Tuukka MF Rask

I’m starting to drink the Mike Felger juice, Tuukka time baby!  I’m really starting to like this kid, and I’ve been hesitant to anoint him the goalie of the future just because of Andrew Raycroft and Hannu Toivonen, but this kid has been spectacular.

I really think the previous two disasters have helped the B’s with Rask.  He has been developing steadily since coming to North America and hasn’t been rushed into action.

Statistically, Rask is better than both Razor and Hannu.  Hannu had a good start to his rookie season, but ankle injury basically derailed his career.  Razor was a flash in the pan, coming out of nowhere to post spectacular numbers on his way to a Calder trophy.

Rask has been touted as one of the best goalies in the world since he was a kid, so he isn’t some random flash in the pan.

Rask seems very confident in net and while I’d like to see more from him, his play right now has to be delightful for B’s fans.  Rask is one of the top young up and coming goaltenders in the NHL.

Rask, Steve Mason although he sucked this year, Carey Price, and Marc Andre Fleury.

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  1. jimmy50 says:

    That should have been the final straw on Dennis Wideman. Why the constant time of the PP too?

  2. willisss says:

    should have tuukka had both those goals? yes. does he know that? yes. did he play AMAZING NONE THE LESS? yes.

    rock solid. i love it. 2 straight and counting. lets turn it around now, slam some hack florida teams, enjoy the 2 weeks off, and make a solid run. staying positive pays off….we can do this.


    ( and again..its not just because hes Finnish)

  3. Mike Bruin says:

    I take it you didn’t see the 2 weak goals he led in tonight. I know we actually won from blowing a 2-0 lead but he needs to get better, i’ll be worried if we trade thomas

    • willisss says:

      there is no doubt about it that those goals were weak. i’ve been all about tuukka since day one but i’ll be the first one to admit that. but you cant deny 43 saves.

      • minutefan says:

        I don’t think those goals were weak at all. They were absolute rips through tough screens. As a former goalie I know that a player coming across the slot behind a screen is a tough puck to pick up off the stick. Its Rask time!

      • willisss says:

        everyone will get a bad bounce. i didnt let it take away from his awesome showing

    • goosegoose says:

      Maybe if the Bruins D did not allow 45 shots, then these weak goals would not have happened. If a goalie keeps a game to 2 goals allowed, the rest of the load is all on his team. Soft goals or not when you allowed just two goals, your team should win more often than not. Get some more scoring in front of Tuukka and he will not have to feel like he cannot slip one bit. Confidence is everything in sports.

  4. Bruins says:

    for any differences between toivonen andrask, it will not be because of the bruins development of them. they were both big finnish goalies that were highly touted that came over to north america and got accustomed to the north american game by spending two years in providence, and both were noted for being exceptionally calm and collected goalies. i think that’s where the comparisons end.

    toivonen reminds me of gustavsson. big and freakishly athletic, but they basically only rely on athleticism to make saves. that leads to spectacular saves but being left ut of position pretty easily. rask on the other hand shows great athleticism, but complements that with being very technically sound.

  5. Leafstank says:

    alright, most of us agree that Rask is our guy. So what becomes of Thomas?

  6. Birdman2403 says:

    Well, looks like Turco is getting dealt after Dallas got Lehtonen tonight. So….likely no where for sure until Turco deal done. And even then….he’s staying or should anyway. It did sound like a good idea, but the more I think about it he needs to stay. Nothing wrong with a great tandem pushing each other !

  7. Bruins says:

    savard is such a huge part of this team. he’s picked up 7 assists in his 7 games coming back from his latest injury. the bruins have looked excellent in that time too despite only going 2-5.

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    Tuff game on Thursday againts a hot TB team, Tuukka played well again and deserves the Hard Hat (remember that)Im also glad the canes and Islanders won to move further away from the leafs!! FUCK THEM

  9. willisss says:

    it was nice to see looch bust a dudes face open again

  10. ELWOPPO says:

    Not to put a damper on the win 2nite, But this team STILL has a problem scoring goals. Is that bald, 4 eyed fucker gone bring in some scoring help or are we to believe this is the team thats gonna bring us to the promise land?? I sure as fuck hope not!!!!! Widman, Ryder, and “MAYBE” Weeler can go as far as im concerned!!!!

  11. ELWOPPO says:

    Also can someone here tell me where we rank in total man games lost…..Just curious! We gotta b in the top five!!! CHRIST!

