!!

  82. Paille says:

    Im in favor of picking up someone who will be cheap and offer a bit more depth (maybe mueller). I just dont see a guy like whitney putting up the numbers that we are in need of at this point in the season. Also, picking up that type of score would probably cost more than we are willing to deal. Mueller offers tons of potential at possibly a low price and with our two first round picks, who knows what next season will bring. Im hopeful!

  83. Paille says:

    Our coaching staff could work wonders with that guy. just my 2 cents…

  84. Paille says:

    btw wideman sucks… lol

  85. backbruin says:

    how’d that go in..screened a little tip maybe but weird goal!!!

  86. backbruin says:

    seems like every time we mis play a puck it ends up in our net!!!yet we have to sell our sole to get one….cmon boys 20 minutes this is where they forget about the last couple 2 goal blown games and fight back!!

    btw begin with a hold in the opposite end 2 go 2 men down was really dumb!!

  87. Bruins says:

    those were some weak-ass goals on rask, and the second was a carbon copy of the first. let’s not all hop on the “rask is the best goalie of all-time after 25 games, thus making the reigning vezina winner expendable” bandwagon. he’s been pretty solid tonight overall though

  88. backbruin says:

    that first goal was a rocket by roy and the second was just weird, something had to happen because it almost went through him?!?!?!

    can’t get on rask for those he looked bewildered on the second!!!

    • Bruins says:

      i dunno, but it’s not a good thing that the goals were both mid-range shots gloveside. weakness maybe? i hope not. if people discover a weakness on a good goalie, they’ll exploit it like crazy (think varlamov’s glovehand in last year’s playoffs)

      • backbruin says:

        whoa whoa whoa,,,this guys glove is sick…he didn’t see the second and roy fired a rocket …jeese were already talking about weakness and exploits…did you see the last couple games when he stomned multiple guys in close with the snag!!!

        he has made some big saves, sometimes those go in!!

      • Bruins says:

        yeah i know overall his glove is excellent overall but both roy and myers came in from the side to get him moving a bit, and both went in. hopefully it’s a fluke and wont be a weakness

  89. G cole says:

    Those were pretty savable shots tuukka let in…

  90. Santa says:

    You know Buffalo was not gonna roll over. Now it’s a 20 minute game. The Bruins need to pick up their skating game and please bury your chances. They were chasing too much in the 2nd. Play smart, spread out the offensive zone and try not to give Wideman the puck. A good 20 minute effort here will go a long way to send a message that we are back.

  91. Aliant says:

    In the bruins last game against the Habs the Bruins had a net presence. I don’t see that this game. We need more net drive and screens.

  92. ELWOPPO says:

    Dont blame Rask, He’s still outplaying Miller! Whats it gonna take to get that 3rd goal! For the Love of FUCK! Dont blow this cocksucking game BRUINS! Not now…these games are to important to start giving away points!

  93. backbruin says:

    pretty weak call with 8 minutes left…

  94. Paille says:

    Way to go wideman with a penalty at a crucial time… idiot

  95. Leafstank says:

    anyone else believe Satan is a waste of 700k?

  96. #4 says:

    @ leafstank


    I hope this doesnt go to shootout..

  97. backbruin says:

    what is widemen doing with 20 seconds left in the game???

    throw it off the glass..omg why does he insist on making the most difficult play and get burned…

    we would have been calling for his head if they scored on that turn over??

    anyways we got a point…now let’s go for it in ot because shootout spells loss!!!

  98. backbruin says:

    nice job Ryder, he’s been playing better. not always shooting from horrible angles. i like that inside move he’s been doing lately…not as predictable as kessels was!!actually kind of good!

  99. Bruins says:

    almost 1 in every 3 bruins games goes to a shootout. thats ridiculous.

    oh yeah, and can we change the powerplay up a bit? maybe? that 4 on 3 was horrible.

  100. backbruin says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…that a boy rasky…good job krejc!!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    here we go bruins here we go boom boom!~!!

  101. Bruins says:

    yessssss, julien can be forgiven for being a clown for the 100th time by putting savard and ryder in the shootout, because krejci is there to clean up the net. winning streak baby!