  12. bigbadbruins1 says:

    good game bssss and yet again i agree elwoppo we need a sniper bad again another shoot out fuck we need to start winning convincingly if we are going to make the playoffs they cant depend on rasks amazing skills all the time but good to know its there this teams needs to score more then two goals a game for fucks sakes and that cheap fuck pc needs get off his fat ass and get someone now that the bruins are getting healthier and playing better all in all good win keep it up GO BSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Oh oh, big and bad apparently this haus character down below thinks that were being to harsh on Chia!! He also says that we think that were playing a video game-Regarding our make a trade now rant! Is this fool telling me that Chia is uncapable of aquiring some sort of goal scorer, with ALL those picks and prospects we own?? Should we go to War againts Haus….Or spare him Bigandbad?? Let me know brother,

      • mcpuck says:

        LOL I think it might be time to just agree to disagree. I’m right on the fence with this one… There isn’t a ton out there, if there were and PC were passing up on it, they’d be going to other teams. I think we need to do something as well, and I’ll be more concerned in a few days when players start flying if the Bruins aren’t in on any of them.

  13. Haus says:

    Regarding all the PC bashing: if there was a player to be had, dont you think it would have been made during the losing streak??? Truth is, and its confirmed by GM’s throughout the league, is that there isnt alot of teams prepared yet to tank and start selling. Stop thinking in terms of video games and fantasy hockey and be realists. Btw, didnt alot of you want to tank the season a week ago?

  14. Haus says:

    Oh yeah, and stop reading Eklund you are wasting precious moments in your life. You are better off drawing names out of a hat.

  15. G cole says:

    Jack Edwards called Michael Ryder a sniper LOL!

  16. G cole says:

    Maybe this great play from tuukka will light a fire under timmys ass and make him play like last year

  17. Haus says:

    last year TT played out of his head. I think the sane ones of us figured he would come down to earth a bit. In reality, has Timmy been that bad in your eyes? I think his play has been commensarate to what he is paid compared to other goalies in the league. Rask is better at the moment.

    • willisss says:

      its alot of the little things he does that bothers me. cross checking players that lead to pk’s, going after players that lead to goals. its one thing to stick up for your teamates but i feel like hes just showing off, loving the attention. hes not consistant at all. tt has a great story working his way up and he loves being a bruin. i would still move him none the less. thomas, ryder, wideman…those are the only 3 i would concider trading ( depending what you could get of course) but if we kept this team how it is, i wouldnt be pissed. we are going to get there

  18. mcpuck says:

    I wouldn’t be too upset for any of them, but i think the smart thing is to keep Thomas, and let him push Tuukka for playing time. He’s still an NHL goalie, regardless if we have a better option on the roster.

    I know it’s cliche, but it wouldn’t be if it weren’t true: you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket. There isn’t anyone out there that can’t be had even with TT on the team, so just keep him and move him in the offseason.

  19. Haus says:

    You are gonna come after me, ek woppo? Why bother? YOU ALREADY SAID 5 DAYS AGO WE SHOULD TANK THIS SEASON. SO WHY MAKE A DEAL???

  20. Haus says:


  21. mcpuck says:

    oh for fuck sake can we please talk about the bruins? geez

  22. ELWOPPO says:

    lol,……….Why do people insist to start problems with me? You gotta a fucken problem Haus, other than that stupid name of yours? I think alot of people were saying tank the season, not just me. You wanna start a war on here? Cuz id rather concentrate on talking about the BRUINS! After all thats what the most important subject is at the end of the day! “But” If you want a problem?, ill give you more than you can handle, Kid!
    Just wait till my partner in crime Bigbadbruin comes home from work and will get the party started up in this BITCH!!!
    Sorry guyz! I tried to be cival, But some people keep pushing my buttons! Hopefully this wont escalate! But we will see how far Haus is willing to take this thing???

    • HabMan says:

      Ha Ha!! Funny to reads you Bruins loser arguing who biggest losers is. You are alls loser!!!

      • backbruin says:

        go away froggy, you guys are awful!!!

        like you guys are really bad!!!

        10 game losing streak and were what 2 pts back of you….believe me when i say tabarnaque

      • JONOVISION says:

        the habs suck ballz,so bad even the GM quit…lol fugin habs layn like a frog,getin it from da BRUINS…bitches

  23. juan says:

    ELWOPPO are you fucking bigbadbruin? are you the pitcher or the receiver?

    • ELWOPPO says:

      No im fucking ur mother, and im pitching baby! Who the fuck are u anyway? Another noisy prick i guess, Well BRING IT, it has begun!!!!!!!!!!

  24. jimmy50 says:

    Guys I would watch soap opera’s if I wanted to listen to this crap. Talk B’s OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  25. backbruin says:

    1. We need a sniper if we want to make the playoffs
    2. As a bruins fan i would never evvvver want to tank a season.
    3. I believe we should trade Thomas sooner then later.
    4. widemen blows
    5. ryder has been better of late.
    6. these guys are starting to get use to playing with each other, finally after 50 some odd games
    7. Tuuka can handle the pressure and i see a 30 year old in a 22 year old frame
    8. i love all bruins fans..even elwoppo and his crazy passionate posts filled with caps
    9. i’m really smart!!!
    10. let’s make a deal before the freeze..even something small so i can see what P.C is thinking!!
    11. go b’s go!

  26. backbruin says:

    sorry 12. i agree with williss and his ideas.. i think we are on the same page!!

  27. backbruin says:

    Does anyone have any rumor sites involving us? i’ve been looikng everywhere and see nothing!!

  28. mcpuck says:

    I haven’t seen anything recent

  29. willisss says:

    is mook or psands still alive?

  30. gibbz says:

    let’s stop bitching about our little problems and talk about the bruins for fuck sakes!!! thats what this site is for….right?!

  31. Haus says:

    Ok listen El Woppo, i made a reference to PC, and how i think he would have made a deal if there was one to be made. That is my opinion. I believe PC, CJ, Cam, and Donny Sweeney have the teams best interest at heart. I feel that this management team would go thru walls to make a winner here. I think this way even more so with these guys than at any time ive followed the B’s. Ive been a Bruins fan for over 30 years, going to my first game in 1980. No doubt you are just as fanatical about the Bruins as i am. This website can be seen by the whole world, and i want to be recorded as defending my team. If a leafs or habs fan came on here and started ripping PC and the rest of the group i know you would defend them too. Now you see what i mean? Cheers, brother, from one Bruins fan to another.

  32. Haus says:

    that doesnt mean we always have to agree, but for christ sakes half of us probably drink beers together at the bar at north station and sully’s before and after games!

    • willisss says:

      ive been known to visit sullys

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Thats fine Haus ,Just sick of people starting shit with each other for no reason? Anywho i live in Toronto, Canada so “unfortunately” you and I have never had a beer together! As for being a die hard Bruin fan, You have No fucken idea how passionate I am. I cant tell you how many times ive caused a “HUGE” scene at a bar or restaurant arguing with these Homo Leafs fans here in toronto. Me and bigbadbruin are known in Toronto for our Love for the B’s! We even went to Boston to watch them last year! Ive even ruined several relationships over them, Believe it or not! My Love for this team is just stupid crazy. I wish it wasnt so strong but …………what are you gonna do!

      • BosBrn77 says:

        My sympathy goes out to you ELWOPPO! No Bruins fan should have to deal with Leafs fans THAT much!

        HUGE scene? Reminds me of the time I went to a Bruins-Pens game in Pittsburg. Boston won and on the last goal, when I jumped up a guy behind me said…. “I bet you don’t have enough hair on your balls to wear a Pens logo on your chest?!” I laughed and pulled off my Neely jersey to reveal the T-Shirt I bought from in front of the old Gahden! On the front… the Pens logo with “SUCKS” underneath! On the back… it said… “Samuelsson SWALLOWS!”

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    continued ..I love pussy but when it come to my B’s …….Sorry hun, Ur alwayz gonna b second best! Anyway heres to Montreal losing 2nite. I think its 1-1 now so hopefully the Cap’s blow out 2nite !!!!!!!!
    Fuck those faggots!!!!

    • goosegoose says:

      I fucking love the caps. I’m watching the game on NHL game center live. Every time the Fags score the caps answer…This team is scary good

  34. bigbadbruins1 says:

    haus u got it right on the button yes we are bs fans thats all to it and yes u can disagree all u want people agree and disagree all the time but when the name calling comes out u defend yourself and thats all elwoppo and i do but in the end we are bsss fans and we would be in a bar celebrating the bsss as long as they keep playing well go bsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  35. ELWOPPO says:

    WTF is wrong with Jersey? They better motherfucken beat Phy 2nite. They already fucked us couple days ago against them, Stupid team they get Kovalchuk and cant score more than 2 goals! Give me a fucking break Jersey! You guys make me sick! Beat the flyers and do us a favour YOU FUCKEN DUMMIES!!!!!!!!!

  36. ELWOPPO says:

    Montreal is mind boggling? Thier shit as it is, Than they lose thier best player to injury and still score 4 goals ??????????????????????????????
    Mind you wash goaltending is nothing special and wash is due for a loss but still…………!!!!!