  102. #4 says:

    WOOOH Tuuka Rask is nasty dont tell me he is not the future of this team

  103. Gcole says:

    can someone enlighten me on why dennis wideman STILL gets powerplay time, is out there with under a minute to go ( and gives it away and almost loses the fucking game) and is put on the 4-3 pp in OT!!?? WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE DO TO DESERVE ALL OF THIS POWERPLAY TIME?!

  104. Bruins says:

    so tampa won a game they had absolutely no business being in (outshot 40-19 by vancouver yet still win 3-1), so they have 63 points in 58 games for 6th place. the canadiens are in 7th with 62 points in 60 games. the flyers are in 8th with 61 points in 57 games, and we’re in 9th with 61 points in 58 games.

    we should definitely be able to kick the canadiens out as we have games in hand on them, and tehy’re going to be in some turmoil with cammaleri out and a new gm

  105. Leafstank says:

    yeah i agree. that 4 on 3 PP was terrible in OT. should of been Morris at the point, Savard, and Ryder on the side boards, and Chara up front, or something along those lines.

  106. mcpuck says:

    Gcole, I’ve been wondering the same thing myself… I think they have zero faith in Ference on the PP, Stuart doesn’t have much of an offensive game, and… well I never know which other defense men are going to be playing because we seem to always be injured.

    I say play Bergy + Chara, and Morris + Hunwick. (I don’t think Hunwick has played as bad as we’ve made it seem)

  107. mcpuck says:

    So this may be completely unrelated, but apparently ATL sent Kari Lehtonen to Dallas and that Turco is probably going to get moved and Chicago is one of the biggest names involved…

    If this is true, then the Thomas trade rumors are dead. Like Kovulchuk rumors, I think the Thomas one’s are nothing but noise.

    • Leafstank says:

      theres still st. louis…. boyes?!?!?! haha

    • Bruins says:

      i dont think thomas was ever seriously rumoured. it was probably just by people like eklund. with thomas’ NTC, the way to go about that would be asking thomas if he would waive it. you dont just trade a guy and then ask if he’ll move it. that’s bad business.

      as for the lehtonen deal it’s tough to evaluate. the guy is alwaysinjured, but he does have big-time talent if healthy. pavalec madehim expendable though.

      vishnevsky is a good prospect. he’s one of those puck moving defensemen that will be looked at as a more long-term guy. the thrashers have quietly built up an excellent defense-core there

  108. Birdman2403 says:

    It’s official….A WINNING STREAK !

    Now a fresh start we all have to get along and no more player bashing !

    WIDEMAN SUCKS ! ( How’d that get in there ? )

  109. ELWOPPO says:

    Tuff game
    on Thursday againts a hot TB team, Tuukka played well again and deserves the Hard Hat (remember that)
    Im also glad the canes and Islanders won to move further away from the leafs!! FUCK THEM

  110. Paille says:

    Wasn’t trying to player bash. Its just absurd how many thoughtless plays Wideman is making this year after his great season in 08-09. His play has been noticably bad the past 10 or so games. Julien needs to send him a message and scratch him a few nights. at least stop giving him so much ice time now that ference is back and we have players like hunwick chomping at the bit. thoughts?

    • mcpuck says:

      I agree that Wideman has struggled this season, but I think he’s shown signs of coming out of his slump up until last night.

      It sucks, but I think come playoff time (and we’ll be in) I think he’ll somewhat return to form. Maybe a scratch for him would do some good though yea?

  111. mcpuck says:

    Does anyone else think Morris has been better than advertised this season? I imagine you folks see the little things, and I like how he makes himself available regardless of where the puck is. He’s bailed out his D partner all season long despite who it is and he rarely makes a game changing mistake (unlike every other D man the Bruins have).

    I hope he resigns.

  112. bergylu77 says:

    i think bobby ryan would be a great fit

  113. Bruins4life 13 says:

    i love the play of johnny boychuk il add him to the list of untouchables: bergeron,wheels,krejci,rask,boychuk everyone else can go at the right price

  114. Baltimore Bruins Fan says:

    they need to definetly lose wideman

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