  37. Ohniner says:

    Elwoppo I feel your pain brother, I live 2 hrs. away from Toronto and I hear faggot leaf fans all the time. Now elwoppo its not all bad I get most of laughs from leaf fans . I love and mean love shaking the hand of a Leaf fan looking him straight in the eyes and saying thank you for TUKKA RASK and there reaction PRICELESS and believe me when I say this some of them WHO now cmon are you telling me thats not I don’t know what is.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Not quite sure what you were trying to say there at the end but Good for brother! Problem is that i ran my mouth sooooooo much about thomas after he won the Vezna,That leaf fans are getting on me now that lost his job to Rask and his poor stats! Also the poor stats our team has posted!

    • backbruin says:

      ohniner is that some new kind of language at the end of your post…i found myself trying to figure it out for 5 minutes until i asked myself wtf am i doing.

      I live in london only 2 short hours from both of you!! i pretty much hate everyone who’s not a b’s fan….but everyone here is a leaf fan and i rip them everyday about the kessel trade…well when he went through his scoring drought anyways!!not so much when he’s scoring!!hehe

  38. Bruins says:

    lol the caps offense is pretty good

  39. backbruin says:

    i new the habs would blow it….i don’t here the crowd to much anymore…hahahaha

  40. Bruins says:

    buuut the caps have no goaltending. they aren’t going to go far with those stiffs in net

  41. craig says:

    the bruins should definitley ride Tuukka right now. He is obviously playing well and these games are huge right now. I dont think its any coincidence that he is starting to play well now that he is playing regularly. Anyone who has ever played the position understands you need to be in there on a regualr basis to be sharp.

    • Bruins says:

      true, but doesn’t that mean that thomas’ “downfall” can be credited to that? he’s been getting erratic playing time.

  42. Bruins says:

    also, new jersey/kovalchuk suck. they’ve been stomped on since the trade minus the last 3 minutes of the toronto game

  43. craig says:

    No, I don’t think Thomas’ play has had to do with a lack of regular playing time. He has played the majority for most of the season. But, I don’t think Thomas has played that poorly; he just hasn’t been as good as last year, and part of that is becuase the defense is not as good as last year. They certainly could use a guy like Aaron Ward blocking a bunch of shots the way he did last year

    • Bruins says:

      yeah i agree that he isnt anywhere near as bad as people make him out to be (still has a .915 save percentage that is far above average). backstrom has been awful, but you dont hear anyone calling for his head.

      i do think his starts have been somewhat erratic this year though. he had that injury early on in the season and never really got into a solid groove for a long stretch of games.

  44. OhNiner says:

    Sorry I was on my PS3 The Leaf fans say to me Who cause they dont know who Tukka is ? didnt think it was that hard to understand.

  45. OhNiner says:

    Thomas is not the problem dude Leaf fans wouldn’t understand they never will or have had two good goaltenders. Its kinda sad lol

  46. ELWOPPO says:

    Typical Hab goal,throw it at the net from a bad angle and it goes in! Meanwhile the B’s gotta FUCKEN KILL THEMSELVES TO GET A GOAL THESE DAYZ! Must b nice eh hab fans…..Fucken french faggots!!!
    whatever, im cranking it and going to bed!

  47. mcpuck says:

    Look at us all getting along… amazing what a two game winning streak does for ya hahahahaha

  48. bigbadbruins1 says:

    i cant fucken believe these fucken habs its bad enough i got to hear these fucken leaf fans but there a joke so its just nonsense coming out of their mouths but habs leading scorer is out and they pop in goals like its no problem plus price lets in 5 goals which is no surprise and the fuckers still win anyway cant depend on teams losing bs need to kick some serious ass GO BSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  49. bigbadbruins1 says:

    yup mcpuck its good to win keep it up boys

  50. Haus says:

    So who do you guys think will be available and who do you want. Looking at the possible players available, id take Selanne and Torres. Selanne is old but as a rental down the stretch i dont think there will be another pure sniper available. Torres would bring some grit that we lost when we traded Kobasew.

    • Bruins says:

      the names i’ve heard rumoured that i like are whitney, brule and svatos

      • mcpuck says:

        Whitney doesn’t make sense to me. A first rounder? that’s kind of a steep asking price for an over the hill guy like Whit… he wouldn’t add enough offense in my opinion to justify parting with a 1st rounder.

      • Bruins says:

        he’s not really over the hill. he puts up points year in and year out. the style of game he plays (creative, great hockey sense) makes it easier for him to play at a high level later into his career

  51. ELWOPPO says:

    Eh bigbadbruins You gotta keep me posted on tomorrow’s game, i gotta go to Marco’s game tomorrow. FUCK SAKES! Always when the Bruins play huh? I swear the prick does it on purpose!! Anywayz we’ll talk……Lates!!

  52. ELWOPPO says:

    BosBrn77 thats a pretty kool t-shirt you wrote about earlier, But i wish i could find that shirt that big guy was wearing last week. Is said “Milan FUCKING Lucic!” on the front!

  53. da wreck says:

    that might have been the first time i was hoping the Habs would win a game. i’m sick of hearing about the caps and good riddance to their win streak. Here’s to the Canadiens losing every single game left.

  54. Haus says:

    yeah i heard those names too but brule is a center, svatos has baggage. I always admired whitney, that could work. I know torres has baggage too. Any way, this site seems to be turning back to normal. I encourage everybody to keep digging for some sensible ideas. Btw, el woppo, my name isnt stupid haha its been my nickname since high school. Its German for ‘House’

  55. Haus says:

    and also, i was making a point that there wasnt any moves to be made yet and i dont think i called any names i just said there are 29 other gm’s that would screw us in a deal unlike a video game. I would go to war with anybody who disparages my beloved B’s. People just really pissed me off with that tanking bullshit. Anyway, good on ya for fighting the good fight up in leafland, tell those fuckers what is and dont let the word ‘tank’ pass your lips when you talk about this team! You know that cant be what you really feel.

  56. #4 says:

    Big game tonight boys.

    I liked that Paille-Savvy-Satan line its pretty oldschool but w/e works right? I mean looch looked outta place playing with sav-satan. He should fit in much better with either berg-sturmy or krejc-wheeler w/e line julien has him on.

    Doesn anybody know if Tuuke will get the nod again tonight?? If he does I see a 3-0 shotout with 2 goals coming in the first, and 1 in the third. I got a feeling that the B’s about to catch fire here and go 4-0 into the break.. god knows they need it.

    • willisss says:

      jon wallach said ti expect tuukka during the headlines…but hes been wrong before. go with the hot hand


      • #4 says:


        Hes so nasty, I bet finland wishes they had him over Kippa and Nittmaki. Sucks for them! GO team USA I bet they lose in quarter finals though.

        Top 4 teams are
        Finland or Slovak tough to tell

      • mcpuck says:

        didn’t Kiprusoff say he wasn’t playing if he wasn’t starting? I thought he was passing this time around… could I have heard incorrectly?

      • #4 says:

        from what i just read on the NHL.com olympic site they have kipp, backstrom nittymaki as goalies for the finns.

        And that Kipprusoff is the starter more than likely.

      • Bruins says:

        yeah unbelievable how rask didnt even get an invite for finland. i mean they dont even give him a nod as the third goalie for experience? not to mention backstrom has proven to be one of the shittiest goalies in the league after lemaire left and theyre no longer playing the trap

  57. Richardo says:

    Yeah Looch is still taping up his ankle a bit… He’ll be back on the top line if not this year def next year… High ankle sprains are tough injuries to recover 100% from… This break is gonna help him and the guys out ALOT…

    What eight teams do you all think will make it to the Quarterfinals? My picks in no particular order would be: USA, Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Czech, Slovakia, & Latvia=(upset)….

  58. mcpuck says:

    I agree on all teams other than Latvia, I think Germany makes it instead.

  59. Haus says:

    Good post richardo. I agree about the break being huge for the B’s. I agree with your QF picks except for Latvia, that would make all 4 teams from group B in. I think Switzerland steals some points somewhere with Hiller. Anybody else love the standings system in the olympics? I argued for it right out of the lockout. 3 pts regulation win. 2 pts OT or shootout win. 1 pt OT or shootout loss.0 pt regulation loss.

  60. willisss says:

    tuukka first off the ice- optional practice.

  61. Richardo says:


    Yeah your right Haus… Latvia is a stretch… I kinda just thru it in there as a #8… wasnt thinking to much about it… My bottom five are Latvia, Swiss, Belarus, Germany, & Norway… Id go with Germany over Swiss…

  62. Haus says:

    Germany is a better team no doubt, and having German heritage I hope they do well but Swiss have better goaltending.

  63. Bruins says:

    as for top teams:

    1. canada
    2. sweden
    3. russia
    4. usa
    5. czech republic
    6. finland
    7. slovakia
    8. switzerland
    9. germany
    10. belarus
    11. latvia
    12. norway

  64. bigbadbruins1 says:

    lets go bsss big game tonight go rask and go canada/finland

  65. bigbadbruins1 says:

    dont worry haus they have the germanator

  66. backbruin says:

    Look at all the tuuuka fans all of a sudden. when i was getting gang raped for wanting to move Thomas i didn’t see any help from all the tuukaa fans that are popping up out of the woodwork!!

    haha funny isn’t it!!

    i still love ya thomas, i just have a man crush on my boy tuuuuuuuuuk..

    4-2 b’s keep rollin rollin rollin…keep rollin rollin rollin!!

    • willisss says:

      i was on team tuukka since last year

    • mcpuck says:

      I’ve been a Tuukka advocate since we traded Raycroft for him. My argument was less about Tuukka and more about retaining depth for the second half of the season. Theres’s just too much evidence that too much too soon can backfire with goalies. Tuukka is the better goalie of the future by far, and right now he’s deserving of all playing time, but it only hurts not having Thomas there as a saftey net.

  67. bigbadbruins1 says:

    whos in net tonight

  68. backbruin says:

    tuukka is!!! i say thomas gets the panthers…MAYBE!

  69. bigbadbruins1 says:

    good ride him when hes hot

  70. Bruins4life 13 says:

    i think boston should def keep playin rask and thomas should put a serious offer to trade thomas
    btw we should try to get pat sharp from the hawks

    • backbruin says:

      i agree, i would love sharpe on this team, he would fit in perfectly..play him with savard!!

      he’s great on the penalty kill!!!which we already excell at and he can snipe!!!Only problem would be fitting thomas into their cap!!

      I don’t think this will happen but it would be nice…I’m going to keep a close eye on Ryder tonight!!he seems to be turning the corner over the last 4 games. God if we could get him going just a little and add a 30 goal man we could be dangerous down the stretch!!

      I just feel bad for savy having no go to guy to pass the puck and see some finish!!

      I don’t know but it doesn’t look like it’s happening before the break!!??

      • mcpuck says:

        If Chicago wanted to dump salary for Thomas, it’s as simple as sending Huet to the minors for now. It’d cancel them out since Huet is making slightly more. There’s not a lot of goalies out there with playoff experience that are available… Turco and Thomas seem the most likely option if Chicago were to target a goalie.

        If they don’t go after Turco because he’s a UFA after the season, it’s not outside of the realm of possibilty to trade Thomas to Chitown for exactly that, Sharp and maybe someone else.

  71. ELWOPPO says:

    where’s team Italy? i guess were only good at soccer huh?

  72. backbruin says:

    not bad women….or wine for that matter!!!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Womon, wine,food,fashion, And the Sopranos…….just to name a few!!!!!!!!!!
      Viva L’Italia

      • mcpuck says:

        they were talking about that on NHL live today, they played in a different bracket or something? didn’t qualify from what I understand. 2006 they were the host team so they got in by default.

  73. backbruin says:

    something to think about;

    His save percentage is .915. That’s better than Jonathan Quick in Los Angeles, and Marc-Andre Fleury in Pittsburgh to name just a couple. And New Jersey’s Marty Brodeur is at .916.

    His goals-against average is 2.52, also in the top half of the League’s netminders, also better than Fleury’s and Quick’s, and less than one-tenth of one goal per game behind Ranger Henrik Lundqvist and Colorado’s Craig Anderson, not to mention goalies like Jaroslav Halak in Montreal, and the Senators Brian Elliott who’ve had praise heaped upon them in seemingly endless doses the last month or two.

    Yet if you were to believe everything you’ve heard or read about Tim Thomas — and his season to date — in the past few weeks, you would be convinced that he had lost his game like Jim Carey did in 1996-97, the year after he’d won his first Vezina Trophy!

    In another classic case of “build him up just to tear him down,” which seems to be society’s way more often than not, the heart and soul of the 2008-09 Eastern Conference regular season champion Boston Bruins is allegedly no longer capable of, or shouldn’t be given the chance to, lead the B’s into a playoff spot in the remaining 24 games.

    Give me a break.

    Brian Duff is a broadcaster on NHL Network and can be seen nightly during the season alongside co-host Dan Pollard on NHL On The Fly.

    This week: Boston’s Tim Thomas isn’t having as bad a season as some would like you to believe. And remember, Thomas knows all about beating adversity.


    NHL surprises abound as break approaches
    Bolts’ Niittymaki has Atlanta’s number
    Perfect? No, but changes are worth embracing
    Is Tuukka Rask deserving of consecutive starts and more ice-time right now? Absolutely! It’s in the manual — a coach has to go with the hottest hand, especially when your team is outside of the top eight in the conference.

    Will Rask ultimately supplant Thomas as the No. 1 keeper in Boston, perhaps even ahead of schedule? It may very well happen.

    But none of this should obscure the facts.

    Tim Thomas, of Flint, Michigan and a million-mile journey to NHL stardom — and soon to be the proudest of U.S. Olympians — is not, and will not go quietly into the goaltender wilderness.

    Was it a gamble to sign the 35-year-old to a lucrative four-year contract extension, complete with no-trade clause reportedly for the first three years, in today’s unforgiving salary cap system?


    just a little something i was reading..like i said it’s not thomas’s fault but he still has great value and this writer isn’t the only guy who knows that Thomas has lost anything!!!

    anyways we win tonight and by then i should have polished off this case!!!mmmmmmm beer

    • da wreck says:

      Nice work, good read. It’s refreshing to read anything about the B’s that doesn’t have some sense of sarcasm or negativity attached to it.

      Beer is glorious indeed. 4-2 Bruins tonight. Goals by Sturm, Hunner, Paille, Kraych.

  74. mcpuck says:

    chat room anyone?

  75. Bruins4life 13 says:

    bottom line we need a sniper
    1:pat sharp
    2: alex ponikarovsky
    3: pete mueller
    4: kyle turris
    5: paul kariya
    6: marty ST.louis
    7: alex frolov
    8: jason arnott
    9: nathan horton
    10: david booth
    11: andrew brunette
    12: ryan clowe
    any of those guys i would LOVE to have but most are un likely please give me input

    • mcpuck says:

      I think I’d stay away from Mueller and Turris… not sure what they could bring aside from all that untapped potential we’re not getting all of just yet… out of all those guys, I think Sharp, Kariya, Horton, and Clowe who give us what we need most, a guy who knows how to finish and can contribute on a top line…

      • backbruin says:

        sharp,Horton,clowe and Sharpe would be my favs at deadline time. I don’t see any of these guys being unattainable..

        let’s sweep florida off the map, i have my parents there right now to spread the luck!!!

      • #4 says:

        I would be most interested in horton out of that list.

        From what ive seen of horton this year he would be a great addition to a B’s first line. He reminds a bit of Erik Staal(Who I wish the B’s Had)

  76. backbruin says:

    hey, this is a huge game. We win in regualtion and we are in a playoff spot. This is huge for the team to really get some momentum and get a grip on where we are.

    i’m pumped tonight for some reason, beer aside let’s do this shit!!!

  77. #4 says:

    Lets go boys IM FUCKING PUMPED

    I just left Clarks trading post in South Station 2 Shots whiskey and Bud im sooo fired up.

    But Im on shitty ass MBTA wifi ahah Wont get to watch the game till 8:30 when I get home. RAWR

    Im predicting Paille gets one and Sturm gets 2 rask makes 30+ saves in another sick night for the 15yr old finnish boy

  78. willisss says:

    haha sooo redman is at the game tonight

    tuukka looking sharp

  79. backbruin says:

    well let me say we look in form tonight…that goal was looches by the way but “ryder” looking good boys..i don’t know but for the first time i see chg in widemen…he looks under control for the first time all year… i know it’s only 1 game but you have to start somewhere…

    and thornton fighting, this is a great start and i know we havea ways to go but i’m getting excited!!!


    • mcpuck says:

      Good call on Ryder, maybe that “getting traded” thing helped light a fire. I think Wideman has played better over the last 5 or so games… he still has silly moments, but he hasn’t been as excruciating to watch.

  80. backbruin says:

    I told ya watch ryder, what a nice pasing play that was…mmmmmmm

    i know my team as well as anyone!!!

    here we go bruins here we go..

    blow the fk out of these guys…send a message!!!

  81. mcpuck says:

    i’m out in the chat room if anyone’s got their laptop haha

  82. backbruin says:

    wow ryder again…refer to my post around 4pm today and you will see my vision!!!!

    fkn wooooooooooooooo

    i’m really smart!!!wow i shock myself!!!

    and rask is a big way a part of our confidence!!!

  83. Bruins says:

    holy shit!

    michael ryder: best player of all time everybody? lol

  84. G cole says:

    Good bounces, it’s a miracle!

  85. mcpuck says:

    Trade for Kovulchuk. haha

  86. mcpuck says:

    Screw it, lol I figured with the regularity we all post during the game maybe i’d get someone in the chat room. I’ll try again on Sat. haha

  87. willisss says:

    I. Love. This.

    lets just tank the season boys…its over

  88. ELWOPPO says:


    LOL Downie called Satan a fucking faggot, did any of you catch that? Maybe mr Downie would like to drop the gloves with Looch, or Thorts or Z?

  89. backbruin says:

    let’s finish!!!

  90. bigbadbruins1 says:

    thats what the fuck im talking about none of this 2 goal shit keep them coming bs GO BSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  91. mcpuck says:

    I hope they keep their foot on the pedal, go crazy tonight.

  92. Richardo says:

    Chara !!!!!!

  93. backbruin says:

    really refs????….reallllly???

    i’m a bruins fan and i’m embarrassed for the refs for thos holding calls?????

    reallly…really refs!!!!


  94. G cole says:

    What the hell game are these referees watching?!?!

  95. Birdman2403 says:

    Great game so far….but WHY OH WHY is Wideman out on a 5 on 3. The guy is weak on his skates and stick, bad combo for killing 5 on 3 !

    Love Chara stepping up for Satan. Downie is such a pussy !

  96. G cole says:

    I don’t like how things are changing here… KEEP FUCKING PLAYING! Games not over because you finally scored more than 2

  97. Bruins says:

    what the hell is up with us playing unbelievable and then just collapsing? happens every time…

  98. G cole says:

    If they lose this I’m going to shit my pants

  99. backbruin says:

    wow we need to learn how to holllllllllllllllllld

    ask mel gibson i guess

    sick !

    1min left




    20 sec

    save rask 13 sec!!!


    my god why am i talking about holding with a 5-0 lead!!!



  100. backbruin says:


    i should never be saying pheewwww!!!

    cmon boys a great 2 periods again makes me feel unsatisfied..

    but a wns a win!!!


  101. bigbadbruins1 says:

    wow not good at all ah a win is a win but what the fuck

  102. Bruins says:

    solid first half guys…jesus i dont even know what i would have done if they lost that one

  103. G cole says:

    The last time Jack Edwards bragged that the bruins are going to win was that at Louis game where they scored with less than a second left then won in OT. SHUT YOUR MOUTH JACK! Bad things happen whn you talk cocky

  104. da wreck says:

    Wow. Brutal in their own end in the 3rd. That’s hard on the heart.

  105. Birdman2403 says:

    Wideman and Morris almost cost that game with their soft / turnover style ! I thought the Bruins really missed Boychuk tonight. He keeps it simple…PUCK OUT ! A guy like Sheriff Hnidy sure would be nice again !

  106. willisss says:

    cant blame the tuukke

  107. Birdman2403 says:

    Rask has done an awesome job of turning this thing around ! He has played great ! In saying that I expect to see Thomas vs. Florida……

  108. JONOVISION says:

    holy shit did the boys ever crumble in the 3rd lol. shit our D sukd ballz,turnovers,weak dumps.that fugin widebitch trade his stank ass…

  109. bigbadbruins1 says:

    thats fucked up basically the whole season the offence was at fault now the offence rips it and the defense shits the bed both of them play good watch the fuck out for the bsss cause i sure as hell know it aint the goalies felt bad for rask fucken defenders fucked his save % and goals against

  110. psands says:

    this team baffles me to a point where i am at a loss for words

    i don’t understand them, not even a little bit. they are so confusing.

    but a win is a win.

    ryder got a couple goals today, get him while he is hot!

  111. pearson says:

    haha, they really cant make it that easy on us can they? 5-0 lead was a reall gift, i had a feeling tb would make it close.

    good game though, defense softened up, but that happens when you get cumfy with a 5 goal leader.

    quick thought though…
    i know rask is hot but does anyone else think that they are possibly trying to agrivate thomas into waiving his NTC?

    theyve alternated basically all season, and i dont think that its just now that thomas did anything to give up his spot.

    all in all, tuuk is a beast, and im a-ok with him.

  112. Bruins says:

    up to 60.5% chance of making the playoffs now.

  113. BosBrn77 says:

    Dominic Moore to the Habs for a 2nd rounder! Now I think Florida won that trade, since I do not feel Moore is worth that. BUT…. in the article on TSN regarding the trade this was a paragraph..

    “This might signal a lot of wholesale changes in Florida right now,” said TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie. “They were not at all happy the other night with the performance they got against the Carolina Hurricanes in a 4-1 loss, and Panthers GM Randy Sexton has basically said that virtually everybody, including netminder Tomas Vokoun, is available.

    Virtually everybody is available? Hey PC…. I think Horton would look great in black and gold!

  114. vince_m says:

    What the hell happened? I looked at the score when I got home from my youngest son’s dryland grabbed a quick bite and left for his practice. I figured they had enough of a lead that I shouldn’t have to worry. I watch TSN this morning and almost dropped my coffee.

  115. G cole says:

    Glad to see Thornton back to punching faces again, what a fucked up game though! They can’t score goals but have good D.. Not this game. These guys are about as predictable as shuffle on your iPod

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